29 May 2015

Friday Follies...
We made it...to the end of yet another week.
And weather-wise in our part of the Midwest, we're looking at a nice START to the day.
(it gets progressively lousy from there on out...sorry, folks)
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will see us with temps reaching into the mid-to-upper EIGHTIES today, with the proper amount of humidity tagging along for the ride. Expect partly cloudy skies with rain showers moving in later this afternoon.
Now, with that behind us, let's see what ELSE is going on...
*** First out of the dung heap is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 29 -
Now there's a load...lol.
Our "neighbors" must be part of this, because they're ALWAYS tossing half-eaten food and other compostable items along our local streets and roads.
Only thing is, no one clued them in that beer cans, liquor bottles,broken cell phones, empty packs of Newports and bags of hot fries aren't really "soil amendments".
 It's all about education, boys and girls (something the "locals" despise).
*** And since it's the weekend, let's see what is going on over the next two days:
May 30 -
---Saturday is WATER A FLOWER DAY.
Okay, um...JUST ONE???
How's about I water them ALL, because we've got a LOT of them around the "Fortress"?
And, not to toss a "spoiler" out there, but there's a REALLY good chance that Mother Nature will be taking care of any and all "watering" this weekend here in Hoosierland.
May 31 -
As long as they're the SOFT kind (is there any other?), I'm SO all over those.
I want this sign...for OUR neighborhood.
ROFLMAO...yeah, that'll go over like a pregnant pole-vaulter down here, where every THIRD vehicle has a blaring stereo, chronically tuned to the (c)rap music station or thumping out a CD from some minimalist, savage jungle beat "artist".
Like that police car TRYING to pull you over for being LOUD.
I'll save my hearing...for classical music, decent movies, and for the SHOOTING range (got my mickey mouse ears AND ear plugs)
I know, smoking can be harmful, but what the hell...I like a good cigar (and cigarettes).
Funny thing, TOBACCO helped PAY for many things in this nation over it's history...look it up.
So there you have it, friends...nothing I like better than to light up a smoke after eating some macaroons and listening to the sounds of nature after I watered the flowers.
*** Next, I had an acute case of "WTF were you thinking, Bob?" yesterday.
Looks even nicer "in person"
I "planned" to mow JUST the curb strip, but wound up doing the WHOLE front...and then did the BACK yard again.
Kinda glad I did it after all.
I usually hold off for the weekend, and do ONE of the three chunks of lawn at a time.
Guess that bowl of Froot Loops got the sugar-rush going,...LOL
Yumyumyum((good job,Bob))yumyumyum...
Naturally, under such conditions, I had to have proper "supervision", too.
At least I DON''T have to do ANY mowing OVER the weekend...(for once)
*** Next up, more gun-play on Fort Wayne's (where the hell else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link (so far):
Bet'cha it's a RENTAL
This took place at a house located at 4411 Plaza Drive (down in the ghettohood) around 0200 hrs this morning.
Officers reported hearing shots fired, and narrowed down the area that the shots came from.
A man was down in the front yard of the house on Plaza, and was found to be shot in the stomach.
He was transported to hospital and is in critical condition.
A group of people were around a campfire in front of the house when "someone" fired several shots at the group.
Police believe that the group returned fire, and about 20 shell casings were found in the yard.
A nearby house across the street was struck by one round, with a woman narrowly missed by the stray.
It's not clear if the police recovered any firearms on scene.
Police have not made an arrest, and that people around the victim were not cooperating with law-enforcement.
The FWFD was called to the house on Monday for a vehicle fire, but it's unclear if the shooting and fire are related.
Police do think there is an ongoing neighborhood feud, and this case remains under investigation.
Now...what the f$ck can we make of this??? Let's find out.
1) The "campfire" is an illegal burn IF within 15 feet of the house.
They should be cited for that if applicable.
2) What the hell are you doing UP and outside at 2-f$cking-AM on a WEEKNIGHT?
Perhaps.getting ready for work? I think not.
3) This "someone" who fired first...on FOOT? In a VEHICLE? Driving a BIG-WHEEL?
Absolutely no description...gotta love ghetto witnesses
4) So we not only have ROAMING people with guns at 2AM...we have people sitting outside with guns at 2AM...
Normal people don't do kinda shit.
5) TWENTY rounds expended...one house damaged and no one dead?
Hope you don't DRIVE the way you SHOOT.
6) Witnesses were uncooperative...what a surprise...
Street corner justice reigns down here, apparently.
7) Neighborhood feud...sounds like GANG ACTIVITY to me...
This should be fun to follow up on....if any further information come forward.
*** Next, we have our own "unique" brand of village idiots around here, and they're mostly black and Latino. This is purely due to the LOW number of whites that remain in this part of town, but we have some white trash, few as they are..
Wejuzbechillin, wif a lookalike PO-lease car
We have those newest additions to our area down the street - typical saggy-pants wearing, never work at all, come and go to all hours, and have way too many people "stopping by" to make one feel they're an upstanding citizens everyone wants to meet.
A couple days ago, some black loudmouth was out front of the place (drives up in a newer sliver Chevy SUV with another black male) and this guy sounded like that LOUD kinda drunk (guess that vodka helped)...and the morning wasn't even over yet...again, typical behavior for such people.
The chunky guy has the loud mouth.
This guy was literally shouting about "if he wanna fight, I'll shoot his ass".
Now, I got no idea to whom he was referring, but it would NOT surprise me if this is related to the Plaza shooting (above).
See, you have to understand the ethnicity - they have friends in ALL the low places, and they appear to know TOO many people, many of them dubious in nature and behavior.
We be chillin;' too...great place to hang out
You know when you get the "gut feeling" that something isn't as it seems, you want to do something.
I had thought about reporting this to the FWPD, but what is my basis for how I feel about this?
Well, I tend to trust my "gut" and will stack that  up against most peoples' facts in situations like this.
I still might contact the po-po...if the puzzle pieces come together as I expect them to.
And to think both the FWPD chief and the Public Safety Director advised the newest recruit class that graduated last evening to "be careful out there".
Good luck - you're gonna NEED it.
Gee, 'ya THINK?
Given the scenarios that have already played out in other cities, EVERY LEO out there should be on "high-alert".
When a typical police call results in a large group SURROUNDING the responding officers...well, that's got TROUBLE written ALL over it.
People milling about...mostly in ethnic areas
Add in that most everyone has a camera phone, and are taking videos OF the officers (which can be construed as interfering with police work, an investigation, etc)...it's a recipe for social disaster.
Sheriff Clarke "gets it".
The days of the average "lookie-loo" (rubberneck) seems to be long gone.
Telling these people to MOVE BACK doesn't seem to get through their thick, primate skulls any longer, either.
We're not done with this crap...not by a long shot.
*** Last back to the station house...we are allowing too many extremely small groups to dictate what is being done in our cities these days.
I always thought it was "majority rule" in this country.
I've spoken often about the lone atheist that managed to disallow a PRAYER at a graduation of several HUNDRED students (and their family members)...or the several people that all but close down a military recruitment center because they're "anti-war".
Now, we have small groups crying to the FEDS about how bad our police are...when such is not (nor ever was) true.
Less than ONE PERCENT of the total number of officers on our streets are what we would call "bad cops".
ALL the rest are the GOOD GUYS, but these folks don't seem to WANT to take note of that.
When police are fearful of doing the job because they might get tossed in the SAME jail they take the REAL bad guys to, that's a morale-shaking situation, and one we, as a society don't need to foster among our men and women in blue.
Some cities have a sort of "old west" pall hanging over them...many areas I call "the badlands", and with good reason.
Yet, there is POLICING...and there is POLITICS.
The two should always be SEPARATE one from the other.
And our streets should be owned by our law-enforcement officers, so that they in turn can allow the law-abiding citizens to ability to live their lives without fear or trepidation.
Enough is ENOUGH!
The thugs, drug dealers, rapists, psychos, and sundry other criminals in our cities should never be permitted the same luxury.
Keep politics out of policing, keep the police on our streets and allow THEM to make everyone a helluva lot safer as a result of the diligence and duty performed by those behind the shield.
It doesn't get any simpler, and should be a lesson all of us can learn from.
We'll see you all here (God willing) next month.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

You should have a "turn the neighbors into compost" day. Getting them to just lay there shouldn't be too hard, and the smell of themselves rotting wouldn't be much of a chore, either.

"A campfire in front of the house"... and what would have happened if the FWPD had been called about THAT, and done something about it! But, I see you have that end covered, too, Bob.

One of my first big posts was an argument between me and another who believed that the job of government was to UPHOLD the view of the minority against the majority, rather than respecting the minority while upholding the majority. Need I add he was atheist, liberal, and gay?

Bob G. said...

By God, YOU have single-handedly SOLVED TWO issues down here...!!!
---LESS crime
---FREE compost

How the hell can that be bad in ANY way...I ask you?

Yeah, the "campfire" gig is TOO easy to ignore...especially if it IS on the city ORDINANCE BOOKS (and most likely will bot be cited...black campfires MATTER, you know)

The job of the government is to RUN this nation (and not into some sinkhole) and to PROTECT it's people so that THEY can vote on issues and determine who "best" to run our government
(we had a hard time getting traction on that over the last few years...grant 'ya that one)

Majorities will always rule, until and unless the minority can CONVINCE and PROVE that what THEY believe, do, or say is a BETTER way for everyone...it's that simple.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.