03 February 2015

Tundra Tuesday...
By the looks of things from our windows, the city street department has not plowed any of our residential streets yet...probably today?
Well, that's all well and good with clearing off the MAIN streets and roads...
I'll be looking into this and other things, but let's see what's going on in the meteorological realm.
The Hoosierland weather will have us seeing a high below freezing (maybe 28 degrees) and a mix of clouds and sunshine...you pick as to which one gets the "upper hand".
A nice sunrise looks promising, but looks can always be deceiving (current president included).
Schools are all on a 2-hour delay, but that doesn't mean much, especially with a wind chill of MINUS NINE DEGREES outside this morning.
So, with that taken care of, let's get our nice hot and soothing cup of our favorite morning beverage and see what's on my mind...
*** First out of the chill-zone is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 3 - 
---Today is "the day the music died" - the airplane crash back in 1959 that took the lives of The Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly.
Go play some of their oldies in memoriam.
And that"s all she wrote.
*** Now, back to my initial thoughts on snow removal...
Wifey of going to attempt to get to school today, and personally, I don't think 2 hours matters a helluva lot.
It's still gonna be cold, we have water that has frozen at intersections making those areas"less than fun", drivers with no apparent knowledge of HOW to drive in this crap, and the lack of plowing to make it any easier to get to a cleared main toad.
You came through LAST month...what's up now?
I already let my feelings be known to Brad Baumgartner of the street department for the city...and I'm sure it will get all the attention they feel it deserves (the button labelled DELETE comes to mind)...much like the old "circular file".
BTW, here's one of several propaganda articles from local media:
QUICKLY digs out?
You're bullshitting me, right?
:Plows in residential areas by 6AM?
WHICH areas and WHICH day of this week is that supposed to be, anyway?
The city LIED...straight away.
Wifey called - she got to school okay, but said the roads were TERRIBLE.
This driveway was plowed - at a VACANT house!
Just because we live in a blighted area of town, does not mean we should consistently get the crap end of every stick.
The way I see it, since the FWCS has seen fit to place all these damn school bus ROUTES along our residential streets (to pick up a child of two here and there, rather than have them WALK a stinking block to a MAIN street where a bus stop would be more appropriate), the city SHOULD be concentrating efforts to make the routes PASSABLE to ALL traffic on city streets...or, the FWCS could just RELOCATE the damn stops to MAIN roads...as they should be in the first place.
Simple solution, hmm?
Well, it should be.
***And now, some snippets:..
---Al Sharpton has all his business holdings CLOSED down...about damn time...
---Obummer proposes more taxes and spending...what ELSE is new?
---Charlie Manson's marriage license runs out...aww, too damn bad.
---FWCS began a crisis team program...(???)...
Thing is, it started YESTERDAY...when FWCS was CLOSED. How the hell did they manage THAT one?
Here's the story link:
Uh oh...heard the phrase "culture change" (in a community)...being batted about.
That can't be productive.
This pretty much pertains to the mental health issues with students...(who should NOT be mainstreamed in the first damn place), and will attempt to get them help faster than parents could (is this AFTER they go on an impromptu rampage and injure several students and/or teachers?)
Seventy percent of students (within the juvenile justice system) struggle with a "diagnosable" (sic) psychiatric disorder, according to a report mentioned in the story.
And WHY is that anyway?
What has changed since the days when I attended school?
If you can answer THAT (and most of you CAN), go to the head of the class, folks.
(front rows are gonna be crowded)
*** Last back to the skating rink...What do I always say when it comes to making decisions?
Well, it comes down to BASICS...as in:
1) Make the best decision you can, based on several parameters like experience, knowledge, wisdom, taking into account the morality of a given choice, as well as the impact not only on yourself, but to others.
2) If you have to err, always do it on the side of caution, even if your pride takes a hit. You're better than that anyway.
Doesn't get any easier, right?
And yet, there are SOME out there who cannot make an INFORMED DECISION if their life depended on it. Sometimes, it does, too.
It's maybe not their fault...they were just brought up that way, or they CHOSE to not pay attention and FOCUS on the things that lead us to those good decisions...and it can happen to anyone.
Thing is, there are those of us who try to NOT make such things commonplace in our lives...others, not so much.
Life is many things, but when bad choices take center stage...well, the results are obvious.
Some day, more people will figure this one out...just not today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First, Didja get that email with the YouTube link I sent ya? Well worth the time.

I didn't know before this that "Trock" (Time Lord Rock) was a genre (but it is), and this outfit from Chi-town is really really good. Not much else to find from them on YT, but their spanking new lp is on Spotify, and it rocks!

The day the music died... nothing need be said.

I'm guessing there's a direct relationship between "time before plowed" and "average value of house on street"... as well as a minimum value that drops you into the "who gives a shit" category.

Roads were rough in spots around here, but I only really had trouble turning out of our complex and into the industrial park.

Didn't get stuck behind Fatihee and she was in the building before me... I'm guessing she left for work around 4 AM, lol.

His ML ran out? WTH? It's not like he could get away from her...

Wait a few years and see if the license ends up on eBay.

Bob G. said...

---YES...what a great "tribute" video, and the singing was excellent.
---I had to do the "day" memorial.
Chalk it up to being addicted to your TM...lol.
---I like that description...ever think of "trading up" for a CITY job? (ROFL)
---Wifey took some pics of her travels uptown (multi-tasker that she is), and I'll be posting those on the morrow.LOTS of crappy streets.
---I dunno...THAT kind of "license" STILL needs to be made in prison...along with the OTHER ones...LMAO!
Actually be cheaper to get a FISHING license!
( I know - I checked that our before we got hitched...heh)

Hey, thanks for sliding on by today to comment.

Do stay safe and warm up there, brother.