30 March 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to what we like to call HOLY WEEK - the most religious time of the Christian AND Hebrew year.
And to those of the Jewish faith, a blessed PASSOVER to you. Sorry I missed that yesterday.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies and temps into the upper forties, with no chance of precipitation (for a change).
I swear I felt sleet yesterday while out feeding the squirrels on the patio...
We've a few things to chew the fat over today, and perhaps one or two of them might strike your fancy (if that hurts, then maybe your fancy needs to move out of the way?) so let's have at it.
Get yourselves that morning cup of fortitude poured and together we'll brave whatever comes our way...at least, that's the plan.
*** First out of the HQ is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 30 - 
Wha...not THAT Doctor???
Now, being an almost constant visitor to doctors as a child, my affinity for such people IS provisional.
I don't like to see one IF I don't HAVE to...period.
Ohh...THOSE doctors.
I look at doctors (and dentists) like hairdressers...ONCE they get you IN there, you're a "lifetime customer"...lol.
Her...yes. Him...no.
I'm sure Chris would love to be doing that today...maybe after work?
I usually DRIVE through OUR (safari) park down here...I can wash wild animal scat off the CAR a LOT easier (than off of clothing...heh).
---And, it's I AM IN CONTROL DAY
I suppose it all comes down to WHAT (exactly) you can be in control OF, right?
I know what I WOULD LOVE to be in control of, but that's not gonna happen, and I'm positive you have YOUR wish-list as well.
Well, any small victories along these lines are better than NONE, hmm?
Moving on...
*** Wifey's taking the car in today for a checkup and some repairs to the driver side window...it doesn't go up or down.
Where's the button that activates the OTHER buttons?
Dunno if the switch gave up the ghost or not, but when you have a car with all the "power" crap onboard, that's WHAT HAPPENS.
Don't have such issues with the "Batmobile"...that has window CRANK HANDLES...because people used to be a lot LESS lazy in those days...
And I MANUALLY LOCK the doors, too!
"Why yes, I CAN roll my OWN windows up and down by using the handle, thanks for asking.".
Amazing how costly the price of "easy" can be...isn't it?
*** Next, you know what is difficult?
Of course you do.
You live life as best you can, so that means you know how to advance through adversity.
But there are those times when you don't expect such difficulty..like when watching TV.
I was flipping between the NAT GEO presentation of KILLING JESUS and the AMC season finale of THE WALKING DEAD.
Trying to watch BOTH on ONE set was hard to say the least, but since I "read the ORIGINAL book" regarding Jesus, I had to see TWD in most all of it's entirety...wasn't disappointed in the least, either.
First, let me say that what I did see of Killing Jesus was a marvelous historical account of the times of our savior.
The producers of the show seemed to get everything very correct, and I appreciate that.
It wasn't as heavy on the true BIBLICAL aspects, though, and I think it was intended that way.
Nothing wrong with history, is there, especially if we LEARN from it.
As to TWD...well, that was a decent way to end a season.
These oddballs with the "W" carved into their foreheads (Wolves)...always a pack of loons lurking nearby to mess things up...kinda sounds like my neighborhood most days.
At least the Alexandria compound is okay...for the time being, and the people there are finally realizing that Rick's group ARE indeed survivors.
Rick set them straight with wanting to help the Alexandria folks survive and will teach them to be more than sheep behind walls.
THIS is a man I WANT for a neighbor!
What's REALLY cool...MORGAN is back (first person Rick met in season 1)
And he kicks butt with that staff.
Should be a really good 6th season...this one seemed to blow past.
*** Next up, I never cease to be amazed at what I find when I do a Google search...
Sometimes, it's like people KNOW what I'm thinking, while other times, it's the exact opposite.
It's almost like a "box of chocolates", Forrest!
With that in mind, I came across a "list" of things that (in the original article) black people have ruined.
Let ME state that the list pertains to "inner urban ghetto blacks" (and yes, now Latinos as well), because as we all know (or should by now), there are MANY blacks that don't even want to live near some of their "own kind" that infest the SE side of Ft. Wayne, and those are the ones I grew up with.
So, here's the list...and I even added some.
34 Things urban ghetto Black People Ruined
1. School dances
2. Cars (Google donks, boxes or bubbles)
3. Rhodesia
4. South Africa
5. Baltimore
6. Detroit
7. Cigars (got blunts?)
8. Responsible gun ownership (more gun thefts and crime)
9. Manhood (more like man-children)
10. The cute daughter of a country singer (MIley Cyrus)
11. Newark
12. Philadelphia
13. Fatherhood (no responsibilities)
14. Ferguson
15. New Orleans
16. Student collegiate athletics.
17. Christianity
18. TV news (Sharpton - need I say more?)
19. Pants (never knew a waist was mid-thigh)
20. White teenagers (that think they're "cool", too)
21. Representative government (Charlie Rangel, for example)
22. Childhood (mini-rappers and thugs)
23. Los Angeles
24. Teeth (got "grill"?)
25. Public health (anyone want to talk STDs and HIV?)
26. Courtship (what the hell is THAT?)
27. Higher education (everyone's a scholar)
28. The rule of law (Eric Holder take note)
29. The English language (Got Ebonics?)
30. Trips to the mall (flash mob vandals)
31. Fast food (brawling at BK)
32. SE Fort Wayne (drive through my part of the ghettohood)
33. Peace and quiet (cars, dogs and mouths rule the day)
34. The Presidency (got THAT right)
Now, see if you can explain to me where I'm WRONG about any of these...or perhaps you can even ADD a few more?
*** Got us another D/B in the city...but it doesn't look to be the "typical" type of death (by homicide).
Here's the story link:
A visiting corrections officer noticed a foul smell in a house located in the 200 block of W. Woodland Ave (least it ain't on the south EAST side).
This took place Saturday afternoon.
When the officer searched the house, a D/B was found in an upstairs bedroom closet.
(someone should have known that dead people don't keep well in vertical coffins and not without being embalmed)
The man and woman at the house wee detained by police. A neighbor noticed that there were THREE people at the house, but the third person had not been seen for more than a few weeks.
This should be an interesting case to figure out. Perhaps someone was cashing checks for the dead person..a nice case of fraud, maybe?
*** Next up, Wifey and I dropped off the car and then walked up the alley to our "Fortress"...
WHAT A FREAKING DUMP (not our house, that is).
It should look THIS good NOW.
The damn alley LOOKS like a ghetto...trash strewn everywhere...litter all over.
THIS is what entitlement must look like. I didn't take pictures (might do it later when we get the car).
What the hell is up with people that they cannot manage to clean up after themselves???
These are the SAME people that bitch, piss and moan the blues when they WANT a nice place to live.
Hell, you didn't take care of the LAST place you had...you're sure as not getting ANOTHER one to trash the f$ck up.
This generational irresponsibility has become the bane of most every major city across the fruited plain (and then some).
These people obviously don't know their ass from their elbow, otherwise they'd figure out the whole "clean areas are nice and make us all feel better and safer" thing.
Not a chance in hell of these mooks figuring that out.
This only ADDS to the clutter.
And don't you dare attempt to CALL them on it...they take offense...like YOU'RE to blame and not them.
Well, that's bullsh*t, plain and simple.
Such people would wallow in it (and many do) if it would get them more free stuff...at YOUR expense.
*** Last back to the trash-bin...(Speaking on which, we DID get out trash picked up Friday afternoon) in many ways, society has ceased to continue to EVOLVE.
Too many people have become "static" in their lives and are passing such apathy on to their progeny.
Regardless of how slow you choose to move in life, it has to always be FORWARD. There is no turning back, and marking time does no one any good whatsoever. There is no retreat, and should be no surrender, but to the moolies I see, hear, and read about, they have indeed surrendered.
They have "given in" to the latest "fad" that comes along...the latest GIMMICK, and are driven not by self-improvement, but by (...you guessed it...) entertainment.
Now, I enjoy entertainment as much as anyone, BUT...it's not my "raison d'etre". To me, it's a diversion from the mundane, the banal, and yes, all the nasty that life tosses at us daily.
Thing is, you fight THROUGH the nasty crap...conquer, not surrender to it. In that alone, you come to a much better appreciation of this gift of LIFE that God provides us every single day.
After the tough stuff is over...THEN you can relax and enjoy what you've struggled for. and not before.
A lot more people would be better served if they took the time to remember that.
And our society would be a lot less problematic as a result, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I've seen neighbor kids just drop whatever piece of trash they have in their hands instantly, no matter where they are. I.E. oh just finished this candy bar, wrapper instantly dropped on my sidewalk without a second thought. Good to know they start them early here.

Also... my wife has a brand new car with all of the electronic upgrades (nav system, bluetooth, mp3 player, etc) and it's cool now... but I do not look forward to trying to figure it out when it breaks. Meanwhile, my old car has manual windows and a tape deck. I can fix that.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the way some people act is as if "the world is THEIRS ALONE".
I think we have a few BILLION other people who might take exception to that mindset.

As to the cars...
Yeah, when ONE thing goes wrong on these new-mobiles, something ELSE comes along for the ride...it's all TOO interconnected to be feasible or practical from a repair aspect.

YOU have an older car with crank handles and a TAPE DECK?
Now, I AM (very) impressed.
No laziness THERE, eh?
(extra points if it has VENT windows...lol)
You have got to post a pic or two someday.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Like the new look of your blog, too.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

Agreed on TWD, the finale was great. Especially the return of Morgan. I'm really hoping he becomes a regular cast member next season. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean much with the way this show kills off characters.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hear 'ya...love to see Morgan be a regular, but I don't want to see him taken down, either.

He's got that "Jedi-Zen" thing going on now with that staff...AND he's been by HIMSELF for the same time that Rick and the group have...
Maybe he'll be a "guardian angel" for the group...never around but always there.

Glad you liked it as much as I did.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (and zombie-free) out there.

Momma Fargo said...

TWD was great. Liked it-finally. This season has been tough for me. I have read Bill O'Reilly's book, Killing Jesus, which the movie is based upon. It is interesting. I did not get to watch the show, so that is something I will do tonight. Great post and what about all these weird days of celebration anyway? LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I was very glad that Rick's group got to "catch a breather" for a spell.
Killing Jesus was not another "King of Kings", but that's OK.
And the fellow they ha playing Jesus is a MUSLIM...did a good job.
I think we need SOME of those good weird days...helps break up all those BAD weird days, right?

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Roll safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Natl Docs Day... me too. I had to go see mine Friday to get a come back to work slip. I was in the exam room waiting when my boss called to tell me to come in and hour earlier Monday. Geez!

I would indeed love the walk... bod's not used to the 9 1/2 hour day yet, though (hell, not even used to an 8 hour day anymore!)

Window cranks... miss those days.

Walking Dead or Nat Geo... wash for me. Don't watch zoms, don't get Nat Geo. Only regret one of those.

The list: The only one I might dispute there is courtship... the computer age loused that one up.

Maybe Rhodesia. It was messed up before it became Zimbabwe. It did get worse, but...

Bob G. said...

--When it comes to "docs" I gotta be at death's door w/ death wanting to pull me inside...lol.

--That's right...you're doing that O/T gig...(ouch)

--You ever get to ride in my car...we can ROLL those windows DOWN!
(might have to - the A/C hasn't worked in years - gotta get that fixed)

-- BOTH shows were worth a watch, but I know that when it comes to JESUS...you "read the source material" also.

--Yeah, 'puters did NOT help that out ONE single bit, but with ghetto-fleas, courtship consists of "Gimme dat welfare check, bitch, I need a crib to stay way from de PO-lice".

--More than a few AFRICAN nations have been screwed over for hundreds of years...and many are SO beautiful.
That's gotta tell 'ya something there, hmm?
(no appreciation and lots of tribal alpha male disputes)
That sounds like the ghettohood...coincidence?

Hey, thanks for taking time to drop by to comment.

Get better & stay safe up there, brother.