04 February 2015

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week once again, kids.
And we all know what that means...right?
If not, we'll be taking a look at that in a moment.
Our Hooiserland weather will see us with a high today of whatever it is outside this morning, which in Fort Wayne currently is just below freezing at 31 degrees. From there on out...it gets colder once again.
Plus, just to add insult to injury, we'll supposed to get more snow here - anywhere from 1-4 inches (depending on the weather model and where you live). Those south will get more than those up around the Michigan state line, so plan accordingly, and never take any weather event at face value.
It can get real bad real fast.
Now, with that done with, let's get that hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and see what the world's been doing the last 24 hours.
*** First out of the barracks today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom".
Now HERE is a quote that every person on the planet would be keen to remember, especially those politicians we elect to represent US.
So, WHO said that, anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the House of Burgesses...
*** And, it's also time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 4 - 
---Today is CREATE A VACUUM DAY...didn't say anything about having to RUN one about the house...lol.
Actually, if you go to D.C., the politicians create one on most ANY given day.
And in our part of the ghettohood, most of the locals have a vacuum between their ears, and if you listen closely, you can hear the air rush in whenever the seal is broken.  
---It's also THANK A MAILMAN DAY...
Guess I'll have to settle for a mail LADY, nut I am in a quandary - WHY should I thank those who work for a federally-run system that chronically runs in the RED, jacks up the cost of stamps (and other postage rates to cover their losses) and pays people to lose things in the mail?  I'm just curious.
*** Next up, a pretty decent drug bust (make that TWO) in Fort Wayne, that netted FOUR perps quantities of various drugs, and some firearms
Here's the story link:
Good Lord...they're all BLACK...I would have NEVER guessed that.
And the places raided by police were on the SOUTHEAST side of town?
(Okay, I'll stop the feigned surprise)
This is what you get when there are few boundaries to stop such people, and when they make some REALLY bad choices in life (because they think it's the EASY way).
Bet they played their music LOUD, too. Hope they like wearing ORANGE
The raids came at the same time at a house located at 814 Lake Avenue, and 3025 Plaza Drive.
Police found 4 ounces of pot, 4.6 grams of heroin, 20 grams of cocaine, plus a loaded 38 caliber handgun (some ounces sy it was a .380) at the house (duplex) on Lake Ave.
Another quaint old house on Lake full of criminals.
Police found a loaded 9mm handgun under a couch cushion where an infant was sleeping.
They also found a STOLEN 20 gauge shotgun, and a half pound of MJ at the Plaza Drive house, which was condemned by NCE.
And I'll bet they did NOT clear their sidewalk, either!
The story has all the names and charges for the four perps arrested, and CPS was called in to take charge of the children displaced by the stupidity of these "adults". Now, if they would serve a few warrants around HERE...that would be nice.
*** Next, about the snow...
One of two that rolled through...finally.
It seems that after I emailed the street department capo, it only took until 1043 hrs for the plows to come down our one street.
And yes, this WAS after the schoolkids had been picked up by their bus along the side street - a slight change in route there.
The bus was running E-W instead of N-S.
Wifey was "supposed" to upload the pictures she took yesterday while driving to and from work (school), but even after repeated requests after she came home...I GOT NOTHING.
Sorry about that - not MY fault.
(Yo, sweetie...sometime TODAY, maybe???)
Suffice it to say that even after plowing, the side streets, and yes, even some of the major streets were STILL CRAPPY to drive along.
I guess that's what accounted for OVER FIFTY accidents yesterday morning?
Automotive body shops are gonna LOVE this.
It looks as if our side street got plowed sometime overnight, but I can;t confirm that (yes, even I sleep from time to time...lol).
Before the plows - That bus takes up too much street.
What happens down here now, is that we have MORE traffic than in year's past (the mooks, moolies and aborigines are moving more and more down here, unfortunately), so all of that packs the snow DOWN, and when a plow does come through, they lift off chunks of icy slabs and deposit it along the curb-sides.
And we never see salt dropped at intersections - that would go a LONG way to solve frozen ponds along corners.
If I had to give a grade to the city department in charge of snow removal (this time around)...they get a nice solid... D+.!
They USED to be a lot better...then again, this NEIGHBORHOOD used to be a LOT better, as well.
(obviously, you get what no one pays for...LOL)
*** Next up, I recently bought two additional spotlights to replace that one that fell and broke the other week. Well, sometimes, I eve  amaze myself (to quote Han Solo)...
I managed to REPAIR the broken one, so now I have THREE and for the combined price of ONE.
All in all, not a bad return for the money, and the formerly broken one has been "butched" back together in functioning form.
There ARE those days when persistence pays off.
*** Last back to the mess hall...In life, there comes a sense of comfort with what we find "familiar"...
Works for me.
Turning one's abode into a real "home" means a lot to many of us, as well it should.
To walk in the door after a trying day and finding all the "comforts of home" as it were right where you left them, is something we often unknowingly look forward to...we EXPECT it, in fact.
Nothing wrong with that.
This can also work...
We toil most of our lives to achieve this "status", and it's by no means the real;m of the rich and famous.
Many of them wouldn't know what a real HOME is if it bit them in their wealthy asses, anyway.
Yes, THIS works well, too.
One might say this is pretty much the domain of the middle (or working) class citizens. - Those who don't mind having a job or career,. saving money, making a sacrifice now and then for something better down the road.
This is SO true...lol.
As a result, we build upon the foundation we set, making our residence a place to be proud of...a place of solace, and a place we come to appreciate.
Sadly, there are others (most of them seem to live around us for some odd reason) that don't have the vaguest idea about such things.
The ONLY game for some...
They live IN the moment...FOR the moment...no future purpose, or prospects or wishes, and no desire to work to obtain them.
That's not the way this country used to operate...quite the reverse in fact.
We DID better when WE were better as a nation...we've proven that time and again in our short history.
And I think it's time to revisit that, for the future waits for no one, and will be here sooner than we think.
After all, doesn't the saying go "HOME is where the heart is"?
Too many heartless people out there, I suppose. That needs to change.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I like that quaint old house full of criminals. It is quaint. Probably destroyed inside, tho. Have a great day and great post! I wish it was Friday. I need some Ghettopoly for shits and giggles.

John DuMond said...

"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

Bill Clinton?... Just kidding. ;)

We're having similar issues with snow here. Looks like we're getting more tonight. Not happy.

ms nk rey said...

Your post made me think of “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Yeah, the architecture of that house smacks back to something close to a rail station design...tall, narrow windows.
And no, ghettopoly is one of those board games where there are RARELY any winners...lol.
(wow, just like in real life)

Hey, thanks for rolling yup today and commenting, dear.'

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

You are on the right track as far as the "job" this person held, however.

We're getting more snow AS WE SPEAK...another several inches.
(that must be what's coming your way...got some COLD behind it, too).

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

You take it easy and stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

That Angelou quote DOES kinda fit right in there.

Our nation IS on a path that leads to not-so-nice places, and if we're not careful, we'll get there in short order.

That's one thing our country has always done well...finish what we started.

A different path might not be the EASY path, but the destination we reach on THAT trail will be a LOT better for us all.

Thanks much for taking the time to comment today.

Stay safe & warm down there.

CWMartin said...

1- to answer your mailman question, keep in mind, you are thanking the poor shmoe that's working, not the system with all the lovely features you mentioned.

2- I think I used to work with the purple haired chick at Vera- yeah, Manpower would about be their speed.

3- Bob, Bob, Bob. You coulda just copied them from her FB page... I saw 'em. Basically just tell anyone local to just step outside about four feet, and they'll get the same view.

And now, I conclude my pain in the buttedness for one day...

Bob G. said...

---You DO have a point there. It IS indeed the SYSTEM that's at fault.
---I think the "type" of work the perps chased after wasn't anything close to what YOU would pursue...lol.
---That's what I get for NOT doing FB...
(come to think of it, neither does "The Doctor" - I'm in good company there, hmm?)

Nah, you're never a butthead. You got that honesty gig going on.

Thanks for taking the time to stop on by and comment.

You stay safe& warm up there, brother.