15 January 2015

Thoughts On Thursday...
It's also TRASH day in our neck of the ghettohood, but I simply CANNOT convince any of the locals to simply "jump in the damn truck".
Welcome to the "almost Friday" day of our week.
The Hoosierland weather is once again starting out COLD, as in ZERO degrees (add the wind-chill, and it's MINUS SEVEN)
We're expecting a high today of around 25 degrees...OR whenever the neighbors roll off that mattress they have on their floors
(you can mull that one over yourselves)
Not as much sun as yesterday and some gusting winds fill out the bill for today.
So, plan accordingly, watch out for idiots on the roads, and take it easy out there.
Now, let's all get out favorite hot beverages and see what ails the rest of the world...
*** First out of the ice cube tray today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.".
This was spoken by one Bill Bowerman - (19 Feb 1911 - 24 Dec 1999) - the co-founder of NIKE, and here is his WIKI:
Makes you wonder WHO was responsible for all that "swoosh" logo covered apparel...well, now you know.
Not that bad for someone starting out as an American track and field coach.
I will leave it to you to read up on one of the "unsung" people that made a real impact on this country, and later...the world...someone that not that many people even hear about, unless they;'re involved in athletics to a substantial degree.
Moving on...
*** Next, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob? feature:
January 15 - 
---Today is NATIONAL HAT DAY, so make it a good one.
Some examples from time and space
Or should it be make it a FUNCTIONAL one on a day like this?
Your call on that. It's fun to see old films and notice how many MEN used to wear proper hats, and not just ball caps and NEVER backwards, unless they were catching for a baseball team...how "far" we've progressed...LMAO!.
I think I'll pass on that, and instead use a "stunt-double"...strawberry YOGURT...because I have some in the fridge (and I like it).
*** Okay, so who is the wise-ass that wants to make soda cans SMALLER?
Here's the "skinny" on this dumbass idea:
A totally DUMB idea except in LILLIPUT.
Now, lemme get this straight...the makers of SOFT DRINKS want us to start drinking out of (what we used to call) "pony cans"?
And all the while, those who make ALCOHOLIC beverages are tossing LARGER portioned sizes at us in THEIR cans?
Funny, I have seen a 24 oz can of ghetto-brew (mostly on our lawn), but have NEVER seen a 20 oz can of COKE orPEPSI...have you?
Causes more accidents than PEPSI
They're telling us that the smaller cans are due to people drinking too much soft drinks...and that soda consumption has dropped...huh, wha...??? How can you have t both ways?
Lemme toss this out there - When was the LAST time a soft drink (or several) led to a fatal car crash? And when was the last time a BEER (or several) led to a fatal crash?
Let's think with our BRAINS here...for once, you idiots.
These people think you're MORE at risk from a coca-cola than a larger sized brewsk..
I think this deserves one of those.
Tell 'ya what...you make the cans SMALLER and people will just DRINK MORE of them...simple, huh?
Sounds like a ploy to increase SALES, rather than promote SUBSTANCE, or, God forbid...MODERATION.
Can we screw ourselves over any faster?
*** Next up, and speaking of dumbasses,  there is another new study out for the black homicide rates across America, and guess what?
INDIANA ranks SIXTH in the whole nation...another dubious distinction,is it not?
(but we DO have a nice downtown area in Fort Wayne)
Here's the story link with video:
Imagine that...BLACK homicides being THAT high.
Well, the thuggers out there DO live by the creed of "spray and pray" - toss enough rounds at something, and you might even HIT something or someone...
Rod Hissong (WANE) did a really good job of bringing out the stats and facts about this.
The latest year where information was available was for 2012, so I'm sure the numbers will reflect higher for subsequent years.
---Here's some stats from the article:
*Indiana, since 2008 has ranked in the top 11 of the group’s data compilation.
2008: 3rd (28.71 per 100,000)
2009: 6th (25.84 per 100,000)
2010: 6th (23.89 per 100,00)
2011: 11th (21.95 per 100,000)
2012: 6th (25.48 per 100,000)
*(The Violence Policy Center study said the top ten states and number of black homicide victims in 2012 were:
Missouri – 247 homicides for a 34.98 per 100,000 rate
Nebraska – 31 homicides for a 34.93 per 100,000 rate
Michigan – 492 homicides for a 34.77 per 100,000 rate
Pennsylvania – 452 homicides for a 31.02 per 100,000 rate
Louisiana – 384 homicides for a 25.75 per 100,000 rate
Indiana – 157 homicides for a 25.48 per 100,000 rate
Oklahoma – 73 homicides for a 25.04 per 100,000 rate
Wisconsin – 91 homicides for a 24.38 per 100,000 rate
California – 585 homicides for a 23.25 per 100,000 rate
Tennessee – 246 homicides for a 22.40 per 100,000 rate
*The group found six states that did not have a recorded homicide involving a black victim.
New Hampshire
Well, that explains a LOT about a certain ethnicity and the problems it cannot seem to (or doesn't want to) deal with, does it not?
*** In a somewhat related story, THREE counties in the Hoosier state are eligible to receive certain funds from the state in an effort to reduce crime.
Here's the link:
Wow, now THAT'S news...the THREE counties are:
Now, what THREE counties also have the largest ETHNIC populations?
(give ;'ya a hint...look at what I just typed...lol)
And the state senators proposing this look at this funding as a way to REDUCE crime...as if it were actually on the RISE.
Oh wait...it IS...and HAS been, so why are we in Fort Wayne being told OTHERWISE?
Because some want to spin it that way...unlike yours truly, who HAS said that crime was on the rise.
Well, any money we can get HERE will be a godsend...IF it is properly disbursed and utilized on a manner that WILL force a DROP in crime...
Here's a chance to invoke a BROKEN WINDOW THEORY aspect to policing here (for a change).
*** Last back to the freezer...Wifey made it down to TX in good order, and her lugage made it there as well...always nice to hear that.
So, it's back to "bachelor-mode" for a spell, or, as I prefer to call it "survival mode for one".
And, I have the "guard-squirrels" strategically placed.
Thank God the ONLY thing I have to worry about while Wifey's not here is IF some bullets will tear through the house around 3AM...
Come to think about it, I have to worry about that ALL the damn time down here, even when she's around the house.
We play this every day...sorry, no "winners".
Now HOW is this promoting ANY of that "QUALITY-OF-LIFE" bullsh*t our mayor is always wanting for all citizens?
I'm just NOT seeing it...haven't seen it since the turn of the damn century, in fact.
Still, it WOULD be nice if the city used it's collective BRAIN (all 8 functioning synapses) to figure out that the SE has the 2nd highest level of disposable income, and yet pays the least amount of taxes (thank in part to devaluing property, and rentals out the ass), but also touts the highest number of "impoverished" people.
Do the f$cking MATH, you morons...figure it out.
It would be much cheaper to revitalize THIS part of town and RECLAIM the money your bleeding out of here every damn day, instead of tossing 4 times as much to other places. But, you might have to step on some necks an make some tough choices.
It's called GETTING RID OF CRIME (and the people committing it).
Take care of THAT, and everyone wins. Do nothing, and the problem spreads.
I'd love to see these politicos make the right decision...for once.
Talk about a novel diversion from the status quo.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Why, Bob, are you trying to say that there are people of power in the Fort with a vested interest in keeping the SE side a shithole?

Surely you must see that as a ridiculous theory...The elected and appointed officials of Ft Wayne are honest as the day is long, and have only the best in mind for all of us..

In other news, Have you noticed how great a President that Obama guy is?

Me neither.

Hang in there buddy, I know it sucks when the special lady ain't around. No one around to yell at you to put that damn sonic screwdriver away!

Which reminds me, got a somewhat confusing tweet from a Who fan site (you'd be surprised at how quickly they find you!) that showed a poster for the season opening "The magician's apprentice" episode. The official release they got it from again mentioned the autumn start of the season, but the poster itself said at the bottom-

"MARCH 2015"

I'll let you know if I hear any more...

Bob G. said...

ROFL...I thought that was your tongue stuck in your cheek...and not an impacted wisdom tooth.
(well said)

You know...the trouble with having a TARDIS with a FUNCTIONING "chameleon circuit" is that once in a millennium, you FORGET what configuration you LEFT it in...

So many shapes...so few regenerations...(sigh)

Therein lies MY dilemma.

((checking about for the next series of WHO as well.))

Hey, thanks for stopping by to provide a smile and for your comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.