04 December 2014

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're knocking on the weekend's door, folks, and that means getting in gear for Christmas. I know we'll  be doing the decorating and putting the tree up by Monday (I know, such a "last-minute" kinda guy...lol) Actually, some people in the ghettohood have spent some of their EBT funds and already HAVE their lights and trees up...talk about rushing things.
Our Hooiserland weather will be a bit cooperative today, and will mirror yesterday with highs again reaching the upper 30s, with a slight breeze and partly to mostly cloudy skies. Must be nice to offer such an ambiguous forecast and get paid obscene wages for it.
(*note to self - next life, be a weatherman)
Now, with that takne care of, let's get our morning cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and let's see what all's been going on.
*** First off of the sliding board is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst."
This is attributed to our buddy...ARISTOTLE (284 - 322 BCE) and here is his WIKI:
This is one of those listings that is rather LENGTHY, and deservedly so, as his contributions to philosophy are great, but he was also known for his studies in Geology, Physics, Metaphysics, Biology, Medicine, and Psychology...
When the hell did he have time for the simple things like SLEEPING, EATING, and "going to the can"??
(let alone a few hours for good sex)
Sounds like a man who lived SEVERAL lifetimes, because he seemed to cram them into ONE...(maybe he was a Time Lord?)
So, if you have the better part of an hour, give the WIKI a read and learn about how ONE man most certainly made such a difference to the world and it's future.
Moving on...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 4 - 
Make mine chocolate chip...or oatmeal, or sugar cookies...or fig newtons, or Archways...what the hell, I'll take damn near any.
(let the monster loose)
Like we really need to...looks like he's got it covered well enough...lol.
--It's also  NATIONAL DICE DAY...now we can take this one of two ways.
Those that we use in Yahtzee...or D&D...
Or the one, the only DICE-Man....OH!
But, it could all be just a crap-shoot.
*** The CW channel had a 2-part, 2-night event featuring ARROW and THE FLASH...and it was DAMN good.
Grant Gustin makes a good Flash.
The way the characters are written and the reasons given why both are fighting crime is masterful.
And, it's not all about doing good, but dealing with consequences and unexpected turns in life.
I hope this becomes something we can look forward to every season.
*** I've been following this (next) case about the NYPD officer who was facing a grand jury indictment for the (wrongful?) death of a black man he was attempting to arrest.
The victim died of a heart attack.
All I can say at the jump is "Here we go again..."
It could have went down much better.
Here's the lowdown on the incident (and the potential fallout from it):
Once again, the DOJ is putting it's nose (as is Al Sharpton) where it doesn't belong with this "civil rights" issue...
Cripes, here he comes again to stir another pot.
Just like in Ferguson, this is NOT one of those...NOR is it some sort of RACIAL issue, so please don't lie to me and try to convince me otherwise.
It might be an officer(accidentally) using too much force, but that's for others to decide.
And again, we also hear the call for LEOs to start wearing body-cameras (as if the in car cameras are not enough already).
It's coming - get used to it.
Granted, the car cams ARE a useful tool and have exonerated officers brought up on charges by citizens, but the body-cam issue can be a very SHARP two-edged sword, which will cut BOTH ways if not wielded properly.
--A few weeks ago back on the (CBS) show BLUE BLOODS, there was an episode that addressed this issue, entitled "Power of the Press".
An officer takes down a resisting perp, and in doing so, the perp's head strikes the sidewalk, and he winds up in the hospital.
Now, the officer was wearing a camera, but it did not record the event, leading the media to believe that it was purposely turned off so the officer "could tune up" the perp.
Such was not the case (the camera turned out to be defective and shut off when the perp hit the officer in the chest), but trying to PROVE what actually went down was the focus of the show.
Turns out a citizen with a smartphone caught the altercation on video, but was reluctant to come forward in the wake of the media uproar with calls of "police brutality".
The woman does come forward, the officer is freed of any wrong-doing, and Tom Selleck gave a stellar performance (as usual).
This was one of the best written eps for this series, and the writers do a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere of police work and the prosecutor's office.
But, you can see the dilemma here...such could also happen on our streets, and with all the yahoos out there wanting their 15 minutes of fame and/or their "pound of flesh", it would only be a matter of time before a similar incident crops up.
That brings us back to the NYPD and the Eric Garner case.
Another cry of "justice" when the perp (Garner) had been previously arrested 30+ times for various infractions.
This guy was no stranger to the NYPD.
But the police were busting him for selling "illegal" ciggies...not the WORST crime out there, people.
The incident in question with this potentially volatile situation was that Garner was selling "loosies" on the streets.
These are individual ciggies that were purchased in southern states (like N. Carolina, where they cost a LOT less) brought up the east coast and then sold "out of pocket", as it were.
Now, NONE of this would happen if NYC if it's last two (socialist) mayors would not have jacked up the price of smokes SO damn much (for tax money), but that's a whole other issue in and of itself.
Suffice it to say our society is getting a bit "grand jury-happy"...and why is this?.
This isn't anything close to the damn KNAPP commission, for God's sake.
THAT required a grand jury.
(look it up and read about it...very interesting stuff regarding police corruption in NYC back in the '70s.)
Why this sudden increase in bringing a grand jury to damn near everything?
Well, we can thank the PLEA DEAL for rendering SO many jury trials obsolete...that's a given.
When known MURDERERS get away with aggravated battery, or at worst, involuntary manslaughter (plea deal) and wind up with HALF a sentence (if that), it's little wonder so many of us have little faith in the judicial system...or even what the meaning of JUSTICE has become.
It sure shakes your belief as to what direction this nation is headed.
*** Last back to the barn...it tests my resolve in what I used to believe when it comes to this nation, whenever I see, read or hear about situations that don't require attention, while other scenarios go relatively unnoticed.
Definitely have it in the media!
The lame-stream media gloms onto ONE incident in a small Midwest town, and makes it the "poster-child" for things that have no relevance, while in other and much larger cities (like Chicago, or Philly, or Newark...whatever...take your pick), people are being gunned down by the dozen, and not a single peep about that...as if  that doesn't exist and is not an issue.
But the worst part about these killings is that those BEHIND the killings are not as "important" as that ONE (white) officer that killed a black man who was endangering that officer's life.
For some reason, the leftards can't admit that the people they claim to represent are the ones causing all the trouble in those major cities, and killing their OWN people in record numbers.
So, they yank out the RACE card (erroneously) in an attempt to divert attention from the REAL causes and reasons this sort of thing takes place...but some people are pushing back, and rightly so.
People are becoming less "enthused" with all the hype and all the lies, and are speaking out.
Thing is, the drive-by media isn't quite there yet, and that's got to change.
It's little wonder that ONE news source is stomping the crap out of ALL the others combined...they tell the TRUTH, and are not afraid to bring honest debate to the table...and they're not deep in some politician's pocket, choking on the lint.
Being up front should be one the the easiest things for anyone to pursue...Mark Twain knew that much.
Hell, the leftards can't even keep their lies STRAIGHT - a sure sign that they even suck at doing THAT.
And THAT is why they are constantly trying to divert our attention...to keep us off-balance.
I might not be one of the Flying Wallendas, but I would never be that off balance to be caught up in all the subterfuge and deception being tossed our way these days.
I think we should press on, seeking truth, speaking truth, and searching for those that need to hear the truth.
That would seem to be a good place to begin, and from there, we can do better and become better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First- that would be an interesting postable thought train- historical figures that might have been Time Lords.

I'll throw you one out off the top of my head- Lord Byron...

Or, if we can stray a little farther into fantasy- Holmes/Moriarty (Doctor/Master)...

Second- I think I am done with this whole "bad cop/good thug" thing...

We all know the only ones to get publicized are the ones that will divide the races, because that's what makes $$$ for Jesse, Al, and the MSM.

Meantime, no one mentions the incompetant Cleveland pd who can't find a man holding three women as sex slaves despite numerous reports, and now hires an instable dude already rejected by a lesser pd, and he shoots a 12-y-o with a bb gun. That city needs to be top-to-bottomed, and all we can talk about is a fat guy dying of an asthma attack in the commision on police disobedience.

I'd sure hate to be a Bosnian in the ghetto, y'know what I mean?

Bob G. said...

Given that there have been certain "specific" (and pivotal) times throughout history that were laced with leaps in the human condition, technology, and even the arts, having a Time Lord in the mix would not be that far a stretch.

I like the Holmes/Doctor - Moriarty/Master connection...well done.

The only bad cop used to be the ones accepting graft.
And the ONLY good thug used to be a DEAD one (I date myself there).

Cleveland's had a history of poor police work, and that will be coming out in the next couple weeks...you watch.

The sad part about the Garner case, is that a man dies (from health complications) at the hand of the NYPD, who acted a little too strongly because of a (dumbass) city LAW that doesn't allow black market sales of a single ciggie, but DOES allow possession of small amounts of pot.
Another double standard, my friend, and in this case, a deadly one.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.