03 July 2015

Friday follies - Pre-America's Birthday Edition...
We made it to the weekend - now, all we have to do is survive the the next 72 hours, and we can start all the "fun" over again, hmm?
Where we live, that's pretty much easier said than done, in spite of what others might say to the contrary.
I wish it wouldn't sound like the recreation of PICKETT'S CHARGE...for once. Just once.
I've seen the real thing take place at Gettysburg...much better.
Our Hooiserland weather will be cooperative (wow, that's a change), with a partly sunny day ahead of us and temps reaching to around the 80 degree mark. Not a bad day to be outside. And the weekend will be just as nice.
Expect similar conditions over the next two days.
With that now behind us, let's get that taste of Friday fortitude poured and parked alongside, as we see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the discount fireworks store is our "What the hell happens today, Bob/" feature:
July 3 -
Boy, if that doesn't have an underlying meaning to it, I don't know what does.
As with everything in life, there is a PROPER manner and an IMPROPER manner to go about being disobedient.
I will confess that these days in this country, this seems to be EVERY...single...day.
Maybe if more people READ this...
(and especially on the SE side of Ft. Wayne)
Maybe they SHOULD call it "ass-backwards" Day?
(I always stay OUT of the sun...and also tend to remain a fair enough distance FROM it.)
*** And since, it's a FRIDAY, let's take a look at what is going on over the weekend:
July 4 -
---Saturday is INDEPENDENCE DAY (for the USofA)
(America doesn't look THAT bad at her age)
Now, if anyone thinks it's a day justfor SALES...stick around, I'll be talking about that in a little bit.
In the meantime, here's a "heads-up" for the REAL DEAL:
It IS worth a read if just to refresh one's recollection.
(something purely AMERICAN..yeah, .I can work with that)
(maybe in the Mojave Desert or Death Valley, but not this year in Indiana)
July 5 -
Someone's got a LOT of time to kill...
(no farm here, no scarecrow, no problem, right?)
---It's also WORK-A-HOLIC DAY
(Unless you're a minister, priest, fireman, hospital worker, or police officer, if you're working on a SUNDAY, you must be chained to the job)
And there you have it...
*** Next up, a story that proves (once again) the level that some people will stoop to because they go against societal conventionality.
Here's the story link:
This took place last Saturday at the Wal-Mart located at 10420 Maysville Rd.
A woman, one Andrea Curry, 31, was charged by police with neglect of a dependent, criminal conversion, driving while suspended, and two counts of resisting law-enforcement.
That's on top of the initial call for a shoplifter at the store, which started a pursuit of Curry by police.
The chase took them through several neighborhoods in the area.
Loss prevention at the store reported to police that diapers and baby wipes were stolen.
A FWPD officer spotted her as she drove away from the store, and tried to stop here, but she drove away.
Police said that Curry drove onto a sidewalk and into a yard at a house, , then exited the vehicle with her 1-year old ion before she wa arrested.
Wal-Mart needs to post THIS!
Well, that boy is learning REALLY young what it's like to be surrounded by police.
Think he'll learn anything in the next 18 years?
Moving on...
*** Today, I want to spend some time talking about the (unfortunate) down side to the 4th of July, and the opposition to all the good things, that'll I'l mention in passing.
To me, the 4th USED to mean something, and it was a lot MORE than what it has become over the decades.
Bicycles were decorated in red, white, and blue, flags could be seen at damn near EVERY house (we opted for smaller flags in holders which could hold FIVE of the flags), and that looked nice. In a row-home, there was no manner to display a LARGE flag.
We had parades, and fireworks...REAL fireworks done by people who KNEW what they were doing, and those shows were wonderful, held in specified areas. The only thing "we" had were sparklers...that's the way Philly used to do it...and that was fun...for everyone..
These days, everyone can do anything, and that often leads to injuries (or worse), like the 11-year old (from TN, I think) who was killed earlier this week when a "mortar" shell went off as he was holding it.
People do not treat such ordnance in the proper way...and it shows.
Such dumbassery tends to "leave a mark".
Here in Indiana (Fort Wayne) people HAVE to (by law) shoot off such devices ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY, or have permission by a neighbor to use their property.
I can tell you straight away - THAT NEVER HAPPENS around here...EVER...AT ALL.
The numb-nuts shoot mortars off IN THE DAMN STREET, and woe to those driving through the area.
And, since we have ALL these trees, you just know where the glowing embers will fall.
Over the years, I've picked up all sorts of refuse from these "home-grown" pyrotechnicians...moronic as they are.
We have plenty of PROPER fireworks displays all around the area, done by the pros, and yet, people are given the chance to injure themselves (or others), risk property damage, or just plain annoy the hell out of those who relish the TRUE meaning of this holiday.
Also, many of these devices do NOT come cheap, so where do people who DO NOT WORK for a living, manage to purchase hundreds of these mortars and major firecrackers to set off hour after hour?
Does the EBT card allow purchases of such nonsense?
Sure seems that way.
Either that,. or someone is GIVING shit like this away.
It amazes me the lengths these idiots go to in order to "have fun"...at the expense of everyone else who doesn't want to partake in detonating things from China in order to celebrate the birthday of AMERICA..
Look at the dumbass!
And then, there are those for whom such noise is bothersome, and we're not just talking about family pets and small infants.
Here's  a story that speaks to this issue:
It's called PTSD...or "flashbacks".
I can understand Jim Cotter's situation...not nice having a flashback to times best left forgotten.
It certainly isn't fair for others to deny Mr. Cotter the quality of life he has truly earned.
The FWFD suggest the people notify neighbors about setting off fireworks...and I have to laugh at that.
That would NEVER happen here...the detonations are your "heads-up"...just like the gunfire.
Those living near us have NO REGARD for others, and certainly NO RESPECT either.
There are also OTHER sales all over the place...as if to say this was our "independence from fewer choices of things to purchase", instead of independence from a tyrannical rule, and the creation of a free country.
I've never viewed the 4th as a "day of bargains"...maybe I'm the oddball here.
I kinda like the old-fashioned era.
The 4th always seemed to have a DEEPER meaning than saving a few bucks.
To most (real) Americans, it should, but that's just the way I feel.
We have 364 other days to snag a sale...why do it on the one day a year that we celebrate becoming a nation that others looked to as a model for democracy, as well as a nation where so many have chosen to come to, and start anew?
I think a lot of folks "miss the boat" on that reason alone.
We can celebrate without being blooming idiots, and we can appreciate what had to be done in order to secure a FREE COUNTRY.
And we can do this in a much netter manner than by rampant displays of stupidity.
We were good enough to break away from England and create THIS country, and by God, we can good enough to prove to everyone else that it was worth that struggle.
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference o someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Compliment your MIRROR? Boy has THAT boat sailed...

Disobedience Day? Fine, I refuse to go to work today, lol!

I celebrated stay outta the sun day for the last few weeks...

I may use that shoplifting story here in a bit...

Hope you have a good, and relatively quiet, holiday!

Bob G. said...

---Nah...all you do is look in the mirror, point and go "No, YOU'RE awesome"...!
(works every time...heh)
---Our neighbors have refused to go to work for DECADES...lol.
---Didn't we ALL? HA!
---The Walmart "5-Finger Discount Diva" deserves everything she gets (and doesn't deserve what she took...simple as that.
---We shall try as best WE can...you, Laurie & Scrappy do likewise.

And thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.