06 March 2015

Friday Follies...
We made it to another weekend, and a rather important one, "time-wise".
And next week, we're supposed to reach into the FIFTIES (and not for oldies)...it's a for-real WARM UP.
(thought that would never get here)
Today's Hoosierland weather starts off with MINUS temps, but will eventually climb into the mid-twenties, with a slight breeze.
That should keep wind chills around for a while.
It looks to be a nice sunrise coming our way, too.
A rather good end to an extremely bland week (unless you're on the committee investigating Hillary Clinton for using NON-government email accounts while Secretary-of-State...but that's a whole other animal).
Go and get yourselves a nice hot cup of Friday fortitude and together we'll see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off the iceberg is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 6 - 
---Today is DENTISTS DAY...(ow!)
You DON'T wanna hear "Drill, baby, drill" HERE!
Well, with all those other sweet treat days past, you just KNEW this was coming, right?
LMAO - Picked a good day for that, hmm?
Damn near everything's frozen today.
To me, that should be EVERY damn day, and I know I'm not along thinking THAT.
A story farther down speaks to this somewhat.
Such an "honor"
I celebrate this by telling them to go bother someone else, because I KNOW what I'm looking for, but if I need assistance, I'll find THEM.
That always seems to work out.
*** We can't forget the weekend, either, so here we go...
March 7 -
Now that sets the mouth to watering, doesn't it?
Oh, yeah...pass me some taters.
March 8 - 
Sunday is BE NASTY DAY...
It's GOD'S day...how can I be nasty on a Sunday?
That's supposed to be a day of REST (even from nastiness)
Still...(neighbors of mine beware...Bwaahahahaha)
On a Sunday?
Shouldn't they have the day OFF???
There you go...all the fun you can manage...
*** Next up, the FWPD arrests six on meth lab charges.
Welcome to Poplar St. Pass the donuts.
Here's the story link:
I suppose to some people POISON looks better if cooked in a Mountain Dew bottle.
Yep, there's drain cleaner in that mess
Nice to see SOMEONE getting busted...
Lord knows I'm not seeing ANYONE cited down here.
*** Delta flight almost winds up in the water.
Here's the link:
What? No Shuttle Bus?
Talk about a tense moment...trying to land at NYC's LaGuardia Airport nearly had everyone on board this flight taking an impromptu  "polar bear plunge" into Jamaica Bay.
Thankfully, the airliner managed to stop within FEET of the water.
Only several minor injuries to passengers was reported.
*** And speaking of landing airplanes, actor Harrison Ford was injured (yesterday) when his vintage Ryan PT-22 trainer made an emergency landing in a Venice golf course near the Santa Monica Airport, where he had just taken off from.
Here's the story link:
Just like The Last Crusade...without "Dad".
The plane developed engine trouble, and Ford managed to turn the plane around and try to make the airport.
Have to hand it to "Indiana Jones"...any landing you survive is a good one in my book.
In case you were wondering, Ford is an accomplished pilot and is qualified and licensed to fly numerous types of aircraft.
*** Next, a bit closer to home...still having troubles with FWCS buses and kids and funds and sidewalks. Here's the story link:
Now, I have to wonder...I thought that these soon to be implemented NO TRANSPORTATION ZONES were to be WITHIN ONE MILE of the schools...and not TWO miles.
All cleared off, and NOBODY uses it.
And I have to wonder WHY large portions of the SE side STILL have no sidewalks for the kids to walk along?
Plus, even WHEN there are sidewalks, the kids PREFER to walk down the MIDDLE of the damn streets anyway...
Who EXACTLY is supposed to ENFORCE that to protect the children, hmm?
Or, do we add THIS to the LONG list of OTHER unenforceable laws and ordinances this city has forgotten about?
Personally, I think the NTZs are a good idea, because streets like the ones near us NEVER were designed for school buses...or two-way traffic, for that matter.
That's why they're called residential, and are some of the OLDER areas of the city...when everyone WALKED to school, and people had (if they were lucky or wealthy) ONE car per household.
Pretty tight fit if you ask me...
Another thing...when it SNOWS (and we know all about that, right?) WHO is going to enforce the ordinance that states the sidewalks are to be CLEARED by 9 AM (too late for school in the morning, unless there's a delay)?
I have YET to see NCE lift a finger to write a ticket for ANYONE not clearing their walkways, and much of the NTZs will include residents AND businesses. The story makes the point of kids having to trudge through ankle-deep snow (knowing what the hell BOOTS are would be a help).
This is the kind of thing that comes across as being only HALF-thought through.
Might even have to add some CROSSING GUARDS at a few busier intersections...or a cop with a way to control the traffic signals.
That would make sense, so you can figure this might not be the way it will pan out.
*** Next up, someone is disturbing the "good old boy network": at City Hall...can't have THAT, can we? Here's the story link:
A new set of policies that some employees claim are unfair  set the ears to burning, and the questions to asking.
Wherefore art thou?
These policy changes appear to inflict more harm than good to people who actually LIKE their job and want to remain at them.
Well, that's not a good way to keep morale up, is it ...(*cough*...Rusty York, former FWPD chief).
Seems to be an issue with certain departments downtown, and perhaps now, we're seeing the forest for the trees when it comes to "how things work"...or how the "king" wants them to work.
I've had my share of upper management "run-ins", and I spoke my mind when there was something amiss.
Nothing wrong with being called on the carpet, as long as the "brass or suits" are willing to LISTEN, and not just "hear" what you have to say, and will work with you to resolve honest issues.
In this case, management seems more intent on finding out things related to the exposure of information, rather than the content OF that information.
That's not a good sign for the "rank and file".
Be fun to see how this is solved, and who is elected as the "scapegoat", because you know every situation like this creates one.
*** Last back to the barn...yes, there are a lot of people out there that take their job seriously, are damn good at it, and see it wrong to change things that don't NEED changing.
I know...I'm one of them, as was my father and his father before him
Maybe it's genetics...or a sense of professional morality..call it what you will.
When someone takes a chance of YOU, it's YOUR job to be the best person they hired...prove to them that "they" made the right choice.
Because, as I always am saying here,  life is about making such choices, isn't it?
The problem arises when those higher up "the food chain" decide on something mainly designed to feather THEIR cap...make THEM look good, sometimes, at the company's expense.
It's all about these micro-power-trips by such people.
All the employees want to do is a good job, garner decent wages as a result, and produce a quality product or service.
Hardly seems like a monumental task, does it?
Well, there are those that LOVE to change things...mostly for the SAKE of change, with no regard for the long-term effect on the business, productivity, efficiency, or even...the way a city operates.
It's all about MONEY (in their pocket, not yours), and POWER, and being "better than the other guy".
Bend over - here it comes again.
While it's desired to be the BEST nation on the planet and we have PROVED that), we're not happy to settle for being the BEST 2nd place city or business..gotta play "keep up with the Joneses"...nah, we'll blow the wad to be #1, and the problem with that is that all the OTHERS are shooting for the EXACT same thing. Everyone at the top eventually succumbs to the next guy.
Yes, in smaller situations, it's very  lonely "at the top", and sooner or later, those that want it and get it...find that much out.
*** Don't forget to set your clocks and watches AHEAD ONE HOUR (0200 hrs Sunday morning) as we go back into the DARKNESS until the fall.
Sorry...you LOSE an hour of sleep.
Not my fault...OR my choice.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Happy Friday, Bob! Sad about Harrison Ford but glad he is repairable. He must be a brilliant pilot. How about that calm radio traffic he had? Huh? Yes! It is freaking cold here today. Blah. The university forgot us on employee day. Poo. Have a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
And a Happy Friday back at'cha.
(took it's damn time getting here...LOL.)

---Yeah, for a 71 yr old, Harrison did a GREAT job of a "dead-stick" landing.

I heard that radio exchange...cool as a cucumber.
(typical Han Solo...lol)

---Lots of "bosses" forget those who work for them...don't feel left out there.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
You have yourself a great weekend, dear.
Gonna get warmer NEXT week
(I promise).


Roll safe down there.

CWMartin said...

Nasty working girls on Sunday... uhh...

I get the feeling that NTZs, like many other laws, are best applied in the neighborhoods of those who passed them- but for others, "don't try this at home..."

Geez, time change THIS weekend? I'm really getting sick of that crap...

Bob G. said...

Nasty working girls on Sunday...would that be found at SHOWGIRLS III?

I also have the feeling that there is this "selectivity" when it comes to enforcement (so as not to piss off low-information minorities who never seem to follow them anyway.

I hate the time shift too, but thee ARE those who want us to go to CENTRAL TIME (ARRGGHH).
Say it ain't so and will never happen.
I won't do it.
We'll just be an HOUR AHEAD of everything and everyone else (and never late).

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.

Have yourselves a great weekend and stay safe up there, brother.