09 December 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
A rather damp morning awaits us as we wake from our slumber this morning.
Most of the early part of the day will be cloudy with off and on drizzle.
The good hews is that it's not BELOW freezing, so that means no danger of icing on the roads and streets.
Temps today will reach into the upper 30s, which is right in the ballpark for the season.
Not a bad day as December days go, right?
So, you go get yourselves a nice hot cup of your favorite morning beverage (got mine right here), and let's see what is going on in this crazy world of ours...
*** First off of the hat rack this morning is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 9 - 
Today is NATIONAL PASTRY DAY (and right after brownie day...how conVEEENient).
I'll have one of EACH, please...
Well, DONUTS sure figure into this one...along with PIES. Gotta hand it to the month of December...lots of good eats here.
I dare not even put into words all that I was initially thinking about THIS one, folks...
"Weary Willie"
Okay, from the recently DE-classified records, my sources tell me that this pertains to the late Emmett Kelly, who was probably one of THREE clowns that didn't give me the creeps (Bozo and Philly favorite Lorenzo are the others)
Kelly was the most famous of the "hobo" clowns , and starred in the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
His son took up the mantle after his dad passed.
Here's the skinny on him:
So, this is a day for all POLITICIANS to NOT practice what they do the OTHER 364 days?
(yeah, right...got it).
Good luck with that one!
Moving on...
*** More shooting on Fort Wayne's SE side...like you expected less from these morons, hmm?
Here's the story link:
Let me get this straight...we have "teen clubs" in Fort Wayne...that operate AFTER 0200 hrs? And people as OLD as 24 show up there...and they have GUNS?
Yep, surely one of THOSE moments.
I guess I want to ask WHY this is allowed, when we have a brand new "yout" center where the old McMillen Park ice rink used to be...that is obviously NOT being used for a gathering spot for teens?
And what is this 2AM bullshit?
As a teen, I was NOT allowed to be out THAT damn late, even on a weekend.
"HOME BY MIDNIGHT" (at the latest) was the parental mantra in those days.
I suppose we DO have a problem with parenting on the SE side of town...as in they seem to not give that much of a damn. Sure bodes well for the future down here...NOT.
*** The FEDS are following (read dictating) "new" guidelines when it comes to RACIAL PROFILING.
Leave it to the "Empire"
Here's the BS parade on this crap:
I like the Q-A explanation, but they're telling us it's ONLY for the federal agencies (with the Border Patrol being an exception...well that's frigging good to know).
More need to read this.
Now, how long do you think it will take for these "orders" to trickle DOWN to the LOCAL levels?
Some cities already have them in place, and when asked about whether these dictates will be applied to the FWPD...there was....no response (...crickets...).
I've said for a LONG time it's NEVER about RACIAL profiling...it's CRIMINAL profiling, and there have BEEN established parameters that have to be followed BY law-enforcement when it comes to ANY arrest, search or seizure, and yes, that also applies to "being stopped".
There HAS to be enough evidence presented to an officer to make that call BY the officer, such as SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY, or ERRATIC DRIVING...you get the picture.
Wait and see if this doesn't paint a different scenario with minorities in the future...which would make things MORE equal for others than was intended..
Not a good way to deal with race relations...or CRIME.
*** Next, WANE's Adam Widener did a good piece about  fake (read toy) guns.
Here's the story lin and video:
It's a good story, but what this Ohio lawmaker proposes does not solve the problems.
Then again, my FIRST post regarding lookalike weapons appeared here WAY back on 21 November 2008.
A followup blog post was made on 21 December, 2010...so it's nothing new to me. Search "lookalike guns". here.
There are other people who know what PAINT is, so making a toy gun bright orange does little if nothing.
Plus, the air-soft pistols are SO easy to come by (and for cheap). BB and pellet pistols as well as rifles can be had also, but many sellers DO have"restrictions" and will NOT sell to certain cities (like Chicago...wonder why that is?)
One knee-jerk I've seen over the years that hurts others who do NOT use such items to rob businesses are stupid-ass laws that BAN lookalike weapons (toys) altogether.
Sure LOOKS real, eh? (that's the idea)
Philly did that, so Dad and I bought our BB and pellet pistols OUT of town...no one was the wiser at City Hall, and Dad and I had fun shooting them down along the river at cans and bottles.
Even the PPD didn't harass us. One officer offered me a chance to join up.
BTW, the ban on such pistols did NOT lower shootings and robberies in Philly, either.
This just goes in circles every few years.
*** Last back to the gun store...when people are taught that there are no boundaries for them, and that they can "do what they want"...they invariably will, unless their moral compass is pointed in the right direction.
I see it every damn day down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne, and thee people keep getting that "free pass" as if to say "You won't amount to much, so do whatever the hell pleases you."
That's not a good lesson to teach ANYONE, and we see the results of such ignorance on the aprt of the civic and city leaders, especially in the minority areas of town.
You want to get people motivated...then start by making their current condition "uncomfortable" for them to remain a part of.
Stop the freebies crap, make them accountable, get them some education in HOW to parent, HOW to maintain a household, and HOW to obey the laws put down by the damn city...simple as that.
And, this is NOT an impossible feat...many people adhere to this without batting an eye, and do not feel put down as a result.
This includes any or all minorities. It's not "just a white thing".
In fact, those that choose to do better manage to succeed beyond the boundaries of the inner city.
When people are more self-policing and self-reliant, it makes the job of law-enforcement that much easier, and we don't wind up with situations like Ferguson or NYC, or Cleveland,
Remember...as far as society goes...what you allow is what will continue, and that says it all about human behavior, or the lack of it in a civilizedsociety..
Something to think about...right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

The dumbing down of Merica. Love it. NOT! I do love pastry day. Cops are super celebrating everywhere by having two instead of one a day. :) In other news...anti-corruption day? WTF? Who thinks of these things? And just one day? How about practice it 365? Am I the only one questioning why we have a day designated for this?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
These libtards are taking away a lot of what I would consider "police powers" - the things that allow officers to make the right calls, and mask it as "racial" profiling...whatta crock of sh^t!

Hey, PASTRY DAY is almost every day with me...and I still weigh the same as I did 25 years ago (sorry, it's genetics, I guess).
The day that changes, I'll be taking that long dirt nap...lol.

I question EVERYthing (and almost everyone) these days, dear...'ya gotta if you want to find the facts & discover the truth.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe down there, Kiddo!