25 March 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week and the last Wednesday for the month of March (already?).
We seem to be starting off on the mostly "soft" side today with some "early morning rain" (now THAT is a great song, especially when it's sung by Gordon Lightfoot), but at least it's not SNOW (which we might not be over and done with), and it's not FREEZING.
The Hooiserland weather will see us with an abrupt warm-up. Temps are supposed to reach the upper FIFTIES (maybe even hit 60).
Clouds will follow us around for a bit as well.
All in all a nice touch of Spring...for a change.
So, grab yourselves a nice hot cup of midweek fortitude as we set sail into a sea of possibilities.
*** First off of the dock today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice."
I think you will feel this kinda nails things down for much of humanity these days.
And I believe that evil people COME from an evil collective, with very few exceptions.
So, WHO said that, anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the "theory of justice"...
*** And it's also time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 25 - 
---Today is PECAN DAY.
Not to be confused with next month's NATIONAL pecan day
Time for a nice pecan pie, perhaps?
---It's also WAFFLE DAY.
This is NOT to be confused with NATIONAL WAFFLE DAY in August, but rather a day to "waffle" on issues and decisions.
In other words, you can PRETEND TO BE A POLITICIAN...LOL.
(they waffle every damn day)
*** Next up, ANOTHER shooting on Fort Wayne's (where the hell else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
And here's the story link:
This took place yesterday around 1730 hrs in the 2900 block of Bowser Avenue.
A man was shot on his porch and numerous shell casings were found by police after they arrived on scene.
The vic was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head and remains in critical condition.
Police said that many people who were at the house at the time of the shooting left before police arrived, and detectives were trying to find them to get witness statements.
FWPD spokesman Officer Jeremy Webb said many followed the ambulance to hospital.
(should be easy to find them THERE)
Investigators were looking for a newer gold Impala that left the scene after the shooting.
Police are not sure if this car was involved in the shooting.
Well now, as the weather turns nicer, the thugs come out...don't they?
Seems the police cannot get the appropriate handle on these people, otherwise we'd not be hearing of so many incidents like this.
((Editor's Update - 1130 hrs - The victim of the shooting has been ID'ed as Charley Allen Jr., who remains in critical condition, according to the WOWO website.))
*** This just in - 1400 hrs -
Looks like we might have HOMICIDE NUMBER SIX...and in the same area of the "badlands": we've been having these mooks shooting at one another.
Here's the story link from WANE (so far).
Never a DULL moment (or day) down here, hmm?
*** And here's another story about a black teen who is being charged with sexual assault from 2012.
"Oh-Tay "
I had a post about this story (check my archives 24 September 2012), and evidence now points to one Walik I. Whiteside as the perp in this attack (15 yrs old at the time) on a female jogger near Lower Huntingdon Rd and the Rivergreenway.
Funny thing, this SAME punk-ass teen is ALSO serving a 25-year term in a shooting of another teen (found in a SE side alley) over some pot back on 12 October 2013.
(my archive post from 28 February 2014 has his sentencing for the shooting)
Violent little bastard, isn't he?
And he's now only seventeen..
He never heard that Janis Ian song, I'd wager.
We can only hope that natural justice finds him while in the slammer.
*** Next up, another rape results in accusation of a black male.
Here's this story link:
Lavonte A. Wilderness (helluva name there) is the one accused from an attack back in August last year.
Abduction is also part of the charges. But, he claims he didn't know the woman.
(yeah, right...we know how that flies)
*** Next, I had no idea that Fort Wayne was like FERGUSON, MO...did you?
You want the cops ON your side, bub...get it right.
Well, a mayoral candidate (democrat, naturally) sees things in a similar light.
Here's the story link:
This has already got the FWPD at odds with Rick Stevenson, and I'm sure the FWFD will follow suit, as will the ACSD.
I've seen democrats put their foot in their mouth, but THIS man must be some kinda sideshow attraction, because he swallowed his foot...and all the way up to his HIP!
Now, if ANY correlation between HERE and Ferguson COULD be made...it's not so much a law-enforcement issue as it is a minority disdain-for-authority issue.
But THAT point was (and is) never addressed (how convenient).
Maybe if more in the African't community would work TOGETHER to become BETTER citizens and try something outlandish like say...OBEY THE LAWS for a change, this would fast become a NON-ISSUE.
Stevenson did mention a bit of "truth" in his tirade at the Urban League meeting last Saturday...he said "they (the department) need to be cleaned up".
If by that he MEANS the CHIEF, then sure, I can buy into that.
Ditto for those on the payroll who are "just getting by" or who are selected for certain positions NOT because of MERIT and ACHIEVEMENT, but by skin color.
EVERYONE in uniform stands for the SAME THING, right?
Honor...duty...courage...integrity...yeah, that kinda stuff.
This goes back to when Rusty York was chief, and cherry-picked his "candidates" for positions of higher rank based on "balance" and "diversity" rather than experience and quality of character.
To repeat...Fort Wayne doesn't have as much of a police problem, as it has a black community problem...
That's a FACT...get used to it.
Sorry, Rick...looks like YOU will be not become our next mayor, if those who know the TRUTH have anything to say about things.
(which they will)
*** Last back to the boat-slip...Rush Limbaugh had a great program yesterday, and he mentioned something I've been on the bandwagon for as long as I can remember.
He talked about the RIGHTS of individuals, as explained in our founding documents.
Then, Rush talked about how people MISCONSTRUE what a "right" really is, and attach that handle to ALL aspects of their lives.
He used the word ENTITLEMENT, whereas I tend to use the word PRIVILEGE.
Both words are excellent examples of how society has redefined what THEY think their "rights" are these days.
I've said that DRIVING is a privilege. People think they're ENTITLED to have a driver's license and a car. The fact that SO MANY people here in Fort Wayne constantly get pulled over for NEVER having gotten a damn license bears that out.
You have no "right" to drive anymore than you have a "right" to a place to live.
Nor, is anyone "entitled" to have a place to live.
You EARN the privilege to become a renter or even a homeowner, and that usually entails having some "folding money" available to make such a privilege happen, right?
Well, not these days....there are those that labor under the false belief that THEY are entitled to what others EARN...they believe they gave a RIGHT to have the same things YOU have chosen to acquire through hard work.
Where is the EQUALITY in that, I ask you?
It's a case of some people feeling it's their RIGHT to be MORE EQUAL than you.
And it's THIS agenda that the progressive leftists constantly pursue with a passion.
EVERYONE is equal in God's eyes, and that means as His creation we are basically alike.
I don't think God ever meant that we ALL have (or get) the same stuff in life.
To each his/her own level of knowledge and wisdom is achievable, given we all have the exact same opportunities allowed us.
You simply cannot MAKE all people totally equal in every aspect of existence, and God knew this when he created man and woman.
So, who are we, as a society to think WE can do what God chose not to do?
That is folly of the highest order, don'cha think?
We can strive to be BETTER people (never perfect), and we can, by our actions and behaviors EARN the privileges others choose not to aspire to, but we should never allow God-given rights to be misinterpreted with such privileges and certainly not with an entitlement mentality.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

WANE's six pm report seemed to indicate that Stevenson was trying to bag ONE bad cop who maybe shoulda been canned, and "Woulda been if he weren't white." You can bet that as his "mayoral campiagn" rolls on, he'll be saying stuff like, "the FWPD hangs on tight to white officers to keep out black recruits."

Me, I'd vote for the first pol standing down at Brentwood Apartments asking why the admin doesn't get off it's NAACP-fearing ass and shut the thugs down. As you can see, I'm still a bit drug addled.

Bob G. said...

Officer Arnold was exonerated from ANY wrong-doing, by both the FWPD (internal affairs) and the prosecutor's office.
Hana Stith went on a similar witch-hunt a few years back with another officer.
You want more black officers?
Get candidates with some ETHICS.

The fact that the city "settled" with some money says nothing about culpability, but says it's better to shut the idiots up, rather than TRY to explain the truth to them.

The black community suffers from ACUTE "can't see the forest for the trees-itis".
And far be it for ANYONE ELSE to point their problems OUT to them.
(that's racist - vis-a-vis being uber-PC).

Someday, someone who is black WILL speak out and their people WILL listen.
(just not today).

Thanks for dropping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there, brother.