31 October 2014

Friday Follies - Halloween Edition...
Well, here we are at last...another journey into (what I like to call) the Great American Beg-A-Thon.
Now, this isn't PBS asking for funds (to go with all the gov't money they already get), this is Halloween, and we'll be getting into this shortly, but first, how's the weather today?
(glad you asked)
The Hooiserland weather for "fright night" will find us with dropping temps throughout the day, some rain moving in as well  into tonight, and the good chance of some wet snow when the temps dip into the lower THIRTIES.
Oh, and don;t expect much in the way of sunshine today, but DO expect some gusty breezes into the 25 MPH range.
How's THAT for sending October on it's way?
Yeah, I know...looks like Autumn is beating a hasty retreat (dig out the long underwear).
Let's get our warm cup of that morning beverage poured and see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the pumpkin patch is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature
October 31 - 
As you could expect everthing has to deal with Halloween in some manner.
Today is FRANKENSTEIN FRIDAY...take from that what you will.
It's also CARVE A PUMPKIN DAY - again, so surprise there.
Now THESE are cool...
And, it's INCREASE YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS DAY...I have NO idea how to manage that one, but I have some ideas...(bwahahahah)
Oh, to be Charles Xavier for just ONE day...
Now, if I COULD increase my psychic powers, I could guarantee that the immediate area around our "Fortress" would be a LOT nicer and quieter place to live, that's for damn sure.
Moving on...
*** There is a study (not another one) from Nationwide (who's on your side) that states that MORE vehicles are vandalized on HALLOWEEN, than any other day of the year.
The word "DUH" comes to mind...
Now THIS looks like a job for "Captain Obvious".
They suggest park in the garage if you have one, or in a well-lit place.
Lemme see, the airport RUNWAY is pretty well-lit, wonder how many folks are going to park THERE?
There's no reason to NOT park in your garage if you have one, except if you use it to house those 50 illegals the Feds shipped up here last month without telling anyone.
*** Law enforcement has FINALLY caught that cop-killer in the Poconos yesterday.
Found him in an airplane hangar...and he surrendered to police when confronted.
Here's the story link:
And the death penalty has been brought up...now THAT'S a damn good idea.
Nice perp walk for Eric Frien, the self-taught survivalist, who apparently wasn't all that good at eluding police, even though he managed it for 7 weeks. His big mistake was staying in the area.
There was no way he could stay hidden without formal training, and even then, you're taught to "exfil" an area when an OP is over.
Only fools fight in burning houses, as the saying goes.
*** You folks know I'm not really into Halloween (as Wifey is)...just kinda lost it's luster over the decades.
There was a time when I enjoyed putting on a costume, aside from when I was a child...that was at whatever Star Trek convention I managed to attend.
But that was fine...you were among others of similar mindsets.
Now, I'm not going to do my 8 simple rules for Halloween...you can check my archives of past years for that one.
Elvira - One redeeming grace of Halloween 
Let's just say that THIS neighborhood is not really conducive to the "spirit" (no pun intended) of Halloween.
In times past, we KNEW all the kids on the block, or those from a couple streets over, but around HERE, kids are brought IN to the area...from God knows where, and I see enough adult strangers meandering about daily...don't need little ones coming to my door for free anything...their "parent" (or whatever is claiming ownership of them) get enough free stuff as it is, thanks to entitlements.
That must paint me as a cynic...not a problem. I know how things work in areas like ours.
Besides, I don't see these kids ALL year, so why should I GIVE them something for showing up on our steps this ONE day?
I mean, if the kid mowed my lawn or delivered our paper, that would be another story altogether.
And when you get to a CERTAIN age, stop going out trick-or-treating...it's no longer "cute", got it?
Nothing worse than seeing some TEENS going door-to-door with the so-called "costumes" they scraped together (used to mirror their future lives...mostly BUMS) and have the nerve to ask for free candy from anyone.
I also went to a few adult Halloween parties in times past...wasn't all that impressed, and never got that drunk where I became the stuff of stories told years later.
That's a poor excuse to get 3 sheets to the wind and act like an idiot...or worse.
Once in a great while, there would be a sci-fi con around Halloween, and THAT was worth going to...at least no one was begging for candy...lol.
On the "up" side to this, there is a HUGE discount on the Halloween candy TOMORROW all over the place...kinda like the day AFTER Valentine's Day...only different colors.
There are of course, ALL the slasher movies that come with today, and I'm not a fan of those either for one MAIN reason:
The lead characters always go and do what logic would say they should NOT do...I can't stand stupidity on that order (I see enough around the ghettohood).
And what's with horror movies these days?
Go watch House of Wax w. the late Vincent Price...now THAT is a cool movie.
"It's just a jump to the left....
I will admit that Rocky Horror is fun, if ONLY to see Riff Raff "do the Time Warp again".
But the Halloween series and Friday the 13th series...gimme a break.
Add to all this some of the costumes that CHILDREN are wearing.
Many are much nicer than we had growing up, but some are just plain slutty for the girls, and disgusting for the boys.
They have plenty of time to look that way after they GROW UP...trust me.
Sure serves to bring the pedophiles out from under their rocks.
Can't go wrong with "Cap"...
There are exceptions for those who wear a SUPERHERO costume...one can never go wrong with fighting EVIL in the world.
And that goes for boys OR girls.
It's not that I hate Halloween...I just think whatever "fun" that used to be associated with it has taken a vacation.
Whaddya mean I can't say REDSKIN?
Granted, it's not exactly a "Christian" observance, but it used to be cool to (as a child) dress up as a cowboy or an astronaut, or even an INDIAN without drawing criticism or a lawsuit from the ACLU.
But when we decide to grow up, we put away childish things, right?
That doesn't mean we can't retain a child-like sense of wonder...or innocence, though.
Lord knows out society can benefit from something like that these days.
Well, I think I've said my piece on how I feel about today.
So tonight, it's Wifey, me, Garfield's Halloween Adventure on DVD and some popcorn.
All that candy, candy, candy, candy...
Sounds like a real plan to me.
*** Lastly, don't forget to set your clocks BACK an hour Saturday night (before 0200 hrs Sunday), as we shift over to "standard" time.
That means you're gaining an hour of sleep in the process..don't waste it...lol.
Personally, I think this is a waste (of time), and I miss when we didn't have to change the clocks twice a year in Indiana.
No one saves anything by changing the clocks..time relentlessly moves onward.
You people had it good here when you didn't have to play with the clocks.
More of "those" days we surely miss...right?.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
See 'ya next month.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The psychic powers you increase had better include telekinesis, because the good people in your neighborhood aren't likely to be harmed by the reading or manipulation of brains that don't exist except on a primitive level...

Your take on halloween mirrors mine. It lost it for me when I discovered that a plastic Spidey mask wasn't really very fun to play in. Now, I have been to an adult party as Thor, with foil wrapped wings on a "specially modified" baseball cap, more foil to make the little circle thingies on his chest, and of course a sawed off croquet mallet for the piece de resistance. Even that's been a looooooong time ago, though.

I don't have the prob giving out candy for the reasons you do... I just get tired of getting up to answer the door.

Thankfully, all you have to do these days is leave your porch light off- no need for that "EBOLA- quarantine" sign on the door.

Bob G. said...

Oh, TK will be JOB-ONE, rest assured...and for the EXACT reason you mentioned...lol.

Nice to know I'm not the only person that has felt the same way...and not for a lack of want with Halloween.
The shine is off the coin, as it were.

Aw, man...and I had to call in some "favors" for that EBOLA sign...!
(but I still have the "I BRAKE FOR ZOMBIES SO I CAN GET A CLOSER HEAD SHOT" bumper stickers...)

And those BIOHAZARD placards in place of the YIELD signs work wonders at intersections.

Hey, thanks for coming on by today and commenting.
(Get out tomorrow for those cheap candy SALES, too)

Have a spooktacular weekend and stay safe up there.

ms nk rey said...

Guess I am the odd one out.. I love seeing the kids dressed up and having fun. When I had my business we went all out on decorations and hand outs for the kids. Full sized candy bars, juice boxes and even soft stuffed toys. Was fun for me and good for business. And when Christmas came around oh my so many lights haha .. you brought back some good memories Bobby G. Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

Bob G. said...

Oh, I doubt that, dear...
O suppose that if we had a neighborhood like the ones similar to my youth, I'd be giving out candy by the handful.
I also remember businesses giving out candy, too...good for the neighborhoods to see involvement by store owners.
One could load a whole big carry bag in just ONE block.

Those children fortunate to live in OR even visit such neighborhoods (today) are the ones that Halloween is for.
That parade is down the block and around the corner for me.

And yes, those were some great days...always remembered and always missed.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and comment.

Have yourself a great weekend, and do stay safe down there

Momma Fargo said...

Elvira...my dad drooled over her. All I saw was boobs. He liked her "intellect" he would say. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, it's a GUY thing...admiring a woman for her BRAINS...(BOTH hemispheres)...LOL.
Although I actually DO like SMART women...

I think you would have made a good Elvira...maybe nest year?

Hope you had fun in any case.
Thanks for rolling up to comemnt today.

Stay safe down there.