03 October 2014

Friday Follies...
Here we are...at the weekend, soggy as it seems to be this morning.
They "say" there's a chance of rain today (been there seen that)...and a possibility of a thunderstorm (ditto on that, too), so it looks like if the sun WILL shine today, it's gonna happen around 35,000 ft rather than here at ground  level.
The Hoosierland weather looks to we WET today...with whatever high we're expected to be in the morning (mid-60s).
Temps will drop throughout the day settling in to the mid-50s by dinnertime. So there 'ta go, then.
In the meantime, grab yourselves a cup of your favorite morning beverage and we'll get this bad boy stared...
*** First out of the umbrella factory today is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" segment.
October 3 -  Today is Techies Day...great, just what we need (more often than we'd like).
NOT the "techie" I had in mind...
I'm hoping it celebrates those geeks who can figure all this crap out and fix it when it goes wrong for the rest of us "peons".
--It's also World Smile Day...like we have much to smile about anymore...but hey, it we take a moment to check out the things others dismiss, we might find ourselves smiling.
Also, if you do go around smiling for no damn reason today, it WILL make others wonder what the hell you're up to.
--And, it's (I don't make this sh*t up)...VIRUS APPRECIATION DAY.
((...rolls eyes...))
Appreciate us, or we will make you sick.
How TIMELY is THIS one, gang? Rght in the middle of these viral attacks - both physical AND "virtual".
If it's not Ebola, it's SARS...or MERS...or the next strain of flu, or that enterovirus D68 (makes me wonder whatever happened to the previous 67 A through C series???), it's something else we don't need.
Viruses...'ya hate 'em, right?
Naturally, the email spams we ALL receive testify to the lack of ability of most software to rud us of potential viruses, too. That's why computer manufacturers gave us that cute DELETE button.
So, enjoy the day, smile a lot, thank a techie and avoid any virus...kapeesh?
Last, but certainly not least...for our Jewish brethren...today at sunset begins the Hebrew holiday of YOM KIPPUR. Here's the WIKI on the back-story:
It's the yearly Jewish Day of Atonement.
Blessings be on you and your families.
Moving on....
*** Wanna pose a question to your faithful followers...are you "better off" than you were 6 years ago?
Not with OUR money, you don't, Bub.
Our fearless leader seems to believe we all ARE. Then again, I always thought he lived in Fantasy Land, while the rest of us slug it out in Realville.
Now, you have to come at this question in a couple ways...
Overall is the first way...taking everything into account, and I mean everything...everywhere.
The other way is by looking at individual aspects to your life, such as the cost of consumables, replacement items and new items you may have had to buy, and this includes ALL food stuffs (groceries as well s fast food or restaurant settings), clothing, cleaning supplies, toiletries...all iof it.
According to "da prez", our economy has NEVER been better. Really?
Then why does our DOLLAR continue to purchase LESS, while prices keep climbing?
Why are housing sales (new constructs and previously-occupied ones) continues to falter?
Why is production down?
There is a bright side (for the moment)...fuel prices are down to around $3.10 a gallon for regular (wonder who's tapping the reserves?).
I mean, we haven't increased drilling (on or off shore), and haven't opened ANY new refineries, so why the drop, all of a sudden, especially with all this turmoil in the Middle East?
We've seen in the past where so much as an ARAB FART would make gas prices spike markedly, so this makes me wonder when all the facts go against the past results...what is going on?
As far as the economy goes, I also believe that a level of SAFETY or security goes far to ensure that any economy does well...and by the looks of our national security, I have my doubts.
This will help everyone "forget"...
When an Ebola patient can fly into the USA with symptoms, go to he ER, be given a pill and then be told to go home...that's troublesome.
Same goes for an unprotected southern border, where God knows what diseases can come across with impunity.
Add to that the reluctance of parents to get their kids vaccinated (for school), and we can wind up hip-deep in crap in no time, and that's just from a biological standpoint.
We have an AGING power grid which is prone to failure for the least little problem, domestic and foreign automakers recalling damn near EVERY vehicle they've made for the last several years, and although we're being TOLD that crime (across the board) is DOWN, the LEVEL of violence for those crimes IS on an INCREASE.
Oh, and in case you thought otherwise, heroin deaths are on the RISE (also) across the nation...who'da thunk it?
I think a good enough case for not being AS better off than we were 6 years ago can be made...and quite easily.
I've onlt touched on the obvious aspects...it all comes down to personal issues for each of us, right?
*** The FWIA had it's first flight to Philly yesterday...so where the hell are my CHEESESTEAKS, TASTYKAKES, and SCRAPPLE, anyway?
Here's the story link:
I mean if we are going to have 3 flights a day, someone should consider bringing such delicacies to us (meaning me) here in the Hoosierland, hmm?
Hoosiers now get to see this sign.
As long as they keep the Philly crime in Philly, I'll be happy, though...got plenty of our OWN right here in River City, my friends.
*** If anyone had concerns in The Fort...never fear. The DOWNTOWN of Fort Wayne gets the gold mine when it comes to development...the rest of us (as usual) get the "shaft".
Here's the story link:
The map they have on the link shows all the projects over JUST the last decade...and as the first person to comment said "Keep it up"..
Seriously? Keep WHAT up?
The spending for stuff downtown while other parts of the city go to hell in a damn hand-basket?
I always say that "ANY city is only as good as it's WORST area"...so there 'ya are...the TRUTH for a change, and it didn't come from anyplace "downtown". 
I look at it this way - if the REST of the city were AS prosperous as certain "sections' are, then the downtown would be a no-brainer...it WOULD thrive (on it's own), because the city would have a lot of tax funds to spread around, more people with a vested interest in their part of the city wanting more things downtown (not just the elitist crowd), and decent politicians all over the city working with their constituents (and not a good old boy network in place).
This could happen...
But we DON'T have that here...and may not for some time
Although, that downtown is damn nice (for those whose pockets it lines)
*** Last back to the service station today...real progress for a city SHOULD mean that the MANY become the prosperous...not the few.
Self-service to or for any minority, be they defined by race, social class, economic status, religion, or anything else hurts everyone OTHER than those being benefited...that's a fact.
In a business, when an employer cares ONLY about the stockholders or his OWN wealth, everyone down the line gets hurt, especially those
"in the trenches" that MADE the wealth for that company in the first damn place...and usually, the company FAILS, tossing too many into unemployment lines.
Greed is what happens when people think ONLY of themselves, and it's closely followed by PRIDE.
Greed can be used for good, IF greed is directed at making oneself better, but even then, care has to be applied so as not to harm others along the way.
Too often, people get confused in life and redirect their minds and abilities to goals, tossing the cost of obtaining it to the four winds.
Life isn't easy ( it's called CHALLENGING), because we're not supposed to sit back and  fritter away the years. We should be always wanting better for ourselves and our families, and yes, even our friends and co-workers.
They should also be wanting the same...but we know today's society won't allow that...to many "diversions".
Our job is to stay focused on the here and now, and if we can convince others to do likewise, all the better...for everyone.
Have yourselves very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, an as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Whoever posted that comment was an idiot. There wasn't even a legend to tell what the shapes/colors meant! Seriously, other than making a pretty design on a map, it was worthless- much like the projects themselves.

Bob G. said...

Now, now...we can;t be TOO harsh on those who "support" ALL those downtown projects to the exclusion of other parts of town that actually might NEED something done to make them less 3rd world in appearance...
(did I say that out LOUD?...GOOD!)

Such support reminds me of a jock-strap that chafes one's man-buts to death.

A legend WOULD have helped a lot...you nailed that one down tight.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe up there.