26 June 2015

Friday Follies:
Was it me, or did his week FLY the hell by?
(maybe it was because Wifey wasn't here for half of it?)
If you happened to notice, we're back into the "rainy" picture...AGAIN.
(and for the next several days...sheesh!)
Our Hoosierland weather sees us with mostly cloudy skies, temps into the mid 70s and spotty showers throughout the day.
Hey, I don't make the weather happen,  t only tell 'ya what the forecast is gonna be.
We all have to deal with it as best we can.
So, go get yourselves that morning cup or glass of Friday fortitude, and let's see what the rest of the folks have been up to...
*** First up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 26 -
NOT the girl I dated (thank God)!
(sorry, don't use them myself, although I dated one back in he late 70s - learned to cut hair and saved myself some decent moolah over the decades)
(I've forgiven so many for so much over the years...kinda tapped out on this one)
No, I'm NOT "Playing GALAGA"
Some go to work EVERY day.(good boy!)
(Don't have a dog here, but I know SOMEONE who DOES...that should prove "interesting")
"What? You BOUGHT me a damn LICENSE!"
But, for God's sake...don't let them DRIVE you to work.
*** And since we're knocking on the door of the weekend, let's take a look at what lies in store later on...
June 27 -
---Saturday is SUNGLASSES DAY
(wow, the manner in which this nation is headed, I would have never thought the "future" would be THAT BRIGHT  that we'd have to wear shades, as the song goes...who'da thunk that?)
June 28 -
(seriously? how can one NOT be aware of it every time one walks out the door or drives a vehicle?)
---And, it's PAUL BUNYAN DAY
Bunyan and Babe
Here's the WIKI for the man, the myth, and the legend:
And now, for something completely different...
*** Did you catch the "CYA" act our FWPD chief made yesterday afternoon?
If not here's the "4-1-1":
Looks kinda small up there...
Now, this concerns two people, who when they knew they would taken into custody (for drug charges) decided to SWALLOW the evidence...
Bad move, right?.
A black male later died (in custody) from an overdose, while a black female was taken to hospital and is in critical condition.
Chief Hamilton (who once mentioned that we were NOT like Ferguson or Baltimore) held a "presser" to head off the possibility of a citizen uprising.
You know that, and I know that.
And you could tell that he's not good at doing that either...kinda like an empty suit.
But the kicker for me came when he said that FIVE detectives were being placed on administrative leave...
Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot!
FIVE officers?
Why so damn MANY? Did they ALL have an equal part in this (doubt that), and can the city afford to be THAT short-staffed when they already are operating at a personnel deficit?
Does anyone think this chief is  making officer morale go UP?
Sure glad that TEN (or more) officers were not involved...think about having an entire SHIFT on administrative leave.
In my opinion, I think to minimize staff reduction, the LEAD detective should take the leave (as supervisor of the operation or arrest).
THAT makes sense to me..but obviously not to others.
Let the windows be broken.
Sorry, there's little love lost with a chief that can't seem to get a REAL handle on crime in OUR part of the city.
When people are permitted to drive about blaring car stereos, have non-functioning license plate bulbs, allowed to park any damn way they please...that demonstrates how little he cares about ENFORCING the LAWS.
How else could you explain it otherwise?
Anyway, in spite of that, perhaps the chief IS on to something...follow along.
If the police can get these druggies to INGEST their purchases, and they die as a result of overdoses...problem SOLVED, the herd gets culled nicely, and we might even have a lot fewer people, houses and vehicles shot the hell up...that COULD work our very well down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne.
*** Next, up another robbery at a SUBWAY shop.
Here's the lowdown:
This took place around 0630 hrs Thursday morning at the Subway shop located at 1575 Goshen Rd.
And, as been the usual setting, took place right after opening (maybe a sandwich shop should open a bit later?)
The robber brandished a black handgun, demanded money, hopped the counter,  and took cash plus a cash-box, running around the back of the business as he fled.
Oh, just wanted to add that the robber was a BLACK MALE, 5'5" tall, about 135 lbs (short little shit). He was wearing blue jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and had a black bandanna over his face.
Good thing it wasn't a rebel flag bandanna...that would make him a racist.
He does remain at large.
Not THAT kind of "battery".
--- Right below that story is a brief about a woman who "launches boyfriend over car"...
We call that "vehicular battery", and that's being NICE.
Cripes with friends like THAT, who the hell needs enemies?
The woman, one Shanell Allen-Lewis, 21, of the 3400 blo=ck of Kendale Drive.
The "battery" took place on 21 May around 1830 hrs near Kendale and Crescent.
(Note to boyfriend - never get into an argument with a young, mad black woman...it will HURT)
Moving on...
*** Yesterday was Wifey's birthday, and I was working on getting her car's molding strip repaired, among other things.
Nice place - affable staff - prompt service.
Turns out there is a place, practically around the corner called AUTO COLLISION SERVICE (on Hanna St), and they said they could fix the trim piece around 2 PM.
Well, that wasn't a problem as I had already planned to take The Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. to Red Lobster for lunch.
The timing could not be better.
We got to the restaurant right as it opened (1100 hrs), and had ourselves a really decent meal
I like the setting...not crowded (and I don't have to sit with my back to a wall...lol).
Looked good, tasted good, too, says Wifey.
Wifey got lobster and shrimp and crab legs.
(She even had some left over for the doggie bag)
I opted for the Sailor's Platter (didn't see the Captain's Feast on the menu, plus my Captain America shirt was at home).
Wifey wore her "lobster-trimmed" attire (it's not what you think - it's proper), and always gets compliments on it by the staff. I think they look forward to it.
So, after we get home (encountering only a few people who seemed to leave their brains at home while driving), it was getting near time to take the car over to the repair place.
Good to go once again
Well, that took about 20 minutes and the trim piece was back on where it was supposed to be, and not trying to detach itself from the car.
Only cost $20...an easy birthday "gift"...to go along with the handmade hummingbird earring and charm set she got.
Later on, we had chocolate cake (I made it) to top it off.
Tell 'ya one thing...like to have a few MORE days as pleasant as that, but the "locals" have  too much INPUT on that one, unfortunately.
*** And just because I can toss this stuff out here, we bring you some recently-taken pics from our "Fortress":
Not a hawk on the street - a moth on the glass.
Mr.Wrinkles wanting a "DeMille" closeup.
Clover "at attention"...(at ease, soldier)
Yeah, we grow 'em BIG here...LOL
*** Last back to the garage...our part of the city used to be so much more than it has been allowed to become today.
Hell, it's not even as good as when we first moved here, so it certainly is not getting "better".
But, with the current state of affairs, I can't see that happening anytime soon.
I suppose that's the BIGGEST crime around these parts.
Yet, when people are NEVER held accountable for their actions and behavior, this invariably happens.
Bill O'Reilly nailed it the other night when he said a LARGE part of the problems in black communities is the dissolution of the traditional family unit. The crime and poverty follow along.
And this no longer something confined to minorities in America...it occurs (now( with every race and ethnicity.
We've managed to allow such behavior to thrive...AND be rewarded with the myriad of programs created to "help" these people.
All it has managed to do is help them to everyone else's money, whether it's through another taxpayer-funded program, or businesses that are robbed at gunpoint. And we know the guns USED are more than likely stolen or bought "off the street" illegally.
This is becoming a near-constant cycle of depravity in our cities, and the victim rate continues to rise to alarming levels.
The lame-stream media serves to use to help right these wrongs, but rather has become a cheerleader of sorts, on the sidelines, touting the bad conditions, as if to say the REST of us are to :"blame" for others "lack of vision"...or common sense.
Sorry, not buying that one...damn...bit.
These people need to start correcting their OWN faults, and stop pointing fingers at everyone else for their OWN shortcomings.
And the sooner THAT happens, the better off they are, and the sooner they can take back their neighborhoods.
We  don't do that by financial coddling, nor by "giving away the farm", as the saying goes.
Such goals for the inner city dwellers are not unattainable, but they do require INVOLVEMENT...and diligent work on behalf of those, who up to now, have done little to nothing to better themselves.
There is simply no other way to make things better for everyone...is there?
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

It is you. Went by sloooowwwwwllly. Glad you got Wifey's car a rolling again. National Paul Bunyan Day? Hoorah! Minnesota! How about the SCOTUS decision. Bleck. Go Scalia! Love your pics. The moth one threw me off a moment. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Okay, let's trade weeks soon, fair enough?
(make mine a nice, SLOW, quiet one...with DONUTS - lol)

Yeah, WE don't ride around in butched-together, duct-taped, primer-painted, plastic-bags-for-windows ghetto-sleds...we drive PROPER cars (even if they are older)

I'm calling our SCOTUS the "SCROTUS" from now on (well, at least SIX of them...heh)
Diana Ross had MUCH better "Supremes".

Glad you like the photos.
Yeah, that moth one DOES look like a bird of prey (kestrel-wannabe, no doubt).
It was on the screen door glass.

Thanks so much for rolling on up today.
(take care of that shoulder, too)

Have a great weekend & stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

I have MORE than enough problems at work without adding a four legged attention whore to the mix, lol....

Sunday is Insurance Awareness day... Jeez why not watch paint dry day?

I agree with you... Cops aren't going to work anywhere soon... nor pastors after today. And you can't even reason with those that think this is a good thing. Makes me sad.

HAH! The moth fooled me!

Clover thought it was Memorial Day again?

Almost time for Laurie's trip in the Time Machine, so have a good weekend!

Bob G. said...

Hell, I thought that would be the "selling point" - Scrappy gets attention from everyone else...and everyone else leaves YOU alone to get the job done.
Sounds like win-win, yes?

Dunno which day THAT is, but I'll bet they have one waiting in the wings.

First the police...NOW the clergy. The socialists are loving this. I think we're about at that "tipping point", and I can only hope and pray we have an intervention on a much "higher" scale (a miracle would help).

Amazing how the camera can play some really cool optical illusions.

I didn't even the FLAG OUT...Clover must like the "camos"...lol.
Now, if I could only get the bunny to salute. THAT would be YouTube-worthy.

Tell Laurie to have a good time.
And thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Have yourselves a great weekend & stay safe up there.
(You too, Scrappy! Just don't drive Daddy's car)

CWMartin said...

"Hell, I thought that would be the "selling point" - Scrappy gets attention from everyone else...and everyone else leaves YOU alone to get the job done.
Sounds like win-win, yes?"

I hadn't thought about it THAT way...

Bob G. said...

Yeah, you COULD be running the place under such a ploy.
(if that's what you're looking to do)


Slamdunk said...

Who would have guessed you were an amateur barber? Fortunately for me, when I was in the police academy, I got my head shaved and it never grew back. I can play barber at home and save money--little off the sides lol.

I always wanted a job where I could take my dog to work. When I was consulting, my old dog was giving my wife probs at home as she was pregnant with twins, so I was able to bring the dog to work for a few months. She slept all day so it did not matter if the sleeping was done in my car or wherever.

And happy belated birthday to your wife Bob!

Bob G. said...

As an amateur barber, let's just say that after all this time, I have had my share of "close shaves".
(and NEVER any MULLETS!!!)
With less (and thinning) hair, it IS getting easier...lol.

I did haircuts for friends (one was in the Naval Reserve and my cuts passed muster well enough).

Had a long-time mechanic friend in Philly who always had his Shepherd ("King") at the shop...largest, dirtiest AND friendliest dog you'd ever meet...unless you were breaking into the place after hours.
Then - "a;l bets were off".

Wifey thanks you for the kind thoughts.
And I thank you for spending a little time here today to comment.

Roll safe out there, boss.