15 June 2015

Monday Musings...
"...But the rains keep a'coming..."
If you woke up this morning, and you felt as though you had taken Bill Murray's place in the movie Groundhog Day...you're not alone.
We in the Midwest seem to be stuck in this repetitive "trough" of weather patterns.
And, our Hoosierland weather TODAY will be little different from the last several days...
We have partly to mostly cloudy skies, with a high back into the mid-80s, and let's not forget that MUGGY aspect to the humidity.
Oh, and if you're thinking we're done with the rain...nope. We're AGAIN expecting afternoon and evening showers...on top of ALL the other showers we've had for the last WEEK or so...like I said, repetitive. Remember that word.
What amazes me is how this particular weather pattern can be duplicated as regularly as it has been. Perhaps someone is screwing around with that HAARP array in Alaska again?
We may  never find out, and that's the real shame.
So, let's get a nice tall glass or cup of our favorite drink "riding shotgun" as we see what has been going on...
*** First out of the sweat-box, is out "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 15 - 
---Today is (you're gonna love this one)...SMILE POWER DAY.
Alrighty then.
Well, maybe some smiles are really worth the price of admission...
*** Any one who thinks that local POLICE are not being targeted these days in America, are woefully mistaken. And here's the proof:
Now, anyone with a functioning brain cell (or two) would have to KNOW how this would go down in the end, so none of us were really disappointed there. But to shoot up a damn POLICE STATION in a MAJOR American city is even beyond that SPECIAL kind of stupid.
A crazed gunman, seeking some sort of revenge against the police for taking his child away (that would REALLY be CPS, so there's ONE huge screw-up), shot up the Dallas Police HQ, and planted pipe bombs around the place before a standoff ensued a few miles away.
Those are some SERIOUS bullet holes.
Eventually, the gunman was killed by police.
The incredible part is that NO officer were hurt during the melee.
Here's another link with five fast facts:
The gunman was involved in a custody battle and had been arrested in 2013 for choking his child's mother.
And, he had threatened the judge in the sae (that should have gotten a psych eval from the start).
An armored "apocalypse" van?
Helluva way to die...shot by a police sniper near your burning van in the early morning...in a Jack-In-The-Box parking lot.
While this is not listed as any type of terrorist threat, it does say much as to the mental health state of many individuals in this country, and how they're not being either treated or not being taken off our streets.
*** Next up, a small remedial lesson in something I like to call CONTEXT.
Fort Wayne also had a police-action shooting
The Sunday J-G made what would appear to be a rather IMPORTANT mistake when they posted the initial headline for the story
Here's the link:
Okay now.."...Man SLAIN By Police"... ((ahem)) - think about how that SOUNDS when taken in context to recent events enacted by police in other cities.
Scene of the shooting.
This is in spite of the man (here,  who had a GUN, and refused to lower it when police were at the door), because you know that the liberal media can bend this around like dough in a pretzel factory to suit THEIR agenda...it's almost a given.
The shooting took place around 2145 hrs Saturday night at a house in the 2500 block of St. Mary's Ave. (near State), which is in the NW quadrant of the city.
The interview with neighbors is interesting as well:
Perhaps a better choice of words could (or SHOULD) have been used by the Journal-Gazette...like KILLED...or FATALLY-WOUNDED?
Well, it WILL be called a HOMICIDE (number 13 - how unlucky)
We usually equate that word (slain)  with an innocent victim, such as a 4 year old mutilated by a sexual predator.
You see where this is going?
Now, "technically", to SLAY someone is to kill them VIOLENTLY (according to Websters), and there are very FEW (if any) ways to kill someone "nicely", right?
(even if it is SMILE POWER DAY)
When I read that headline, I immediately thought this could be turned back upon the police officer(s) involved
And, to make matters worse (imho), FWPD chief, Garry Hamilton goes on TV.
Here's that link w/video (from WANE):
The chief mentioned the transparency in the department has always been  employed with any and all police-action shootings, but then, he swallowed his foot (up to the hip) when he HAD to mention Ferguson, Cleveland and Baltimore.
THOSE cases are not even remotely related to the police shooting HERE...that was one of the worst comparisons I've heard in a LONG time.
To me, that damn near reinforced that story about the man being SLAIN, rather than shot and killed.
(it's fuel for the liberal, police-hating fire, if you ask me)
Hopefully, this won't amount to as much...because the person killed would appear to be WHITE.
(and we know that ONLY BLACK lives matter these days, according to the ill-informed)
Still, I don't expect any protests downtown (for now), but you never can tell when it comes to the "low-information" crowd and those who bait their hooks...right?
Moving on...
*** Okay, so you noticed that the sun has been rising a bit "differently" of late, but you didn't really give it a second thought. Or did you?
Remember back when I spoke about the odd weather, and that the "axial tilt" of the Earth might have something to do with that?
"The sky is wrong"...(pass the word)
Well, it seems that OTHERS share a similar "concern" for such matters...like the INUIT tribe.
Here's the proof:
This story goes back to December last year, and I found it by accident (isn't it always that way?)
Now, when the NATIVE people notice such things, don't you think it "might" be more important that all this "green tyranny" that agencies like the EPA has been ramming down our throats for too long a time?
I mean, when NASA is warned by the Inuits, maybe there IS a ring of truth here (more like teh Bells of Notre Dame), and that it needs to be looked into further?
I kept TELLING them...and they wouldn't listen!
And wouldn't such a "wobble" of the Earth account for some (if not most) of the recent WEATHER conditions like droughts, floods, lower temps and higher temps in places that had not had them before to such an extent?
It would seem we need to move from the realm of speculation (from the left) and start listening to those who have lived here a LOT longer than we "colonists", because they might be onto something...something that is completely OUT of the control of mankind, for example, like...(dare I say it?)... climate change...!
Just thought I'd pass that along...think of it as this week's Public Service Announcement.
*** Next up, I know all this off and on rain over the better part of the past week has been a bummer. in a lot of ways.
It makes mowing the lawn an "iffy" proposition...at best, especially with an ELECTRIC mower.
Just making sure things are OK, Bob.
I know I sure don't wasn't to meet MY demise at the end of a 50 ft. orange extension cord...LOL.
Not to mention that St. Peter will have a hard time believing such a story from me at the Pearly Gates.
If there is a good side to this, it's that the mooks that boom through the neighborhood are put on a (very) temporary "hiatus" while it IS raining.
And, it DOES make things in the garden grow (along with the aforementioned LAWNS).
It even soaked our flag yesterday, but it dried out nicely in our basement, never touching the floor, and is once again rolled up and stowed away.
I just APPEAR to be napping...I'm watching, too.
And yett, some critters do take the time to swing by anyway, because THEY know where the "buffet" can be found.
That's a good thing - breaks up the monotony of living in a politically-manufactured ghettohood.
There is another factor that comes into play with such chronic rain showers...FLOODING.
Parts of the SE and SW become regularly inundated when the river overflows it's banks, and renders area roads impassable.
Some people find out the HARD way.
The rest of us learn ways to circumnavigate such streets.
If the city (and county) took more time to create better barriers against such things, instead of blowing the wad for a "new downtown", we wouldn't have this happen, would we?
When a city is nestled in the confluence of THREE rivers, it just makes all the sense in the world...at least it SHOULD..
*** Last back to the rain-barrel...as I have mentioned many times...everything has it's own CONTEXT, and should be handled in that way.
Ah, the liberal agenda at work.
But, in today's society, with ALL the social media, it's too damn easy to take something completely OUT of context to serve whatever purpose a person (or persons) would want others to believe.
Sadly, there are still others that follow such tripe, and are led around by an electronic ring through their nose, as they're fed a steady stream of nonsensical and erroneous PABLUM. to which they swallow with gusto.
We (my generation, for the most part) were brought up to LOOK for facts...dig for the truth, and seek the answers to questions we may have...THAT is how we learn stuff, and today, the ability to learn has never been more prevalent, OR more important, considering the flood of information (true and false) spilling over the banks of the rivers of knowledge.
The power of discernment was never needed more than it's needed today...right here, right now.
Always has...always will.
Taking anything out of context is usually relegated to humor, as it should be, for humor's sake.
But when we take the time to distill all the information we come across, and apply the proper context to whatever situation we are presented with, things become a lot less muddy.
We can make conclusions, or voice opinions based in clarity.
To not take the time to pursue the truth in any matter sends us down the river without a paddle...and when we hit the rapids or come to the falls, well, you can figure out how THAT could end, right?
Be well , make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Mondays. Bleck. Worst day of the week. But any day above ground is a good one. Love your yard animals. Maybe you could name them and make them your pets. We could call you the crazy squirrel man. LOL. I fear the sky is falling. Ugh. Our country situation scares me to death. And how about that? The gas prices are rising again just in time for summer vacation. Imagine that.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Without MONDAYS, we'd have NO day to toss all our crap at & bitch about, right?

Wifey and I have named some of the animals (got a new bunny that I named "FLASH", and not because he's runnin' around buck-ass nekked...LOL.
That boy CAN HOP...((whoosh)) - gone!

Maybe the sky isn't falling, but it IS shifting (to the north)...those native Americans KNOW stuff, really.
SOCIETALLY, the sky is crashing down around us, though...give 'ya that.

People NEED to learn the TRUTH...practice it, and apply it. THAT'S how we get those heads out of all those asses.

Yeah, gas prices rise...maybe they'll drop after a month (we can hope).

Thanks so much for stopping by today (you can always stop by FOR REAL, too...make a nice day trip).
Always enjoy the comments.
Roll safe down here, dear.

A Beer For The Shower said...

At least I'm not the only one hanging out with rabbits...

Since people do love to take things out of context in a heartbeat, and we have maniacs shooting up the police in an act of revenge that isn't even police related, I find that animals make for better companions anyway. Less BS.

Bob G. said...

I suppose I can blame ALL those Bugs Bunny cartoons and ALL those dropped ANVILS in those oh-so-violent Looney Tynes I watched when growing up for my LOVE of rabbits...lol.

And yes, although short on conversation, they are long on cute...nice trade-off.
NO duplicity, no double standards, and no out-of-context messaging with THEM, right?

Thanks for stopping over to comment today.

Stay safe (classy and rabbit-loved) out there.

CWMartin said...

Yeah, you got to love how the mantra of "Fascist cops" effected this poor loser. HE choked his mom. HE acted in such a way that he lost custody. HE acted in such a way that cost him his job. But because he had heard the "evil cops" thing so often, his warped mind assigned the blame to policemen.

And on the jerk-off that got killed here- thanks for pointing out how the local media makes my point. Let's go out of our way to make people fear and disobey the police. As we used to say, JG, that makes you part of the PROBLEM.

As for the Inuit story, The only thing I could add to that would be- 2 Thessalonians 2:11. That might be my answer to any liberal thought lines today.

Hey, at least the basement is dry this year, eh?

Bob G. said...

I'll tell ';ya partner, I don;t know WHERE these people are being grown...

And I expect the Fort Wayne Media Maven to also take a look at how the stories were "worded"...

Hamilton should have made a "cya" statement, keep it bland and "standard" and then STFU and STFD...but he did neither.

I like the 2 Thess. verse...guess the leftarded climate pundits never thought about those who lived here LONG before they came across the "pond", did they?

I would not consider the INUITS anything close to delusional. They know this planet better than most.

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today to comment.

You stay safe up there, brother.
(and "keep watching the skies"...lol)