17 July 2015

Friday Follies...
Okay, it's the weekend already again...yeah, that'll work.
And if you've been liking the weather for the last two days in Indiana, get set for the return of SUMMER.
I can already see by the morning thundershowers that the HUMIDITY is well taken care of.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will see us with intermittent rain today, with themps rising to the UPPER 80s    range.
From there, it only gets HOTTER for the next few days
It would appear we have the hot AND humid sides covered...as to the "hazy" to round out the triple-threat...well, if we see the sun sometime today, then we're well in that ballpark...plan accordingly, folks.
So, with that behind us, let us get that morning drink poured and parked alongside as we see what's been happening elsewhere...
*** First out of the corral is our "What the hell happens tody, Bob?" feature:
July 17 -
(I can take that or leave it...my favorite is coffee..sorry)
---It's also YELLOW PIG DAY
Sorry, don't have a bloody CLUE on this one...
*** And because it's FRIDAY, let's take a look at what goes on over the weekend:
July 18 -
---Saturday is (going to be) FRESH SPINACH DAY
I screwed up and transposed CAVIAR DAY with SPINACH DAY, so it's 2 days late, but better than nothing (and way better than kale).
July 19 -
Okay, now this is correct - ANY flavor...EVERY flavor.
They need a BIGGER glass (for me).
Alrighty, then...now THIS one has potential...especially on a hot  and humid day...!
And that's what's going on over the weekend.
*** Next up, a shooting in a "gun-free" zone by a Kuwaiti (nationalized citizen) kills 4 marines, injures several more in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Here's the story:
Look at the NO GUN ZONE sticker right-of-center.
The military facility was basically a depot (recruiting center), and those on site did not (nor were required to) wear a sidearm. Funny, when I was a kid they ALWAYS had that .45 strapped to their leg in a flap holster.
I will say the shooter had a NICE house, too (and car)...makes you wonder how such people get the means to live that large (and also shoot unarmed people on OUR soil).
The ONLY gun control law-abiding folks NEED.
And, I better not hear ONE damn word about MORE "gun control" from our president. He's controlled enough in this nation, and the blood of those who were shot by people HE would allow here are on HIS hands...not mine.
*** Next, the Aurora Colorado theater shooter is found GUILTY...!
(about damn time, too)
Here's that story:
Now, decide to KILL the bastard.
All I can say is if you're going to be "insane", never PLAN a damn thing out, because insane people are almost always never that premeditated.
Now, if only he gets executed...then we can all sleep better (before Obummer has a chance to find a way to let HIM out of prison.
*** Next, and speaking of prison, don't you just LOVE the way our p[resident is going on ANOTHER "apology tour" to federal prisons and getting his nose into things he has no business bothering about?
Somehow, this looks kinda RIGHT...
Yeah, 46 prisoners will get turned out, because they're "non-violent offenders"
NO...Martha Stewart was a NON-violent offender, and she got to go to "Camp Cupcake" to serve her time, so don't give me any bullshit about jails and those inside their walls...if it's a FEDERAL facility, then the FEDS were involved, and that was not a low-level operation that put the felon behind THOSE bars, was it? A guy caught with a blunt is NOT going to THOSE kinda jails...right?
And this SOUNDS about right
This president is supposed to be SO damn smart, and yet, so often, we see evidence that he doesn't know his ass from a damn hole in the ground.
Yet, we have to deal with his screw-ups time and again.
He can't leave office SOON ENOUGH for me...it's been a LONG 2 terms.
*** Next up,  the libtard editorialists are hard at work, propping up Obummer as another RONALD REAGAN...
And here's the proof from the Washington (com ) Post:
This is what the LACK OF TRUTH looks like.
How can someone close to MY age look back at the Reagan years and make SUCH a comparison?
Talk about the left wanting to "change history"...to suit THEIR agenda.
Now THIS...is what TRUTH looks liks.
The far left despised Reagan, and here we are touring HIM as an example that Obummer has (somehow) managed to emulate on an even grander scale...gimme an effin break here. I remember history as it HAPPENED, and not how it's (now) "perceived" - there IS a difference.
*** Next, some recent photos from our "Fortress", starring some familiar friends...
FINALLY got a picture of the little bugger!
Taken a couple day ago
Well, what have we here?
Such AMBIANCE - I give it FOUR peanuts|!
*** Last back to the stable...this president is a DANGEROUS person...and yes, even a treasonous one.
I wanted to see our first black president stand for something OTHER than division for our country, and I was wrong.
But in that, I'm glad, because so much TRUTH has come out over the last 6+ years, hasn't it?
The thing is, there have been those in his corner that have been trying to suppress the truth, and that compounds the crime.
This president has been at war with this country and it's values and principles,. even though he talks a good game to assuage our concerns.
As we all know, truth is usually the first casualty of war, and THAT has been a hallmark of this administration, starting from day-one.
Look back to the former administration and see HOW MUCH has changed since THIS president took office.
And HOW has it made our country BETTER...or STRONGER?
Short answer - it HASN'T...at all.
There needs to be a revival of the AMERICAN spirit, and not just by some of the people. It needs to also take place in our capital.
It needs to take place in a lot more hearts of those who are REAL Americans.
If we have to make some tough calls...so be it. The alternative is not even close to what this nation is, or used to be.
Enough with this false "change"...let's make some REAL change, and bring this nation back to the place it SHOULD hold in the world...and not where we have wound up over the last several years.
We can do it...and we must.
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

This was one of your best posts, Bob! I love spinach! YAY! As for comparing Obama to Iran, buuuulllllpucky. Nice play liberals, but no tomato. I am very upset about the military's policy on gun free zones. Wonder if they will get their heads out of the sand. Who knows? I am tired of the US laying down like lambs when we should be getting fierce on some of these issues.

John DuMond said...

"...because they're 'non-violent offenders.'"

I think one of the relevant questions here is, are we talking about the crimes they PLED TO, or the crimes they actually COMMITTED? The difference is often HUGE, as you well know.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, with such a wonderful compliment, none of my hats will fit for a few days...LOL.

We just got some spinach today (baby fresh) for some SALADS - I hate to cook when it's hot our...!

I don't know WHEN recruiting stations stopped allowing the troopers there to NOT carry sidearms, but it's a BAD policy...period.
TO me, if you're ON DUTY (anywhere) they you should carry on the hip.

We've got PUH-LENTY of "sheeple" in our country - time to grow us some SHEEPDOGS, Kiddo.

Thanks for rolling today to comment.

Have a great weekend, keep cool, & stay safe down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
THAT is perhaps the ONLY question that matters, and you called this one PERFECTLY.
(That one slipped by me.)

We know full well how SO many cases are pled DOWN to "lesser charges" like from MURDER to aggravated assault or man-slaughter.
Well said, my friend.

When I see a person murdered, and the killer gets less than 15 years...something's WRONG there..life cannot be THAT damn cheap, right?

Thanks much for stopping by here to comment.

Have yourselves a great weekend.
Stay safe and keep cool out there.

CWMartin said...

Yellow Pig Day has to do with math nerds and the number 17, which Steve Englehart says is a "round number by Kree standards."

Fresh spinach... how do you do "stick out your tongue" in symbols?

POSUS in prison: At least a little closer to where he belongs...

Liberals see history as something to manipulate in forming the Narrative. Cross-ref the Obama autobiography. Can't wait to hear St. Peter tell them a "selective truth" about which door to take...

We'll be heading to Cincy for the (thankfully) night game Saturday. Timing, huh?

Bob G. said...

--Well, there 'ya go then...nerds & math - that figures...HA!
Always KNEW I had some of THE most intelligent followers in creation...few as they are (thank you, sir).

--The symbol would be :p
I cannot STAND canned spinach, but leaves in a salad isn't bad (as long as it's not by itself with LOTS of dressing)

--And THAT is why I could NOT pass up SUCH a wonderful photo...lol.

--It might take a while...St. Peter will no doubt be LAUGHING so freaking hard when they show up.

Cincy - night game - sweltering? - COLD ONE - long night? - Possibly - Nice time? - someone else paying!
(and that's the best "Piscopo" I can come up with, Buster.)

Thanks for stopping on by and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe, hydrated and do keep cool wherever you go, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Lots of humidity and heat here for the past 2 days--thunderstorms rolled through as well. I sort of felt like I was visiting Florida again.

The Chattanooga shooting was very sad. I just shake my head at how certain people try and try to explain away evil. I guess that one has to believe in good first and I am not sure many on the other side grasp anything but "what can I get for me, me, and me right now?"

That rabbit sure looks content. He looks like me after visiting the all you can eat buffet--you and the neighbors better inventory your gardens.

Bob G. said...

Oh, yeah, FL has some SERIOUS humidity...haven;t been there since the late 70s...must be still the same.
I was thinking more SE Asia...LOL.

I agree - there are times when EVIL CANNOT, nor SHOULD NOT be explained away.
It EXISTS, and we have to face it and take it out whenever it presents itself, BEFORE it takes us out.

We have had some cherry tomatoes eaten...and they're not even RIPE yet.
I tossed some moth balls around the base...hope it doesn't affect the TASTE...lol.

Hey, thanks for dropping by to comment today.

Stay safe out there.