25 June 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Wow...TWO days without any precipitation here in the Heartland...can we stand the strain?
Not to worry, today is supposed to bring it to a halt...with more rain.
Our Hoosierland weather has us looking at mostly cloudy skies, temps in the mid-70s range, and showers off and on from this morning throughout the majority of the day...there we go then, just when everything was drying out.
Oh, well...win some, lose some, hmm?
Let's not dwell, but rather grab ourselves a nice morning drink and set about seeing what has been going on in some other places...
*** First off of the laundry list is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself."
This was attributed to Potter Stewart, (23 January 1915 - 7 December 1985) former associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.
If this person seems familiar, we featured him in one other post back on 23 April this year (also a Thursday)
And here is his WIKI, in case you want to review (there might be a quiz):
Everything you need or want to know about his tenure with the SCOTUS is still there.
*** Next, it's time again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 25 -
---Today is LOG CABIN DAY
Courtesy of Valley Forge, PA.
(wonder if they mean the BUILDINGS...or the SYRUP?)
We know THESE guys never pitched for the A's.
(I KNOW they're talking about the FISH, and not the Hall of Fame pitcher for the Oaklnad A's)
(Don't think we'll mention WHICH birthday...heh)
And yes, I baked her a chocolate cake, but in our house, we try to refrain from using candles...we hear about ENOUGH house fires in this part of town...lol. Same goes for me and my birthday. Still, we always have an extinguisher around, just in case.
Moving on...
*** When Wifey arrived back home yesterday, she told me there was a problem with the Wifeymobile.
(okay, Bob...try not to panic)
Still wish that was OUR house...
It wasn't a mechanical problem...rather a cosmetic one (great)...
No dents scrapes, or dings...just one of the side trim moldings was coming off the driver's side.
These are placed along the middle height of the body front  to rear in case some moron swings THEIR car door open, and is meant to prevent a dent in YOUR car.
All well and good...except when the trim piece doesn't want to stay in place.
You have to understand that in this NEW age of automotive engineering, cheaper is better (and more costly to US). No one seems to bolt anything together that much...use some "stick-um" instead...
Yeah, that always lasts (not).
the offensive part (on similar car)
The ADHESIVE strip no longer wishes to stick to the car..been only 13 years...Hell, MY strips are 31 years old, and they're still on my car.
(yeah, cheaper to make every damn year).
At least we HAVE the strip (I pulled it all the way off, rather than have it flapping in the breeze and possibly losing it).
We're gonna have to go to a Chevy dealer and see if THEY can re-affix it with NEW adhesive strips.
I mean I CAN do it, IF I have the right type of adhesive tape, and can properly clean off the old residue.
That's where the dealer's body shop comes in, and it shouldn't take THAT long to do (15 minutes tops) and they should have the correct adhesive.
So, that means a run to Kelley Chevrolet, and tossing a few bucks around to get it done.
Tell 'ya, it's the ODDBALL things that you never see coming that become a real nuisance.
Hopefully, all goes well enough and we get the Wifeymobile back to 100%.
*** Next up, if I didn't know better, I'd think that the hosts of talk radio were reading my blog...(I WISH to hell they all were...LOL)
Everything I've said recently about this Confederate flag "flap" has been repeated by people like Beck, Limbaugh, Pat Miller (who might read my blog - he's local), and even Mark Levin.
Now, maybe it's because we all see things in a similar light (a good possibility and the "great minds" thing) or maybe we were all brought up in a "different" world (our ages are all close enough).
In any event, this is the type of issue that should be a NON-issue, because this country has a lot of other and more immediate problems that need the attention of people who can actively do something about them.
If anyone listened to the Mark Levin Show last evening, they (like myself) were treated to a "history lesson"  from Mark that outed the REAL racists in America - the DEMOCRAT PARTY!.
From the slavery era, through Jim Crow, and then into the progressive era, Levin spoke long and comprehensively about ALL the people who are erroneously touted as "saviors" of America, when in fact, they were behind some of the most insidious and racially divisive actions by any politician.
And he DID mention that it was EISENHOWER who FIRST tried to get a real CIVIL RIGHTS BILL passed long before LBJ (another racist) even took a step in a similar direction.
(he did it to get the "N-----R" vote, as Johnson said in one of the tapes of a conversation he had which Mark played).
Woodrow Wilson, was another racist, and FDR was not for equal rights for blacks, either.
Many forget it was the southern DEMOCRATS who stood in the way of equality for blacks, and yet today  the "Dems" are all over this like flies on shit, and have turned THEIR hatred against the GOP, who had nothing to do with stopping civil rights for blacks, and WERE instrumental in abolishing slavery in the first damn place....yet today, the GOP does nothing to refute the democrat's claims or actions...they are silent.
Pretty sad state of affairs  if you ask me.
In days of old, someone would be challenged to a duel...or punched the hell out in Congress for such transgressions and slights.
*** Next up, Some interesting police action in Indianapolis.
Here's the story link:
There was a police-action shooting stemming from a pursuit after an IMPD officer approached a car that was parked ILLEGALLY.
My GOD, you mean police departments DO actually ENFORCE SUCH LAWS???
Well, they sure don't seem to in OUR part of Ft. Wayne..not ONE...DAMN...BIT, because if they DID, I wouldn't have such a large collection of photos of offenders JUST in our immediate area.
Anyway, the Indy officer approached this car, the car backs up and takes the hell off.
A pursuit was enacted and after a brief chase through several residential streets where the perpmobile crashed in an alley, IMPD surrounded the car with guns drawn.The driver got out, then jumped back in and slammed the car into reverse.
That's when one officer shot into the car, striking the passenger, with another officer fired, striking the driver.
.The driver was taken into custody but the passenger was declared dead by paramedics. One officer was seen limping, telling witnesses to get away.
Not good to have meanderers around an active shooting scene...some people tend to puke (others take videos).
The officer involved in the shooting death is on administrative leave as the case is under investigation.
All I can say is damn GOOD thing the perps were not BLACK...otherwise we've have a redux of those other cities...AGAIN.
I mean BLACK LIVES MATTER...unless it's in the ghetto where they gun ONE ANOTHER down with abandon...right?
(damn leftist, race-baiting rhetoric)
*** Last back to the station house...I can't help but have this overwhelming feeling that the America I grew up in is fast becoming a part of it's own history.
And I know I'm getting DAMN sick and tired of people playing the race card at the drop of a damn hat.
I'm also PO'ed at all the BS tossed about when I hear "white privilege"...that's just a total crock.
Nothing "privileged" in MY life, with the exception that I feel PRIVILEGED to be living in the best damn country on the planet.
But even THAT seems in jeopardy these days, thanks to the leftard socialist-progressive bastards.
I, like my parents, and their parents before them WORKED for a living - took crap jobs to pay bills, put food on the damn table and have a roof over our head...and we did it because we NEEDED to...it was expected of all Americans to do their part.
Anything (and everything) I managed to get in life...I BOUGHT..with MY OWN DAMN FINANCES, and if I couldn't afford something, I either SAVED for it, or did WITHOUT...as did most of us.
And this whole "white supremacy" revisit is another bunch of crap from the mouths of those who spew it constantly.
The ONLY time I ever feel "superior" is when confronted with one of the STUPID-ASSES in this country, of which we seem to have an exponentially GROWING number.
Sorry, I'd much rather attempt to bring such idiots up to MY level, rather than stoop that far DOWN to theirs.
Now, if I seems a bit miffed over this, you're damn right I'm miffed, as should ANYONE who watches their beloved nation DEVOLVE into a cesspool of aberrant behavior and vitriolic rhetoric, meant ONLY to divide the people of our country..
I never encountered such division growing up...so what the hell's going on here?
Must be all those democrats and their programs to "elevate" the poverty-stricken, and the lazy-asses who would rather leech off of everyone else instead of doing what ALL Americans USED to do...do for themselves..and not to each other.
We are at a crossroads here, and we'd better "knowledge-up" and then wise-up, if we are to proceed further...and in the PROPER direction this nation needs to go. The choose incorrectly at this time, could (and possibly will) have dire consequences...for everyone.
Let's NOT allow that to occur.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bobby G! Yay! And she definitely needs a new car for her birthday with that disrepair and unsightly molding problem. ;)

Have a great day!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Wifey thanks you for the well-wishes...

But DO NOT give her any ideas about a NEW CAR...(sheesh)!!!
(the new ones are worse than the older ones)

Don't need all those recalls and REALLY don't need to get FRAGGED when the airbag deploys!

"unsightly molding problem"...ROFL!

It will be fixed by this time tomorrow (my word is my bond).
Trust me.

Thanks for rolling up and commenting today.

Stay safe down there, dear.

(and that invite still is valid - just email with a date and time)
Come on up...get some free oregano and sage.


CWMartin said...

Democrat racism goes back farther than Jim Crow. Remember my post on Andrew Jackson. It started at the very genesis of the party.

Bob G. said...

You are indeed correct (again), my friend.
Jackson as NOTORIOUS for his views and beliefs on the subject.
One might say he was a "doting parent".

(what, nothing to say about Catfish Day and the A's? C'mon...lol)

You would have enjoyed Levin's radio show last night.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.