05 January 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the first FULL week of the new year, and believe me, it will be a lot more full than you realize.
More on that stuff in a minute, but first, the weather...
Baby it's COLD outside this morning, with temps (factoring in the wind-chill) close to BELOW ZERO DEGREES.
But, it will warm (?) up today, reaching a (balmy) high of around the mid-teens...(...yay...)
Tonight with be the turning point, with snow coming our way and some accumulation between 2-4 inches (farther south, more than that).
Can YOU say "craptastic"?
At least we went from a winter weather alert to "just" an advisory"...thank God for small favors, hmm?
Now, with that done with for the time being, let's all grab a nice LARGE piping hot cup of Monday fortitude ('cause we're gonna NEED it), and see what else has ben shaking, other than people outside today...
*** First out of the ice pack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 5 - 
--- Today is NATIONAL BIRD DAY, so get out and feed a few.
No harm in that..TRUST me on this one!
--- It's also NATIONAL WHIPPED CREAM DAY (not to be confused with cool-whip day, if they even have one).
Herb Alpert knew this DECADES ago...
Guess we'll see the sales of Ready-Whip and handcuffs skyrocket today...lol.
--- And, it's THANK GOD IT'S MONDAY DAY...(are you serious?)
Okay, MAY-BE there's something to this.
Wouldn't it be better to start the week with THURSDAY, or (even better) FRIDAY?
I'm just sayin'...
*** Next up, we had another shooting on the (where else?) SE side over the weekend.
And here's the story link:
Right at the (busy) intersection of Rudisill and Clinton, but the victim told police he wasn't shot THERE...
Okay, who makes the pizza run today?
He said he was shot at the Phillips 66 station at Barr and Rudisill, and that he drove  away, where he crashed the car at the Little Ceasar's at Clinton (pretty good pizza for the price).
This took place around 1430 hrs yesterday afternoon.
Police have security cam video from the Phillips station, but have no motive or suspect relating to this investigation.
Moving on...
*** Well, we HOPED this year would start out on a better foot, but then something comes along and hands you that crap-sandwich.
STILL good to be "king"...
It seems our illustrious "King", mayor Tom Henry is seeking ANOTHER term as our city leader.
Yeah, that's all we need on the SE side...several MORE years of being ignored...on top of the last couple decades of similar ignorance that has come forth from City Hall.
My guess is that he's NOT done screwing things up for the masses, while catering to the elitists...all the while smiling away, as if there are no problems at all.
I imagine his "platform" for running THIS time, will be to "finish what I statrted", regarding DOWN TOWN, and the RIVER PROJECTS.
(and maybe a few small annexations to bolster an eroding tax base).
Sound about right?
There has got to be a better solution to years of Democrat and RINO rule in this "burg".
Just hope we all get to see it...and enjoy it, 'cause it hasn't happened over the LAST 15 years, and it's not happening now.
***  Next up, it's just about time to take the Christmas tree down (simple enough), and Wifey and I have already started to take the rest of the decorations down yesterday.
Got all the candles out of the windows, and the "bear collection" has been put away, along with all the other plushies and related (soft-goods) Christmas towels and hats.
The "gang" is back in hibernation
Now, I start taking the ornaments off the tree and stowing them away, along with the nativity scenes and assorted holiday bric-a-brac.
That should take the better part of two days...lol.
You hate to do it, but at the same time, there is a calming influence of having the familiar around you the other 11 months of the year.
I'm sure that it will be no time until we're doing this all over again.
*** Wifey has been riding a roller-coaster regarding her mom in Texas...one day we hear bad news, then later that same day, NOT-SO BAD news, and even some good news.
It becomes a real crap-shoot with this flood of information barreling at you daily.
I tend to still be of that "old-school" persuasion - NO news is GOOD news.
I prefer the glass being HALF-FULL on this one.
But, you take things as they come, and one at a time, rather than all at once.
Still, things can always be worse, although there are times you wonder  HOW much worse..
That's where something called FAITH comes in.
*** Last back to the corral today...looks like winter has finally arrived, and with it, all the problems that are associated with it.
But, it's not just winter, life in general has problems attached to it.
From the day you arrive here until the day you "move on"...there are problems to deal with.
Some are closer to home than others, and almost ALL of them will involve you making a decision somewhere along the way.
Thing is, as we are growing up, are we being mentored and parented into LEARNING and KNOWING how to make such decisions?
Or, are we being left to our own devices?
What I'm seeing these days is less of the former and more of the latter, and with predictable results.
That needs to change.
Life is too complex AND waytoo short to think (or do) otherwise.
As we act towards winter, let's try the same with life itself...be prepared, make good choices, and deal with problems as you deal with people - one at a time.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Sorry to hear about mom... hope things improve soon...

A Beer For The Shower said...

So I don't know just how bad mayor Tom Henry is since we're not from the area, but do bear in mind that we both come from a small town of about 8,000 people whose former mayor spent $3 million dollars on a double roundabout with a full garden... where only a stop light was needed. The economy has since been driven into the ground, and he had to move because he was scorned so heavily. And any time I have to drive through town to see my folks I'm almost killed because this isn't England, and rednecks just don't understand how roundabouts work.

Bob G. said...

Thanks...we're just taking it on a daily basis..but since there is NO real consensus as to her ACTUAL condition, hope DOES spring eternal.
Wifey's heading down again next week for several days.
(back to being a part-time bachelor)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

You sure SOUND like you hail from 'round where we live...LOL.

They also do the roundabout thing when stop signs are cheaper.
They just put in a "diverging diamond", too...talk about a clusterf$ck.

Our mayor's got SO many pokers in the fire, and NONE of them pertain to rising crime, indigents, nomads, and the rest of the erstwhile human flotsam infesting the SOUTH side of his city.
All "his" projects revolve around OUR center city area...like the REST of the city doesn't even exist.

Also, it's great way to keep the status quo w/ the current police chief and Pub. Safety Dir. (both appointed and nicely overpaid positions).

Crazy stuff, no matter where you seem to live these days, hmm?

Thanks much for dropping on over today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...


I guess that explains why everyone on my morning commute was giving me the finger today. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hadn't even THOUGHT about THAT...and shame on them for doing that to YOU (and in a NEW ywar)...!

I think they all must have gotten confused with NATIONAL GIVE THE BIRD TO SOMEONE DAY.
(Thing is, no one said WHAT bird, if we are talking avians, right?)

Still...wouldn't surprise me, the way some folks pay attention (or NOT) these days.
Fortunately none of us (here) suffer that.
Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Roll safe out there.

gadfly said...

Speaking of staying safe . . . I am late to this party but it seems that the new Rural King, now in the former Kroger store across from Coventry, is offering up drones for sale - just $699.99.

Unfortunately, it appears likely that ordinance for these little devils is extra.


Bob G. said...

I like those Rural King adverts in the paper...they have a LOT of stuff I'd like to get ( like FIREARMS and AMMO...lol), but I didn't know they had DRONES...
Sure could use of them to keep an eye on all the "locals" around here.
Glad you told me the location...couldn't find any on the advert.
(best kept secret?0

Guess I'll have to settle for one of those kid toy "air-hogs"...lol.
Thanks for the link.

And thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Have a great new year & stay safe out there.