02 January 2015

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the very first Friday of a brand spanking new year.
And, it's not without it's share of issues, many of which are just carry-overs from last year...and even further back in our history.
But, we'll hit on those in a bit...
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly SUNNY skies, temps rising to ABOVE freezing (that's not gonna last) and increasing clouds as a cold front moves through, dumping some freezing rain (?) into our area by tomorrow morning.
It should transition over to all rain, but Wifey and I decided to go grocery shopping a day EARLY, just in case, hence the tardiness of today's post..
Don't much like driving through sleet OR freezing rain...and we probably won't get any NOW that we've gone today...lol.
Anyway, let's get a nice hot cup of Friday fortitude poured and see what's been going on...
*** First out of the Batcave today is our belated salute to JANUARY.
Among the many things going on, we have these:
January 2 - 
---Today is NATIONAL SCIENCE FICTION DAY...(huzzah)!
Don't mess with Marvin.
---It's also NATIONAL PERSONAL TRAINER AWARENESS DAY...don't want one, but I am awares of them.
---And, it's NATIONAL BUFFET DAY (Jimmy and Warren need not apply).
I'm thinking more along the lines of PONDEROSA...or our fridge of late.
(the PASTRY...not the nerd who can't fight,or that cheap car that sounds too good to be true)
January is also:
--National Thank You Month (thanks for letting me know)
--National Codependency Awareness Month
--National Mentoring Month
--Stalking Awareness Month
--Slavery and Huiman Trafficking Awareness Month
--Weight Loss Awareness Month
*** Next up, the J-G had some interesting articles in it today.
--- Here's the link to the first story:
It's the old keep stirring the "race-relations" pot, people.
Sure, we have racism in America, but let's call it for what it REALLY is...
Not hearing much at all from white supremacist groups...(good for that).
And the KKK has been more silent that a church mouse (again...good for that).
What we ARE hearing is racism from the other side of the "fence", and yet this redirection always comes back to whites...or police...or conservatives. That is about as wrong as you can get, if we view the overall picture.
It's the RACE-BAITERS who are to blame for ANY resurgence in racial tensions in America these days, and MOST all of them are LEFTISTS...that's been proven time and again, yet the lame-stream media turns a convenient "blind eye and deaf ear" to something called THE FACTS...damn shame, too.
Sure LOOKS that way.
Like I said, the article portrays a one-way street, and we know such is NOT the case.
--- The next item is actually a Letter To The Editor and here's the link:
Reality - what a B*TCH!
Now THIS person "gets it"...
Can't find any fault in all that was said.
And, trying to get a "ride-along" THESE days is next to impossible, unless Mom or Dad happens to be a LEO and is taking you to or from school...lol.
My hat's off to Greg McConica of Fort Wayne for speaking the TRUTH in his letter.
God bless people like this.
*** Next up, THIS story from THE BLAZE really pissed me off, and you'll know why soon enough.
Here's the link:
Now, this has to be our first REAL moment in the WTF??? category...seriously.
What ARE these people thinking out in the Socialist Republik of Kalifornua, anyway?
Driver's licenses...to ILLEGALS...WHAT THE F$CK FOR?
They're here AGAINST THE LAW,..why REWARD them?
Isn't that just like having a damn BURGLAR break IN to your house, with you showing him where ALL the good sh*t is located, and THEN handing him to keys to YOUR car and wishing him a "Happy Day" before going back to sleep?
Sure SOUNDS like it to me...
Now, you know why I'm "CHEESED"...
NO "perks" for illegals breaking our laws...period.
But, if they want an ORANGE jumpsuit and flip-flops, well....
*** And speaking of "food", Wifey and I had a great New Year's dinner - I made a beef brisket roasted in the oven (yes, it can be done, and quite well, too).
Tasted great, and for only $11 (and change), you can feed TWO people for over THREE days (counting leftovers...lol).
Not a bad way to go.
We had brownies for dessert, and Wifey got us Chinese on New Year's eve...another several days of leftovers, so we're pretty much SET for a while, which means I'm off of KP duty for at least 72+ hours...ROFL.
*** Last back to the Hall Of Justice...when I see the way the news gets slanted these days, when I see and hear different, I can't help but dig out that old righteous indignation.
We are letting too many of today's topics, situations and issues not only CLOUD our collective and individual judgment, but we're allowing them to define what our culture is becoming a dn where it's headed.
WE used to be the driving force behind our culture...but today, not so much.
There comes a time when people HAVE to stop being led about by whatever ring is placed through their nose by the wrong people.
America and her people are much better than that...and we always strive to be.
Our nation faces some challenges, and they will change us, but for the better or for the worse has yet to ve determined.
Personally, I;d like to "stack the deck" in favor of BETTER...because the alternative is not going to be a pretty picture.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone todya, and as always,
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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