09 March 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the start of a much more "spring-like" week in the Midwest (and about damn time, too).
Nice to know we STILL have streets, sidewalks and lawns UNDER that melting snow, isn't it?
Our Hoosierland weather will find us with mostly sunny skies and temps back into the FORTIES...can we stand the strain?
Looks to be a rather nice week (until someone comes along and louses it all up).
Perhaps we have turned the corner on Old Man Winter...I kinda hope so, although with the advent of warmer weather, all the indigenous dregs of society come out in OUR part of town, and raise several types of havoc. Helluva trade-off, isn't it?
In any event, lets get our morning drink next to us as we set off and see what's going on elsewhere.
*** First off the turnip truck is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 9 - 
---Today is (you are gonna LOVE this one)...PANIC DAY.
((///"push the button, Max"...))
ROFLMAO...like most other days aren't for some strange reason?
We get this a lot from those who visit us down here.
Well, if you HAVE to panic, I guess today is as good a day as any.
At least you'll have a reason to place the blame.
*** Next up, you never know when something GOES around, when exactly it will COME BACK around...well, I do now.
"Gag-a-Maggot" mobile
Take this late 70s era Olds Cutlass Supreme (please)...once a very NICE-looking automobile from a division of GM (when it meant something) now defunct, sad to say.
It has been turned into (what I like to call) a CLOWN CAR!!
I suppose this is going to take the place of the soon-to-be-gone ELEPHANTS at Ringling Brothers?
Can you imagine...AQUA and PURPLE...man, that color combo on a vehicle is enough to give you the running shits.
This car showed up at our newest "neighbors" rental crib...as they come and go so often over the years - blame the crap-for-brains LANDLORDS for much of the deterioration in our part of Fort Wayne (and thanks, Mr "mayor" for all YOUR involvement to aid in such things).
Now, this is the type of vehicle you DON'T forget...and curiously enough, I did not.
I knew I had seen this clown car in our area over the last couple years...
YEP...right again...back in 2012, it was thumping it's way into our hearts (and moving the pictures on our walls).
I new I had a photo of it...although it wasn't good quality (he was on the move).
I can't imagine having to drive that 'thing" around for almost THREE damn years...LOL.
(must be making up for lack of other male attributes)
There is a sticker on the rear window to show "whose fault" it was for this monstrosity - FRESH UP CUSTOMS out on W. Jefferson Blvd.
(look them up and see how weird they can make nice cars)
Now, we've got it back in my ghettohood...
WTG, Fort Wayne.
*** And since we're on the subject of dumbasses, there was loud music playing Saturday night...ALL DAMN NIGHT, in fact.
I need a few of THESE.
I awoke around 0500 hrs (adjusted DST) and still heard it, so I called into FWPD dispatch to lodge a complaint.
I mean, I did fall asleep with the TV and radio on...as well as the furnace and fridge going on and off, so it was noticeable "music"
Well, after going through the menu and waiting for 30 seconds, "Amanda" in dispatch needs to know WHERE it's coming from (I'm inside MY house...can't give you an address, toots). I told her "the block north of ours...dunno which house" (had a feeling it was the one right across the street). I said "have the officer swing through, windows down...he or she will hear it, trust me". 
I also mentioned to her that "I figured since it was morning now, we'd either have a cessation OF the music...OR (and I was going out on a limb here) a POLICE PATROL roll through and stop the music...guess we had NEITHER."
NOT that safe, and HARDLY secure
That elicited a few moments of SILENCE on the other end, like she had to contemplate my (TRUTHFUL) statement.
She said they'd send someone by, and it wasn't TEN minutes later, the music stopped, but I fear not because an officer rolled up.
The police NEVER get here for a *44* call (loud music, party or fireworks) in THAT short a span of time (usually 30+ minutes), but if the officer came through and DID shut these asswipes the hell up...kudos, if not, then better luck NEXT time.
Cripes, and it's not EVEN that warm out yet...makes me want to hate summer anew.
*** Now, speaking of the FWPD, I composed an email about those idiots down the street that CHRONICALLY BLOCK THE SIDEWALK when they park in this one driveway (which can hold FIVE cars if someone would pull the f$ck UP to the damn garage).
One of dozens of photos
I know...Eric (who I mentioned last week - lost his wife) was the neighbor who used to LIVE there, and I know more about that property than the damn landlord or ANYONE who might live there. I helped them clean the place out when Eric and Dinah moved..
The name of the "capo" for PARKING CONTROL is one COLIN KEENEY, so, since I didn't have his EXACT email address, I think I've "cobbled" one together based on OTHER department heads and email addresses...like joe(dot)blow(at)cityoffortwayne(dot)org.
I figure it's worth a shot. What the hell, right?
I sent along pictures that go back TWO years of these morons doing this all the time.
Well, after a brief nap with the cat, I get up and see a FWPD cruiser parked on the street.
I didn't hear gunshots, and saw no officer, so maybe, just MAY-BE he's there checking out the parking gig?
Well, he left without doing anything about it...well done, city of Fort Wayne (again).
Less than TWO houses from a parking violation...and did NOTHING.
Or, perhaps the cruiser was just "cooping" (usually take TWO cars to do that), I can't say, but IF an officer is OBSERVANT...AND knows the basic LAWS and ORDINANCES of the city (they do have to study, you know), then he/she COULD take the initiative and either warn or cite the person responsible for forcing people to walk in the street...just a  thought (and a damn good one, too).
*** Next up, we can't let this one get away...no sir.
We have another shooting on the city's SE side
(where else?)
This took place on Friday around  2245 hrs in the 1900 block of Hobson Rd.
Even if I don't know all THIS city too well, I DO know it just HAS to be the Baldwin Creek Apts.
I say this because I really DOUBT if it was the SENIOR facility across the street ("...gramps gotta gun!").
Plus, Baldwin Creek has been in the news before, and NOT for being one of the top ten complexes in the city (unless you mean FOR CRIME)...lol.
Here's the story link, which includes as little information as possible, which is becoming the damn norm around here.
If the city, or the Public Safety Director, or even the FWPD Chief thinks that not providing information that should be available to the media (which could help police solve the damn crime) will make us think that CRIME IS GOING DOWN...well, that's pissing in the wind, people.
Many citizens CAN (and will) help.
The ONLY way you can get the community involved with AIDING the police is to TELL THEM SHIT...like whatever YOU know should be made available to ALL media sources...that is IF you REALLY want our help, and aren't just blowing smoke out your butt.
*** Last back to the ghetto...I miss the days when I had this rapport with our former quadrant captain, Nancy (Becker) Chamberlin...
She was a good person AND a good cop...and I felt like we were making some headway in this area.
Whenever I had a problem, I could send along an email with some pictures, and the matter would get resolved.
She also put me in touch with other city departments, like Solid Waste and Neighborhood Code Enforcement, and they have been most helpful over the years. But try and find email addresses for ANYONE on the city's website these days...damn near impossible.
And, with ALL this social-media "tech", you'd think an email address would be a mainstay.
At least City Council has addresses for THEIR members, and I might consider contacting those I THINK could help (and that does not include Glynn Hines our own district councilhack). I'd contact the AT-LARGE members first.
Hell, I'd call animal control before I called Hines...he's an empty suit.
Like I say though...living down here is not for the timid...or the weak...or the outnumbered.
You get damn tired of everyone else's life INFLICTING ITSELF upon your OWN...
(without your permission, I might add)
And we've been privy to that for over a DECADE...with no sign of let up. Just keeps getting a little worse.
You do what's right...fight the good fight, and try to keep to yourself as best as possible.
You don't get to "know your neighbors", because they probably have rap sheets longer than your grocery list.
You try to effect some sort of change for the better by taking on those who live for chaos.
Thing is, finding an ally is a difficult proposition. Going it alone is a task and a half.
Still, you soldier on.
Guess I take after Captain America in one regard...
Words to live by, that's for sure.
I"m sorry, but we have rules and laws for a reason, and it's not to see how many some folks can break...or ignore.
And these rules and laws HAVE to apply to EVERYONE... EQUALLY,  or (like I always say) they're not worth the time, paper or ink it takes to write them in the first damn place.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Great post! You are so right about so many points. I'm sorry about the parking demise. Someone should just walk the dog up over the top of the car and not break stride. That will fix 'em. Have a great day and be safe!

A Beer For The Shower said...

Oh yes, there are clown cars like that around here too. Raised higher than a truck, painted the most obnoxious color they can think of, and constantly blasting sound that they call "music" but I'm not yet convinced of being so.

Also, we don't have any people here who block the sidewalk when they park, but all of the spoiled brat kids leave their bikes and scooters sprawled out on the sidewalk. Like, just a whole parking lot full of them. Makes running around the neighborhood a ton of fun (obstacle course!), and it's good to know these inconsiderate people are starting their kids off young.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Happy that you liked today's post.
Once in a while (with me it's TOO OFTEN...lol), you just GAVE to rail against "the machine"...or the local idiots in what USED to be a neighborhood.

I'm all for putting on some golf shoes and talking a "walk" along the sidewalk...(at the right time, mind you, AND, if I had golf shoes).

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe & enjoy the nicer weather down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, when you see a sticker on the rear window that says MTX...you KNOW you're got audio problems.

Then again, I equate the LEVEL of the music volume to the lack of certain male appendage lengths...lol.
There IS a definite correlation there, trust me.

Hey, ANYTHING that OBSTRUCTS a sidewalk is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue and should be brought to the attention of the local police or neighborhood association.
Hit these mooks in the HOP-NATIONAL BANK and they'll wise up straight away.

Thanks for swinging on past today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe & stay classy out there.

CWMartin said...

That clown car is what we call a pimpmobile. Is there a bright pink flamingo feather hanging off the rear view?

IDK what more you can do to get police action. If it wasn't so damn frustrating, I'd suggest maybe you should hang donuts on offending houses and cars... kinda draw them in, so to speak.

I guess one reason that e-mails are harder to come by is that these days, EVERYONE has access. It's just easier to leave them off than deal with a constant stream of garbage from which actual useful information and important inquiries must be extracted.

In short, it's like everything else that has been ruined the last decade or so- too many idiots out there.

Bob G. said...

Back on the east coast we called only CADDYS pimp-mobiles...lol.
The other cars were merely "wannabes"
Now, we have DONKS, BOXES and BUBBLES (helluva "google").

I think someone should shove that flamingo feather up the driver's ass...heh.

I could get police ACTION in a heartbeat...but it would ALSO make the news, land me in jail (where I COULD "meet the neighbors", and leave a few D/Bs around the ghettohood.
But, it would quiet things down a tad.
(I DO prefer a direct approach when feasible)
Other than that, I'll keep trying different permutations of what's allowable (by law).

AHhhh...the "idiot syndrome" regarding emails (and social media)...hat makes perfect sense.

Well, I (like our president) have a phone...AND a pen...hahaha.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe and enjoy the nice weather up there.