04 July 2015

Independence Day...
  And this nation isn't looking that bad for being 239 years old.
  If there is one word that should stand alongside the usual one we think of (FREEDOM) when we celebrate our independence,( to me), it's the word APPRECIATION.
  We need to appreciate more as to WHAT was done by those desiring to be free...HOW we created a new nation...WHY it had to be done...and WHERE it all began.
  It's perfectly fine to remember this day in celebration, but if we are to give this day the meaning an understanding it truly deserves, then we MUST acknowledge those who paid the price FOR our freedom...and are still paying...
  History needs to be our guide, and we all need to learn the lessons that the past has taught, and can still teach us, so that we can CONTINUE to celebrate and appreciate our nation and those who made this day possible for "We, the people"...

  Let's not forget those who first fought for our freedom, but those who have done so ever since, such as our firefighters and law-enforcement officers.

  Let us come to a better knowledge of WHAT our flag represents.

  Our country's Founders took an IDEA...and made it REALITY.
And they called it THESE...UNITED... STATES...

  Now THAT seems to say it ALL.
  Have a great 4th and do stay safe out there, America!


Momma Fargo said...

Great post. Gets me all patriotic again.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You go wave that flag, girl!

(a "stars and stripes" swimsuit perhaps?)

Thanks for commenting.

Stay safe & strong down there, dear.