17 July 2014

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're winding down to the week's end and with it, the wonderful weather we've been enjoying here in Indiana.
Today's Hoosierland weather will see temps rising a tad higher into the mid-70s, but we also get more sunshine than yesterday.
This morning has us with a low in the upper 40s.
Comfy sleeping, that's for sure.
And a damn nice day ahead of us.
So, get yourself started with a cup of your favorite morning beverage and let's get things started...time waits for no one.
*** First out of the library stacks today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There are many men of principlein both parties in America, but there is no party of principle."
This was spoken by our good friend, Alexis DeTocqueville ( 29 July 1805 - 16 April 1859),  a French political thinker and historian.
Here is his WIKI:
He is best known for his work DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA (2 volumes - 1835 and 1840) and THE OLD REGIME AND REVOLUTION (1856).
Having come from an aristocratic life (his ancestors were at the Battle of Hastings), and his parents barely escaped the guillotine in 1794, after the fall of Robespierre, and they were exiled to England until the reign of Napoleon, when they returned to France, and under the Bourbon Restoration, his father became a noble peer an prefect. Alexis then attended the Lycee Fabert in Metz.
Alexis later traveled to America for two years (beginning in 1831), and was initially making observations of the prisons and penitentiaries, but instead, he wound up being more intrigued by his observations and reflections of all the people he encountered.
He became Minister of Foreign Affairs from June to October 1849..
And he voted AGAINST Louis Napoleon Bonaparte in the election of 1848, and was one of the deputies who resisted the coup of 1851 by Napoleon, citing "high treason", as he (Bonaparte) had violated the.constitutional terms for length of office.
Alexis was detained at Vincennes and then released, where after, having supported the Restoration of the Bourbons against Napoleon III's"second empire (1851 - 1871) he quit politics and retreated to his castle (Chateau De Tocqueville)
A longtime sufferer of bouts of TB, he succumbed to the disease in 1859.
Alexis was a Roman Catholic and saw religion as being compatable with both equality and individualism, and felt religion would be strongest when separated from politics.
The remainder of the WIKI goes into his thoughts on civil society and the individual, democracy and new forms of tyranny, the American social contract, and majority rule and mediocrity, as well as his views on slavery, blacks and Indians.
There is even a section on "policies on assimilation"...and this pertains to blacks and native Americans...interesting and a bit "prophetic" in some ways.
It's a pretty good read if you want some insight into how  people from "across the pond" viewed America in those days.
Moving on...
*** There were some security photos released of a burglary at a house in the 400 block of Congress Ave...from back on 5 MAY...!
That's what I said...THAT long ago, and now JUST being released? What is the FWPD thinking when they say they "need our help" after ALL this time, anyway?
Why weren't the pictures released EARLIER, so that MAY-BE citizens could help a lot SOONER.
I mean we do (now) have 2 SHOTGUNS on the damn streets...
WTG, Chief Garry...nice job screwing this one up.
God knows where the hell these perps might be after a couple MONTHS.
Here's the story link:
Here's the photos with my enlarging enhancements...
I will say the homeowner had some DAMN good video cams...excellent resolution, and much netter than can be found in most retail stores.
This goes to show what I often say about this part of town...SOMEONE is always around to WATCH YOUR HOUSE, and not in a good way, if you get my drift.
After all, these thugs do nothing all day, so what else COULD they do but take advantage of others who DO have to leave their homes once in a while, hmm?
*** Then, there's this Walgreens robbery, that consisted of a man on a bicycle...and a note to the pharmacist.
(that's sure to get you the "meds" you need...without a hassle)
Here's the story link:
I have to concede that this vid-cap isn't anywhere as good as the one on Congress.
Enlarging it does no good at all.
This took place at the Walgreens up at 2410 N. Coliseum (near State) on 11 July...no TOD listed (well, it IS sooner then we're used to seeing).
A bike as a getaway vehicle...and police never found him (to date).
But the perp is a black man.
(heh...that makes it SO much easier to catch him, doesn't it?)
*** And here's more proof that HEROIN is indeed...making a comeback (and has for the last several years in the Summit City).
(nice mug shot - bet HE looks damn nice in ORANGE)
The bust took place (yesterday) at 3201 Holton Ave.(on the city's....SOUTHEAST side) around 0800 hrs and got one Quenton Royal (not to be confused with CROWN ROYAL, the liquor) on THREE counts of dealing cocaine or a narcotic drug (heroin), and one count of possession of cocaine or narcotic (again, heroin).
This is the SIXTH arrest and THIRD raid in TWO days.
(gotta love numerology).
How's about you shut down some houses close to the "Fortress"...that have operated for years,?
*** Now, I wanted to get into this Jersey City rookie police officer who was recently ambushed and shot dead in his patrol cruiser by a black street thug, and how one reporter (there) had to quit his job, because of the fallout from the station he worked at, but I'm gonna save it for tomorrow.
The reporter spoke the truth, and got castigated for it.
I've also have a LOT to say on the issue, and much of it has been said before here in the last several years, referring to OUR city of Fort Wayne.
Yes, there are similarities to this, although (thankfully) we haven't had any LEO killings. And hopefully, we never will.
Hey, it's something for you readers to look forward to, right?
*** Last back to that garage today...overwhelming evidence that the minorities do the majority of crime in an area permeated BY those minorities (as well as elsewhere).
So...where's the "outrage" anyway?
Everyone must be fine and dandy with all this sh*t going down around them, hmm?
Well, I for one...am not.
Case in point...last evening, the Latinos across the street had some amigos over for an ad hoc "beerfest", and this stuff can crop up anytime of the week down here...because it can.
Loud talking and shouting to beat the band, all standing at the curb, brews in hand
(and they're the nice 24 ounce cans and bottles...not the usual fare).
Not one single FWPD car driving through (even with a double shooting a couple blocks away days before), an if there was, I'd wager not ONE word would be said to these people about "keeping it down" or stopping to check some IDs and maybe check for outstanding warrants....never seems to happen..
And then, all these staggering mooks get in their vehicles and drive the hell off...three sheets to the wind.
This is okay in our city HOW (again)?
Don't I always read about REPEAT offenders for DUI, with most of them being LATINO?
And doesn't our INJUSTICE SYSTEM turn these drunk drivers back OUT at a record pace (to do it all over again)?
I see FWPD cars drive by people who park the wrong way on streets (a violation in residential areas), so why bother to have laws you're not going to bother to enforce?
Ditto for noise laws and littering laws..how many ARRESTS do we see?
Not that many, and never enough citations
Blind eyes and deaf ears DO NOT make problems go the hell away, people....that's a cold, hard FACT.
And the sooner THIS city wakes up and realizes that, the better off we'll ALL be...and a helluva lot SAFER on our streets.
If the laws aren't enforced, and police do nothing...that is EXACTLY what WILL get done down here.
That is why ghettos seem to thrive when they should be shrinking.
Sure makes you shake your head in disbelief some days.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I hadn't seen the reporter's comments before, and in looking them up I found this:


Give me one reason that we as a civilized people shouldn't wipe every last one of those assholes from the face of the Earth. I as a cop should respect you as a thug in the commission of your crime? SCREW YOU.

Bob G. said...

Yes, and that link is only ONE of a LOT of similar stories regarding this crime (and fallout).

Now you have a good idea of the "gist" of my post tomorrow, right?

I like the whole "wiping off the face of the earth" thing...gotta kinda RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION sound to it, hmm?

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
You stay safe up there, brother.

John DuMond said...

Nice quote from De Tocqueville. He was an interesting person who made many valuable observations on our culture and democracy.

Wow, I can't believe the PD waited over two months to release those pics. The quality is quite good, and may have already led to arrests if they'd been used sooner. Who knows how many crimes those two have committed since then that could have been prevented?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Glad you like the quote.
Had some good tings to say...very quotable.

Yes, police should be releasing information ASAP...IF they want help from citizens who might be able to ID these punks.
I was able to enlarge the pics substantially without much loss of detail.

Yet, because of such lack of vision by those at the command level of the FWPD, TWO (stolen) shotguns have been on our streets since 5 May...not good for the rest of us, is it?

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

Yeah, not sure why they would hold back photos of the burglary suspects like that. I am sure they got 10 tips after the first 5 minutes that the additional details aired on the news.

The criticism on the reporter commenting on the police shooting was ridiculous.

Have things gotten this bad? I think that example speaks volumes.

Living not far from your old stomping grounds, heroin has always been big area here.

Bob G. said...

...And those 10 tips COULD have been in the lap of the police a LOT sooner...you can bet on that one.

Yeah, reporter tells truth - reporter is forced to quit - truth gets shoved to the back burner.
Not a glowing commentary of reporting the NEWS and saying what NEEDS to be said, is it?

Heroin was ALWAYS a problem in Philly. The '90s saw crack take much of that market away, but it's still had it's own "niche" in the slums as well as with the "well-heeled".
Thanks to Mexico (black tar) it's had a resurgence...not a good sign.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by to comment.

You stay safe out there.