20 May 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to a marvelously "brisk" morning here in Indiana.
One day, we have the A/C on, later that same day, we're turning the heat back on...LOL.
Weather changes by the HOUR around here, if not by the minute.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will see us having a high today of around 60 degrees.
Partly cloudy skies will follow along with a slight breeze, and we may have a chance of a shower later this evening.
(accent on the "chance")
So, without any further ado, let's all get the morning cup or glass of whatever we find soothing, and set out to see what the day has in store.
*** First off of the bus stop is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence."
I think with the world in the state it currently finds itself, this becomes a common truth, whether it's in the arena of government, business, or justice.
So, who said that anyway? (hint - it's a gimme)
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Monticello...
*** It's also time once again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 20 -
Like I said...a DREAM.
(yeah, in my DREAMS...or on a Monopoly board..LMAO)
Bet it ain't 25 cents any longer
(kinda cool to start out, but that's not a bad deal...time for some strawberry shortcake?)
*** Next, a FWPD officer has to shoot two pit bulls on the (where the hell else?) SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story:
The abandoned house
This took place in the 4500 block of Winter St around 0630 hrs yesterday morning (when kids are going to school).
"Just pretend it's a pit bull, Frank..."
A FWPD officer came to assist an Animal Control officer who found the two dogs on the porch of an abandoned house (we have enough of those in the SE). The AC officer tried to tempt the dogs with treats, but they became aggressive (just like the former owners, no doubt).
When the male dog attacked middair, the FWPD officer discharged his weapon.
This dog was later euthanized.
The other dog did not present a danger without the other to instigate, and was taken to Animal Care and Control for evaluation.
The owner of the two dogs was contacted and agreed to have the one dog put down and was also cited for allowing the dog to be a public nuisance.
*** And while we're on the SOUTHEAST part of town, there's THIS:
Now, I'll have to fill in the "blanks" here, because some reporters don;t know HOW to include pertinent information.
This home invasion (by two teens) took place in the 4000 of Lillie St around 2300 hrs this past Monday.
(there, that wasn't so hard, was it?)
Guess these punks weren't planning to attend SCHOOL on Tuesday, either way, hmm?
They knocked on the door of the house and asked the address which was displayed clearly ON the house. The homeowner (?) closed the door but didn't lock it.
(bad move)
The teens came in, one with a handgun, the other with a shotgun, and they took a purse, a 32 inch TV, an Xbox, a dozen video games, a tablet, 2 cellphones, and a sock hat.
(lotta stuff to haul)
Police saw two people run across Rudisill Blvd near S. Anthony and gave chase.
Especially with THESE officers on scene.
The two split up (typical), and police chased the pair through several backyards, before eventually capturing both of them.
(names withheld -juveys, you know)
Investigators found a handgun near the house on Lillie St, and a video game that was stolen from the home.
One of the perps was still wearing the sock hat taken from the house.
(whatta dumbass)
Now...what was this recent BS about the "perception" of CRIME down here on the SE side???
Please, refresh my memory, because it appears to be a lot more TANGIBLE than mere perception.
And this instance is only ONE of very many thefts that happen most EVERY day down here.
I only show you the signal 113s (shots fired) actual shootings and armed robberies (usually in businesses).
There is a much HIGHER occurrence of robberies, break-ins, home invasions that go on and are unreported in the news (unless there is a level of sensationalism attached to it...like a standoff or something).
Then, we have the disturbances, fights, rapes, thefts from vehicles...ALL DOCUMENTED.
No "perception" of crime required, people.
Just wanted you to know the TRUTH of the matter.
*** Also, while we're at it, let's see what our reigning "monarch" (Mayor Henry) has to say about some of this.
A VERY revealing series.
Here's the story link:
It's good to be "king".
Granted, this is NOT all about crime, but it is mentioned in passing.
According to Adam Widener's report (and it's a wonderfully scathing one), Henry says that the "perception is worse than the crime"...oh, really?
It not perception...it's FACT. Read the damn police blotter, or listen in to the FWPD radio (which YOU probably have access to, unlike we, the peons, who have had it taken away through encryption).
 The TRUTH in this is so much more damning than anyone's perception.
Henry goes on "...but because there's a perception that the southeast is challenging, we have a hard time marketing southeast.."
No, the developers can see the graffiti on the damn walls...there is totally too much CRIME down here, and anyone who reads the activity reports of the FWPD can also SEE as much, you dumbass!
The perception, if we were to assign one to this clusterf&ck, is what is REAL...what is ACTUALLY occurring down here, plain and simple.
When the crime is taken care of and chased the hell away, THEN, the developers will come in, and with a better feeling that both their businesses AND employees as well as customers will NOT be placed at risk.
But, we could talk to business owners who HAD to close down...if we knew where they went.
On the SE side - YES!
Look around at all the vacant businesses down here, and the sheer lack of amenities the other three quadrants have...and then wonder why this has been allowed to happen. You won't have to look that far.
*** Last back to the classroom...it would be SO nice to be able to return this part of the city BACK to a time when there were a lot more places to enjoy...and shop...and eat.
And we only have to regress a mere 15 years to do so.
When things were better on the SE side.
We still HAD a mall down here...and a K-Mart, a Target, a Penneys, Kohls, several bookstores, a music store, numerous gift shops, a Sears (with auto service), two movie theaters, a Richards restaurant...Lambors eatery, Atz's Ice Cream...well, you get the picture, right?
And those are on the short list - the most notable losses we have had in those 15 years.
There have been a LOT more.
We've had schools close (Geyer for one), and even a Payless Shoe Store shut down, along with the Decatur Rd. Scott's Grocery.
Again, all happening in the last decade.
So, what type of "perception" are we looking at?
To me (and probably more than a few other people down here who still give a damn) it's cold...hard...FACT.
What has risen in place of ALL we have lost is but small compensation, and the crime that caused many of these closings continues to grow in both numbers and in violent intent.
I hate to be a "Danny-Downer" here, but the truth is irrefutable...and as plain as the nose on the primate faces running this city.
Still, THEY refuse to see it (must be great to have such nice blinders in those "ivory palaces").
Toss a rec center here...a few "new" affordable housing units (read Section 8 and HUD) there, and we're supposed to roll our eyes and marvel at ALL that's been done?
That is minuscule compensation for what we have lost over the years, thanks to the ignorance of those downtown.
(where it sure looks beautiful...for a price).
Neither is ignorance...
The city IS paying the price OF that ignorance...the loss of an entire quadrant of the city, which COULD be producing revenue to fill city coffers to make thing better ALL over..
Nah...better to maintain a ghetto and stick a hand out to the FEDS for "assistance" to help the "poor"...More programs to "aid the downtrodden"....
Yeah, that ALWAYS works (about as much as those living around us....as in never).
Wake up call...anyone?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Hi Bob. We are getting the same cold air here. I wanted to grab the bicycle for a ride before my doctor appointment today, but I can't find my parka. Maybe later...

Too bad with the business flight you are describing. That just makes "recovery" that much more impractical. We live near a college which has saved many of the business here. Some of the surrounding towns look like mining ghost towns with all of the boarded-up buildings.

I think some folks should be required to read your blog--perception of crime? That might change.

Bob G. said...

Hey there...missed your blog and commenting here.
Glad to see you back.

Parka for bike riding...in the latter half of MAY...who'da thunk, hmm?

The recovery WILL be challenging, but not impossible.
CRIME has to leave FIRST, though, before ANY progress can be started.
Re-gentrification is always a good idea, but where to "toss the trash"?

We have one college (Taylor Univ) on the near SW side of town, and THEY are going through this whole "blight" thing..because the crime is spreading over there now.
Here's the story link:


If this city isn't careful, it's ll be in too deep TO change things...then we get only MORE of it...like other major cities.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.
(and again - welcome back)

John DuMond said...

Be a Millionaire Day? Hell yeah, I say! Sign me up. :)

It's a shame about those two dogs. More proof that morons should not be allowed to own pets.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I wish I KNEW where to sign up...lol.

Like my Dad used to say:
"I'm working on my SECOND millions - that FIRST million is too damn hard to get."

Yeah, it''s not the DOGS fault they were aggressive....they needed HELP aka the wrong training, and by the WRONG people (if we even dare to call them that).

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

First of all, your comment box was tiny today for some reason. Geez, my eyes are bad enough...

Strawberries? A little early 'round these here parts. Maybe in the land of fruits and nuts...

The owner of the two dogs should be LEASHED. as well.

Do you think that the business owners King Tom covets so much MIGHT be able to explain the Facks o' life to him? He could have a ROC perch on his shoulder and not get it.

"But... but... I threw money at the problem... and I felt REALLY bad..."

That's all his kind EVER do to find "solutions".

No further comment lest I go blind. Hopefully this "Tiny Comment adventure" is an anomaly...

Bob G. said...

--I would love to know HOW to increase the size of the comments..bothers me, too!
--I thought it was a bit early, too. Maybe NEXT month?
--I think the owner needs something ELSE, but Hod gets miffed ta me enough some days...lol
--I would HOPE that some of them WOULD try to "splain" it to him...Lords knows he needs to BUY A CLUE!
--Yeah, "their" solutions only cause more problems (or larger ones than before).

Dunno what to say about the small comments thing...the size in what it usually is, although I DO want to enlarge it somehow.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and don;t go blind) up there, brother.

CWMartin said...

See now, I just checked and its fine. An anomaly, as I thought.

Bob G. said...


Come now...that NEVER happens...ROFLMAO!

Glad it worked itself out, though.