29 September 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the last gasp of September, because by week's end, we'll be in a whole new month.
(don'cha love when that happens?)
Our Hooiserland weather will be quite fair today, with highs in the upper 70s, and plenty of sunshine.
Now, onto more pressing matters...
September 29 - Today is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY
"Bean me, Baby!"
(and for ME, that's EVERY bloody day....lol)
It's also VFW DAY, and that would mean every veteran that has served overseas in theater around the world in whatever conflict we fought.
So, find a vet today and thank him or her, or if you're a vet, stand in front of the mirror and thank yourself and God for being able to do the right thing for our nation both here and abroad.
Now, let's all grab a cup of our favorite morning beverage (you already KNOW what mine is), and let's get this show on the road.
*** First out of the broom closet today...I hate starting off on a "bad" note, but our less-than-stellar POTUS has stated that "the U.S. misjudged Iraqi army and militants' threat".
Here's the story link:
Yeah, okay...straight away, does anyone find it odd that Obummer has this penchant for SELECTIVE PRONOUN USAGE?
Like, whenever HE does something, the word "I" becomes SO repetitive, but when something goes WRONG, the narrative suddenly is laced with "they", or "we", or "he", or "she"...NEVER is that "I"-word used. That says to me this guy simply does NOT believe in taking responsibility HIMSELF.
Well, he IS the "commander-in-chief" (when he's not the blamer-in-chief), so HIS say is rather important in the grand scheme of things, right?
One would think so, anyway.
Most transparent administration ever, I believe he once said...not hardly.
Moving on...
*** This story got Wifey and I discussing reasons as to WHY the Dept. of Education should never have been created. here's the link:
Only those that NEED discipline receive it.
Imagine that...now, there are those people who want to see EQUAL punishment doled out...as if ALL kids are disruptive at the exact same level.
Well, the last time I checked, NO two kids are the same.
They all LEARN at differing rates, so education (itself) is enough of a challenge.
But now, some want to not punish blacks as much as they deserve (when they act up).
It's the same with our criminal (in) justice system, that plea deals the crims back onto our streets.
And most times, it's the criminal element of the black community who causes the MOST problems...the "minority of the minority" as I like to say.
Granted, crime is across the racial board...and if we follow that premise, then so is education AND punishment inside of school, right?
Everyone gets the same OPPORTUNITY to learn, and therefore has the same "opportunity": to get punished when bad behavior infiltrates a classroom.
It's just that some minorities cause the most trouble, and therefore are punished.
How you behave HERE works in the REAL WORLD.
This ALL stems from the upbringing of the child...got nothing to do with poverty, so don't even go there.
But it DOES have to do with race, as in all the black families that have ONE parent raising a child, and the rate of children being born TO a single woman.
The men are not to be found in many instances...that is FACT. Seventy-three percent of black kids are born to single parent households. Again, FACT
And (big surprise time) the most disruptive children in schools are...black males.
So...who are the ones causing the most crime (when they get older)? Black males.
It's not about poverty, but it is ALWAYS about choices (how many times have I said that?).
Some people need to commit this to memory.
When you're brought up with NO sense of "boundaries" -  you do whatever you please, and if baby-mama wants to smack you...she does( sometimes to the point of abuse), or maybe it's the BFOTM (boyfriend of the month) who does what HE thinks is "discipline" (tossing toddlers against walls for example).
Maybe he was brought up that way, too.
This debate will not end soon, nor with the conclusion that SOME would like to see...
Reason will win out...it has to.
*** Okay, so Wifey and I head out to the Waynedale Scotts (Kroger) to grocery shop on Saturday, and it went pretty well...UNTIL we got to the checkout line.
So, who didn't notice the bags were running LOW?
They were (ready for this?)...out of PAPER BAGS...!!!
How on God's green earth does a grocery store (in a chain) run OUT of large paper bags?
Someone in the office seriously "effed the hell up".
Anyone ever think of doing a run to ANOTHER location and getting some???
I don't think this could possiblu be CITY-WIDE...no damn way.
Yep, this is a "WTF???" moment.
So, we get everything in plastic...which you can't stick a lot of heavy items in for obvious reasons.
Well, that was fun...NOT.
In all the years I've been grocery shopping, I've NEVER come across this...'ya learn something "new" every day, hmm?
*** Last back to the parking lot...the more we're told the world is better (for us)...the more evidence I see that it certainly is NOT.
We have discipline wanting to run education (when it should be the OTHER way around), people in power that have no idea how to assess blame...or even accept it for that matter, and stores that were "paper bagless"...and that's the obvious stuff.
We won't even get into a (teen?) nightclub shooting in Miami that left several dead, and over a dozen wounded, or the "birthday party" down in the Indy VFW post where several were shot by another loon, or even the LEO that was shot near Ferguson, MO (we're being told it's not related to last month's shooting).
How is ANY of this stuff demonstrate a sense of better...or is even making us better?
I'm just not seeing it, people.
Add to this, all the electronic crap that's shoved down our throats, leading to people walking into mall fountains or street lightposts, causing numerous accidents on highways, and devaluing the ability of people to properly interact.
That's an aside from all the problems we're seeing with the technology ITSELF, causing recalls out the wazoo from damn near every manufacturer.
Simpler is MUCH better...notice I said SIMPLER and not EASIER...there is a major difference.
And I think when we get back to simpler things, we will all benefit a lot more.
We can still have our contrivances...but not allow ourselves to permit them to run OUR lives...
That should always be OUR job, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Ran out of paper bags? Wow. I worked for a supermarket chain for 14 years (12 full time, 2 part time), and I've never heard of that happening. Someone fell asleep at the wheel for sure.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'm telling 'ya...I've never heard of it either, and I come from Philly...TEN TIMES the size of friggin' Ft. Wayne...!
Whoever DID fall asleep at the wheel must have also run off the road, hit a ditch, rolled the vehicle several times and was thrown a couple hundred yards, landing on his (or her) noggin!!!

Hope it knocked some SENSE into them.
You never know WHAT will happen out here in the Hoosierland, eh?

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe (and well stocked with bags) out there.

CWMartin said...

I'm sure with you on "Last back to the parking lot." There isn't an area of our lives that hasn't been affected by technology... and I'm beginning to think that the last positive thing invented was central air! For example, would we really have hip-hop without voice modulators or giant "woofers"? Would we not have BETTER TV programming if talent wasn't so diluted among 300 channels that are thus forced to show the same thing over and over again? How do we know if a teen has learned to read and write when all we have to go by is textspeak?

And how much do students REALLY learn off their school-supplied tablets?

Bob G. said...

Oh, yes...that HAD to be CENTRAL A/C!!!
SO right on the diluted media these days, too.

I guess if these kids learn ANYTHING off those "tablets", it's how to become LESS human...the lack of interpersonal skills is ALREADY manifesting itself.
And where is the "work ethic" when it comes down to just hitting a keyboard?
Take away cursive writing, don't punish certain kids that are trouble-makers while mainstreaming them, make them ALL winners in everything for no reason, and the mess that's being created will be hard as hell to get undone, that's for sure.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting, brother.

Stay safe up there.

Momma Fargo said...

Love your Garfield Coffee Day celebration cartoon! Must I say we do live with a bunch of stupid people and smart phones. Who let them out of the bag? The idiots I mean. It is a beautiful day and I hope October brings more of them. Loving this fall weather! Stay safe, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you liked the cartoon...I was laughing as soon as I saw it (with my cup of "joe" in hand)

Hey, at least those idiots had a BAG to come out of...and I'll bet'cha it was a KROGER grocery bag.
Maybe that's where they ALL went???
(investigative mode ON...LOL)

Thanks much for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe & enjoy this great weather down there, Dear.