03 December 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week...and only three weeks left until Christmas Eve...where DOES the time seem to go?
This year seemed to fly by.
The Hooiserland weather today fins us with some slick road conditions out there, thanks to some overnight drizzle that took to frosting over, making bridges and overpasses a bit on the slippery side, so take some care.
Temps today will reach into the mid to upper 30s, with mostly cloudy skies (again?) and some breezy conditions, so that means anyone wearing SHORTS outside needs to be laughed at, or otherwise publicly humiliated, because they're a dumbass!
Now, with that over with, let's grab a soothing hot cup of mid-week fortitude and get this ball rolling...
*** First out of the maelstrom is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst."
In lieu of the media circus and violent behavior that's transpired in many cities around the nation both during and in the aftermath of the Ferguson fiasco, I feel this particular quote tracks true.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the philosophy department lounge...
*** It's time also for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 3 - 
Today is NATIONAL ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD DAY, and anyone with one should be a thankful person.
You never appreciate what you have until you DON'T have it any longer.
And, it's the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, so feel free to hold open a door for someone in a wheelchair, or assist a blind person across a street.
Moving on...
*** Found out yesterday evening that the K-Mart holiday plush bear has arrived at the Glenbrook Sears and awaits pickup by Wifey this Saturday.
She's "coming home"
Now that was rather expedient, for retail shipping.
Still, it would have been better to go to a local K-Mart and get one for a few bucks less.
I also have this "ritual" I (used to) go through with the stuffed bears - I would look at all the ones on the shelves until I spotted one that had a special look to it. You had to be with me to figure it out. I know they're just plastic eyes, but when you observe people most of your life, you pick up on the little things. Maybe, it's the way the "fur" covers the eyes, or the way it sits on a shelf, but, there was always "one" that jumped out and seemed to want to go home with us...it was fun to do while it lasted.
Now, we're at the mercy of a shipping department in another location, trusting they make a good call.
And, Wifey needs a picture ID and a copy of the confirmation email to pick the dang thing up...sure has changed from the OLD catalog days, and I should know, because one of my FIRST jobs was working at the old Sears warehouse in Philly along Roosevelt Blvd. (now torn down and gone).
What the place USED to look like
We shipped all over the USA from that location.
Wasn't a bad job right out of high school...you learned a lot.
*** Next, I was doing some "research":on cities that were similar in size to Fort Wayne, and I came across some interesting stuff.
One city no one (here) ever seems to mention when it comes to similarities is...NEWARK, NJ.
(wonder why that is?)
That city has 20K more people there, so it should be considered a comparable city.
Newark is not the capital of NJ (that's Trenton), but it IS the largest city, with a population of only 277,140 (approx), while Fort Wayne has around 256,496 (approx).
But there are some VAST differences between "us" and "them":
Newark: 1,006 officers
Fort Wayne: 460 officers (approx)
White - 26%
black - 53%
Latino - 29%
other - 2%
White - 79%
black - 12%
Latino -7% 
other - 2%
So, if I understand this correctly, the MORE minorities you have in a city, the MORE police you require...sound about right?
And yet, Newark has SO much more crime, even with all those officers.
Just another homicide case in Newark.
They beat us every year in homicides...that's a given, even during our "record" year of 2013.
Kinda bears out the statement I made years ago regarding the NEED for more police in Fort Wayne...( another 200 would be nice), considering the rising number of minorities (and immigrants - legal; or ILLEGAL, because we know they're here)Amazing the things you find out when you bother to look.
*** Next up, Kevin Leininger had a good column back on 27 November and here's the link:
I think he's got it nailed down...you can't have a RATIONAL discussion (about anything, let alone race relations) with IRRATIONAL people, right?
Such can be said for atheists..or liberals...they detest FACTS and woe to those who bring them to the table, for they will have personal attacks lodged at them. And the reason for THAT, is that when people can be proven incorrect, and cannot face THAT single fact, they resort to the coward's way out - rather than counter the "message" aka TRUTH (which they cannot) they invariably attack the "messenger".
We see it so often, and the lies that are created to refute the truth pile higher than Mt. Everest.
When it comes to race relations in America, you have to understand that ALL of this is fostered by the LEFT.
To them, it's "big business'...it MAKES THEM MONEY.
And that's why we SHOULD be calling them (all) race HUSTLERS.
Everything can be turned around to "become" racist...from cartoons to comedy routines, to editorials to everyday conversation and English syntax. And to what end?
Is ANY of this "calling out" making race relations BETTER?
No, quite the opposite, but it is....good for the leftist economy.
What better way to keep a nation divided than to dredge up the word RACE where none should exist?
Keep people looking over their shoulder while the libtards do all sorts of (worse) stuff behind our backs...perfect deception...and distraction!
(divide and conquer)
Thing is, more people are getting WISE to these antics...on BOTH sides of the racial "fence", and it doesn't bode well for the leftists.
Listen to this man...
Blacks are getting damn sick and tired of all this divisive rhetoric, like Jonathan Gentry in that video I posted 2 days ago.
Another man who truly "gets it".
Another person is someone mentioned on Momma Fargo's blog - Milwaukee sheriff Dave Clarke.
Both of these men are black, yet are unafraid to speak to the REAL problems in their own community, and it ain't "whitey".
I am so glad to see real men of CONSCIENCE rise up and speak the truth...don't matter what the color of their skin is...truth IS truth...always has been and always will be.
*** Last back to the garage...America has some very unique challenges in it's immediate future.
And, as is often the case, they are not something we can look back upon history to find all the answers.
We can use history as merely a GUIDE for how we should proceed.
And proceed we must, in order to preserve that which is the basis for our country.
It's not an easy path to tread, but if it were, would we appreciate the journey and learn from it that which we need to?
Anything worth doing in life is not without some form of work involved by those doing whatever it is that needs doing.
War teaches us that much, as did the Civil Rights movement.
We learn to separate the wheat from the chaff...the truth from the lies.
And that alone makes us stronger as individuals...as a people, and most importantly...as a nation.
Let that be our guidepost today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"So, if I understand this correctly, the MORE minorities you have in a city, the MORE police you require...sound about right?"

Numbers don't lie....

Bob G. said...

...But CRIMINALS & politicians DO.

(THAT sounds about right, too.)

Thanks for commenting today.
Stay safe up there, brother.