05 June 2015

Friday Follies...
Welcome to that all too familiar scenario we like to call...THE WEEKEND!!!
(some days, you think it will never get here).
And, as the waning moon sets over the western sky, the sun is making it's appearance on the eastern horizon.
(thank God the Earth is still where we left it)
Our Hoosierland weather today finds us with a close copy to yesterday - highs around 80 degrees, partly sunny skies, a nice breeze, but with a slight chance of an afternoon shower...like I said, a pretty CLOSE repeat.
So, in the best spirit of the day, let's get our morning drink close-at-hand, as we see what this day has in store for us...
*** First off of the runway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 5 -
---Today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY...!!!
(sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons)
Hell, ANY day is a good day for donuts with me, especially powdered jelly ones!.
And you just KNOW the police won't be ANYWHERE around our neighborhoods.
Why, you ask?
Well, because WE no longer have ANY donut shops (or bakeries for that matter) around here for them to hang out at...THAT'S why!
Ahh, the good old days.
(Thanks, City Hall planners...helluva job you've done)
---It's also ((rolls eyes))...WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY
Yep, another excuse for the hippies to hug some trees and protest coal and oil...TWO things that allow them  to live their lives in the manner they do.
(hypocrites...all of them)
*** And while we're at it, let's see what events take place over the weekend...
June 6 -
(you mean you can MIX the two?)
Never thought of "Pilates while planting"...yoga while spreading fertilizer, anyone?
"Drop and give me twenty"... (seedlings).
Doesn't include HITCH-hiking - that's for slackers.
(and Happy Trails to you, pard'ner, as Roy Rogers would sing with Dale Evans)
---And, it's NATIONAL YO-YO DAY.
I'm sure this refers to the toy...NOT the people we encounter, or even the classical cellist.
---It's (lest we forget) the 71st  ANNIVERSARY OF THE D-DAY INVASION OF FRANCE by allied forces back in 1944.
Operation Neptune - part of Operation Overlord
Take some time to reflect on the greatest generation and the sacrifices made by all those men on the beaches of Normandy, as well as the airborne troops that were dropped in enemy territory prior to the beach landings.
Truly, the LONGEST DAY
Here's the website you should stop by, if you want a refresher course:
Let us never forget...and always remember.
June 7 -
Need a larger cone?
Again, ANY day is a good one for chocolate ice cream, soft-serve or hard-packed.
And there you have it...all you need to know for the weekend.
Moving on...
*** Here's more on that hostage, looting, kidnapping, home invasion, break-in...whatever the hell you want to call it in Pine Valley, along with A.J.'s Locker Room and the Athlete's Foot in Southgate Plaza:
---And HERE is a link for the "logs" of the reports filed by FWPD officers involved:
Obviously, the names of victims involved have been redacted to protect their identities.
But, this IS a good read and provides insight as to how reports are filed in the department.
*** And, if you think that was the ONLY crime going down on the SE side...think again.
Here's more of the "fun":
Wow...neglect charges stemming from a traffic stop in which (possession of) cocaine was found by officers.
Lafayette and McKinnie (there's where the marathon is at) is where the stop was made early this morning.
The driver of the vehicle , one Michael Laquan Johnson (seen here) has his 2-month old daughter in the back seat and admitted to police he left his 3 year old and 5 year old at home for over 45 minutes, so he could purchase some cocaine.
Officers located the cocaine (wrapped in paper) UNDER the infant's car seat.
The mother, who was at work, was contacted by police and took custody of the children at the apartment, who were still asleep. CPS was also contacted.
The FWPD took custody of baby-daddy.
*** Next up, It's nearing graduation time across this nation, and with it, comes the "pomp and circumstance" of the commencement ceremony.
Nice and orderly...
Usually, it goes off without a hitch, and the parents, relatives, and friends in attendance behave themselves.
I know Wifey usually tells me of the "yahoos" who just HAVE to be as BOISTEROUS as they are in our part of the ghettohood (on a daily basis), because they can get away with acting that stupid.
This never happened when I graduated in 1970...people were a LOT more IN CONTROL OF THEMSELVES and knew how to BEHAVE in public.
Not so these days...and with such actions DOES come consequences, as shown in THIS story:
Yep, at Senatobia High School in Mississippi, the loud and cheering parents (?) of one student found out there was a policy of not acting like a fool.
Bet'cha they're the neighbors-from-hell, too.
Warrants for the arrest of the boisterous ones was issued, and the dumbasses can't understand why.
That's the problem these days...people cannot UNDERSTAND...because they don't take the time to LEARN.
(too busy being a dumbass, which for some IS a full-time "occupation")
The article clearly demonstrates that such behavior DURING graduation is not permitted at this school.
What you choose to do AFTER the graduation ceremony is perfectly fine and dandy.
Just gots to be LOUD
Some folks need to get that through their thick primate skulls.
THIS story kinda says it all:
Yes, friends, graduation is NOT (nor ever has been)...a SPORTING EVENT.
Let those graduating have some DIGNITY in their accomplishments.
Lord knows the REAL WORLD will be one helluva wake-up call for all of them soon enough.
*** Last back to the hangar...I really detest this overly-permissive society we have these days in this country.
Some others understand this much better than I do.
Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE the freedom we're all accorded, and we do enjoy more of it than any other nation, but don't people comprehend what is known as LIMITS any longer?
When did it become commonplace to act in such ways , so as to bring shame to oneself...and family?
Did we suddenly dismiss behaviors like this in the search for freedom?
We have HAD freedom for quite some time, but people should know when enough is enough.
We all USED to know "how far to go" in MANY aspects of our lives...not anymore, it seems.
Everyone is pushing the envelope in public and for all the wrong reasons.
And this covers criminal as well as what is passing for normal behavior today.
It's across the entire human spectrum of psychological principles.
People, for whatever reason, don't wish to restrain themselves, and that can be a dangerous path to tread.
When we know no boundaries, and those boundaries are no longer recognized by others, chaos will rule the day.
We've already seen such things in cities whenever "someone" doesn't get their own way.
It's like thousands of "spoiled brats" let loose upon society.
NOT in MY future...
Look,"...There are a MILLION things in this world you can have, and a MILLION things you can't". (I believe Captain James Kirk once said that), and everyone would be wise to heed such advice, and concentrate on what they CAN have...IF they're willing to work at it and achieve it.
But to sit back, suck down some booze and decry their state in life, all the while conducting themselves in a way that would be considered WRONG (for all the wrong reasons) looking for the next handout is anathema to what we ARE as a people of this country.
That's not how we fought and died on the beaches of France, or the islands of the Pacific.
It's NOT how we fought against England to break from tyrannical rule in the 1700s.
And, it certainly isn't the way we set a standard for others to follow.
We need to remember who we USED to be...who we WERE, in order to reclaim the integrity, dignity, and honor we enjoy as a people who have the freedom and liberty we were provided with, and must ever strive to retain by those who came before us.
That is a lesson we can all learn from.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? Now that's an occasion I know just how to celebrate. I'll be sure to have me a big bowl while I'm watching Legends & Lies on FNC Sunday night. :)

Momma Fargo said...

Great post, Bob! Love donut day! Yippee! Except I didn't have any to celebrate. Rats. Love your history reflections and information on the past. We must never forget. Have a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

John D.:
As a youth I could never get enough chocolate ice cream - wore it well enough, too (and fortunately, had the metabolism to handle it all...lol).

But I found a flavor that "kills two cravings with one scoop", as it were:
Gotta love that, but chocolate is definitely a CLOSE second.
(wish they'd make a hazelnut version.)

LEGENDS AND LIES has been a fantastic series...glanced through the companion book at one store...very nice addition to anyone's library.
(pushing that for the old b'day gift)
Or, I could ask Wifey to become a PREMIUM member at O'Reilly and get the book for free.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.
(was wondering where everyone went...heh)

You have a great weekend with lots of chocolate ice cream and do stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Don't feel bad...I didn't have a dount TODAY, either...
(like I said...no shops around us anymore)
NIT, I plan to make UP for today (TOMORROW) and have TWO of 'em..because I can...LMAO!
(gonna get me some PROPER "cop-coopin" donuts - none of those in a box on the shelf crap for me...well, except those little chocolate ones...that's an addiction...HA!)

I've always like to learn stuff, and HISTORY is one damn GOOD teacher in that respect.
(note to self - NEXT life, become a history teacher!)

Glad you enjoyed the thoughts on things.

Have yourself a very good weekend, and DO roll safe down there,. dear.

CWMartin said...

D-Day... that explains the disaster that my Friday was. I was going to say "morphed into", but it started out bad...

Chocolate Ice Cream day! I WILL HAVE ONE!

I yelled, "BOOO-GARRR!!!" at KC's graduation. Let 'em get me! I think that whole no cheering thing is assinine, assinine, and stoooopid!

The hostage thing had me confused... I was trying to figure out how Pine Valley and Southgate combined...

gadfly said...

I can't outdo CW's Johnny Fever impersonation but I will let you smile at the reason for Bill Clinton's smile.


Bob G. said...

Hey, it's been a while...good to see 'ya again.

ROFLMAO...LOVE that tweet.
(only "can't seem to keep it in his drawers" Clinton)
Thanks for that link.

And thanks much for taking time to stop on by here today.

Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

---Fridays aren't ALWAYS the doorstep to the weekend.
Sometimes, even THEY seem like a damn MONDAY.

---The only thing "we" (as graduates) did that was "out of line" was sing the old Schaefer beer song on the way OUT...lol.
The oarents behaved themselves...
(yeah, we were such a feckless bunch)

---Started at PV - ended at SG.
A BRAZEN-ass group, that's for sure.
All we have to do is watch the "locals" for new clothes and sneakers...lol.

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Have a food weekend and do stay safe up there
(and no finding D/Bs along the river...kapeesh?)