08 December 2014

Monday Musings...
And, it's the start of another week of holiday "frivolity"...such as it is.
Sure seems like the holidays are coming at us like a runaway freight train, doesn't it?
I have no explanation why it seems that way (to me at least).
Our Hooiserland weather will see us with starting out with below freezing temperatures and mostly cloudy skies today, with temps rising to eventually reach the lower 40s (and that is a seasonal temperature).
Later today we'll be seeing some rain moving in , and perhaps a little snow tossed in, but no real accumulation.
(at least, that's what they're telling us)
So, without any further ado, go grab your nice warm cup of Monday fortitude, and let's see what else is going on...
*** First out of the landfill is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 8 - 
--- Today is NATIONAL BROWNIE DAY, now I'm taking this to mean a day to make and enjoy some brownies, preferably with walnuts...and a nice cold glass of milk to chase it down.
I'm sure there are some perverts out there that see this as "another" observance, but we  won't go there. Not today.
---  It's also PRETEND TO BE A TIME TRAVELER DAY  (one of my personal favorites) -  Doctor Who, H.G. Wells, and Doc Brown fans rejoice...!!!
Only takes 88 MPH to make it happen.
Now, I wouldn't count on any sort of "holiday discount" for those slightly USED DeLoreans...
Not to mention,  have you seen the price of PLUTONIUM these days?
The quintessential time AND space machine.
And trying to find yourself  a TARDIS anywhere is damn near impossible. at ANY time!
BTW, there is (and never was) no such thing a a "hot tub" time machine...we ALL know that.
It's a crock (just wanted to pass that on).
Much more cooler than a hot tub.
There have been rumors of a "phone booth" being used as one.
But, if you liked the movie "Somewhere In Time", you might consider "thinking and dreaming" your way to another era.
Another time, and another place...
Some days, that kinda thing has some REAL appeal.
(except for the Middle Ages and the whole disease and health thing)
Moving on...
*** Naturally, we could not have a weekend in the ghettohood WITHOUT some form of DUMBASSERY going on.
--- Like THIS story about a house fire less than a mile from our "Fortress":
Makes a good case for not leaving one's house UNattended, does it not?
This took place last night around 2045 hrs at the intersection of Colerick and Monroe Sts.
The man who lived there was at a friend's house and it was a neighbor that called the fire department.
The house did NOT have any smoke alarms.
Funny, I thought the FWFD came around neighborhoods GIVING them away not that long ago?
So what happened there, hmm?
--- And then there was THIS story:
A shooting of a 24 year old black male (and NOT by a police officer) took place around 1940 hrs at the (big surprise) Eden Green Apartments.
Witnesses said they heard 3 shots.
When police arrived, they found the male suffering a gunshot wound to the arm, and multiple shell casings in a hallway.
Naturally, there are no suspects.
I heard 2 shots ring out around 1943 hrs last night...a few blocks away (east).
Didn't see ONE FWPD cruiser patrolling the area afterward, either.
*** Next up, and speaking of shootings, there was an interesting column in the OP-ED (perspective) section of the Sunday J-G. Here's the link (with a decent video):
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20141207/EDIT10/312069921/1150/EDIT10 the link:
An officer of the gang unit.
The title could be considered a bit on the "misleading" side.
Well, homicides HAVE dropped incredibly since LAST year, but I would say it's due MORE to the inability of the shooters to KILL who they shoot.
And the number of shooting INCIDENTS have NOT followed the drop in homicides. That's a given.
While those in the article might take last year as an "anomaly", I take it to mean it's a portent of things to come, if the FWPD is not more vigilant in stemming the rise of violent crime, because sooner or later, some of these thugs will get some sort of "practice" and then they WILL kill whoever they shoot at with a lot more regularity.
You have to know ALL the parameters that are in play to fully realize what can and does go on with such people.
And yes, there are those few unknowns that can also take part in the statistical data.
*** Next, we had a "rally" or march, or protest yesterday in Fort Wayne in support of the other protest over police incidents that have caused a nationwide furor of late.
Here's the story link (with a video):
No Justice - No Peace...seriously???
Now THIS title IS misleading...the "city" did NOT join the nation in protest (over the Brown and Garner incidents), but rather a small "portion" of the city's LIBERALS were doing the walk.
(maybe some conservatives were there, I can't say)
And, again, we hear all this about the police being an "occupying force"...heavy-handed treatment in minority neighborhoods....we all know that drill.
To me, it comes down to ONE main explanation:
If you're NOT breaking the law, you got no reason to worry...OR complain. Simple as that.
I will be doing a followup on this in a little more detail as to WHY these protests are flawed, in comparison to those conducted in the days of MLK...so stay tuned for that.
*** Last back to the home improvement store...Wifey picked up our 2014 K-Mart Holiday bear at the Glenbrook Sears (without us even HAVING one damn remaining K-Mart in a 50-mile radius of the city).
In her "forever home".
And now, she's a part of our "extended" family...lol.
With the WHOLE gang, now.
Also yesterday, Wifey and I put up the window candle lights, the decorations and the tree.
And, 'ya GOTTA have a nativity, right?
Wasn't a bad day, but for some annoying reason, my "heart" just wasn't in it in the manner I was expecting. My mind and body were doing fine, but...
You ever get that feeling that something just "isn't right" someplace?
Well, let's just say that Wifey's side of the family has had a bit of an emergency, and that this will preclude the two of us from having a traditionally normal and typical Christmas season.
In fact, the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. will be taking to the air sometime soon to help with the situation (long-distance families are a real bugger).
Thing is, I'm nowhere near the "flying person" I used to be, and I always loved airplanes.
I ALSO love having an INTACT HOUSE to come home to much more, however.
It's not anything super-critical nor highly immediate for now, but it does warrant a "change of tactics" for the holidays.
No problem...we never retreat...but we might have to "advance to the rear" and regroup now and then, right?
It's like that saying: If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it doesn't CHANGE you, and by that I take it to mean make us stronger and better people.
Lord knows such a commodity is in short supply these days, especially in this nation.
But, we shall soldier on in our best  manner.
Yeah, I really hate when I get those "feelings" and can't explain why I get them...like waiting for that OTHER shoe to drop...must be one of those "getting older" (and hopefully wiser) things.
Still, chin up...shoulders back.
With God's help, we will make it through anything that comes our way.
And that's not a bad way to proceed in life, is it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

K-Mart? What's that? I haven't seen one of those in years...

Also, I don't need to pretend to be a time traveler. I am one. I can make time move in the present, at approximately one minute per minute. Presto!

Bob G. said...

I'm going to be saying JUST that soon enough...long gone, apparently, and yet the parent company (Sears Holding) is STILL bleeding revenue.

LOL...I never thought about it THAT way. Guess that should qualify ALL of us, if we so choose.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

Okay, now I'm hankering for a brownie. I may have to head down to the Au Bon Pain in my building to get one. And that's all your fault, Bob. ;)

BTW, you don't need plutonium to fuel a DeLorean time machine if you have a Mr. Fusion. That's why I put Mr. Fusion on my Christmas list.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
--Yeah, I keep staring at the picture and now I'M wanting some...LOL.
What have I done???

--Yeah, that MR. FUSION gig would be THE way to go, but I have to get to the FUTURE to get it (and bring it BACK) - to do THAT, I need some Plutonium...or maybe a good, healthy LIGHTNING STRIKE.

We already know it's hard to find a TRAIN that will do 88 MPH with any consistency (even the Metroliner...lol).

Hey, wait...don't we FIRST need a FLUX CAPACITOR to make ANY of this stuff work?

If YOU put MR. FUSION on YOUR Christmas list, does that mean that SANTA'S sleigh is in fact itself...a "time machine"?

Now THAT'S something to think about.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment (and confuse the crap outta me...lol).

Roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I know how you feel about not having the heart in it... Kinda my Thanksgiving, without the family emergency. Hope everything comes out okay....

Bob G. said...

Yeah, it's sorta "lack-luster" at times...
And it's not because I want it to be. Heaven forbid!
I want that "magic" close to what I remember when I was younger and life was a lot less "eventful", if you get my drift.
I want that back to some degree.

Around the "Fortress", well we're taking things as they come...trying to do God's job is not in our game-plan.
HIS will be done.

Thanks much for dropping by to comment.
You stay safe up there, brother.

Wrexie said...

Time travel? Wasn't it just yesterday I commented here? lol time flys by all on its own.

Hope everything turns out well for your family...

PS: The magic's in the little things. I recently worked with a first grader who did something funny during class and I couldn't stop laughing..and he started that belly laughing little kids do, I was laugh-crying, then the teacher was laughing...and the other kids started. She said that with all his struggles this year, it did her heart good to see him have fun at school. (we didn't get busted..)it was a great moment to put a little perspective back into life :)

Bob G. said...

My GOD...where have you been?
It's been AGES (and I still can't access your blog).

Things are doing fine for the moment around the "Fortress".
Like the song says - "We take each day as it arrives".

Laughter, especially that of a youngster is DEFINITELY contagious.
Does make life a little bit more worth hanging around for, right?

So glad you stopped by to comment.
Don't be such a stranger, 'K?

Stay safe down there.