06 October 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another (what seems to be) soggy week out here in the Hoosierland.
We've had off and on showers through the weekend, and that trend looks to be following us well into the week.
Had to also run the heat over the weekend...don't want to inside of the house to become as "cool" as it was outside when the temps dipped into the low 40s, right?
Warm and comfy works for us.
Today's weather will see us with mostly cloudy skies and temps climbing only to the 60-degree mark. We will also see some scattered showers throughout the day.
So, since  most "fun" activities will be mainly curtailed, let's pour a nice soothing cup of our favorite morning beverage and see what we've been missing out there, shall we?
*** First out of the starting gate is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature, and we've got some catching-up to do, so here goes...
October 4 -  Saturday was National Golf Day
(we used to also call it "Homo-Hockey" and "Hit It and Go Git It" with the first descriptor being wonderfully NON "PC"..)
It was also National Frappe Day...hoped you managed to "frappe" someone.
Admiral Ackbar LOVES 'em.
This has SEVERAL meanings...it could be a milkshake in Britain, a drink similar ro a frappuccino, a frozen fruit dessert akin to a sherbet, or an Italian sweet, crisp pastry (also called angel wings)made from fried dough (beats elephant ears).
So, take yer pick and have at it.
It was also International Frugal Fun Day, and even these days, fun can be had "on the cheap"...if you want to look for it.
October 5 - Sunday was Do Something Nice Day (I observed it by not shooting ANY of the neighboring "locals" - a very nice gesture on MY part).
Oktoberfest ended, too (well, in Germany, anyway).
And, it was also World Teacher's Day (I cooked a roast of Angus beef for Wifey in celebration). You'd think they'd have this day during a SCHOOL WEEK...so the teacher's can get a day off for something worthwhile.
That brings us to NOW...
October 6 -
Today is Come and Take It Day...whatever the hell THAT means (2nd Amendment perhaps?).
Anyone tries taking ANYTHING from our abode get the "treatment" I neglected to pursue on Do Something Nice Day, if you get my drift...lol.
It's also Mad Hatter Day, and I don't know if that means we all need a HAT,to become as "mad" as a hatter, or should be acting like the person from the Wonderland novels
And, it's Physician Assistant Day, for what that's worth.
Go hug an assistant, unless he or she looks like Nurse Ratchet.
Moving on...
*** This is Fire Prevention Week, and we all know what that means.
Sparky the spokes-dog.
The PSAs are abounding with "what to do" and "what we should know"...like I FORGOT from LAST YEAR?
I know none of this is targeted at me...it's all those who so-called "adults" who have the attention span of a 2-month old infant (not that I mean to insult 2-month olds).
He's a goooood boy!
I know when to change out the battery in the smoke alarms, unlike those who REMOVE the batteries from the detectors in public housing and then use said batteries in the making of meth (oh, yes, such residents DO such things).
And every year, we see more smoke detector "giveaways"...makes me wonder.
These days, fire code dictates that ANY new constructs has the smoke alarm (system) WIRED into the house with a battery backup (2 modes of power).
Older houses (like our "Fortress") are basically exempt..unless we'd like to blow several thousand bucks to install such a system (no thank you).
And some residential constructs even have sprinkler systems in them...helluva choice, fire damage OR water damage...insurance companies must LOVE those people.
In any event, don't let common sense take a holiday whenever it comes to dealing with fire prevention in and around your abode.
You guessed it...the SE side of Fort Wayne
Don't do stupid sh*t like the mooks around US love to do...like falling asleep while cooking (at 3AM), or putting things on the stove and then going out for several hours...and never place any clothes over a lampshade to "dry"...that's a special kind of stupid.
A little safety goes a LONG way to keep your house or apartment from winding up on the news.
*** Next up, there were some shots fired over the weekend, and only WPTA covered it.
Here's what is known so far:
Imagine that...three (obviously black) males walked down the street near 400 E. Suttenfield and Caroline around 2000 hrs Saturday night shooting up one house, and striking another and a vehicle...sounds like a frigging OLD WEST, doesn't it?
Sure glad our FWPD chief has got this under control...NOT!
One girl was slightly injured when shots tore through her house...between 30-40 shell casings were found on scene , in fact.
Three types of caliber rounds were used, according to investigators.
On the SE side...AGAIN!
This area (near SE)  had been plagued by drugs and gang activity for some time, and appeared to be making some progress in returning it to some level of livability for the residents there...guess not.
I have a friend who lives up there, and he told me many times about all the sh*t that goes on, and how frustrated he was with the police in the manner they handled things.
So much for any progress, hmm?
*** Guess the "jury" is back on this one...healthier school lunches basically SUCK, and here's the proof:
This stuff tastes like doo-doo...and looks like it, too.
Yep, all that whole grain crap is not liked by students...take THAT, Michelle Obama, and your grass-eating rhetoric.
Whole grain pizza crust, whole grain cookies...and other such "staples" of school lunch lack TASTE...
The word "cardboard" comes to my mind...LOL.
Well, many kids DO get a free lunch, so they can't really gripe...or can they?
Schools are tossing out tens of thousands of bucks worth of food that is NOT being eaten (paid for by taxpayers)...that's a fact.
Yeah, the KIDS hate YOUR crap, too...
Maybe "Mrs Da Prezx" can get away with such garbage under her (taxpayer-funded) roof with her family (Obummer sneaks fast food under his waistline...we know that), but you can't fool kids and what they LIKE (and will eat), can you? Hell, I STILL hate cauliflower, and brussel sprouts
*** Last back to the garden today...have you ever noticed how more and more people just don't seem to have the sense they were born with?
Think about it...
People are doing LESS for themselves, and that HAS to translate to not THINKING for themselves.
That can be a dangerous prospect.
It's bad enough when people stop DOING, but when they stop THINKING...well, that cna lead to electing a president based on "coolness" rather than policy, or it can lead a city to develop it's downtown to the exclusion of the rest of the city.
And the sad part, it's the all the John and Jane Does of America who re doing this...
It's NOT any of the elitists...THEY are still doing and thinking for themselves (usually ONLY for themselves)
Everyone ELSE has to get back on the self-reliance bandwagon...and quickly, too.
We all have to begin to do (more) for ourselves, so that we can effectively do for others when the need or cause arises.
This whole dependence on others or a government to take care of us has to end, if for only two reasons:
1 - That's NOT the job of any government.
2 - We've done well for ourselves in the past
There are other reasons, but these are the most profound.
Our nation was predicated upon such tenets and I feel we can reclaim them, of we make a decision to do so, and crawl out from under the thumbs of both over-intrusive government and our over-dependence of technology.
We CAN do for ourselves...and we should.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there,America.


John DuMond said...

"Come and take it" originated with the Spartans. Molon Labe!


Congrats on getting through Do Something Nice Day without busting a cap on any two-legged vermin. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
And THIS is why...I might only have a couple DOZEN followers, but you people are some of the MOST INFORMED on the planet.

Thanks for passing that info along.
I did not know that (until NOW).

Yeah, it was tough (as many around here NEED "busting", but I relaxed in the basement with my air pistols (pretending I saw "locals" downrange in my "gallery").
That works wonders.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

You stay safe out there....lol

CWMartin said...

1- "homo hockey"... lol! Except wouldn't the goal be holes in TWO then?

2- Come and take it day- I tried looking it up, and it had to do with Gonzales, Texas, and Mexicans, and some movie... I called, "Stupid" and moved on.

3- I wonder what would happen if a mob of Whitey marched into a few carefully selected African-American churches one Sunday and shouted, " What do YOU intend to do about this gang mess?"

Works for them apparently...

Bob G. said...

--Not really...it becomes the "correct" hole in one...lol.

--John D said it started w/ the SPARTANS...(I could use a couple around here).
But, if MEXICO is involved, it's got to do with alien illegality somehow.

--I LIKE that idea...and maybe they should begin at a black MUSLIM church? (just a thought)
We're DROWNING in double standards, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.