20 July 2015

Monday Musings...
Are we all tired of this rain we've had so far this year?
I know I am...been hard to schedule duties outside the house around the weather.
You look for a small break, and then you might be able to mow a lawn, or clean the gutters, or even touch up some paint around the windows.
(two outta three ain't bad for me...lol)
Our Hoosierland weather today finds us with mostly sunny skies with a high of around 84 degrees, and LOWER humidity.
(whatta relief).
Chances of any rain are damn near nil, but never rule it out around here these days.
So, having gotten that behind us, let's grab a morning drink and see what else has been going on since last we met...
*** First out of the kitchen is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 20 -
---Today is (a personal favorite of mine) NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY.
Now, granted, there are certain junk foods I won't go near...like pork rinds - tried 'em, didn't like them
Not into "nachos" either...ever since they started selling them at movie theaters (who was the dumbulb that thought that a good move?)
Also, since the government seems to list damn near EVERYTHING as some sort of "junk" food (except for kale, and other crap the first lady loves to eat), why not indulge yourself, if only for the day?
I still eat what I LIKE, and I eat it in moderation, and yes, I might sneak in something "healthy" once in a while..gotta balance things in life, right?
*** Next up, another house fire on the SE side that leaves one dead.
Here's the story:
A female was found dead by FWFD after the house was ablaze (and a total loss - more green-space?).
Sheress T. Parker, 45, was the victim.
It was later determined that the fire started in the KITCHEN when a pan on the stove was left unattended.
BTW, the house was a rental...just so 'ya know.
Now, what was it I was saying about people not knowing how to run a household down here?
You have to be pretty damn stupid to leave a pan THAT long on a stove so as to start a fire.
I cook all the time, and I can tell you that if you HAVE to step away from what's on the stove, turn the heat down (or off) until you return...or KNOW how long you can leave something "by itself". I can take a bag of trash to the garage and return while something's cooking and I've NEVER had an incident yet.
And I don't ever plan to, either.
Plus, we have something called a FIRE EXTINGUISHER nearby (A-B-C rating). They don't even cost that damn much.
And KNOW how to use it
Although it's sad to read about things like this, I look at it as nature's way of culling the herd.
Moving on...
*** Indiana (as of today) is one of SIX states who now ALLOW National Guardsmen to carry weapons.
Here's this story:
This is one of the best damn mandates to come along from the statehouse in some time, and I commend Governor Pence for such a wise and timely decision. I mean to not be armed when you're trained to shoot military weapons makes no sense when you're on duty.
This law applies to the state's 62 armories, the two ANG bases, 12 recruiting centers, and the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Jennings County.
Now, since they can shoot back at any potential terrorist, how's about some LVL 3 body armor for defense?
*** Next up, what happens when an attempted rape happens at one of Fort Wayne's "hot spot" apartment complexes?
At least he wasn't SHOT...that's a first.
Well, if you're the alleged perp, a LOT.
Here's the story:
This took place at Eden Green  Apartments - 1400 block of Greene St - around 0135 hrs this morning.
When police were called to the scene about an attempted rape., they discovered a man who had been beaten and unresponsive.
Police were told that a female was approached by a male (most likely both were black) while tabnding outside her apartment.
When the female began screaming, "individuals" came to her aid.
It is believed that those assisting the woman battered the male, and then left the scene before police arrived.
No arrests have been made.
Street justice...gotta love it, hmm?
***  Next, our Socialist-In-Chief is wanting to take the gun-control issue to yet ANOTHER level.
Here's the source story ink:
Why sure, if we don't REALLY have a gun issue, but a MENTAL HEALTH issue, by ALL means, let's target those on... SOCIAL SECURITY.
((...record scratch...))
Okay, now who is the largest number of people ON social security these days?
If you're thinking SENIORS, you get a gold star (and a cookie).
You tell 'im, Gram...!
There is a (small) case to be made for those who have lost the ability to take care of themselves, and perhaps THOSE folks need not have guns, but what about ALL the other people with serious MENTAL problems, and, who are much YOUNGER and maybe NOT on SSI or SSD?
Are they gonna be (still) flying under the radar of the government?
Apparently so. And that ain;t good, people.
Hell, most RETIRED police, and military  are usually on (you guessed it)...social security (in adition to pensions and the like), so WHY treat THEM unfairly?
Hell, I'm 62 (soon to be 63), and was thinking of signing up for SSI (eligible now), but I;m having second thought because of future "scrutiny" that is unwarranted.
This is just another grab at power and control by someone who can't live without it.
I have never heard of such bullshit in my life.
Banning the sale of firearms based on something like "financial competence", is beyond stupid.
Older people may indeed have trouble with checkbooks, or even the Internet (or even avoid it on purpose), but to grab that wide brush and paint ALL of them with this rhetoric baffles the hell outta me.
And this coming from the nation's forearms Salesman of the Year (since 2008)...anyone else smell a touch of irony here?
*** Last back to the family room...if you read history (and you should), you would find that our government was ORIGINALLY created to be...SMALL!
And for the most part, since this country's beginnings to almost the middle of the 20th century, it remained that way.
Not OUR future, right?
It wasn't until the "reign" of FDR that government saw it's LARGEST surge in growth, even outpacing the nation's growth, in spite of the Depression.
But there are those who don't want you to know it was the DEMOCRATS that caused this, nor that THEY were the driving force behind the rise of such racist organizations as the KKK.
Yes, it's was the Dems who DID (finally) pass such things as the Civil Rights Bill (even though it was EISENHOWER who first tried to pass such legislation, but was turned back by Congress).
The main reason this act was passed was not because of equality for all, but rather a way to grow government to obscene levels, and extend it's control over the working masses.
You can see this because it's the LEFT that has created all these programs to "help the poor", while after ALL the decades of such programs, we STILL have poor (and in greater numbers).
It's the left who have consistently raised the bar of the poverty live, artificially creating "more" poor.
I don't remember a time when $40K+ was considered "poverty-stricken".
When I was growing up, my Father would have damn near killed to have THAT kinda moolah rolling in, but there was one difference - he wasn't AFRAID to WORK for it (and that is worth more than a few posts in and of itself).
We need to embrace knowledge of ALL kinds, especially that from times past, if we are ever to learn from history, and avoid repeating mistakes.
We need to seek wisdom to know the truth from the lies, and then the courage to call those out and shame those who would deceive us.
Funny thing, we USED to do that, and without some false pall of guilt being tossed at us.
Perhaps, it's time the change that too.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((Damn...almost forgot - TODAY is the 46th anniversary of America's FIRST moon landing - Apollo 11 - how time passes. We should never forget this event in our history.))


A Beer For The Shower said...

Thinking about the government listing everything as a junk food... I read an "article" on the Internet the other day called something like, "Foods that surprisingly have a ton of calories!" And it was an entire thing about how avocados, and fresh granola, and oatmeal have a "ton" of calories so you should "avoid" them. It was astoundingly idiotic. A large number of American people aren't fat because they eat too many calories. Often, they're fat because they eat the wrong calories. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that an avocado, even with three times the calories, is a hundred times healthier for you than a 100 calorie pack of mini Oreos.

Bob G. said...

I also take such "studies" with a grain of salt (because salt is supposed to be bad for you,. although we NEED it to survive).

Yep, there are good and bad calories.
I just moderate what I eat and especially what I LIKE to eat.
And beer...gotta have a beer now and then (when bourbon or scotch isn't available)

Can't say I like avocados...fresh spinach leaves are good (w/ loads of dressing)
My quest is to follow George Carlin's advice and load up on as MUCH BLUE FOOD as I can...ROFL!
(cause that makes 'ya live forever, hence the short supply)
People gain weight for two reasons - genetics and way too many bad choices...

I also don't think I've ever seen a LEAN couch-potato..have you?

Thanks for dropping on by today to comment.

Stay safe (and classy) out there in the mile-high city, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Oy. NOT junk food day. Erg. The gubbermint is giving me lots of headaches lately. Erg.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, at last you're NOT blaming that on me, hon...
(but I will be observing today...make no mistake...heh.

I thought you'd get a hoot outta Grammy, too.
(she's my girl)

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe (and healthy) down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Junk Food Day? I shoulda had a paid day off on that one...

I think a lot of these fires come from people who serve from the pan onto a plate, and then never move the pan or turn off the heat afterwards. I might not be socially acceptable just eating from the pan, but I'll never set the place afire THAT way...

The man that got beat wasn't Cosby was it?

That has got to be the dumbest thing the anti-gun lobby has ever come up with. I see a lot of SSA recipients committing armed robbery, etc. Another useless gesture from a useless politician.

Bob G. said...

A PAID DAY...now THAT is something I should have thought of decades ago...LOL.
(I say go for it)

Oh yeah, I agree.
These people have NO practical knowledge of civilized society and all the "nuances" that go into it...like how to PROPERLY utilize major appliances.
(but they sure can figure out the big screen TV)

Heh..no, it wasn't.

These politicos and their minions MUST be smoking the same dope they allow into low-income, low-information neighborhoods that they created...and keep building upon.

Yeah, Grammy and her guns gonna knock over the credit union..as soon as the shuttle bus from the senior home comes for her...That isn't gonna happen, and we ALL know it.
Liberal lunacy at work on the dime of the taxpayers...what folly.

Thanks much for dropping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.