20 November 2014

And the Weekend Nears...
It's the "almost Friday" edition of the blog, and this year's sexiest man (according to People magazine), is none other than The Mighty Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.
Now, even I have to admit that he's got one excellent physique for the male of the species.
And, he is an amicable person off screen.
I just think it fitting that FINALLY, those of us who all but worshiped superheroes from the comics back "in the day" are finally exonerated for our (then) geekness. Excelsior!
Meanwhile, our Hoosierland weather has us with an almost repeat of yesterday, with the exception of mostly sunnier skies, temps trying to again reach the above-freezing mark, and the possibility of snow flurries with gusting winds.
Sorry, but that's the hand we've been dealt.
-- And out in Buffalo, NY they're dealing with over SIX FEET of snow, and (get this)...another THREE FEET on the way in the next few days.
That's just TOO damn much snow!
Cripes almighty, talk about some weird-ass weather.
It's like somebody's been mucking around with that damn HAARP array in Alaska (again), causing the atmospheric craziness we've seen so far this year.
I still say the earth has tilted on it'a AXIS, and no one wants to admit to it.
In any event, let us get ourselves a nice warm cup of our morning beverage poured as we take a look at all the OTHER stuff that's been going on in all the old familiar places...
*** First off of the pier today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"If you love life, then don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of."
This was spoken by none other than the late BRUCE LEE ( 27 November 1940 - 20 July 1973), and here is his WIKI:
He was born in Frisco but raised in Kowloon, hence his dual citizenship (which was entirely LEGAL, btw).
He is most noted for his style of Kung Fu, called Wing Chun (the art of fighting without fighting).
He would later go on to found his OWN style as an offshoot from that discipline, called Jeet Kune Do.
Lee also had numerous names besides Bruce.
His given name was Lee Jun Fan (meaning returns again), his clan name was LiYuanxin, and his Chinese screen name  Li Xiaolong.
The rest of his story from acting to martial arts to his legacy is a very interesting read, and (imho) he died way too soon.
But, if there is one thing we can take from his life, it's that he gave legitimacy to the martial arts, and that asian actprs and actresses COULD make it big in places other than Hong Kong.
*** Next, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 20 - 
--Today is ABSURDITY DAY, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate this than by having Obummer do his immigration "talk" tonight...LOL.
Who planned this so damn well, anyway?
--It's also BEAUTIFUL DAY...whatever that means.
Every day is beautiful if you KNOW where to find the beauty in it.
--And, it's THE GREAT AMERICAN SMOKE OUT...so, I was out smoking earlier this morning...
Wha...?  That's NOT what it means?
Sorry, I tend to do things more in the literal as I get older.
--It's also UNIVERSAL CHILD DAY, and I had no idea that children were "universal" in nature. I thought they tended to be more "family-specific"...or perhaps they mean you need to take your child to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS?
That would be a fun day. I love that place.
Moving on...
*** And speaking of immigration, our "fearless leader" is slated to give us (the stupid people) an earful as to what HE plans to do (go around Congress) with immigration "reform"...which is actually nothing short of BLANKET AMNESTY for close to 5 MILLION illegals here against the law.
And to think that this president has said in the past that "we are a nation of laws", and that  it's not his place to go against them.
What a crock of BS!!!
He's done it SO damn many times before, and apparently, he plans to do it yet AGAIN tonight but not on the "networks".
(Check out Univision.)
I'd be surprised if he said anything different.
He's claimed that "Washington has not acted along these lines", or something to that effect.
Well, he can thank HIS OWN PARTY for stonewalling all the bills that the republican-controlled House (since 2010) have TRIED to get across the president's desk, but were thwarted by the SENATE majority leader, Herr Reid and his goose-stepping followers.
This man is simply not capable, experienced enough, or patriotic enough to be sit in the Oval Office, let alone run this nation. He's a community-organizer.
He HAS managed to run this nation into the crapper with all HIS ideological agenda, with the usual media sources firmly in HIS hip-pocket.
Cripes, if a Republican tried ANY of this, with the lame-stream media, they tar and feather the bugger and then run him out of D.C. on a damn rail...(the way they USED to deal with bad people).
Perhaps it's time to revisit that approach, because we know
Impeachment isn't going to be on the table (why, I have no idea), and we can also write off any form of military coup (shades of Seven Days in May)...we're above that.
If anyone thinks this president cannot do any further damage to this nation in the next 2 years (or her people), they are sadly mistaken.
He will stay HIS course, trust me (and not him).
*** Next up, a robbery story that's had me scratching my head...for a brief time
Now, someone at one of the news sources in Ft. Wayne hasn't quite got their geographical locations together, because I see this robbery at TWO distinct areas.
Here's one account of the robbery with several video clips of the perp:
And here's another:
Gimme a pack of Newports, too
Now, is the correct address where the crime was committed 1425  N. CLINTON ST, or 1425 N. COLISEUM BLVD...???
Yes, there IS a significant DIFFERENCE, people, as in  FAR APART from one another.
In any event, the Cap N Cork was robber Monday night around 2000 hrs., and the perp (a black man, big surprise there) got away with cash.
(what? no booze?)
Sorry, I have to go with the CAP N CORK website when it comes to the ACTUAL location, because THEY list a store at COLISEUM BLVD and NOT N. Clinton. So someone out in media-land needs to check into this and correct it.
Besides, do you think a black man would tend to rob the NW side of town, rather than stay "close to home" and stick with the NorthEAST side (closer to the SE side, where crime reigns free)?
A simple case of DEDUCTIVE REASONING, folks...nothing more.
*** Since we seem to be driving all OVER the damn place, what about these cars that drive THEMSELVES?
Sorry, bot buying into that...this is some sort of Logan's Run gig, and I don't trust that technology as far as I can toss our very own  Statue of Liberty.
And here's a story that backs this up:
Imagine that..."Driveless Cars Pose Dilemma".
Who'da thunk it?
But stop for a moment to see the reasoning behind it all.
When it comes to TRUE driving, the most important part of any vehicles is "the nut that holds the steering wheel" (as we used to say.
Warp speed...NOW!!!
With experience comes instinctual behaviors, and that means a good way to calculate collision-avoidance.
Granted, there are times when the ONLY place to go is UP, and that;'s not gonna happen, you
You choose the least of whatever "evils" are set before you.
Sometimes, you avoid it altogether by taking another direction...again, experience tells you way in advance what to avoid and which way is the best at any given time.
It becomes (as the story states) a PHILOSOPHY of sorts,. and no computer can allow for that, and for the reactions to EVERY person on the planet.
I agree that there IS indeed, a philosophy of driving a vehicles, just as much as there is a philosophy regarding firearms.
BOTH require a level of training, and knowledge of the equipment, but these days, people would rather have everything done FOR THEM, and that can lead to distracted behavior behind the wheel.
We're already seeing it with smart phones and the like, and we've seen it in the past with people reading newspapers, changing clothes, food and drink, makeup and so on, so we've been doing this for a while.
I would go so far as to say that people never get to know the vehicles they are driving...and the same can be said for guns they have about the house, which if WHY we see some many "accidents" with guns that need not ever occur.
If you "just drive" a car, without getting a "feel" for it, like how it handles in certain traffic situations or road conditions, or if a wheel is not properly balanced, or the  tires are poorly inflated, or road lighting no aimed or working properly, you are placing yourself as well s everyone you encounter on the road at risk. it's that simple.
Let's face it, people today are JUST not "into ti" as they should be.
There is no feeling of privilege when driving...as if you actually EARNED that privilege (as you should).
It's more a "right" to be given way freely to all that WANT it.
THAT is a wrong "philosophy", and no computer can allow for that or whatever results from such beliefs.
And may we never create a computer that takes over the job of thinking for US.
*** Last back to the garage...I see evidence of people who treat privilege as a right damn near every day, and that does nothing to imbue any person with a better sense of themselves.
All it does it reinforce the notion that we can blur the lines between RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES.
That should not be allowed to happen.
I believe that any "rights" we receive are from a much HIGHER authority than any on this planet.
I also believe that we never EARN a right, but that it IS truly given to each of us BY that higher authority.
A privilege, on the other hand, as I have stated here a few times, ir something you EARN...and usually by some sort of training, or acquisition of knowledge that enables you to comprehend what that privilege means to you and others.
Owning a firearm is a CONSTITUTIONAL right, and as such, carries with it certain adherences to laws laid down from antiquity throughout the founding of this nation.
Now, while anyone can OWN a car (buying stuff is not a right, either), in order to DRIVE it, one must prove responsibility and a level of understanding of traffic laws, as well the ability to properly handle a vehicle while it's in motion.
None of this has to do with anyone's "right" to drive, because such a right does not exist.
We have to EARN the privilege, and it can be taken away...rights cannot.
And all of us have to remember that, because the future of our country depends on our knowledge of what our rights are, and how they can be usurped by the wrong people for whatever "reason" they choose to toss our way, we must remain vigilant, and educated to know whenever that happens, in order to retain our freedoms and liberties.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Thorsday...almost Friday! Yay! And aren't you glad you don't live in Buffalo. Egads, the snow!

I hope Ferguson unleashes the flying monkeys tonight to drown out Obama's Immigration rubbish.

John DuMond said...

Ah, Bruce Lee. I should've known. Great quote.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do something absurd. You know, to celebrate Absurdity Day. Hopefully, my boss knows it's a holiday. ;)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I'me very glad IO don;t live in Buffalo...can't imagine my back hurting THAT damn much.
Then again, there are days I wish I didn't live where we do in Fort Wayne (oh, the locals).

Flying monkeys...LOL...nice one.
I'm sure there will be SOME sort of fracas out there.
(damn race-baiters)

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe & warm down there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Bruce Lee is often overlooked when it comes to actual quotes.
(and he's got some GOOD ones).
Gonna do something ABSURD...like TAKE THE DAY OFF?
That wouldn't be that absurd, but it beats showing up for work with your underwear on the OUTSIDE...lol.

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe &stay warm out there.

CWMartin said...

Absurdity day... and Obama making his immigration speech. God has a sense of humor.

Bob G. said...

And to think that WORLD TOILET DAY would seem JUST as appropriate...LOL

Still, being ABSURD is what this president is ALL about

God does INDEED have a funny bone.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe & warm up there.