21 November 2014

Friday Follies...
We made it to another weekend...how DO we manage to do it?
The GOOD news is that we're going to have a bit of a "heatwave" this weekend, with temps reaching (dare I say it?)...around FIFTY DEGREES...(Yowzah)...
Now that sure beats having to deal with over 7 feet of snow and the impeding flooding that will follow when Buffalo gets this warm spell later this weekend.
Back here in the Hooiserland, we're barely into the teens starting the day off, but we WILL manage to tickle the freezing mark today, with a good amount of sunshine to come along for the ride.
So, aside from the lack of yesterday's gusting winds, it will be a lot milder outside and it won't feel AS cold with the wind chills.
A good day to be thankful for our daily "gift", hmm?
Now, you get your warm cup of morning happiness, I'll get mine, and together we'll take a look at what's been going on in this wacky world...sound good?
*** First off of the hot-plate is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 21 - 
Today is FALSE CONFESSION DAY, and I have to confess that I've not much in the way of false confessions.
Our "president" on the other hand....welllll.......
It's also WORLD HELLO DAY, and the best way to say this greeting is the way The Three Stooges used to do...
But why explain it, when you can HEAR it:

There 'ya go then...
--And since it's the weekend, let's toss in the next two days for the hell of it.
November 22 - 
Saturday is GO FOR A RIDE DAY, and I plan to do that...to do some Christmas shopping (hopefully).
Ohboy,ohboy,ohboy, goin' for a ride.
I guess driving is also riding...I can multi-task...lol.
It's also NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY, but it doesn't specify children or pets, but at least you don't have to send a DOG to college or catch them with pot in their bedroom.
And you don't have to buy a CAT a smartphone or get them a driver's license.
Just something to think about
--And, it's the anniversary of TV's first interracial kiss (Star Trek - 1968)
--It's also the anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Dallas, TX.
November 23 - 
Sunday is NATIONAL CASHEW DAYNATIONAL PARFAIT DAY, and EAT A CRANBERRY DAY, (just ONE?)so it looks like a lot of folks will be eating these items for no reason.
--And it's the anniversary of the premier of the very first episode of BBC's Doctor Who series.
Both the Kennedy assassination and Doctor Who took place in 1963.
(talk about a ill-timed 48 hours.)
And now you know a lot more than you did five minutes ago.
Moving on...
*** A perp gets caught for a September shooting.
And here's the story:
Here's your jumpsuit.
"Trigga Tray" aka Trayshawn Pernell was busted at a traffic stop Wednesday at Oxford and S. Anthony for the drive-by shooting of Dytrell Allen (love those first names) several times on 4 September as Allen stood on the corner of Drexel Ave.
Naturally, this took place on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Pernell had been wanted for attempted murder and aggravated assault in the shooting.
How much you wanna bet that MURDER rap gets tossed in a plea deal? I hear Allen is paralyzed.
And Allen was one of three (victims at the club shooting) arrested following said shooting at Piere's way back in October 2011 (on unrelated charges, I might add).
Here's that link:
I guess what GOES around...COMES around, hmm?
*** Next up, an update on the "girlfriend" shooting.
Here's the story link:
--And further down that page is a story of a perp sitting in a police car, who faked puking and TRIED to bail on the officer.
Didn't work out as intended.
The perp was caught almost immediately when the officer threatened to TASER his ass, after a brief foot chase.
Sometimes, it just comes together...
*** Next up, the "speech" by our emperor last night from the White House.
...how to properly explain it....
IT SUCKED...period!
But you're all too stupid to know it sucks...
It was riddled with lies, and half-truths, erroneously-assessed blame (as usual), and some false promises.
Sound familiar?
I will say one thing positive, he lies VERY WELL...and if one was not used to hearing them spew from his mouth over the last 6 years, one might be convinced he is telling the truth and has a sincere belief in what needs to be done.
Sounds like change he can hope for.
We, the people...know OTHERWISE, hmm?
Face it, it's "blanket amnesty" and this president wants nothing more now than to:
1- create a voter base for the Dems
2- Piss off the Reps into doing something stupid
3 - Fundamentally change this nation into North Mexico
Come up north,  we're expecting you
These people who have been under the radar for decades are not going to come forward...why should they? They're doing okay SO far, right?
They are surviving (and in some instances, thriving)...and all illegally done. Gotta love it.
And, if our border was "more secure than it's been in years", then WHY are the agents changing DIAPERS, and WHY don't we have a PROPER FENCE or WALL between the USA and MEXICO?
And why is the Border Patrol saying they're overtaxed if we have "so many more" of them?
This was all bullsh*t on the highest level, yet was extremely transparent on Obummer's part...
Makes me wonder why he couldn't wait a bit longer to pull this on off?
Oh, wait...FERGUSON is coming, and with that, another media circus made to DIVERT OUR ATTENTION from the illegals migrating here...now THAT makes sense, doesn't it?
That's what this president does best, and for years, we've been told to "watch BOTH hands" when it comes to Obummer.
He is a master of deception, and will always seek to make us look elsewhere, while he does something else where we were looking.
It's tyranny, plain and simple, and the founders of this nation would have NEVER put up with it. What this administration is doing is unconstitutional, and should be prosecuted outright.
*** Last back to the barn...America is on shaky ground.
There, I said it.
We stand at a crossroads, and need to determine which direction we NEED to go, even if it's a rocky road.
We have been told time and again (and by this president) that "we are a nation of laws", and by God, we need to REMEMBER that, and make all the politicians do so as well.
For, without laws, we are LAW-LESS, and we know where THAT will lead, right?
We cannot afford to sit back and allow things to "just unfold", for those that have done the "folding" have done so to advance their own ideologies, and they run counter to what this nation stands for.
How many of us can say this is STILL the country we grew up in (as children)?
HOW MUCH have we changed, both as a nation and as a people?
And WHY have we done it?
WHAT was our reason for such change?
These are but a few of the myriad questions we need to ask both of ourselves and one another.
A dialogue needs to start and honest debate as to how nest to reclaim the greatness that is America...that is what is needed.
To do less.or to do nothing, will give us all exactly that in the end.
And, to me, that's too high a price to pay.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

It is Friday. I await the Ferguson dealio. A mess to come I am afraid. And the POTUS On Immigration. I knew some crazy fluff policy and law was acomin'. Brace yourselves!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
If Ferguson goes sideways, I got a a feeling a LOT of people will be needing some "Depends"...
Then again, we could get lucky and people will remain CIVIL.
(but not those people, we know the type too well, hmm?)

Calmer heads must prevail, whatever the decision.

We need the immigration system we USED to have say...50+ years ago. That one WORKED!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Do have yourself a good weekend.
Roll safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

It was a bit nicer and Scrappy and I got to get out in the sunshine for a wee while.

I have seen (and not paid attention to) several comments about the speech, but I had the football game playing at the time (and not paid attention to). This has just been one of those weeks that I'm not of a mood for that idiot's tomfooleries.

Bob G. said...

Sure glad to hear that Scrappy wasn't suffering from "cabin-fever".
The ONLY thing I like to see with this buffoon-in-chief, is his innate ability to chronically CONTRADICT himself...
He does that better than anyone I've seen in a long time.

I turn it into a "drinking game"...'every time he lies, I take a drink.
Amazing how FAST one can get 3 sheets to the wind...on SODA ALONE...LOL.
Then there's the BELCHING to his statements...always worth a laugh.

Hey, thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend, and do saty safe up there, brother.