20 January 2015

Tuesday Tidbits...
Okay...so WHERE THE HELL did that DAMN FOG come from yesterday???
Geezus, I went out in the morning with some visibility and had to drive home in an episode from the old OUTER LIMITS series. ("A Feasibility Study"...watch it, it's good)
Welcome to the near midweek crisis known as TUESDAY...a day where if something you bought was manufactured today, it will probably last LONGER than stuff built on Monday OR Friday.
Our Hooiserland weather will see us (again) with a high of around 40 degrees...(just in time to melt all that snow away...for the next round when it gets here).
A partly to mostly cloudy sky will be looking down upon us, with some slight breezes.
The big deal will be possible freezing drizzle south of out "Fortress", so if you're heading down that way, take extra care along the roads and streets.
Up here, we might get a brief bout of snow showers, with no real accumulation.
This is supposed to transition over to rain.
So plan things AS IF we might get some real precipitation - that way you won;lt be caught with your drawers down around your ankles, kapeesh?
Now, let's all get a nice soothing hot cup of our favorite beverage and set about seeing what has been happening...
*** First out of the rack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 20 - 
I hope they mean this in a good way...crunchy "butter" (or margarine) gives me the creeps, unless it's a Butterfinger bar.
---It's also DISC JOCKEY DAY...so dust off those 45s and feel free to spin some vinyl.
You know you secretly wanted to be a DJ...heh.
*** Next up, time to see all those SHOTS FIRED calls that went out last week in Fort Wayne...that no one told you about:
SHOTS FIRED (and armed robberies) - 01/09- 12/17 
15F003201 03:44:09 53 ARMED ROB 5900 ST JOE RD 
15F003209 04:35:39 53 ARMED ROB 10300 CLINTON ST N 
15F003595 22:26:34 53 ARMED ROB 2700 QUEEN ST 
15F003698 03:42:52 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 CALHOUN ST S & MCKINNIE AVE 
15F003854 14:24:14 113 SHOTS FIRED 1800 LINK ST 
15F003641 00:13:40 53 ARMED ROB 1300 SCOTT AVE 
15F003991 20:52:42 53 ARMED ROB 2300 REHM DR 
15F004078 00:31:05 53 ARMED ROB 3700 MAYWOOD AVE 
15F004108 02:04:43 53 ARMED ROB 1800 PONTIAC ST E & ANTHONY BLVD S 
15F004166 08:16:42 53 ARMED ROB 3100 STATE BLVD E 
15F004361 20:10:17 53 ARMED ROB 2900 BROADWAY
 JANUARY 12 - 
15F004528 09:30:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 WOODLAND AVE E 
15F004792 21:01:03 53 ARMED ROB 5100 COLDWATER RD 
15F005189 23:53:07 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 WARSAW ST & TABER ST E 
15F005192 00:09:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 DEWALD ST E 
15F005194 00:21:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 WARSAW ST & TABER ST E 
15F005222 04:10:24 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 EUCLID AVE 
15F005210 03:08:02 58 SHOOTING 800 HAMILTON AVE
 JANUARY 15 - 
15F006006 22:38:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 3300 CHEVIOT DR 
15F006026 23:39:56 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 KENWOOD AVE 
15F006060 03:23:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 TRENTMAN AVE 
15F006066 05:30:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 3800 OAKHURST DR 
15F006090 08:15:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 WERLING DR 
15F006407 21:34:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 SHERWOOD TERR W & HARTMAN RD 
15F006440 22:50:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 100 FLEMING AVE E & CALHOUN ST S 
15F006439 22:52:24 113 SHOTS FIRED 4800 BUELL DR 
15F006463 23:40:38 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 SMITH RD & GLENDALE RD 
15F006369 20:13:13 58 SHOOTING 5000 TWILIGHT LN 
15F006493 00:59:47 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 FOXKNOLL CV 
15F006500 01:18:28 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 ST MARYS AVE 
15F006680 13:57:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 7500 DECATUR RD 
15F006733 16:04:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 MCMILLEN PARK DR 
15F006922 23:28:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 6100 HOLGATE DR 
15F006518 02:07:19 53 ARMED ROB 4300 ALVERADO DR 
15F006859 21:20:26 53 ARMED ROB 4000 ROBINWOOD DR 
15F006907 22:48:34 53 ARMED ROB 1300 SCOTT AVE
And there we go then...seems none of the mooks bothered to buy ammo until the END of the week, hmm?
Moving on...
*** FWPD are investigating another shooting, but THIS time, it's on the NORTH (east) siee (where the crims must be moving to).
Here's the story link:
And, as usual, not many details forthcoming...
I just gotta weigh in on this "trend"...
When the FWPD went to an encrypted police radio, it took SO much from regular citizens,(like myself) who would listen to hear iof calls came in around our area. It has effectively rendered us "blind" down here (and everywhere else for everyONE else).
Now, along those lines, we're ALWAYS hearing that the FWPD is "wanting citizens to help assist in...(fill in the blank)", so HOW can we do it if we don't know who the police might be looking for, or what type of vehicle or perp description (that used to come across the scanner)?
This DOES work for SEAL training...
To me, this is like tying up and gagging a person, and then tossing them in the deep end of the pool, expecting them to SWIM TO SAFETY...
Unless their name is HOUDINI, I don't think that's gonna turn out well....you get my point, though.
IF the citizens are to AID the police in the apprehension of ANY criminal wanted by said constabulary, then isn't it advisable to allow these citizens every bit of access available.
Doesn't THAT promote a more "community-oriented" style of policing, if in fact THAT is what we're supped to have in this city?
That just makes too much sense to me (and probably why it won't be taken into consideration anytime soon).
Even the police can;t have it both ways...people can't help if they're not "allowed" to in this manner.
*** Next up, the "Whiner-in-Chief" is set for yet another propaganda fest tonight, as he punishes us with his SOTU address.
To me, this is going to be more of the same hackneyed rhetoric, laced with diversion, divisiveness, and chronic lies and obfuscations.
His latest ploy is to (again) tax the RICH, and then playing the "Robin Hood" card...
"Welcome to Sherwood"
Lemme tell 'ya...he doesn't know his "mythologies" all that well.
ROBIN HOOD (legend or historical figure - take your pick) NEVER "robbed from the rich to give to the poor"...period.
He DID rob from the "government" aka Prince John, an usurper to the throne of King Richard (off doing his Crusades gig)...and gave BACK to the poor that which was taken under duress BY the powers ruling that part of England.
Let's get this stuff STRAIGHT, okay?
So, Obummer is certainly NO "Robin Hood"...but he IS taking from the rich...that much IS true.
But, that money is going back INTO THE GOVERNMENT, where it will never be see or heard of again...in essence, wasted (again).
That's called TAX AND SPEND...and the DEMS (more than the REPS) have played this card all too often whenever they get in power.
It has NOT helped America, her economy, her people, but HAS helped those politicians fostering such lunacy.
THAT is the type of deception we should ALL be looking for.
*** Next, I did get another spotlight at Wal-mart yesterday...a Black and Decker model and for under $20 bucks.
It does have one "flaw", however. The batteries that came with it are the ONLY ones that will work.
I replaced those with brand new AA Ray-o-Vacs and nothing, so I called into the company, was on hold for 10 minutes, so I emailed them instead, wanting to know WTH is up with this?
Gonna keep trying to get through.
I;d hate to think I got the ONLY one with some type of problem.
(thanks to the Chinese...again)
The batteries are the same voltage (1.5v), type (alkaline) and size (AA), so they SHOULD work.
Gotta love technology...NOT!
*** Last back to the compost heap...All men are created equal (according to GOD), and has been the law of our land for quite some time...and why we HAD to pass such a law was to force a removal of the splinters that were in the eyes of too many people.
Something like this should not have even become an issue, but it did, and we acted accordingly, even if it take more time than it should have.
What I want to know is WHY, after all this time, effort and law-making, have some people STILL not figured out that much of this so-called "struggle" is OVER?
Not the fair way to handle things.
It would seem that all men have indeed become equal...just not in the "material" sense regarding society.
Well, got news for everyone...it's not SUPPOSED to be that way.
Some people will always HAVE, and some simply WILL NOT, and there is a plethora of REASONS (and not excuses) as to WHY this happens.
---Some people cannot ir will not prioritize properly in life.
---Some people suffer "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune".
---Some people turn to crime, or otherwise refuse to assimilate themselves into a larger society.
---Some people would rather let someone else do everything for them.
And there are many more, but these are the major ones...and they affect everyone, not just the one person.
What we have turned our backs on in this country are all the things that made us a great nation, and all of that started with US...it was WE, THE PEOPLE that got the ball rolling in this country; built the cites, grew the farms and cattle, created the manufacturing juggernaut that propelled us into a world power at the top of the heap and stifled those other powers that would seek to conquer the world itself.
It would be close to kismet to grab a piece of that action back once again...be REAL nice, wouldn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"And there we go then...seems none of the mooks bothered to buy ammo until the END of the week, hmm?"

How do they afford it with the price of ammo these days? Does Indian dole out "bullet stamps" for low-income shooters? ;)

You nailed it with your Robin Hood analysis. This whole "government as Robin Hood" meme totally misses the point of who "the rich" were in that story. And how they got their money. Hint: it starts with a T and rhymes with "axes."

Momma Fargo said...

Spend and Tax and Tax and Spend and Spend and Tax...NICE JINGLE...NOT! I wish the day started when I felt like it. LMAO. Will you ever have a day of NO SHOTS FIRED in Fort Wayne? That is the question.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Actually, the price of ammo has come down a tad (not enough to make we wanna get me "happy feet", though)...but it DOES beg the question:
"Does the welfare program now have AMMO STAMPS???"
If, I have not seen them yet...lol.

I think I got the Robin Hood gig down fairly well, too.
Actually heard others on TV mention the same thing.
And it IS one of my FAVORITE MOVIES (The Errol Flynn version, of course).

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
There are those days we have every several weeks where we DO indeed have NO "signal 113s" (shots fired).
Not that many days, though...around here, stupid IS as stupid DOES...and we here DO NOT, ARE NOT, and WILL NOT...lol

Bet if YOU were riding dirty in your former G-RIDE, we'd have a LOT FEWER incidents.

Yeah, I can dream...doesn't cost me one red cent.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting, Kiddo.

You stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

Black and Decker used to stand for quality... is this planned obsolescence, or just keeping you buying THEIR battery? Either way, they have become as big a joke as everyone else.

Bob G. said...

Honest to God, I can NOT explain it...one AA alkaline battery SHOULD be the SAME as ANOTHER - brands be damned.

Like to get some sort of "definitive" answer from these mooks.

I've had good luck with their OUTDOOR gear such as their weed-whacker and lawn mowers.
(think they're made in CANADA...lol)

Like in life, it's the "little" things that cause the LARGEST worry, right?

I might get another spotlight...JUST as a plan-B.

Thanks for swinging by today to comment,.

Stay safe (and well-lit) up there, brother.