09 June 2015

Tuesday Tidbits...
Well, now THAT was a nice gully-washer we had last night, wasn't it?
Those were some SERIOUS rain showers with thunder and lightning.
We managed to come through it unscathed.
Today will provide a much more CALMER intent to this Tuesday.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us with dry conditions (well, we need to dry OUT), with temps reaching around 80 degrees.
The humidity will hang around as the day progresses, so, it will feel more like summer later today.
We're even supposed to see some SUNSHINE...(yay, us)
In the meantime, let's grab a soothing drink and set about seeing what else has been going on...
*** First out of the culvert is our 'What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 9 -
With all this rain, anything connected to a duck would seem most appropriate.
Here is a WIKI for our friend from Disney:
I'm sure in this overly "PC" world, Donald is a lot "better behaved" than in those humorous times past.
Yes, they even manage to change the way we grow up...pretty sad.
*** Next up, is our salute to the idiots, imbeciles and morons who don't believe in public safety OR responsible gun ownership.
JUNE 1 - 
15F068550 18:38:42 113 SHOTS FIRED 9200 EAGLE CREEK CT
15F068298 08:57:44 58 SHOOTING 5400 THORNBRIAR LN15F068710 02:45:48 113 SHOTS FIRED 1900 GILMORE DR & RUMMEL AVE
JUNE 2 - 
15F068720 04:10:28 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 CENTRAL DR
15F069119 20:48:01 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 HOLTON AVE
15F069173 23:08:11 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 HOLTON AVE
15F069178 23:17:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 SMITH ST & HURD ST
15F069191 23:53:58 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 CLINTON ST N & FOURTH ST E
15F068763 08:18:48 53 ARMED ROB 14500 AMSTUTZ RD
15F069116 20:40:02 58 SHOOTING 1600 CASS ST
JUNE 3 - 
15F069295 08:51:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 EDGEHILL AVE
15F069657 23:05:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 HESSEN CASSEL RD
((NO armed robberies))
JUNE 4 -
15F069720 02:40:53 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 CREIGHTON AVE E
15F069947 13:58:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 GRASSY CREEK RUN
15F070221 22:24:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 WINTER ST
15F070261 23:46:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 3300 PORTAGE BLVD
((NO armed robberies)
JUNE 5 - 
15F070627 17:08:07 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 JULIAN ST
15F070784 22:20:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 VERNON AVE
15F070798 22:37:39 113 SHOTS FIRED 3800 SMITH ST & RUDISILL BLVD E
15F070844 23:42:30 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 CRESCENT AVE & DODGE AVE
15F070856 23:59:20 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 ROBINWOOD DR
15F070479 12:25:00 53 ARMED ROB 2000 HANNA ST S
JUNE 6 - 
15F071083 13:54:42 113 SHOTS FIRED 7600 COLD SPRINGS BLVD
15F071279 21:39:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 CENTRAL DR
15F071309 22:32:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 MAPLE GROVE AVE E
15F071311 22:40:00 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 HOME AVE
15F071324 22:58:56 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 MONROE ST S
15F071346 23:26:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 3700 SANDPOINT RD
15F070929 03:48:10 53 ARMED ROB 900 LINCOLN AVE
** Z15F071142 16:12:13 58 SHOOTING 1900 TILLMAN RD E
** ((Actually a STABBING - incorrect signal assigned)
JUNE 7 - 
15F071559 12:05:06 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 FAIRFAX AVE W
15F071493 08:01:09 58 SHOOTING 400 FAIRFAX AVE W
And, just because you're such dear friends, here are the police calls that went out for (illegally detonated) FIREWORKS.
Again, the lack of responsibility SHOWS all too well:
JUNE 2 - 
15F069081 19:32:26 44FW 2300 HOAGLAND AVE
JUNE 4 -
15F070120 18:09:44 44FW 200 MAIN ST E
15F070781 22:04:27 44FW 2400 FAIRFIELD AVE & MEYER AVE
15F070811 22:18:17 44FW 5500 WESTBREEZE TRL
JUNE 6 -
15F071164 17:07:21 44FW 6300 OLD TRAIL RD
15F071217 19:03:22 44FW 5500 REED RD
15F071253 20:21:19 44FW 5100 REED RD & MIDLOTHIAN DR
15F071270 21:23:54 44FW 1300 STAG DR
15F071291 22:00:52 44FW 5000 PLAZA DR
15F071327 22:24:32 44FW 10400 CHERRY CREEK RD
15F071320 22:54:43 44FW 8000 BASSWOOD PL
15F071329 22:59:50 44FW 4600 LAFAYETTE ESPLANADE
15F071326 23:00:17 44FW 4100 STANTON DR
15F071336 23:02:33 44FW 1100 SHERIDAN CT
15F071333 23:05:24 44FW 1300 FAWN DR
Did NOT know that D-DAY was a cause for fireworks being set off...
And we're not EVEN into the CORRECT time of year when such things are allowed (which, to me is way too many days!
But, it's better to be entertained than EDUCATED, it would appear.
*** Next up, one of the reasons I resist posting on various social media sites are those that have points of contention with you...and don't "do their homework", when it comes to information gathering.
Case in point, the WANE (Disqus) page...where you can comment (when it's not deleted by the leftists running it).
One person suggested in lieu of all the robberies that clerks should pack some heat, and I  followed up in agreement citing the case back in January 2009 at the Belmont Beverage store where one clerk was shot in the leg, returned fire and shot the robber in the gut. The robber staggered into Tillman Rd where he died, and relieved this city of further thefts and other crimes.
I documented it here, but the J-G removed the story from their archive, so my link is invalid.
Not to worry...here is another site with the story FROM the J-G in it's entirety I do MY homework - the Internet CAN be useful):
Belmont Beverage homicide - From 2009
THIS location is at the "V" at TIllman and Rt 27...pretty easy to spot.
Wifey and I drove past it THIS weekend, and the place is OPEN (as the cars in the parking lot will attest to, and the LED sign out front that shows various sale items).
--One person on the WANE site would have me believe otherwise, and says I'm incorrect.
Sorry, but if he drove past (or stopped inside) he would know differently.
All this person had to do was a search using the right parameters...no big deal. I even tossed a link to WPTA with the story (which has the address - 1414 E. Tillman).
Now, unless the store closed Sunday, it's still open
 I won't do Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media stuff because I live around stupid people (who chose to move here, thanks to HUD), and have absolutely NO desire to find any MORE.
*** While we're on the subject of crime...the Waynedale Pizza Hut was targeted last night (yes, in the rain), when an employee was "relieved" of the night bank deposit bag.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 2030 hrs at the Pizza Hut located at 6809 Bluffton Rd (Wifey and I used to eat there every Wednesday years ago...good dinner buffet)
I guess someone got a "promotion" from robbing all the dollar stores?
Perp's not there for the stuffed crust...
Or perhaps since all of the dollar store have BEEN robbed (and the police might be watching THEM), it's better to graduate to something better?
In any event, a BLACK MALE (approx 5'11", 180 lbs, between the ages of 19-23) was the perp, and police found a black FAKE gun nearby, along with the deposit bag and a black shirt - many of these robbers tend to LAYER clothing, even in warmer weather...for obvious reasons, so if someone is wearing a puffy jacket in July, police "might" want to stop and ask him "how 'ya doing?", if you get my drift..
Quick - WHICH gun is the REAL one?
Police have no suspects and are investigating (thought that was the job of the DETECTIVES?).
People might want to brush up on REAL v FAKE handguns...just sayin'...
((btw - the one in the MIDDLE is the real one))
*** Next,  today is Wifey's last day for school, and that means she'll be "at my mercy" until school begins anew in August (before my birthday...alone again).
That means a change in procedure around the "Fortress"...things to do, people to see, and all the other good stuff.
Hard to cram so much into such a short period of time, but we try.
*** Next up, have you seen that video in Texas regarding that "pool party" that got way out of hand when some people from other neighborhoods crashed the party?
THIS was a good segment.
Here's a Megyn Kelly story link (and her show last night provided better coverage from residents both black and white):
Now, the officer initially involved has been "suspended" (call it administrative leave), but he was the FIRST officer on scene and had to wait until other officers responded to what became a fracas at the community pool. Trying to get control of over 100 people IS a chore.
And once again, we see blacks who jumped the fence to enter the pool (who did not live in the area) and other blacks who DID live there even said this was uncalled for.
Should the officer have pulled his sidearm?
That's debatable, given the nature of these teens, their non-compliance with orders to sit down (some DID), and this overwhelming want to "egg on" law-enforcement in cities all over this country, as if to say "go ahead...we'll video you doing something wrong", when the ENTIRE story is not revealed by the lame-stream media.
Those on the left keep taking away the authority of the police, and not in huge increments, but in very small amounts, every time a situation like this surfaces. Another "chip" off the block.
The race-baiters KNOW this, and play to the media, calling for "justice".
In fact, these people are causing quite the REVERSE by their actions and rhetoric.
The scary thing about scenarios like this...they can happen in ANY city or town where there is a minority community with some "ax to grind" against authority. And sad to say, we will see more of this before it runs it's course.
*** Last back to the downspout...situations such as the one in Texas, or the hip-hop concert in NJ (where state police had to get involved with people trying to get in without paying)...and even as far back as Ferguson...it's always about PEOPLE.
These things never start of their own volition - they have HELP...from people. Always have, always will.
There are those who like to stir the pot...hell, I'm one of them, but there is a difference between me and all those other pot-stirring people.
I do it with purpose, with facts, and with a goal of making things better...for everyone, small as my "voice in the wilderness" is these days.
Those others do their pot-stirring without facts and without reason, but they do have a purpose, and that is anarchy.
What other purpose would they have?
They look for things that aren't; there, lie through their teeth on a chronic basis, and they have those in power who would foster and promote their agenda.
That's not the best recipe for UNITY in this country.
But, all this started a LONG time ago...with the Jim Crow Laws, and that is something we need to examine.
Perhaps such laws never needed to be enacted.
I firmly believe that.
They alone set race relations back decades in their time, and it wasn't until the 1960s when REAL changes were made to correct that.
So, yes, there are those who are only predatory by nature, and we're talking the two-footed variety here.
There are those who seek to TAKE, rather than produce.
There are those who want from others, rather than working for it themselves.
And there are those who demand everything and give back nothing.
Sadly, this country has bowed to the absurd in this case, and we're ALL paying the piper for this tune.
A return to ethical behavior and civility is long overdue, don'cha think?
We need something (and pretty damn soon), because what we're settling for these days just isn't cutting it...is it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


Momma Fargo said...

Great post, Bob G. I see you still get gunfire in your fair city. Oh joy. Daily fun. Donald Duck day! Yay! As for the Texas cop...a mess. People riot without facts over stupid stuff. Grr. I am not sure he was wise to tie himself up with one kiddo when he was alone. What would the media have said if he had started spraying OC to disperse the crowd who was not listening? Oh boy. I think no matter what, the poor feller is going to be hung in the public square of media madness which is not fair. It could have been handled differently or better. Every call can be. People are pissed about him taking out his gun, but if two people rush you from behind when you try to effect an arrest, then what are you to think? The public won't understand police 101 ever. As for the brats? Oh, yeah. They take zero responsibility and blame it all on the cops. Pitiful.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I thought if ANYONE comments on THIS post...it would be YOU, dear.
We don't STILL have gunfire around here...we ALWAYS gave gunfire around here (might as well bunk out at a damn shooting range...lol)

The TX corporal...hate to see this happen, but that's the way these race-baiters are gonna shake - pull RACE into something that's got nothing to DO with it (it's about NOT crashing parties you're NOT invited to and minding your own DAMN business), and little by little, they chip away at law-enforcement as we know it.
Pretty disgusting way to deal with police...
Agreed that every call can be handled differently, unless "something" changes that up along the way (pursuits,traffic stops, etc).
I'm thinking like you - the officer couldn't know what (or who) was coming up BEHIND him, so the logical course is to DRAW the weapon (and he never really POINTED it, but kept it (down) alongside his leg until he re-holstered it.

Let's not see another stupid-ass witch hunt that never was there to begin with, hmm?

Thanks much for rolling up toady to comment.

Stay safe down there, dea.

CWMartin said...

Did you get the wind? Everyone else got a lot of wind, but we had nothing but straight down rain.

And you KNOW you'll find more idiots on FB, if nothing else from what I've mentioned. Most of them shoot off at the mouth and wilt away like they were hit with Roundup when facts are presented.

Detectives... We need Dick Tracy, but all we got is Nick Yemana.

Now the true story of that pool party is one I did hear on FB. Unfortunately, another thing you get on FB is people who will single out a part of this incident to fit their "all LEOs are Nazis" narrative.

Bob G. said...

--I did get SOME wind, but that's because I had some SUBWAY the day before...
We got a LOT of rain down here...and windy conditions.
--That's why I won;t do FB on a dare, my friend.
--I thought we had ACE VENTURA...LOL.
--YEP, the SLANT is there on FB and other social media...that's for sure.

Hey, thanks for stopping on over to comment today.

You stay safe (and dry) up there, brother.