16 July 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Here we are again...middle of the rolling week.
And the weather (imho) could not be better.
Today's Hoosierland forecast will see lots of sun...perhaps a few clouds here and there, a very slight chance of showers later today (don't make book on it), and temps reaching up to around 72 degrees. Okay, so it's not swimmin' hole weather, but still, it IS JULY, and any chance to get away from heat and humidity should always be welcome, right?
Just remember back a mere TWO years ago...and those "century" marks on the old thermometer.
Anyway, go top off that refreshing morning beverage (or go pour yourselves one) and let's get busy with the rest of what's going on...
*** First out of the cookie jar today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle."
I think this bears much fruit whenever we hear most politicians open their mouths these days.
So, who said that anyway? The answer will be at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
*** There are a few more details regarding that "two-fer" shooting up on the 4500 block of Monroe St.
Here's the story link:
One of the teens was shot in the arm, the other had a leg wound.
Police found some 9mm shell casings and a partly loaded mag from a .40 cal nearby the house.
Witnesses also mentioned seeing a dark-colored Impala (model year would help) that pulled up alongside the Congress Ave. side of the house shortly before the shootings took place, and that several people had been standing outside when the car pulled up.
So, apparently shots were fired at the GROUP?
Someone just out driving about "having fun"?
Can't say I saw a heavy police presence after this incident yesterday...or later last night into this morning.
And, if police are looking for a dark-colored Impala, there ARE plenty of them to choose from, and I can point them at several houses in MY area that have them stop over frequently...just sayin'...
*** Next up, a really GOOD idea that winds up being more lipstick on a damn pig.
Be nice for folks to have THIS in our area...
Here's the story link:
Okay, so some people would like to see the city add some of those "trails" to bike and.or jog along down here...nice idea.
The Urban Trails group has been fighting for such trails for a YEAR...(good luck with that one).
This group wants connectivity to the Rivergreenway, and city "leaders" say there is LEGACY money for such a project.
A path along HANNA ST. would be the first choice for such a project.
Okay, so these people WANT a trail (path) along Hanna...right through the ghettohood, which is replete with drive-by shootings, rapes, assaults, robberies, and thefts...And why would doing this be a GOOD thing?
Doesn't anyone consider the CRIME aspect of the area?
(guess not)
Remember the lady jogger that was accosted along a Rivergreenway path near Winchester Rd a couple years back...and that was the south-WEST side (but is a haven for government-sponsored minorities). Never did hear anything about THAT perp being caught.
Let's begin with THIS...
See...THIS is the main issue with ANY sort of development down here...the CRIME.
You can attempt to change the area without ridding it of crime first, BUT all you'll do is give the criminals a nicer place to "play" for a time, before it reverts back into the ghettohood, and if the city's not careful, it'll keep spreading out from the SE.
The city NEEDS to reclaim our part of town, and that means doing whatever is necessary to EVICT the criminal elements by making it so damn difficult to operate with the impunity they currently enjoy, so as to make all the perps WANT to leave the area (preferably the city) and never come the hell back.
We DON'T need more of these...got too many already.
Don't allow the Broken Window Theory to grow into a broken BUILDING...or city...that's what causes the downfall of many major metropolitan areas.
Moving on...
*** Wifey and I are going to the post office today to send that (non-functioning) VCR back, and then maybe getting(me) some donuts and a few other items...like a gallon of exterior paint for the window sills on the house, and some birdseed for our avian critters (and the bunny and squirrels).
I should get the Batmobile to the gas station too, as the prices are damn GOOD of late...have you seen them?
In some places, it's UNDER $3.50 a gallon (regular)...imagine how much LOWER it could be if only we stopped selling OUR oil overseas...
(but that's another post of two for another day).
We should also do likewise with our FOOD STUFFS...(read crops) too much goes to nations that don't think all that highly of us.
Be nice to see ground beef back to maybe $2 a pound.
*** And that brings me to a good solution I heard somewhere on FOX yesterday (maybe it was Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh)...
This pertains to the southern border CRISIS.
Stop THIS flow and you'll stop the other.
You know ALL the money we (already) GIVE to the nations (hundreds of billions) sending these kids to our border?
How's about we STOP the money and then tell these countries we're using the money we WOULD be sending to THEM...to PAY for the KIDS they've sent to US while we're trying to repatriate them BACK to these countries?
Bet THAT might change the tune of those nations...hit 'em where it REALLY hurts...in the POCKETBOOK!
Never thought America would be a nation that had "refugee camps" within it's borders...but there 'ya are.
A contrived plan by this administration, meant to undermine the values and principles that OUR nation was built upon.
(God, I SO detest Saul Alinsky)
*** Last back to the outhouse today....what the hell ever happened to our country?
Where have the values (that we all used to have) gone?
When did we become a nation of sheep, instead of sheepdogs?
I know there are those of us who refuse to believe we could stooped this low as a country, and there are those of us who also refuse to give up on what makes this nation so damn better than all the others (combined).
Many men through history have marveled at our country, and how we managed to do what others wished they could.
But, in recent years, we've become more LIKE those other nations...and for what reason...to better "fit in" in the global arena and buddy up to anyone willing to show us a modicum of attention?
We used to stand like that beacon on a hill...or a lighthouse along a coast.
We showed the way, so that others may follow...didn't much matter where they hailed from, either.
Be real nice to get back to something along THOSE lines once again.
I believe we can do it, but it will take diligence...and perseverance...and persistence.
And today's as good a time to start as any, isn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
(( BTW, for all you history buffs, today marks the 45th anniversary of the liftoff of Apollo 11 - AMERICA'S FIRST MOON LANDING excursion.))
"Let's make some history"


Momma Fargo said...

Another great post. Have you seen the recent newscast from Jon Voigt on the Hucakabee show taking down Obama's Presidency? Worth the watch. Gas prices are finally going down, but for how long and why? Not that I mind. Whew. Helps the budget. I love the neighborhood trails, but where does the money come from...oh, right..us. LOL Keep your neighborhood safe, Bob G.

CWMartin said...

First, I'm gonna estimated the quoted person came from the late1700s-early 1800s era. Amazing how those gents foresaw the problems we'd end up with. Human nature doesn't seem to change much, do it?

Second, the trail thing just reinforces what I said yesterday- the Elite are so far removed from reality they think that this is a good idea.

Third: "How's about we STOP the money and then tell these countries we're using the money we WOULD be sending to THEM...to PAY for the KIDS they've sent to US while we're trying to repatriate them BACK to these countries?" I told Laurie this EXACT thing without benefit of the pundits (Pundi?) yesterday. Great minds think alike.

Finally, how much does the ape stuck in the vcr raise the shipping cost? Is he even trying to escape, or does he just want a free trip to Alaska, lol?

CWMartin said...

Oh, and how come no mention of the new "female Thor?"

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yep...watched that on Saturday...LOVED it.

Gas prices...the "calm before the storm" perhaps?
Like to see $1.50 a gallon once again...LOL.
(I know...greedy as charged)

Those trails might get the bucks from our Legacy Fund cash and not from our pockets (for a change).
BUT, with crime around there...not gonna amount to much.

I'll keep fighting the good fight, dear.
Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there.
(the invite still stands - free coffee)

Bob G. said...

a "two-fer" answer...

1 - You are marvelously "warm".
2 - Removed from REALITY...that they surely ARE, my friend.
3 - Why, YES...we STILL DO...LOL.
okay, okay...you're milking that like a farmer before sunrise...
(and the evil monkey agrees - he says they cost more because of all the bananas you gotta ship with them)
-- FEMALE THOR............
((rolls eyes))

Maybe that's why I no longer collect comics...they are like engineers...always love to CHANGE things (for change sake).
If they want to do an "alternate" universe gig and have ALL female superheroes...fine.

Don't mess with the classics.
(besides, it goes AGAINST the mythology)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe (and be well) up there, brother.