15 July 2014

Tales From the SOUTH Side...
Yes friends...time for more of the arcane. macabre, and otherwise ostensible occurrences that we've come to know from the crotch of Fort Wayne.
And we'll look into those in a wee bit, but first, let's look at that weather outside.
Now THIS is a summer day I can wrap my sebaceous glands around...lol.
It's wonderfully mild outside and that will continue today with an expected high of (only) around 70 degrees. Add to that a low last night in the mid-50s, and we're talking some serious "keep the windows open" weather (just watch out for burglars where we live).
A perfect day to hope the locals don't roll off their mattresses until 1100 hrs...or even wake the hell up AT ALL.
In the meantime, feel free to fill your cup with whatever you like, as we set sail into another day in my ghettohood.
*** First out of the shooting range today is YES...another shooting down here in the SE side, and another DRIVE-BY one at that.
Here we go again.
Here's the story link (so far):
This happened right after midnight (today) in the 4500 block of S. Monroe (that street sounds a tad familiar).
Two teens were outside a house when a vehicle approached the intersection near Congress Ave.
The victims told police someone in the right rear passenger side opened fire on them.
The two teens ran inside the house, located at 4503 S. Monroe, and were found by medics to have suffered wounds to their extremities.
There was conflicting information regarding the suspect vehicle, however.
Did someone say we need more PATROLS?
Both teens were transported to hospital in fair condition.
Police interviewed witnesses (good luck with that), and scoured the area for evidence (shell casings obviously).
The incident is under investigation (as usual), with no suspects, no motive (these thugs NEED one these days?), and no leads at this time.
-- So lemme get this straight...before it was shootings around 0300 hrs, but NOW, it's moved to an EARLIER timeframe?
Mr. Wrinkles looks out for us
I guess pretty soon, it'll be damn hard to be outside ANY house at ANY time for ANY reason, hmm?
How is THIS promoting ANY sense of that "quality-of-life" the mayor touts in this city?
And WHERE are the BLACK community LEADERS during all this? Not one damn peep from ANY of them.
(as usual)
Let's face facts...down here, you have a CRIME PROBLEM...simple, huh?
(more broken windows...far from being a "theory" any longer)
And within that CRIME problem are those mostly of a MINORITY persuasion, so logic would dictate that we have a MINORITY PROBLEM in this part of Fort Wayne, right?
The vast majority of the criminal activity comes from the Latino and Black communities...and why do I mention those two specifically?
Well, white people are the REAL minority down here...again, those are the FACTS, so why dance around them?
Read the felony reports...look at the FACES and read the NAMES...either black OR Latino...maybe a few whites tossed in for "racial balance" with a probation violation or failure to appear in court.
And few if any people of authority want to acknowledge this...they just lump it all together as CRIME, as if those OTHER than black of Latino were JUST as active in all that goes on down here.
Funny, recent METH busts have been in the near NORTHWEST and NORTHEAST parts of town, an they ARE white (trash) folks. No "drive-by" shooting committed by THOSE people...or "gang" activity, or even illegal firearms by violent felons raps to speak of. They only do the meth gig.
So, what can we deduce from this?
How's about we're not being told the WHOLE truth, for starters?
Place the BLAME for the crime where it truly belongs, and point to those communities that are committing the most crime IN our area.
Don't just say we (might) have all these broken windows around us (as we have for lo, these many years)...point them out, make the city see those "busted panes" and get those public officials downtown to do something to get a handle on it, for if they can't (and there's no reason to lead me to believe that they do at this time) , then we are headed in an entirely WRONG direction...
And the crime will only get worse, and spread (as it has been doing) like the disease it really is.
Moving on...
*** The travesties of justice continue in the Summit City, and here's the proof:
Looks damn good in ORANGE.
That punk-ass thug, one Trameil Jackson managed to plea DOWN his 2 counts of attempted murder AND get the possession of a handgun by a violent felon rap tossed for a "deal" of "aggravated battery" ONLY.
Justice system?
Heh, more like the INJUSTICE system, especially when this gang member (M.O.B.) had a penchant for carrying around unlicensed firearms and was caught MULTIPLE times for it.
What a bunch of wussy-ass prosecutors.
So this punk only gets 20 years (be out in probably less than 10...worse than before).
He says he's "done with that lifestyle"...hard to believe ANY of these people when they say anything, because they lie for a living.
On the "up" side, he gets to see his BROTHER, who's also spending time in jail.
Don'cha just get all choked up with "family reunions"?
I know I do...LOL.
*** Next up, the Fort Wayne Airport Authority's "Master-plan" that I spoken about a few times here marches forward.
Here's a story about a new facility going up there:
This has to do with an FBO (Fixed Base Operations), and deals with hangaring, fueling, enplaning and deplaning of PRIVATE and corporate aircraft.
The new facility will be located SW on the airport property, as opposed to it's current location on the NE area.
Thought THESE numbers would be HIGHER...
Now, I wonder how long before we hear about the MAJOR expansion for the airport, which I believe will reach into the residential areas surrounding the facility?
The immediate areas that fill the grounds directly adjacent to the airport have become industrial areas, and who's to say that trend could not continue further outbound from the airport? Makes sense from that standpoint.
And getting bigger every year.
Add to that the south part of Fort Wayne has been allowed to become less habitable by many people, who have since moved away, so the airport COULD eventually buy up a LOT of properties for dime on the dollar...
Just something to think about...and watch to see when I'm right once again.
*** Got an email from the seller of that beta VCR, and not only will they refund us the amount paid, BUT, they also want me to send them the amount spent to ship the unit BACK to Alaska...that's another $40. They will also refund THAT amount, too. Kinda makes me want to MOVE there if people are going to be THAT honorable...but I get plenty of COLD weather down here...don't want any more, right?
*** Last back to the gun-shop today...more evidence (above) of what's NOT being done to make things better for everyone in Fort Wayne...just better for "some".
Sorry, but that's just not right.
It's STILL good to be "King".
If you say (as our "highness", King Henry often does) this is a GOOD city to live in, then it SHOULD be good all the hell over, and not "just" in some specified neighborhoods, right?
That would be a bit on the ELITIST side (to me).
But when you see your part of town NEVER getting any better year after year, and crime rising around your neighborhood like a creeping tide of sewage, what else can you conclude, but that "someone" downtown couldn't give a rat's ass about YOUR part of the city.
"Better to keep ALL the human refuse in one area, so we can keep an eye on them, and they can trash that area to their heart's content" is NOT an answer, and certainly does NOT represent SOME of us who still remain down here, attempting to DEAL with the city's "lack of vision" for our part of town.
If anything, the city should be seeking out people like us, wanting to work WITH us to make this part of the city once again able to be productive FOR the city, instead of a government-sponsored hindrance to it.
It takes tough calls, firm action, and a willingness to WANT to make this area better...for EVERYONE.
I want to do that, but I can't (legally) chase the crime out of MY area (although I have enough ammo to make a big dent in it...lol), and I surely can't do it alone.
All I CAN do, is keep the "Barbarians" from my gates.
And some days, even that can be a challenge.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Easy for those people to say it's good... they snap all connections with the rest of the world when they become elites. Why do you think they keep coming up with good ideas for downtown that you and I can't afford? They don't give a hang about us. They don't even appreciate that we have lives, that we exist.

Bob G. said...

When you're right, you are 100% all-American, God-Honest RIGHT!

It's no wonder the city annexes OTHER areas...to make up for all the parts of town they seemingly have "written off".
Doesn't speak well to future prospects along those lines.
(and honks off those people that become NEW "city" dwellers through such annexations)

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Your South side sounds like it should be called "Dodge City."

I feel sorry for you all though when the left-leaning voters in lovely Chicago decide they have had enough with crime and look for smaller cities like yours to move into--then they can screw things up like the Windy City and leave their legacy across the country.

Bob G. said...

That, my friend will be the cold, hard, TRUTH of the matter, will it not?
Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.