14 January 2015

Humpday Happenings...
It sure is COLD outside this morning. I should know because Wifey and I WERE out in it.
Had to take her to the airport early on so she could fly back down to TX.
More on that in a moment, but first...that weather:
Our Hoosierland will see clearing skies (was limited visibility earlier) and mostly sunny out there, and it will be warming things up a tad...all the way to the LOWER TWENTIES. Some warm-up, hmm?
But you MIGHT need sunglasses to keep from becoming "snow-blind".
Well, you take what'cha can when you can.
Side streets will still be LOUSY (thanks Fort Wayne street department), but the main roads are clear enough,.
Get your cup of Wednesday fortitude and we'll take a gander at what's been going on...as we see to...the "rest of the story"...
*** First off of the slalom track today is out WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.".
Guess this person figured out something many seem to have missed in America.
So, WHO said that anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post
Meanwhile, back at the Foot Locker...
*** Next, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 14 - 
---Today is NATIONAL HOT PASTRAMI SANDWICH DAY, which, in lieu of the cold weather, sounds damn warm and tasty to me.
Grab some rye bread, some Swiss cheese and some thousand island dressing to top it all off, and there 'ya go. Feel free to stack it HIGH, too.
---It's also NATIONAL DRESS UP YOUR PET DAY, and in MY house, even with an 18-year old cat, that would NOT be my FIRST choice.
He's a GOOD BOY!!!
And yet, some folks go all out...go figure.
---And, it's  RATIFICATION DAY - the day that the TREATY OF PARIS was...well, ratified by the US in 1783.
Here's the lowdown from WIKI:
And now you know a LOT more than when you woke up.
Moving on...
*** Yeah, we had another shooting on the (all together, gang)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
Here's the story link:
Yep, a woman on her couch gets shot by what appears to be (another) DRIVE-BY...
WTG, Garry, sure making a "difference" down here...NOT.
The scene of the crime
We had less crap like this happen when the FWPD HQ was on Creighton Ave, for God's sake.
Naturally, the story as ambiguous as usual..police.have little to go on, no suspect info, but police DO "suspect" that someone fired from OUTSIDE the house INTO the house...
ROFLMAO...okay, who ELSE sees this as funny as I do?
Of COURSE the shots came from OUTSIDE and went INSIDE...that explains the ENTRY HOLES FROM THE BULLETS...
Where are they getting these brainiacs these days?
Still like that KEVLAR WALL PANELS idea that one of my followers mentioned a few months back...
*** Next up, the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. was escorted to the FWIA so she could fly back down to Texas to visit her parents.
Pretty but cold at 0730 hrs.
I was the "chauffeur-du-jour" and it was foggy and snowing lightly, but her plane was on time for both arrival and departure.
And I get to keep that coat!
The trees looked nice in the cold...and I even managed to find a decent parking spot.
Wasn't as close as I would have preferred, but beggars can't be choosers, right?
Wifey left me her coat, as the weather down there is way warmer than here.
Still think she should have worn a light coat.
Anyway, she got through TSA okay (seemed like they were fighting to stay awake...lol), and she's already in Chi-Town.
She told me they have some great BAGELS there, and she hopes to bring me back one (or more) on her return trip.
(It's the little things in life that are really cool)
Wifey should be down in TX sometime after 6PM (our time).
Her mom has what was suspected all along (pancreatic cancer), and it's not a rosy picture, but we're all taking it day by day.
Her dad's in a nursing home attached to the hospital facilities, so the two of them are close by one another.
There is talk of bringing Wifey's dad back up to Vincennes (her relatives live down there) when the time comes.
*** Now, I've been down a similar street when my Dad took ill and later passed after a year of fighting it.
This is one of life's inevitabilities, and it never gets "easy".
Hell, most things in life are not easy, at least not AS EASY as we would prefer.
But, it's through such times that we LEARN, we ADAPT, and acquire knowledge and wisdom...those tools each of us need to take much of the hard stuff and make it LESS hard.
Still, we often wish times like this would pass us by...we enjoy the air of familiarity of those we have come to love.
We look forward to them "always being there"...and it is difficult for us when they are not.
I know I have never fully gotten over the loss of those in my life, one never really does.
We just learn to live with it, and keep those wonderful memories alive.
Come to think of it...good memories can often be that godsend we search for.
Not a bad way to be thought of...is it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I am so sorry to hear the diagnosis. We've both been down this trail enough that there's nothing else to say (to man).

Are you telling me she left the house today dressed like that? Please tell me I misunderstood. Now I can see why see was upset on FB about being stuck on the tarmac in an unheated plane!

As to that quote, I have a two word response for whoever it was that said it... the same one Scrappy usually gets when he wants something when I'm comfortable in my chair, lol!

And Scrappy repeats that response to that Dress Your Pet stuff.

Hope you and Marie have a nice supper!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, we're consigned to leaving it in God's hands (didn't we all along?) now.

D loves to play it "loose and fast" with her choice of outerwear...LOL.
(then she wonders WHY she gets a cold)
I told her to take the coat anyway. I had several layers on, and I was STAYING HERE...!

I'm guessing those two words must be somewhere along the lines of "piss off", right?
It's a cool quote from a source I never expected.

I would have thought that Scrappy would be decked out like ONE of the DOCTORS..or an AVENGER...LOL.

As for Marie?
She's got the week off...
Tonight I am supping with a Mr CAMPBELL...he's from Camden, NJ (close to my old stomping grounds)...LMAO!

Hey, thanks much for stopping by today and commenting...AND for the kind thoughts.
It is well appreciated.

You stay safe & keep out of trouble (for the most part) up there, brother.