10 April 2015

Friday Follies...
And what a Friday it's starting out to be, IF you like windy days.
We sure have one here...some gusts up to 45 MPH!
Hang onto the kids, small pets and especially your hat.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will have us seeing the sun later on, plenty of clouds early on, and a high today in the mid-fifties.
Considering the morning started off around 50, it's not much of a jump, is it?
Still, beware of blowing debris, falling branches, potential power outages...the USUAL stuff in Indiana whenever such weather stops by.
In the meantime, let's get a nice BIG cup or glass of our favorite soothing beverage poured as we look to all the other fun things going on.
*** First out of the kite factory is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 10 - 
---Today is GOLFER'S DAY.
"I don't see any golf"
Good luck with that one in THIS weather. Sorry, I was never into "hit it and go git it"
I will play a round or two on MINIATURE golf on occasion.
Once again, Wifey and I geet stiffed - we're BOTH only children.
Let's also take a look at this weekend's "events":
April 11 - 
Yeah, try to find one, and then a machine that works well enough to PLAY it.
Now THIS I can get into...always loved the music. Nothing like it in the entire world.
---And, it's also NATIONAL SUBMARINE DAY...
The type you SAIL
The type you EAT
Whether it's the sandwich or the boat...both are cool.
April 12 - 
---Sunday is BIG WIND DAY. (sounds like TODAY, if you ask me).
Wonder if they mean the "wind" in Washington, D.C.?
Always something that BLOWS there, hmm?
---It's also RUSSIAN COSMONAUT DAY...(da!)
Yuri Gagarin - the FIRST.
Take time to read up on them...or just say "nyet". You choice.
*** Next up, is what looks to be HOMICIDE NUMBER 8 !
(number 9 if you count the decomp-man found in that bedroom closet a month or so ago.
Add to this lots more gun-play down in the (...all together, kids...) SOUTHEAST SIDE made last night and early this morning an "interesting" time for officers of the FWPD.
And here's the rest of the story (so far) from WANE:
And THIS was back in 2013. - nothing changes.
Yep, you can change the NAME of a place (Eden Green to Villages at Hanna) and you STILL have the same shit going down.
Gee, must be the PEOPLE (read animals) living there.
Now, to me, this is NOT any form of "revitalization" in MY part of the city.
All this crap started last night around 2230 hrs when police were called to the 1300 block of Greene St.
There, officers found two people had been shot, a male and female. The female was shot in thew foot and taken to hospital in good condition. The male was also transported in serious condition and died not long after that.
As officers worked the scene at Eden Green, several gunshots were heard farther south.
Around 0005 hrs, police were dispatched to a 2nd shooting (alleged drive-by) at Oxford and Smith Sts.
Smith St. shooting scene
Behind a house at 3514 Smith, police found a male victim with a gunshot wound.
Sure seems so
While on scene there, officers could hear more gunshots very close by. Officers said they could hear the bullets.
No officers were struck by the gunfire.
As is the case, NO arrests have been made, NO descriptions of the shooters or vehicles involved, and NO suspects in custody.
Now, THAT is how to start a weekend...down in the ghettohood.
And the WORST part to all this?
It's not EVEN THAT WARM out yet.
Guess those "power vacuums" in the drug dealing trade and street gangs just HAVE to be filled, hmm?
*** And, we had another drug bust on the (where slese?) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story:
This took place last evening at a house located at 5510 Standish Dr.
A combined effort by several agencies made the raid where they found THREE women, TWO men, an infant, TWO children and TWO dogs inside the house. (what? no partidge in a damn pear tree?)
Officers (and agents) also found SEVEN lbs of MJ, 31.8 grams of cocaine, $7,672 in cash, and FIVE handguns, TWO of which had been stolen.
Officers busted Joshua McKinney, 23, of Fort Wayne (aka rapper "Stu Hustlah"), and Keneisha A. Eley, 26, of Fort Wayne. (Gee, they both sure sound black to me)
The juveniles were place in the custody of family members, and the dogs were placed in animal care and control. Sure beats working for a living, doesn't it? Check for welfare fraud while you're at it.
*** Now, you might be wondering what the FWPD chief was doing yesterday...well, wonder no longer.
Looks like HE'S having fun...
He was at the Rescue Mission, dishing out food to those less fortunate.
FINALLY, he has found a job he IS qualified for.
Here's the blurb, because there is no REAL story here:
Even serving food, Garry looks like he STILL needs someone "helping him" (that would be Paul Shrawder, (D/C of investigations)
C'Mon, Garry...time to do something ON YOUR OWN....lol.
Moving on...
*** Next, I hope everyone has seen the in-dash camera of the Charleston officer BEFORE he went and shot the black male in the back, because it explains a LOT about police work, and how something as "simple" as a traffic stop for a broken tail light can go deadly wrong in mere seconds.
Now, I don;t condone the shooting when law-enforcement professionals have stated that the officer should have initiated a PURSUIT (on foot) of the person, rather than standing and unloading on him.
Then, again, the driver should have COMPLIED with the officer's instructions to REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE.
Instead, the driver bailed, and that's when everything took a very wrong turn.
But the exchange (caught on microphone) between the officer and driver shows how "hinky" some people will act when asked simple questions.
Rather than "fess up" and tell the truth, they change thier story several times within a minute...not normal.
But, it still does bot defend the officer's shooting.
The other week on the show JUSTIFIED, Raylan shoots a man fleeing from him in the back (mighta been his ass), and the perp yells out
"You shot me in the back".
Obviously, it wasn't a fatal shot.
Raylan Givens, a U. S. Marshal (played by Tim Oliphant) replies: 
"If you wanted to be shot in the FRONT, you shoulda run TOWARD me."
That is a CLASSIC line, destined for longevity.
Perhaps a lot of these shootings CAN be avoided, if ONLY these minorities make ONE GOOD CHOICE...and COMPLY with law-enforcement.
Yeah, I know that for SOME of them...it's a stretch.
*** Last back to the garage...I'm starting to get to the point where I might start carrying a firearm WITHOUT this stupid-ass permit (that costs $125 bucks), because it seems to be getting a might "tense" down here in the ghettohood.
The 2nd Amendment should be ALL the permit ANY law-abiding citizen SHOULD need.
And while MOST opf this crap happens farther from our "Fortress", there is ALWAYS the possibility that some of these dumbass mooks will be MOBILE, and start some kind of rolling gun-battle.
I certainly don't want to be caught with MY drawers down around my ankles on this one...that's for the "other guy".
I plan to do whatever is necessary to protect Wifey, myself, and our property
These jerks can all go and kill ONE ANOTHER, as long as their stupidity does not find it's way anywhere near our place.
That WILL be a fatal mistake for them...I guarantee that much.
And it's because I am damn sick and tired of this city doing little to nothing about the problems we have.
Decent people should NOT have to exist in this manner...not when they strive to make a house into a home, and see potential for REAL change for the better down here.
ONE person can make a difference, given the proper circumstances and resources, but there are times when ALLIES are needed, and the more, the merrier.
To just move away and allow the bad guys to win, is not, nor should ever become an "option".
You should not to surrender when victory can be achieved.
Perhaps the city should look into that and give THAT as much attention as has devoted to it's "downtown" area. It does have the novelty of never having been tried yet.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Groan. 8 tracks. Biggest headache in my music life. LOL. They always broke! And got caught in the player ! Groan! Love your signs..."love your ghetto" and "beware of bob." LMAO. Have a wonderful weekend, Bob. Be safe and good!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Yeah, and I hate to admit it, but I HAD one in my first car ('68 Buick Skylark)
It SUCKED to be listening to DEEP PURPLE and hear:
"SMOKE...ON THE...(whirl, click click, whirl)...WA-TER..."
Talk about loosing the moment...HA!

--It's not easy finding those signs...believe you me.

Thanks much for stopping by today.
Likewise, you have a good weekend as well.
And roll safe down there.

CWMartin said...

Missed the boat on that Big Wind Day for sure...

How much you wanna bet, the first thought of the cops when they "heard the bullets" was, "Damn, we got here too soon..."

The young thug of today has to make a lightning quick decision in these cases... do I stand and show the "man" how tough I am or run and hope this is one of those cops that WON'T shoot a fleeing man in the back. They tend to think that option #2 is like a force field, but Sue Richards don't live here...

I agree with you on your ending take. I cannot see how your neighbors can put up with living like that... but there are a lot screwier people living in a lot stupider manners, I guess.

Bob G. said...

--MIssed it? You didn't have BEANS like I did the other night?

--Yeah...between THAT and the "hostile crowd" they encountered, I'd say "WE'll come BACK when it's quieter and more of you are DEAD".

--Agreed, and QUICKSILVER none of these perps are NOT, either.

--ANY person with a half-decent upbringing would be utterly APPALLED as to how these mooks can live and not be "bothered" by any of this.
As for screwy & stupid, we have THAT in abundance ALL around us.
It's often the "neighbors" that ARE the problem.
We just "buck the trend"...lol.

Hey, thanks for stopping pn by to comment today.
Have yourselves a good weekend and sty safe up there, brother.