12 June 2015

Friday Follies...
And here we are again...end of another week.
(where DOES the time go?)
Our Hooiserland weather will be a pretty close copy to yesterday with mostly cloudy skies, and temps reaching into the upper 80s, a good amount of humidity (you WILL know it's there) with the chance of some showers later on into tonight.
So, without any further delay, let's get that morning beverage alongside us as we see what's been going on...
*** First out of the hopper is our 'What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 12 -
---Today is RED ROSE DAY.
I'm pretty sure that's the FLOWER and not the TEA.
*** And since it's Friday, let's take a look at what's going on over the weekend:
June 13 -
---Saturday is SEWING MACHINE DAY.
Time to thank Elias Howe who invented it.
(and I would have not known that as a teen UNLESS I watched the end credits of the Beatles movie HELP!)
---June 14 -
---It's FLAG DAY
Fly it proud...long may it wave.
*** Next I was correct when I said in May that we were REALLY at ELEVEN homicides for the year.
And yesterday, the coroner finally released his findings backing that up, including a second result, which NOW brings us up to NUMBER TWELVE (the man found dead in that closet).
Here's the details:
I mean, if I can count up to 45 (like in 2013), it's damn easier to count up to 12...right?
*** Next up, what happens when you put trash into some apartment buildings, mix in welfare, crime, and the dissolution of the family unit?
Looks nice - looks CAN be deceiving.
Well, sometimes, all that crap BACKS THE HELL UP, as evidenced in THIS story:
The Baldwin Creek Apartments, nestled nicely in the NE ghettohood, at Hobson and State,  is the scene of a major raw sewage backup into the basements of several of the buildings there. I guess the thugs will have to find other places to sell their drugs and shoot one another.
Milling about - what THEY do best.
People were ORDERED out of the apartments (for health reasons), displacing about 300 "residents", who immediately took umbrage with management and the FWPD officers there.
And police being at that complex IS a daily "ritual"...ask people that know the area.
I was waiting for another McKinney, Texas to break out, but the ghetto-fleas seemed to move along without major incident.
Sources are saying it might be 48 hours before people can return to their "cribs", but others are saying it will be much longer, considering the major HEALTH concerns, which the residents didn't seem to be bothered by.
Nice NEW vehicle there - don't forget your drugs.
If they'd rather live in squalor, who are we to deny them their request?
(oh, you can bet the lawsuits are already starting to pile up...and race-baiters are circling like vultures over a desert corpse.)
Moving on...
*** We had another stabbing in the city overnight, too.
Here's the story:
This took place around 0015 hrs this morning near the intersection of Harrison and Killea Sts.
Well, at least it's on the southWEST side (barely) for a change.
The victim was taken to hospital with an abdominal wound in serious condition.
*** Next up, an update with the two mooks on trial for that shooting (that I mentioned in yesterday's post) have had "their" turn to address the jury, and provide their alibis.
Well, there you go then - case closed...LMAO!
Naturally, there are those who are assisting in the LIE being told...that's what these people do best.
Lord knows they can't even come close to being PRODUCTIVE citizens, right?
2008 photo
*** Last back to the silo...we lost what I consider to be a movie legend, and yet not on the same "level" as a John Wayne, or Bette Davis.
Sir Christopher Lee, perhaps one of the BEST, if not prolific villains, who starred in over 250 films passed away at the age of 93.
Here is his WIKI (and it's a long one...with good reason:
In fact, his filmography is so long, it has it's OWN WIKI, found HERE:
Now, I dare those of you with some years behind them to go down the movie list and see HOW MANY of his films you've seen.
I know I have seen a LOT of them...and multiple times.
He was the quintessential modern-day Dracula, following closely enough in Lugosi's steps that Bela's widow GAVE Lee the same RING Lugosi wore in HIS Dracula films...and Lee wore it proudly in every one of HIS Dracula movies.
Lee really hit his stride with Hammer Films (UK) in the 1950s, and that continued well into the 70s.
He was the stuff of those long-gone "all-night" drive-in horror fests...and I went to my share of them. That will get a pre-teen youth checking under the bed at night.
Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, he WAS an imposing figure, an yet, everyone that knew him said he was the antithesis of the villains he portrayed, and a gem to work with.
Count Dooku
Lee even made it to specific movie "franchises" with his portrayal of villains, like in the James Bond movie THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN  (Scaramanga), THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies (Saruman), and even two STAR WARS movies (Count Dooku - Darth Sidious).
Every horror fan's  favorite "pain in the neck"
Truly a vast empty space exists in filmdom with the loss of such a fantastic actor, even if he was confined to specific genres of film.
One thing Lee never lacked for was a want to work. And he did it so very well.
The depth and life he breathed into every character he portrayed provided a level of believability we will probably never see in our lifetime.
And, I'm okay with that.
Thanks Sir Christopher...you gave us one helluva ride and we enjoyed every single goosebump along the way.
Do have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Man, I love those old Hammer horror films like the ones Christopher Lee (and Peter Cushing) starred in. I wish those would get more airplay on TV.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
And the thing is they did TWENTY of those Hammer flicks together.
(and all the while Lee didn't want to do them and get typecast)

Yet, here in the USA, we rarely get to see most of them with ANY regularity.
I'm HOPING that TCM does a day of them.
(If not, there is always eBay...lol)

Would really like to see "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" again..and yes, another Lee-Cushing flick (very well done).
Lee & Cushung were close friends in life, as well...excellent screen chemistry together.

Keep checking the schedules...I'm sure someone will have to show a few of them.

Thanks for your quote today, and for taking time to stop by here to comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

While I had heard about Lee's passing, the loss that gets to me is Jim Ed Brown. Either way, a sad start to the weekend. No wonder I gotta work tomorrow.

Bob G. said...

My Mom used to watch those Grand Old Opry shows all the time when they were on. I came to know Jim Ed (and Helen Cornelius) very well growing up.
When I heard that HE had passed, I figured you would do your usual marvelous tribute to someone who musically touched so MANY hearts.

Hope work goes fast for you on the morrow.
Thanks for taking time to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.