13 April 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another week sure to be filled with all sorts of "stuff"...kinda gets you wanting for another Friday already, doesn't it?
Perhaps it won't be THAT bad...we can always hope.
Our Hoosierland weather today will find us with partly cloudy skies, and then becoming all cloudy later on, as we see some showers move through the area. Temps will top out around 65 degrees, and with an overnight low in the low 50s, that's not that much of a change.
(Probably won't need the heating on)
So, let's all grab the soothing cup or glass of morning bliss as we set forth into the week.
*** First out of the stable is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 13 -
---Today is SCRABBLE DAY
You PLAY this...
I like playing with a specific "theme" in mind...makes it more interesting.
(now, SCRABBLE day is not to be confused with SCRAPPLE day, which would be a favorite of mine, having originally hailed from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).
You EAT this...(yummmmm)
So, if you yank out the board, choose you letters, and make your play carefully.
You could be staring at a TRIPLE WORD SCORE.
*** Next up, we just couldn't have a real weekend without some sort of SHOOTING in Fort Wayne now, could we?
Well, this is one of those "guy shows up at hospital with gunshot wounds" kinda thing.
Here's the story (such as it is so far):
At least this happened on the NORTH-east side of the city (spreading the "wealth" as it were).
Methinks local hospitals need some sort of "drive-up" window or "drop-box" for such victims...be a novel idea.
*** The latest homicide victim (number EIGHT, if you're keeping track for your deadpool) has an interesting story (and a past one could call typical) in today's paper.
Here's the link:
Let's get one thing straight from the jump...the guy was a THUG, didn't learn a damn thing from a tragedy that happened to strike his family (he was ALREADY in JAIL when his infant son was killed) from a drive-by shooting 8 years prior.
One would think that any NORMAL person would indeed turn their life AROUND under such circumstances...if they gave a damn.
Apparently, not Stacy Dewayne Evans (seen at left), otherwise he'd not be in a place where he could be stabbed in the neck and/or shot to death, would he?
Again, bad choices, and the inability to learn from the experience permeate this culture, and it's inhabitants.
Sorry, but I cannot show empathy or sorrow for repetitive stupidity.
Too often in life, you get what you deserve...good, bad, or indifferent.
*** Next, an early morning armed robbery at another gas station/convenient store.
Here's this link:
Yep, two men (one looked to be armed) robbed the Marathon station up on 9501 Maysville Rd around 2230 hrs last night.
(wonder if it's the SAME ones that hit other  stations and dollar stores?)
Without a perp DESCRIPTION, the public can't help the po-po...can they?
Love the way details are SO (not) forthcoming.
The robbers got away (as usual) with MONEY and LOTTO tickets (what? No NEWPORTS?
Maybe they were white guys?)
I dunno, but this SURE makes the case for NOT having all these places open 24/7, hmm?
*** Looks like we have ANOTHER LIAR running for president.
You don't WANT THIS in the White House..!
Hillary (what difference does it make?) Clinton made her coronation bid - I mean CAMPAIGN announcement yesterday and thank God I missed it, or I would have shot the damn TV screen.
The past IS repeated.
Let's see if the low-information crowd has LEARNED anything over the last 2 elections...
I'd wager they have not.
They're more concerned about espresso machines going to the International Space Station...or what the Kardashians are doing to be bothered about things that MATTER.
Seeing Clinton run for office is actually PAINFUL to me...makes my brain hurt...a LOT.
And anyone that thinks she'd be a GOOD president is clinically delusional...period.
I want to see her chances of getting into the White House sink faster than the Lusitania. Seriously.
We do NOT need her anywhere close to Washington....and that goes for her hubby, "Chester the Molester".
Both of them...liars to beat the band, skirt the law and come out "clean", but you watch the lame-stream media climb right in the sack with them...AGAIN.
Great play on words..and TRUE.
(They make the former Teflon Don look like he was dipped in Gorilla Glue)
I'd much rather have anyone in the presidency that WILL change America back to what it's supposed to be, and not what it has become over the last decade. And, I'm sure many of you feel likewise.
*** Last back to the corral...there are so many things I miss from the past and my childhood.
One of those that always comes to mind is the way people USED to act.
There used to be a time when people went out for the evening, they wore respectable clothing.
People used to better supervise their children and know how to say such things to them as the word "no".
People USED to remain QUIET during movies, unless the good guy won (they cheered), or there was a very SAD scene (they cried). Now, they yell and talk through the whole flick...hardly a good experience. Thank God for DVDs.
We used to ignore verbal slights...and joked about various nationalities...everyone did it, and everyone laughed.
We were a thicker-skinned people, a lot more reliant on ourselves than on government, and we were a mich PROUDER people for being Americans.
Americans were a RESILIENT people...we would bend with the wind, rather than snap in two or buckle to pressure.
Some still are that way, and God bless 'em all, but too many others have given themselves over to motivations of passion aka the "next fad", and their lives revolve around whatever comes down the pike, rather than creating a good foundation for family and themselves.
Many people today lack morality, ethical behavior, scruples...call it what you will. And it shows.
Because of that, people no longer know (or in many cases care) what their boundaries are, and therefore cannot effectively police themselves as they used to. That borders on anarchy when everyone does what they want without self-restriction.
Anyone old enough to remember such things knows exactly what I'm talking about.
Such good facets of humanity need to be preserved and nurtured, lest we all loose our way in our nation, the best one on the planet.
All of us still have so much untapped potential, and would we to channel it properly, this country would rebound ten times faster than it has declined.
Be nice to live long enough to see THAT, wouldn't it?
You bet it would.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

"Repeat stupidity" should be an actual charge.

"You are hereby charged with repeat stupidity. How do you plead?"
"Stupid, your honor."

Also, yay, Hillary for prez. No one wanted her for president 8 years ago, and no one wanted her for president 4 years ago. But somehow that's gonna change this year (she thinks). If the people elect her, then they're gonna get what they deserve. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer because of it.

Bob G. said...

'Ya know...that DOES make a lot of sense.
You "could" even pull the THREE STRIKES AND OUT gig, too.

After the THIRD charge of stupidity...I dunno, forced lobotomy?
(crime meet punishment)
That WOULD solve a lot of problems.

Hillary - I hear you there...the country WILL get what it "deserves" if they elect her...and woe to US during the interim.
Maybe she'll "whack her head" again?
We can hope.

Thanks much for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys!

CWMartin said...

"Sorry, but I cannot show empathy or sorrow for repetitive stupidity.
Too often in life, you get what you deserve...good, bad, or indifferent." Truer words...

I don't want that in the White House, the dog house, the shit house, or the IHOP!

I wish I knew what kind of warpage of the brains it takes to support someone like that.... although my one liberal friend just posted "Hooray for Rahm Emmanuel" for getting re-elected in Chicago. I commented, "Buddy, you crack me up..."

"Chester the molester..." I used to have a friend with a sister named Lori, who had a bf whose last name was Lester. My friend called them "Lester the molester and Lori Lovelace"...

Bob G. said...

--Maybe my take isn't EXACTLY "Christ-like", but I never profess to be anywhere close to HIS level of grace.
I call 'em as I see 'em.

--RE "houses" - I always KNOW I can rely on you to expound better on any given sentence of mine...(suh-weet)!

--Funny thing, "IF" this country suddenly BECAME the way these libtards wanted...they STILL wouldn't be satisfied.
They'd start on EACH OTHER (not a bad way to go, IMHO - they CAN start now)

--Don'cha miss the days when people had (nick) names like THAT?
((Got some stories to tell about nicknames.))

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment and provide a much-needed smile at the "Fortress" today.

Stay safe up there, brother.