22 May 2015

Friday Follies...
Now THIS week seemed to fly by (for me)...how about you?
And I do believe I see the sun RISING for a change today and not darting behind cloud cover.
Welcome to another weekend, wherever it may find you (and hopefully find you well).
The Hoosierland weather will be mostly sunny today, with temps rising to around the seventy degree mark.
Rain will come by later this weekend, but not today, unless you're catching something further north of Indiana.
So, with that behind us, get (or top off) your morning drink (already have mine - mmm...hazelnut coffee) and together we'll see what's going on in this crazy world of ours.
*** First off the starting line, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 22 -
(and yes, you can add a KAZOO or TAMBOURINE to the list.
*** Since it's Friday, let's see what the weekend has in store for us.
May 23 -
Seems to be some contention here...many are listing this as APRIL 30. (?) I dunno, really.
Whatever the month, never a bad time to listen to some Charlie Parker or Miles Davis, and see what REAL GOOD black MUSIC is like
---It's also LUCKY PENNY DAY
Shine it up if you have one, and if you don't, it would be a good day to go look for one.
(remember, heads UP is the way to go here)
May 24 -
All you snail-lovers should enjoy this one.
I look at snails as a SLUG who found a "home"...nothing more.
Never like to eat anything that leaves a SLIME TRAIL.
Remember - homeless snail = slug.
Help the "homeless" whenever you can.
*** Next up, George Soros and his heavily-funded SEIU minions are at it again.
Here's the story:
After $15...you'll want $20...where does the madness end?
Now, if you look around the Internet, you'll find out that the workers are part of the SEIU brigade, and those people are backed by George Soros.
Smoke and Mirrors time.
The whole basis behind SEIU having a finger in this cheeseburger, is that they want to turn this WAGE issue into a SOCIAL JUSTICE issue.
It's like crying "racist" whenever two people of different ethnicities pass one another on a city street.
But, $15 a HOUR...for a minimum wage job like bagging burgers?
Gimme a damn break!
Wonder how much that'll jack UP the price of a Big Mac?
And how soon before every OTHER "fast food" place lock-steps along our of "fear"?
Cripes, it's not even FAST food anymore, anyway.
This should never be allowed to pass, and for too many reasons to mention here.
Then again, this IS "Obamanomics" at it's finest..hold the pickle (you know where).
*** Next, the population in Fort Wayne has been going up.
Here's the story link:
The story says we "acquired" an additional 1650 people in the last census.
You can stick about FIFTY in this crib.
I commented on the WANE website: "Wonder which TEN HOUSES they moved into?"
I can snark with the best of 'em.
Funny thing, while this is going on HERE, Detroit is seeing an influx of... WHITES...(huh, wha???) imagine that.
And to think that place was the epitome of "white flight" in decades past.
Here's THAT story:
Detroit? Better you than me, folks!
With a city damn near in ruins, it makes some sense to grab property at dimes on the dollar, even if city services are lacking...like POLICE and FIRE.
Turning the Motor City into a bastion of white citizenry...sure sounds "racist" to me...ROFL!
Good luck to those taking the chance...hope they succeed where the liberal black leaders there FAILED.
*** Next, The Boy Scouts of America are falling on hard times, and I don't mean financially.
Here's one story that bothers me more than a little bit:
Well now, this "ban" on gay adults in the BSA is NOT sustainable? I think it IS.
This from an organization with CHRISTIAN roots (read the scouts pledge)?
Why is that we HAVE to be inclusive of the LGBT crowd into organizations founded on beliefs and principles COUNTER to that of this community?
Why don't the LGBTs just CREATE their OWN "scouting" programs and be done with it?
NAMBLA would LOVE that (in more ways than one).
I'm sure that would work out well enough for them, and leave the straight scouts the hell alone.
But wait, we're not quite done here...
Take a gander at THIS bunch of BS:
So, boy scouts have to refrain from WATER PISTOLS?
"Did he fire SIX squirts...or only FIVE?"
All because some idiot says "pointing a firearm is UNKIND"?
Well, YEAH, I agree with pointing FIREARMS...that's just common sense (and safety).
But a frigging water pistol???
A water gun is NOT (nor ever has been) a "firearm", you f$cking idiots!!!
A FIREARM has to have a CHEMICAL reaction to propel the damn round...!!!
Geezus H. Tap-Dancing Keehrist...WHEN the hell are these morons going to LEARN anything?
And they also want to limit the "size" of water balloons (to the size of golf balls)...
This is BIZARRO WORLD...someone changed the planet I was on while I slept.
Everything is ass-backwards...kids can't be kids anymore.
You noticing this, too?
Maybe it was a planet-wide phenomenon?
(I'm not getting all my memos)
*** Last back to the campsite...we're at the door to another MEMORIAL DAY, and I ca'n't help wondering if ALL the sacrifices by men (and women) in our military over the history of this nation means what it's SUPPOSED to any longer.
When I was little, every kid's dad was a veteran (mostly from WW2), and there were parades and a real sense of PATRIOTISM in this country for what THEY had done to preserve liberty and prevent fascism from moving across the face of our world.
Now, I look at all the bullshit we have to put up with from every quarter and honestly wonder if THIS crap is what our brave troops fought and died for?
It shakes one faith at times, I have to admit.
We are becoming a nation of sheep...too many sheep, and not nearly enough sheepdogs.
Used to be we had plenty in our past, there to preserve the AMERICAN way of life, based in JUDEO-CHRISTIAN roots, and with the principles and values instilled in us by our fore-bearers.
So, what the hell happened to THAT, hmm?
Please don't tell me it's dying out...like our veterans of that "greatest generation" who made OUR lives possible as well as free from tyranny and injustice.
All I seem to see around us these days IS injustice, and I miss the times when we didn't have to be part and parcel of that.
Our nation used to be a LOT better than that, and WE, as a people used to be SO much better than what we're settling for today.
Each generation seems to drift farther from those values we cherished, and that should never be permitted to happen.
It's not that we're not learning from history...many today are simply ignoring it.
And we all know about IGNORANCE...right?
I want to see our country back at the TOP...and for ALL the right reasons.
All we have to do is learn our history, practice common sense, and embrace values becoming to REAL Americans.
I think THAT is what we all need to do, in keeping with the true spirit of this holiday weekend.
Don;t you?
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, an, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Oh, I couldn't stop cracking up at your slug-homeless snail and help the homeless whenever you can. Yay, weekend. Yay long weekend. However, I will be reflecting on those lost and who gave sacrafice for my freedom. Happy Memorial Day, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

Yeah, I don't want ANY slug living under ANY bridge around here.

Maybe I could petition a local church to open a SHELTER?
(shouldn't cost much and wouldn't take up much space)

Yeah, I plan for my usual flag-waving around the "Fortress", and maybe a cookout with Wifey.
Gonna have a special post for Monday, too, as I always try to do.

You know...you should come up here some long weekend for a cookout...where the food & drink is bountiful, and you can stop pooping GREEN for a day...LOL.

Have yourself a very good weekend too & always roll safe down there, dear.

lotta joy said...

It's painful to realize that when I lived in Indiana, I never fell across blogs written by other Hoosiers. Five years stuck in Florida and I'm finding that Hoosiers DO have blogs.

Bob G. said...


Wish I could say THIS blog is a TRUE "Hoosier" one, but I originally come from PHILADELPHIA, PA.

I married INTO Indiana...lol.
So, I'm an "adopted" Hoosier, as it were.

Got a very interesting state here.
Lived in Ft. Wayne since 1997.
And I've had THIS blog since summer of 2006.

Glad you found your way here, though.
I thank you for taking the time to comment.
Feel free to come back as often as you like.

Have a great weekend and do stay safe down there in the Sunshine State.