19 June 2015

Friday Follies...
And here we are again...end of one of the RAINIEST weeks I've seen a MANY years.
Believe it or else, we might even catch a bit of a break today...we might get to dry out, however brief a time that will become.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with temps almost to the 80-degree mark, lots of humidity (with all the rain, you thought otherwise?), and mostly cloudy skies today. If you see the sun, please don't take it as a sign of the "end times"...not yet, anyway.
So, get the cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked nearby, as we take a look at what's going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the slip and slide is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 19 -
Is this like a "stroll"?
(do people STILL "saunter" these days?)
I guess Chris Martin could be considered a world-class "saunterer".
I only saunter because I'm not as spry as I used to be, but when required, I WILL pick up the pace a bit.
*** And since it's FRIDAY, let's see what the weekend has in store for us all:
June 20 -
---Saturday is ICE CREAM SODA DAY
(harder to find the REAL ones these days...not any "soda shops" around)
The "D.I." ALWAYS wins...
(and I thought that was EVERY day in OUR part of the ghettohood...learned something new)
Still, I'll bet the locals will be of good "voice", as will their car stereos (damn it)
He said JUGGLING...NOT "jiggling", got it?
You know who can really juggle? STEVE MARTIN...well, with CATS, anyway.
June 21 -
---Sunday is FATHER'S DAY.
Hey, which oneayou be mahdaddy???
(which is STILL...THE most confusing day in OUR part of Fort Wayne...ROFL!)
The way it SHOULD be...
Tell Dad you love him...I can't tell mine, but I still do and always will.
---It's also GO SKATE DAY
Not until the water goes away
(Sorry nothing but mini-LAKES around here...can't skate on those - or in a buffalo herd)
Where are all the Druids?
(that means the days will be getting shorter once again...while I remain the same height, thankfully. Don't need to get any shorter)
---And, it's the ANNIVERSARY OF MR AND MRS BOBBY G. - been 18 years...seems longer....
All those years - all that camo...lol
OW!!! (she still can punch, too)
Well, they say this is the PORCELAIN anniversary...but somehow a new TOILET doesn't seem quite appropriate, does it?
Not my FIRST choice of gifts
The "alternative" is a personalized idea...how about a pink HANDGUN for the Missus? (I'll take traditional black).
Hers and His - Now THIS would work.
They say that the 20th anniversary i...CHINA...(?!?)
I don't think I REALLY want THAT much real estate, even if the food there is great.
How to put a BOW on THIS?
Still, they DO have that Great Wall...such a decision.
Can I get egg rolls with that?
*** Next up, our "fearless leader" just HAD to open his mouth and chime in over the church killings in S. Carolina.
Might as well be him
Rather than stick to purely condolence-laced thoughts, he meandered back into the realm of GUN CONTROL.
Another libtard that really knows how to "step in it"...up to his neck.
Whenever this person says "...let me be clear". you just KNOW that BS is going to flow profusely, which it did.
It really pissed me the hell off to hear this tripe on national  news.
And, once again, we see the CONTEXT being twisted about to suit HIS agenda, which would be for stricter gun REGULATIONS against ALL people, and not specifically for those with mental health conditions who should not possess a firearm.
Not bad rhetoric from this nation's TOP gun salesman (since 2008, anyway), right?
He needs to just spend the rest of his term doing nothing, because THAT is what he has excelled at for the last seven years.
Mr president - do us ALL a favor and PUH-LEASE STFD and STFU...!
*** Next up, today is the birthday of none other than GARFIELD THE CAT.
Don't forget the cake...
Yes, it was way back in 1978 that the furry feline made his debut in 41 newspapers across America.
And it's been one fun-filled ride ever since.
Here's the WIKI that tells the "tail"
If you wanted to know anything about Garfield, this WIKI has got a lot of information about him, and the supporting characters.
LOTS of cake...
Here's the official website:
(what else would it be?)
Play some games, have some fun, and buy some stuff...lol.
*** Last back to the "Fortress"...Bill O'Reilly will have a special show tonight that focuses on the gun issue in America, and this is one that I feel is very important, because "some" will tell you our problems stem FROM the overabundance of firearms.
Yeah, tell that to the colonists that claimed this nation from a tyrannical ruler in England.
We never had a real GUN problem in America. In fact, guns were INSTRUMENTAL in not only the founding of this nation, but it's growth.
Pioneers would have starved homesteading the west without them.
We wouldn't have a real military without them.
And we certainly would not be the nation of freedom we are without them.
All this is aside from the homeowner who defends their families from an intruder bent on harm to those people with a gun.
The church killings would probably never have happened if ONE person in that congregation had a gun to STOP the shooter.
Same can be said for EVERY other mass murder that has taken place, because the shooters choose the locales specifically.
Places where guns are either not permitted or just not carried is PRIME for those determined to kill innocent people...like a school...or a church, or even a mall or office building.
But ONE good guy with a gun can tip that scale in the opposite direction...just one.
To toss politics into the issue of a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms is nonsense.
The Founders put the 2nd Amendment there for a REASON, and it wasn't one filled with regulations.
THAT is the realm of the people...especially the ones who need a form of institutionalization.
Perhaps we need to build some asylums for those with severe mental problems, which if left unchecked and under-medicated, will permit those same people to cause harm to others.
I will freely admit we have people who should not be "mainstreamed" with everyone else. The psychos, ones suffering from schizophrenia, and other assorted psychoses should get the help they NEED, and not the guns they do not.
Go ahead - You know you want to...
I think we're all on the same page when it comes to our safety, and the safety of those requiring better help than can be found in a pill bottle...or a city street.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Nope on the world class- it takes style to saunter, and I drag my feet too much!

National hollering contest? Thank you, no.

The Juggling bit would have worked better after the Dolly Parton reveal yesterday. Just sayin'.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crab rangoon
Crab rangoon
Crab rangoon.
That is all on that.

It would be an interesting study to see if any other President has proven himself so convincingly uneducated as Obama. I would be so tired of treating facts as doormats were I him, but my education involved HONESTY.

I heard some idiot- perhaps Obama- said that no major country has the mass killing problems like the USA. Really? How about China? How about the two Bobbies (no relation) in London? For that matter, what about ISIS, Boko Haram, et al?

One curiousity on this shooting though. Did you notice, when they talked to the father of the Dallas police shooter, the way his quotes read, it didn't sound like he did much to disabuse his son of the notion that it was "all the cops' fault." And the Charleston shooter used a gun his father gave him for his recent birthday. See where I'm going? I've always said, it flows from the top, and a flawed father makes a flawed child. I wonder how these fathers are going to enjoy their Sunday... or if they will look at THEIR role in what happened.

With that, have a great Fathers Day, I hope Wrinkles and co. get you a nice tie!

Bob G. said...


Dolly and juggling...now THAT is a nice VISUAL...lol.

I think Wifey has he crab rangoon gig already covered...heh.

I think one HAS to be an "educated" candidate for president, and if that means being SAVVY on human nature, so be it.
We found out how well a Rhodes Scholar was (Bill Clinton)...didn't we?
THIS one was only schooled on how to be a nuisance.

Yeah, he DID say that...and once again, didn't know his ass from his elbow on the FACTS.
We're not "number one" when it comes to gun deaths either by PER CAPITA dtats of outright head counts.

I agree that crap always does seem to flow "downhill", but there are ALWAYS exceptions...like those who had a lousy parent and decided early on the be SO much better...and then did it.

But I get your point...bad parenting will most likely produce a bad child (or more).

Amazing others can't catch that one.

A TIE? (maybe a bow tie...they're COOL...lol)

Hey, thanks much for taking to time to stop on by today to comment.

Have a good weekend (and Father's Day) - stay safe, dry and sane up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

I hope your wife socks you a good one if you give her a toilet for your anniversary. LMAO. Love your Obama Salesman meme. Don't get me started. My Facebook and Blog have been rants since Thursday. LOL. Have a great weekend, Father's Day, and summer solstice.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Ya know, I TRIED to teach her some personal defense tactics (how to pop a knee or dislocate an elbow in on east step), but she never took me up on that (to handle her students...lol)
I'd only get a commode when we NEED one...HA!

We'll do our best to enjoy the partial "dry-out".
(but no more planting!!!)

You have YOURSELF a good weekend, and enjoy all the time you can make for YOU.

Roll safe down there, dear.