30 September 2014

This Month Just FLEW By...
Well, it sure SEEMED that way (to me).
Must be that "the older you get, the faster time passes" kinds stuff.
Anyway, we're ending this month ion a bit of a damp note...got a little light rain out there this morning, but it's supposed to clear up (doesn't it ALWAYS?) and then we gt back to clear skies and temps only getting up to around the mid 60s today.
Not bad for our Hoosierland weather.
I know, it won't be long before we're all pissing and moaning about the SNOW...so let's enjoy this while we can.
So, without any further fuss, let's grab ourselves a cup of whatever we enjoy drinking, and set about seeing what's been going on elsewhere.
*** First out of the shed is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
September 30 - Today is...(you're gonna love this one)...BLASPHEMY DAY...!
This should get me a fatwa.
And here I thought it would be called atheist day...for the obvious reason...silly me...LOL.
You tell 'em, Chuck!
They are rather "linked", though.
NEVER mess with a level 12 cleric!
And yes, some other people have a thought or two on the subject.
Now this one I really like!
And, it's also NATIONAL CHEWING GUM DAY...which still begs the question:
"Does the chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight?"
(Make mine Beemans...or Teaberry - I like the shuffle thingy)
Now, for "the rest of the story"...
*** I hear that consumer SPENDING has risen a whopping 0.5 percent...(stop the presses).
Some will say that higher WAGES are "to blame" for this, but I have another take (which seems to make a lot more sense).
(there, I said it...so sue me).
With a devalued dollar and inflation nipping at our heels every day, think about it...
It takes MORE MONEY to get the stuff that you used to be able to acquire for LESS money.
It's like a microcosm of the Weimar Republic (here's the WIKI for the curious minds out there):
And when things COST MORE...people SPEND MORE...(talk about a "DUH" moment, right?)
The logic in this is irrefutable.
THAT is the REAL reason consumer spending is up...has to be.
It also explains why lots of people always seem to have more MONTH left at the end of their MONEY, hmm?
Moving on...
*** Looks like the city is at it AGAIN...annexation, that is.
Here's the story link:
It's 160 acres up around Rt 30 and Washington Center Rd near Hillegass (far northwest).
The city says it would like to build an industrial parl much like Sweetwater Sound.
Now, this doesn't mean the city will BUY the land...just ANNEX it, because that's the order in which these things are done.
Gee, what about all the vacant land DOWN HERE on the SE side?
Too crime-ridden for you?
You could gobble up land around here for dimes on the dollar...a real bargain.
But you have to get rid of the criminal element first...but "Aye, there's the rub" (as Shakespeare would say).
Better to intrude on neighbors up NW...they don't have the crime we do.
Then again, I guess you HAVE to annex areas around the perimeter of the city, in order to increase your eroding TAX BASE, thanks to all the "poverty-stricken", entitlement-driven, victicrats that don't WANT to work and instead live off of the taxpayer's dollar...that makes sense.
*** Next up, a nice feel good story out of Albion.
Here's the link:
Seems the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary received a gift from a trust that will allow the building of a bird habitat on site.
(You remember Chris and Laurie going up there a while back...great photos)
Here's the website:
The habitat will feature former "pet" birds like cockatoos and Amazon parrots.
(some of THOSE parrots can live up to SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS...seriously.)
That's kinda cool  that someone who passed would think of this place and leave a trust to enable Black Pine to do this.Nice job.
*** Last back to the garage today...yes, there are some people that provide the rest of us with HOPE in humanity, regardless of what we see on the news or read in the papers.
And thank God, that's a GOOD thing.
It provides us with a true sense of HOPE, and we can use ALL we can get these days.
And I like to believe that hope is the corner stone on which to build our lives.
Hope begets faith, and that faith then begets courage.
Those are three very important aspects to human behavior
I don't think you can have one without the other, and in a specific order.
Such things were the building blocks of our nation...and our founding fathers knew this, as they were mostly all GODLY men.
In an age where we actually have a "Blasphemy Day", don't you think we need something closer to hope...or faith, and definitely courage?
Sure beats the hell outta being hopeLESS...or without faith, and clearly being cowardly.
Doesn't mean you have to hit a homer every time you're "at bat"...it just means you shouldn't be afraid to ever be in the on-deck circle.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Bob, you are the second blog to mention me in my reader today! Starting to get a big head, lol!

The atheist meme is excellent... kind of explains why they are drawn to the Democrat side, huh?

Great news for Black Pine. They really care about these animals, and it shows in gifts like this from people who have obviously been there and seen it firsthand.

Bob G. said...

Big head? YOU?

Nah...you'd never let that happen...think of all the new BALL-CAPS you'd have to buy!

I just like to highlight people that DO have something to say (such as yourself) and provide us with a look into places we haven't been (like Black Pine).

The meme had "Chris will love this" written ALL over it, and considering it IS "Blaspheny Day", what better way to mention it, than by slapping some of the naysayers around a bit...heh.

We "voices in the wilderness" have to stick together, hmm?

Thanks for stopping on over today to comment.

Stay safe up there.