08 June 2015

Monday Musings...
Okay, so it's wet outside.
I'm not adverse to that one bit.
(keeps the locals quieter than usual, which means you can get some sleep)
And, it keeps the garden growing.
Welcome to the start of another week (I can hear the groaning already) here in the Midwest.
Our Hoosierland weather today will see the rain abating for a time, with clouds sticking around all day (forget the sunrise).
Later this afternoon, the showers might return and give us a bit more soaking.
Highs today will reach into the upper 70s with light winds.
So, take an umbrella and watch out for people who don't know HOW to drive in such weather.
Now, let's all get our morning drinks  nearby, as we see what else is going on...
*** First out of the mud-puddle is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 8=
---Today is BEST FRIENDS DAY...
Only had a very few in my life...and only one remaining (from the past) that still fills the bill.
He lives in Delaware and we have kept in contact since high school.
I lost another of my best friends about ten years ago.
I can say that I have some very GOOD friends, but in life, those rare few that become the BEST ones are indeed worth cherishing.
I like the poisons that are ALREADY named - and avoid ones with that skull-and-crossbones on it - makes things easier to me to spot them. Bourbon and scotch are NOT poisons, though.
I suppose that the "locals" around here CAN have a "poisoning effect" on a person, if you're not careful.Gotta thank City Hall there.
Moving on...
*** Another Dollar General in Fort Wayne was hit over the weekend.
Here's the story link:
I suppose the GOOD news is that this is listed as a "robbery attempt", and that the would-be robber didn't get anything.
The BAD news is that an employee was STABBED in the process.
Still, this makes TEN robberies of dollar stores in the city this yea (so far)..
FWPD are not sure if this is related to the other robberies.
Id have to say the M.O. is off. This robbery took place at the D/G on 1915 E. Tillman around 1600 hrs Saturday, whereas prior robberies occurred at store openings. Plus there's no mention of TWO robbers - only ONE. That's one of the newest locations in the city. I guess the Family Dollar across from the BP station at S. Anthony and Tillman is NEXT?
Perhaps we have a copycat...that would make sense the way these people shake.
*** Next up,  a shooting on the city's (not where you think)...SOUTHWEST side.
(and the crime spreads like oil on water...to the obvious locales)
Here's this story:
This took place in the 400 block of W. Fairfax St. around 0800 hrs Sunday.
Not much details (as seems to be the case over the last year or so)...but a woman was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg and is in serious condition. No other information regarding perps, vehicles, etc is available.
*** Next, is the story about two inmates at an NY maximum security prison, who managed to ESCAPE...using POWER TOOLS.
Here's the story link:
Wow, talk about a "Shawshank" scenario, hmm?
This is screwed up, no matter how you look at it.
First off, how the HELL do you get power tools INTO a damn jail cell, and then...HOW the hell do you use them to bust through a wall and steel pipes WITHOUT attracting undue attention???
Surely, a "WTF???" moment for the NY state prison system.
The two escapees are still at-large, and are considered very dangerous.
How about making sure that any or all "tools" are turned the hell in after work shifts?
Better still, make the ONLY work at prisons either making LICENSE PLATES...or taking LARGE boulders and breaking them down to small rocks?
We need to get back to some HARD LABOR in prisons for such vermin.
*** Next up, and changing gears away from crime...the BELMONT STAKES race was one for the record books.
AMERICAN PHAROAH became the next horse to join a very exclusive "club" - that of TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS.
And, this is the FIRST time in the last 37 years that this happened, with the last winner being in 1978 with a horse named AFFIRMED.
Seattle Slew
The last winner before then, was...THE PREVIOUS YEAR with a horse named SEATTLE SLEW (above - 1977)., and then before that, SECRETARIAT (below - 1973)
Sure was a good decade for horse racing back then.
The Belmont is usually the deal-breaker, because ti's the LONGEST RACE of the three in this series (The Kentucky Derby and the Preakness being the first two in order).
Nice to see a story like THIS for a change.
*** And speaking of nice stories...Wifey and I went out yet again for more plants and flowers...LOL.
And NO, we're not attempting to beautify the entire neighborhood...that would take a few bulldozers, and several hundred rounds of various ammunition to accomplish THAT...LMAO!
They're doing fewer perennials - more annuals
But, we did get a few flowers, and got them in the ground in locations that worked out very nicely. I'll have to get some pics when the weather gets better and the plants get larger.
And if digging holes in clay soil to plant those new additions doesn't make old shoulders ache, there is ALWAYS the lawn that needs to be mowed - like our side lawn.
Hard to take a photo into the sun
Got up Sunday around 0530, got juiced up on caffeine, and took to mowing around 0700...and was done shortly after 0800.
The result is something you don't see much of down here...a nice lawn, free of trash.
(until the next mook tosses some)
Now THAT will make the arms ache (well, mine anyway), but it beats having to deal with placards on the property attesting to our ignorance with city ordinances (like the ones dotting our part of town on a regular basis).
The best part about doing such work...I make one helluva breakfast for myself (after making one for Wifey, of course).
Then, I get to sleep it off ...LOL.
Ahh, the joys of home-ownership...HA!
*** Next up, been getting my dose of  "eBay-swag" of late, and I did manage a couple nice finds.
--One item was a replacement foil set for my electric razor...and got them for UNDER EIGHT BUCKS. Cripes,the stores used to charge close to $15 for the same thing.
You don't to try and shave with  a damaged foil on these razors, trust me.
Unless you prefer facial abrasions.
--Another item was an IRON MAN figure from the latest movie...
It's about six inches tall, new, but loose and was only  $3...!
I haven't even SEEN this figure in stores around here or even online.
Bright red light.
And the chest lights up...didn't expect THAT, but it is kinda cool.
Not as articulated as I would prefer, but for the price, who can bitch, right?
--I also got a CAPTAIN AMERICA figure from the new Avengers movie (Age of Ultron), and I am a little bit surprised.
Although I got it at a substantially LOWER price than can be found in retail stores, I couldn't help but feel "something" was amiss.
Bet you can see it too.
Looks like we have ourselves a case of "Honey, I Shrunk The Captain"...LOL!
The former figures are all in the 3.75 inch range, but this new guy is ONLY 2.5 inches.
I mentioned those new 3.75 figures in a previous post, and how the articulation points were FEWER than in older figures.
Hasbro shot itself in the foot on this one.
While the 2.5 inch figure  is nice, there are only THREE articulation point - head, arms, hips.
Well, if you want to be a serious collector, there are ALWAYS the larger figures with a lot MORE moving joints...or the uber-expensive 12 inch figures with real clothing and amazing detail.
It's never a total loss, though...not when a bargain comes along...
*** Last back to the patio...got to see some TV yesterday that was both extremely enjoyable AND unexpected.
With our cable plan, we get this CHILLER channel (Fios 193) and last evening they were showing reruns of a series that was (imho) cancelled way too early and which I never saw the LAST episode.
--The series was called ALCATRAZ, and starred Sam Neill.
Had a very good premise behind it, but you can look it up HERE:
It also had J.J. Abrams (Star Trek reboot and the new Star Wars) as a producer. It's like FIREFLY - went away too soon.
Still, the last ep was aired and I FINALLY got to see it...so many threads left hanging, not the least of which the main character (Rebecca Madsen, played by Sarah Jones) apparently DIED at the hands of her (young?) grandfather.
--Later on, I watched LEGENDS AND LIES: THE REAL WEST, and they featured the man believed to be the inspiration for the LONE RANGER.
This man was named BASS REEVES, and yes, he does have a WIKI:
He was a phenomenal man in his time, and truly one worthy of historical note, but even during Black History Month, we never hear his name.
Yes, he was a former slave, who became one of the west's BEST lawmen, bringing in over 3000 criminals and only killing 14 men along the way.
He could not read or write, but was hired because of his character and willingness for justice.
He even stood trial for murder, and had to bring in his own son (who killed his wife in an argument).
An amazing individual and a person who needs to be remembered in this nation's history.
To me, this was the best show of the series so far, but I am always partial to anything connected to the Lone Ranger.
These days, such men (and yes, women as well) are too few in number, and with our country seemingly losing it's way from a societal standpoint, there needs to be those who are desirous of the virtues and values that this nation was founded upon.
I don't believe that anyone has to be a GREAT person...but perhaps being only a GOOD person might suffice.
And we can allow history to write the rest.
It's not always what we do in life, but what we leave behind for others who follow in like stead.
I think there's something to learn here...for all of us.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I have a best friend that hangs around all the time, but for some reason his name's just not coming to me... :)

I too don't understand for a moment how two prisoners got power tools and managed to use them in their own cells (which are frequently checked on) without attracting attention. What aren't they telling us? Were guards in on it?

Oh, and I'd not heard of Bass Reeves. What an amazing story and an amazing guy. Sad that history seems to have mostly forgotten him.

Bob G. said...

ROFL...nice one
Yeah, the prison things smells like 3-day old fish (out in the sun)...
"Warden, I need o borrow a sawz-all, drill with masonry bits, and a power-chisel so I can put up some shelves in my cell for all those LAW BOOKS and my flat-screen TV."

Yeah...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIi Don't think so...

Besides, how do you bust through a concrete cell wall with power tools and NOT make any damn noise?
(I could see using a spoon and a lot of patience)

Yes, Bass Reeves was an amazing person who needs to be touted as one of America's GREATEST lawmen.
Check to see when FNC will run it again. It's a really good show.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment..
Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Love Bass Reeves. I posted about him on Facebook a while back and yes, Lone Ranger he was and a grand fine lawman. Love your garden. It is looking quite lovely. Rain? Yes! We needed it. And Triple Crown...so exciting. Jail break...not so much. WTF is wrong with people? And no one heard power tools? As for the girl that helped them...grrrrrrrrrr...may she rot in a cell forevah!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
--Did not see your account of Reeves on Facebook (I don't do ANY social media aside from blogging - less hassles)
He's one damn fine lawman that there ever was!
Shame he died of Bright's Disease - not the most painless way to go.
--You can ALWAYS see the garden IN PERSON...lol.
I did like the rain...got the lawn mowed BEFORE that happened - beat the weatherman, love it...heh.
-- Those horse are just SO cool to watch. Worked w/ a guy who played the ponies and wound up being able to buy himself a new VAN...imagine that!
--One helluva jailbreak...I like the THIN LIZZY version a lot better (I can sing along).
Dunno HOW no one noticed ANY of that shit going down.
Hope that girl looks good in STRIPES (or orange)...

Hey, thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Best friends day... I already had Happy Boofus Day back in March!

Family Dollar ought to hire some mercs to wait in the store after hours...

Did you like the escapees' "Have a nice day" note they left behind?

There woulda been another triple crowner... if Alydar hadn't picked the wrong year. Him and any of the others woulda whupped Pharoah... I heard Secretariat would have beat him by FIFTEEN lengths!

Your sun-photo looks fine to me Robert. Like God approved it.

2 and a half inches? Geez. I remembering hanging with a friend watching tv at her apartment one Saturday morning. An ad came on for a new Batman figure. "SEVEN TOWERING INCHES!" the voice over shouted. I turned to my friend and said, "That's what Catwoman says..."

Boy that Bass Reeves woulda put a spin on the whole "Green Hornet was a descendant of the Lone Ranger" thing!

Bob G. said...

-- Happy Boofus Day...lol!

-- That would be a GREAT idea - mercs: shoot first, let God sort it out later.

-- I thought about past winners and the QUALITY of the horses involved.
You bring up a VERY interesting point.
(Another case of "lower standards"?)

-- Hadn't thought about that...quite appropriate.
(God DOES do nice work)

-- Yeah, and with an "age bracket" of FOUR years (and up), the kids can swallow the WHOLE figure now (thanks, Hasbro & China).
Actually they NOW have a THREE FOOT TALL BATMAN "figure"...I was like "Damn, where the hell could I put THAT?"

-- I know...all he needed was a last name of "Reid"...lol.
Perhaps the "mask" was an homage to Reeves?

Hey, thanks much for stopping by and commenting today.

You stay safe up there, brother

Slamdunk said...

Rainy day here as well...

Sad about the Dollar General spree going on there. Companies like that typically locate in areas where other stores won't go to give low-income people an alternative to shop--and this is the thanks they get.

Yeah, I am waiting to hear how many insiders were involved in the big escape. It sounds like they are onto one, but I would expect one to lead to several others. I hope those idiots are caught soon.

Bob G. said...


Well, I suppose that (given the nature of the beasts down here) ROBBING a store IS actually an "alternative" to shopping.

Makes me wonder why THESE two, and how it was planned. Doesn't anyone walk the cell blocks anymore and listen for the sounds of POWER TOOLS?
Think that would give things away...just a bit.

Crazy stuff.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe out there.