18 June 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
I don't think I'd recognize the sun if I saw it
Gee, is anyone else getting as BORED as I am with this weather?
I mean, it's the SAME OLD, day after day, and damn near week after week.
Our Hoosierland weather is more of just that - the SAME, as is mostly cloudy today, high around 80, LOTS of humidity, and the chronic chance of showers later in the day (if we don't get one earlier in the meantime).
Quite the repetitive forecast...don'cha think?
I DO feel for those having to play the old "pack 'em an stack 'em" game with all those sandbags around their properties in the area.
People in a modern society (even in Indiana's 2nd largest city)  should NOT have to deal with such things and never to such a degree.
Anyway, let's get ourselves a nice tall drink poured and parked nearby, as we take a look at what else has been going on...
*** First out of the overtaxed sewer system is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."
If you followed the clue, you might have guessed that this was spoken by DOLLY PARTON (Born 19 January 1948) and here is her WIKI:
Here also, is her official website:
But NEVER appeared nude.
(now that's what I like...an EASY Internet address...and wonderfully obvious)
Dolly is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, business woman and philanthropist.
(talk about a renaissance woman)
And her life is pretty much a rags to riches tale. Goes to show what persistence and perseverance can do for someone.
She was born in Sevier County, TN, and was the 4th of 12 children. Her father was a tobacco farmer, and her mother was busy tending to all the children.
Dolly's dad paid the doctor who delivered her with a bag of OATMEAL.
She started out singing on the radio and received her first guitar at the age of eight.
By ten, she was appearing on local shows in Knoxville.
Porter and Dolly
She first met Johnny Cash as the age of 13 when she recorded her first record (Puppy Love) on Goldband records.
Cash urged her to follow her instincts with her music.
The day after she graduated high school in 1964, she moved to Nashville.
Chris could cover ALL her work a lot better than me, so, I'll leave it to you to read her bio instead.
Let's just say her big break came with Porter Waggoner, and this was when I first saw her on TV.
Dolly married Carl Thomas Dean (and aaphalt road-paving business owner) on 30 May 1966, and she has said "This is our first marriage...and our last".
The WIKI goes on at length as to her creating "Dollywood" theme park, her tours, albums, various charities and the like.
It's a really good read, and you'll come away with a much better understanding  of someone who refused to quit and took whatever odds were against her and turned them around to become as successful as she is today.
(and she's pretty easy on the eyes, if you ask me)
BTW, she does plays a mean banjo...
Moving on...
*** And, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 18 -
---Today is GO FISHING DAY
But mom, this IS the roof...
For some in Indiana, all they have to do is wade out into what used to be their front yard and drop a hook.
THIS woman is among a very FEW
I think in many respects, we, as a society have passed that road-sign a WHILE ago.
Bring a flotation device for parks in Fort Wayne
If you're in anyplace from Texas to Ohio, you might want to take it INDOORS,,,if it hasn't floated OUTDOORS.
I'm sure too many are "splurging" on things like canoes, sump pumps, hotel rooms, hip-waders...well they ARE in the MIDWEST.
---And, it's  RAMADAN...for what that crap is worth.
Whenever I hear that word, it reminds me of that OTHER word from decades past - TET.
I always expect the unexpected on BOTH days, knowing those behind it all.
*** Next up, when someone comes into a church prayer meeting, and killes nine people, you just KNOW this perp is more than a few fries short of that Happy Meal.
Such was the case in Charleston, S.C. Here's the story link:
And you KNOW the way that people like Sharpton will run with this, because the shooter was WHITE, and the victims were BLACK.
This is a hate crime, pure and simple.
The shooter remains at large, but the pastor of the historic church was killed, along with 8 others in this vicious attack Three others have survived the attack..
Let's say that something like THIS is not helping race relations one...damn...bit.
And to pick off church-going CHRISTIANS makes it all the more despicable.
If the shooter targeted some of the gang-bangers and drug dealers on their streets, THAT would be a godsend, rather than such a heinous crime against truly INNOCENT people.
Shooter ID'ed - Dylann Storm Roof - (at-large for now)
Granted this comes two months after racial tensions escalated when a white police officer shot an unarmed (black) man in North Charleston, sparking outrage and protests, and forcing local legislators to push through a bill requiring all police officers there to wear body-cams.
(( Editor's Update - 1200 hrs - Suspect has been arrested on a traffic stop in Shelby, NC.))
*** Next, the city needs volunteers for sandbagging. Here's the item:
Seems we have flooding issues in WAYNEDALE now.
Now, WHO would have thought that?
And there is also THIS story:
No, this is not a reference to a (great) Simon and Garfunkel song from the 60s...it's about the near SW side of town, and how some want to see the Taylor University campus turned into a rezoned area complete with businesses and what is being called "live/work" projects (to the tune of $8 MIL).
I guess having the SE side of town go to hell wasn't enough?
Now, there are some that want the SW to "join in the fun"?
Well, neighbors there aren't really on board with this proposal, because they can see the graffiti on the walls.
And the City Plan Commission dodged their responsibility to provide a recommendation for the area, and when objections were raised, the planning board moved it along WITHOUT the recommendation...how "typical" is THAT?
Another "re-branding" ploy.
Brightpoint is at the forefront on this proposal, and if you never heard of them...try CANI (Community Action of Northern Indiana).
Out with the "old"
Now, whenever I hear the phrase "ommunity action", I just KNOW nothing good will come of it.
Might as well say community ORGANIZERS...and we know who is always behind such things, and it's not conservatives.
Be interesting to see how this shakes out.
*** Last back to the waterlogged lawn...you know, this city DOES have a  lot of potential, especially for growth, or should I say...a RETURN to the level of growth it USED to enjoy.
This city has done it's level best to kiss off the entire SE side, in favor of some sort of perverse "fairness", and what seems fair to some, turns out to be highly UNFAIR to others.
The amount of revenue the city take in from OUR quadrant of the city is minimal AT BEST...and YET, the same quadrant is touted as being the SECOND HIGHEST when it comes to "disposable income".
How the hell can that possibly be, if we have the highest number on welfare down here, the lowest amount of jobs available, and the highest crime rate in the entire city? And if we have THAT much money, WHY isn;t the city trying to get their grubby hands on it by RECLAIMING and restoring our part of town to a more viable retail area?
I'm keen to say that when it comes to such matters, the more questions you seek answers for, the (even) more questions you wind up with...
And now, we see a PUSH (or is that a ":nudge"?) to claim parts of the SW side of the city.
This is how other cities plowed ahead into financial strife...simple and complete ignorance of the problems that refuse to be addressed.
When a city allows people to ignore traffic patterns, refuses to enforce laws for vehicular offenses, as well as residential ordinances that go unchecked, it's NOT to allow people freedom, unless you consider chaotic behavior and crime to be anywhere close to ":liberating".
Time for this city (and it's leaders) to extricate their craniums from their alimentary canals and get to work reclaiming parts of the city they have allowed to go down the crapper.
All it take to get the ball rolling is the right "plumber", doesn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE down there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Yep, Noah called and he will pick up 2 people later today... The humidity is making life hard here on the Wabash.

Bob G. said...

Noah better make DAMN sure he picks up the CORRECT 2 people, too...LOL.

I can only imagine how bad the humidity is the nearer the river you are.
We had some ROUGH humidity near the Delaware (which you could fit every river in Indiana inside of, and have room to spare).
Muggy wasn't even CLOSE to how oppressive it was in the summer.

Hope you're doing okay.
Keep that A/c on.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

DO take it easy and stay safe (and dry) down there, dear.

Momma Fargo said...

Haha. I love the rain. Makes things grow. Right now I have a hay field for a lawn. Next, you will complain about the heat. Humidity is the death of us all. LMAO. I would rather have the rain. Love Dolly. See. How did I do on PANICKING?

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
I like the rain...tends to keep many of the "locals" indoors and QUIET...heh.
I'm just bored with so MUCH of it - that's why I DON'T live in Washington state!
The tomato plants have gone bat-shit crazy growing...
Hey, I'm OLD enough now, I can complain about EVERYTHING...ROFL!

Panic? What panic?
I'm too busy WORRYING to spend time panicking...LOL.

Thanks much for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe (and dry) down there, dear.

John DuMond said...

"If the shooter targeted some of the gang-bangers and drug dealers on their streets, THAT would be a godsend, rather than such a heinous crime against truly INNOCENT people."

But you just know he'll never do that. Gang-bangers might shoot back, and this kid has "gutless worm" written all over him. Still, I'm surprised they captured him alive. Most of these mass shooter types off themselves before they can be called to account for their heinous crimes.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Wifey and I were saying that about this pink.
Time and again mass murderers target places and people who DO NOT have any real means of defense on their side.

THIS young creep hasn't even the NERVE to commit suicide by himself OR "by cap".
You are 100% correct there.
Also, Obummer REALLY needs to stop claiming GUN violence, when this was clearly a MENTAL HEALTH issue. He needs to STHU and STFD!
If this jerk couldn't get a gun, he'd fashion an explosive or use a damn machete.

We can hope and pray that things remain as calm as they have been.
Thanks for taking some time to stop on by to comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

First of all, I don't think Dolly can be covered fully by one person...

Good week for go fishing day. Lotsa people can just open a window and drop a line... Not so much for picnic day.

Once again, we try to make sense of something that has no sense. I guess the best we can do is pray for the victims and the families... and totally ignore whatever it was that caused someone to do this. For good or ill, this is just advanced bed-wetting- a sorry way to get attention. He wants it so bad, I have an idea:

Ship him to Ferguson. Let them take good care of him.

On the bright side, I stayed conscious enough to comment today, after Time Machine was put to bed and dinner consumed!

Bob G. said...

LOL...nice inference.

Yeah, those in DECATUR can go fishing along some main streets...not good for other businesses except for boat supplies.

You and I suffer from righteous indignation when we see things such as this.
Not a problem...we need MORE of it to overcome such evil.
A shame it's not as LASTING a force against the bad in this world...we need some folks with some "staying power".

I'll be looking forward to your TM this week, too.

Thanks for staying up and stopping by to comment.
(now, get to bed, young'un).

Stay safe up there, brother.