16 January 2015

Friday Follies...
Welcome to...THE WEEKEND.
And with it comes some nice temps...for winter, that is.
The Hoosierland will provide us with a rather good day...(until someone comes along and f$cks it up), with partly sunny skies and a high of around 34 degrees! That's right, we finally get ABOVE freezing...imagine that.
I'm sure this will clear the roads off sufficiently until the next winter event arrives.
Hell, we might even get to see OUR streets clear  again,no thanks to the wonderfully craptastic job the city street department was supposed to do along OUR residential areas.
So, let's all cozy up to that hot cup of Friday fortitude, as we see what lies ahead of us today and throuighout the weekend...
*** First off of the thawing pond is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
January 16 - 
---Today is NATIONAL NOTHING DAY...so don't do anything, and make sure you do it well.
Got THIS one covered.
Seems this would be right up the alley of the "locals" around here...they do this EVERY damn day.
---It's also NATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY, and I hope this pisses off the atheists.
There ARE those out there that need to READ this...a lot.
Actually, they espouse freedom FROM religion, so why do they waste ALL their time decrying something THEY don't believe in?
Sounds kinda pointless to me...as does their beliefs, so maybe there is something to that.
Yo, don't bogart THESE buggers!
Sort of self-explanatory there, isn't it.
Since we're knocking on weekend's door, let's see what other things are going on over the next 72 hours.
January 17 - 
---Saturday is NATIONAL HOT BUTTERED RUM DAY...(light on the butter).
Anyone who has seen White Christmas knows what I'm referring to there.
January 18 - 
I could take this or leave it, but I think I will have some hot biscuits and HONEY.
So, if you find a duck from Peking (or anywhere else), feel free to have him over "for dinner"...lol
Moving on...
*** I was mentioning the rise of black crime and black on-black crime, so this should come as NO surprise to any of you.
Here's the link to the story:
Two armed BLACK males held up the 3 Rivers Credit Union at 5005 Bluffton Rd yesterday just after 1300 hrs.
A K-9 unit was able to track the perps to a parking lot, where it lost the scent (no doubt a getaway car was waiting there).
Always good to see young black males WORKING for a living, isn't it?
Guess those prison work-release programs are doing THEIR job.
Either that, or these boys must like wearing free orange clothing, because when they get caught, that's exactly what they'll be wearing.
Would have been damn nice to see an ARMED GUARD take these two out...and save the taxpayers a LOT of money.
*** Next up, an update on the Latino heroin ring that was busted recently.
Here's the link:
The bust took place back in December 2014, and now SIX people have been formally indicted.
Included in the story are he SPECIFICS regarding the indictments.
Three of the six are residents of Fort Wayne.
One of the perps, Eduardo Martinez (Fort Wayne) is ALSO an ILLEGAL (and living here?) who was in possession of a firearm...that's a no-no.
Makes you wonder how many MORE illegals we have here...
I'm willing to bet a LOT more than anyone realizes, and I'd wager that some of the "mamasitas" that drop off their kids for school at our corner might not be AS LEGAL as we think, and I base that on the manner in which they never speak ENGLISH and the way they drive (which is lousy).
Maybe the FEDS should look into some of the houses down where we live and check THEM out for legal status.
*** Next, more improvement for the DOWNTOWN area of Fort Wayne...as if we didn't have ENOUGH, right?
Here's the story link:
More housing...as if the city wants us to believe that SO many people want to live downtown.
But, maybe there's something to this.
The POLICE HQ ia downtown, so perhaps some people would feel SAFER...well, none of the city hall staff seem to be falling over THEMSELVES to move there, so why bother?
They all live well AWAY from the downtown area, don't they?
This is becoming SUCH a "fad"...like bell-bottom jeans, so what will happen after all this sh*t is built, the skyline is ruined, and the shine wears off that dangling key ring? We'll have a HUGE vacant downtown (like Detroit), instead of a smaller vacant downtown.
Hey, here's an idea...stick all the HUD people into these new digs...let THEM enjoy what the elitists have...now THAT is true EQUALITY, isn't it?
Oh wait, that would actually HASTEN the demise of anything new located downtown, wouldn't it?
Yeah, those people tend to do that with whatever they have given to them...just look at the south side...
*** Next, Obummer has another load of crap in his "bag o'tricks"...this week's diversion is "urging" paid sick leave for workers.
Here's the story link:
Yeah, whatever happened to having to EARN the time off, based on your time ON the job?
That's the way it's always been, and it's worked pretty damn well.
(...even for those working for the GOVERNMENT...I should know, because I used to)
But no, now "da prez" wants to hand out free sick leave to EVERYONE...and this has business owners up in arms...AGAIN.
This excuse for a president is all about giving out free money (and other crap) to everyone HE thinks deserves it, forgetting that with everything proposed, there comes a cost to someone else.
What kind of fantasy land does this mook live in, anyway?
I give this fiasco 4 Pinocchios.
*** Last back to the corral...when you see such things as this latest bank robbery and the people who commit such crimes, it's not hard to figure out the WHYs behind it.
And let's not even use the dreaded "P" word (poverty), because it's not in the mix here.
Being poor in America is better than being in a similar state in ANY other nation on the face of the globe.
When a family of four pulls down somewhere in the neighborhood of $40K+ per year, and no one works for it...that's some serious scratch.
Hell, my father busted his ass just to make $30K a year for family of three back in the 70s..with NO handouts forthcoming or desired.
This whole entitlement crap is for the birds, and it's time to reverse this nasty trend.
"But people have the right to..."(fill in the blank)...you know that's bullsh*t!
Read our Constitution...there are NO government provisions for any sort of :"rights" like these, and no establishment  of such rights to anyone.
What geniune RIGHTS we do have...well, they come from a much HIGHER AUTHORITY, and THAT is mentioned.
Our Bill of Rights (1st ten amendments to the document) was to keep government OUT OF THE WAY of the citizens LIVES of this nation...not "invite" the government into those lives.
Any other "rights" were indeed added to expound more fully onto the initial rights as HUMAN BEINGS (citizenship, voting, etc)
Yes, it bothers me whenever I see injustices rear up in America.
Sure, it's good to provide charity for the downtrodden, but let's not allow the government to KEEP the people downtrodden, by giving them anything and everything.
We've taken so much from WE. THE PEOPLE, such as charity, and allowed the government to become what we once were...providers for those less fortunate, only now, the rest of us are paying the freight, because the FEDS never work gratis.
The federal government needs to run the NATION...not the people.within it.
And local governments are meant to run the states cities, and municipalities, and to protect thier citizens.
The concepts of our nation's founding and government establishment are pretty straight forward.
Let's make that distinction between REAL rights, and perceived rights...and privileges that follow in their wake that people should have to EARN..
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Wow, I wish I had known it was National Nothing Day, I wouldn't have done so much work this morning. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Man, I hear 'ya...I was halfway done my MORNING chores before doing the blog, and then I found out about what I SHOULD have been doing (nothing)...

I'm still trying to figure out HOW to bloody UNDO all that I had done to break-even...LOL.

Thanks for rolling on by today to comment.

Have s good weekend, behave yourself (when possible) & stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Well, once again I never got around to reading blogs till late... we just finished off season five a few minutes ago, lol.

If that's Peking duck... that looks sick!

And as for those fig newtons' mister... canihaveone?

Bob G. said...

I've seen Peking duck look a LOT more appealing...and without the head still attached.
And sure, my fig newtons are your fig newtons...lol.

Thanks for stopping over to comment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe up there in Scrappytopia.