30 October 2014

Thoughts on Thorsday...
Welcome to All Hallows Eve EVE, and all the briskness this morning brings.
Our Hooiserland forecast will see us with pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday's weather, with temps again topping out in the low 50s.
Going to be a mostly cloudy day as well, in anticipation for some rain later on, and perhaps a bit of...(dare I say it?)...wet snow!
That's right You are not mistaken. No accumulation is expected (that's a relief), but it will play into Halloween and all the trick-or-treaters who will be out and about.
So, as we greet this day, let's all get a warm and soothing cup of our favorite beverage and see what falls from the tree when we shake it...fair enough?
*** First off of the reservation today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Not a single time have we gotten a right from Congress or from the President. We get them from God."
This was spoken by none other than GLENN LEE BECK (born 10 February, 1964), and here is his WIKI:
Now, for someone who had his share of ups and downs in life, he's done pretty well, and I have to say I've been a follower of him since he was on CNN Headline News.
When he went to FOX, it was an even better match, and I was sad to see him leave.
But what he has done SINCE then is even more remarkable - starting his own Internet TV programming, which was the vanguard of what we now like to call "streaming television" on the web.
(not bad for a recovering alcoholic)
One thing that drew me to him...he just MAKES SENSE...plain old COMMON SENSE.
And when was he last time we heard that on a regular basis, hmm?
The WIKI is a good read and worth a few minutes, even if you don't find him all that appealing.
Now THIS is change for the better.
It goes to show that (once again) ONE man CAN make a difference, and he's doing a decent job of that.
I always say that you can tell how RIGHT you are by the number of LEFTISTS that despise you...LOL.
Moving on...
*** It's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 30 - 
Today is NATIONAL CANDY CORN DAY...(big whoop).
I've not been much of a fan of that particular candy...don't know why.
It just never struck me as something to drool over. But I will admit that when it goes STALE, it makes some GREAT slingshot ammo.
(yes, it WILL break glass at distance)
-- It's also MISCHIEF NIGHT...the "All Hallows Eve Eve" thing.
And wouldn't you just KNOW it...they have a WIKI for THAT, too.
And to think this goes ALL the way back to 1790 and from, of all people, a headmaster at St. John's College at Oxford.
We've come a long way from THIS...
It's also known as "cabbage night" (gotta read up to find the beginnings of THAT one), and "gate night". and "devil's night". It just depends on what part of the country you live in.
But, as you could expect, most of the "harmless" events escalated into things more destructive.
And THIS, even.
Pre-teens and teens would start to fill eggs with NAIR or NEET and toss them at individuals
In the mid 80s, garbage was set on fire, and cemeteries were either vandalized or set ablaze.
And in Camden, NJ, Mischief Night escalated to the point where, in the 1990s, widespread arson occurred, with over 130 acts of arson committed on 30 October, 1991.
Welcome to Camden, NJ...
And the populace (there) was mostly black back then, so you can figure out who was doing what to whom that night.
In Detroit, during that same time, they suffered a similar fate with all the rampant arson and vandalism, so residents took to the streets to patrol (thought that was the job of the police?) in order to stop those who would break the law.
This is now called ANGEL'S NIGHT, and runs from 29-31 October.
Even movies got in on this "craze".
In THE CROW, the main character (Eric Draven) and his fiancee are murdered on Mischief Night in (you guessed it)...DETROIT.
Brandon Lee's character returns from the grave one year later to the day, in order to exact his particular form of "justice" against the street gang. A good flick, BTW.
And now YOU know a lot more about today than the average person.
Moving on...
*** Now THIS story is a good one to take notice of:
Very cool place - well-deserved award
The Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo was awarded the region's MOST sustainable business of the year.
Now, does that mean that the SOUTHEAST side of town COULD be considered for an award, because MUCH of our area can ALSO be seen as something of a "zoo" ?
It's just neighborhood kids playing..on YOUR car..
It seems to be self-sustaining as it is, what with all the "street-pharms"  sold and those EBT cards that abound...I mean something is paying for all those Escalades, right?
Surely, a VERY sustainable "business".
(and yes we have numerous "exhibits" to prove it)
*** Next up, an update of sorts on the airbag issues:
Wow, the FEDS are urging "speed" on this whole airbag recall-fix thing.
Fill 'em with Jiffy Pop...problem solved.
And here I thought SPEED KILLS...oh, wait, that's the AIRBAGS that kill.
About 20% of all vehicles are involved in this clusterf$ck from the Takata Corp (maker of airbag assemblies).
It's said that humidity is the cause of the faults, but automakers are taking no chances on this one (and with good reason)...I mean, who WANTS to get "fragged" while driving or during an impact?
Ford is now recalling over 205K vehicles (SUVs) in COLD-weather states because the gas tank can rust, leak, and cause a fire.
WTH ever happened to taking some PRIDE in manufacturing cars and truck in this country?
This is SO much worse than the Pinto debacle...actually driving one of them NOW would be a helluva lot SAFER.
Guess that could also apply to the Corvair, for God's sake.
No vehicle is safe from recalls any longer...gotta love unions and the way they grab industry by the nose and kick 'em in the ass...all for the almighty dollar.
*** Last back to the wigwam...Wifey's been doing the "parent-conference" gig last night and this evening, so that leaves me "free" to fire up the old motivator...and do crazy stuff...like blow and rake the leaves AGAIN.
How long will it STAY this way now?
We're about the ONLY people to do this with any sense of purpose, because some folks don't bother at all, and some will just shovel all the leaves into the STREET. I prefer to place them where we're asked to, but I have no control over Mother Nature and how SHE chooses to scatter the leaves after they're raked...that one's not on me.
It also gives me time to keep the feeder filled and await other "friends" who stop by for a bit of a nosh.
Uh, oh...nuthatch on the screen.
And "Mr Wrinkles" comes by for peanuts
I can catch up on laundry, but I have "strict" instructions to NOT get up on any ladder (to clear gutters for example or trim limbs back on trees). 
The lovely Mrs Bobby G. doesn't want me landing in the hospital when she's not there.
I told her if anything, I'd land ON THE GROUND, and that ANY fall wouldn't hurt me one damn bit...it would be that SUDDEN STOP at the bottom.
Still, I will accede to her wishes, and I also promised to not shoot anyone along the way (but, you never know around here).
We kinda prefer to live our lives with as little drama as possible...can't say the same for the "locals".
A study in exasperation?
They seem to LIVE for that, and some of those who DO show up for the parent conferences are good examples of how the kids are being brought up.
Wifey tells me they see their share of "drama queens" (and that's the CHILDREN)...when the teachers meet the parents, it's immediately clear WHERE the kids get it from.
That's not a way for any society to progress.
I'm always saying that WE (the people) are MUCH better than this, and should strive to become better...each and every day.
I think there is a modicum of common sense to be found in that.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Some of the ladies were talking about PTN at work today. Guess you could always shoot candy corn at passing boomcars...

BTW, your neighborhood doesn't qualify as a zoo- no ones in cages and no one wants to look at 'em!

Bob G. said...

--I have OFTEN thought about the candy corn/boomcar solution...be a nice way of giving out (unused) Halloween candy from a DECADE ago...LOL.
(and they never hear it coming)

--As to the SE side "zoo"?
Okay, so we don't have cages (they don' need no steenkin cages), so that makes it a drive-thru safari-land, RIGHT?

You do have me on the 'others not wanting to look at 'em' aspect...but they have been known to MIGRATE (west AND north).
Hey, how about a Wild-life preserve???
(they act feral in most case)
Could get me some SERIOUS gub'ment funding for that one (and we love pork, too).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe up there.