24 July 2015

Friday Follies...
Well, it's looks like we're starting the weekend off with a BANG...(make that several, actually), and we'll be getting to THAT in a minute, but before we start the "fun", shall we take a look at the forecast...
Our Hoosierland weather finds us with ANOTHER nice day...(WTH is going on here?), with temps rising a tad higher into the 80s and slightly increasing humidity (looks like Summer might be making a comeback). But, we will have plenty of sunshine..
(And it only gets hotter over the weekend)
So, with that behind us, lets's get our morning drink at the ready as we see what has been going on in all the old familiar places...
*** First out of the turnip patch is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 24 -
(a shame she's not here to enjoy it...or IS she?)
Definitely one of history's mysteries.
---And, it's COUSINS DAY
(I don't think they mean Brian Cousins)
*** And since it's the weekend, there HAS to be events we might want to take in (or toss out).
July 25 -
---Saturday is CULINARIANS DAY.
(does that mean I get the day OFF from cooking?)
(this has got to be a hit with seamstresses everywhere, but  don't we ALL thread a lot of "needles" in life itself?
July 26 -
---Sunday is ALL OR NOTHING DAY.
(Well, that depends on the situation you find yourself, doesn't it?)
We already know that D.C. is full of NOTHING, especially at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
(don't believe I've any of those left, except on Wifey's side...mostly memories now)
---It's also PARENTS DAY
(sorry, fresh outta parents, too...does that work with family pets?)
And there you haveit...all the things you needed to know about.
Moving on...
*** Like I said at the top, the weekend in Fort Wayne started off with a BANG...and it was (where else?) on the SE side. of the city.
Yes, friends, two more shootings happened early this morning. And here's the story link:
This took place around 0100 hrs in the 3600 block of Trace Way (near Wayne Trace and McKinnie.
Police found two victims at the scene and had them transported to hospital.
A juvenile was listed in serious condition, and a male adult was initially listed in serious condition, but was downgraded to critical.
Investigators believe that the shooting grew from a disturbance that escalated into gunfire.
A neighbor said they heard 4-5 shots and then saw a car leave the area at high speed.
As usual, NO suspects, NO arrests, and TWO hits,ONE run, and NO errors.
(end of this inning)
*** Next up...FWCS caves to social "pressure" from a few, ignoring the many.
(sounds all too typical in this PC-run world, doesn't it?)
And, we're "PC" as the day is long.
Here's one story link:
Yes, the North Side Redskins may become like the passenger pigeon and dodo...EXTINCT, if the "PC-POLICE" have their way.
It's been three years since this first came up, and in the wake of the WASHINGTON REDSKINS "name" issue (which is really a NON-issue).
It took a while, but now, it's the SCHOOL'S turn to "knuckle under" to a few people who find a name "disparaging", rather than a source of PRIDE and an homage to the Native-Americans in our country.
And you know what...I say LEAVE THE EFFIN NAME ALONE, you assholes.
Every time one of these "snowballs": get kicked down a damn mountain, we fall deeper into the trap of banning SPEECH...and it's being done WORD-BY-WORD. And I'm damned pissed off at every single one of these morons that would DENY people the freedom to use the language we've had for a very long time.
This is EXACTLY the way the loss of liberty begins...with the smallest of "baby steps", and we're TOLD that it's "for the best", and that we need to be more "sensitive" to others, or that we need to practice "diversity".
BULLSHIT...to ALL of it.
I say that there was not ONE DAMN THING WRONG with the North Side name for the LAST EIGHTY-TWO FRIGGING YEARS, so butt the f$ck out.
Many grads and alumni feel much the same way...nothing wrong with the name - leave it alone.
But NO...FWCS is looking at federal funding (which "could" be withheld IF they don't kneel down to whatever the regime dictates)..
Face it, the education system in American is basically run by the LEFTISTS, and they just want to waste even more money, and what better way to do this than have us at lech other's throats over something like a team name that's been in place for over 8 DECADES?
 That way, we won't notice when they say they'll spend on education for MORE failed programs that keep kids dumber than a bag of rocks compared to other nations who spend LESS per student and have MUCH better discipline policies.
The worst part of this, is that the school board (run by a DEM) says this will NOT go to a vote (because you might LOSE, Mr GiaQuinta?)...it will be shoved into place, down everyone's throats and we're just supposed to shrug our shoulders and say "oh, well, nothing we can do".
Dr. Robinson is also on board with the name change, citing "it doesn't represent our core values".
When the f$ck did the core values CHANGE?
They were apparently GOOD ENOUGH for the last 80+ years.
Watch out for the WORMS!
If you (really) mean the CORE values are crap (today), then I would agree...they SUCK.
Go BACK to basics, and screw all this POLITICAL PC-BS...you might learn to LIKE it.
*** Next up, did you know that over a QUARTER of the city's ROADS also SUCK?
Well, Coldwater Rd is looking BETTER.
It's true, and here's the proof:
Guess our "King" isn't making AS MUCH PROGRESS as he was telling us...
After all, he CLAIMS the city is spending about $20 MIL a year to FIX the roads.
Now, either we have MORE roads that are crap, OR he's fixing roads that don't need hat much fixing.
I know that down here on the SE side, we get a lot of the temporary "chip and seal"...BUT, recently Decatur Rd was resurfaced as well as Pettit...that accounts for maybe a MILE of new (and good) road...
And, there is the "project" that tore the shit out of Lower Huntington Rd and screwed what few businesses are along there for months.
(part of the master-plan to take over the SW side and add it to the ghetto known as the SE side, no doubt).
Fortunately, that is about finished...now. I wonder what's NEXT on the FUBAR list?
*** Next, about the Lafayette LA shooting at the movie theater.
That kinda situation creeps ME the hell out, and mainly because of the manner on which it took place.
Granted that the movie THE TRAINWRECK is not going to win any Oscars, but for a man in his FIFTIES to casually walk in, sit down, and then 20 minutes into the flick open up on unarmed patrons will baffle many, I'm sure.
Excellent movie.
To me, it sounds like a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE type of scenario.
Guy walks in, says nothing, shoots (whoever or whatever), and then, calmly places the gun to his head and pulls the trigger, killing himself.
What can possess a person to "just do this", unless there was some underlying cause, like perhaps a terminal illness.
But even THAT lacks the validity needed for a sense of "purpose" of the shooter.
If you need to commit SUICIDE, just wander off to the woods and do it without taking others along with you.
And, suicide by cop doesn't track, because the police didn't even have a chance to get there to take the shooter out.
Damn sad to see two innocents killed and several more wounded, but perhaps even more disturbing is not being able to get into the shooter's head and find out the WHY behind all this.
Maybe relatives or friends and neighbors will be able to shed some light on this man and his motive...we shall we..
*** Last off the turnip truck...if the "conspiracy theorist" in me were to have his say, I would think that certain people are being utilized to promote some form of homeland terrorism.
Words to live (and stay living) by.
We know those who are the OBVIOUS choices here - the radicalized Islamists, and the others who just plain HATE this country, but what IF there was a plan to subvert the normalcy in our daily lives through heinous acts of violence?
Like I said...the possibility of a Manchurian Candidate thing might have some traction to it.
If you get a chance, watch the movie (the original one with Lawrence Harvey and Frank Sinatra is the better of the two flicks).
It asks the question CAN we stop someone who has been (for the lack of a better term) "brainwashed" into being an assassin.
We need to be ever vigilant now.
We know that the "high-value" targets in America already HAVE security personnel around, so the easier way to go is target innocents - the "everyday people" as it were.
You have to remember, for terrorism (of ANY kind) to SUCCEED, it has to be able to get the average citizen to DEVIATE from their normal daily activities...get them looking over their shoulders...keep them at a higher level of fear.
Many of us already do that, and have become more AWARE of what goes on around us.
The trick is not to displace caution with complacency.
This nation was created in order for people to be free FROM tyranny...and not become subservient to it
Evil will take many forms, and we'll have to take to the "watchtowers" of our lives, in days such as these, in order to protect ourselves, our families, and yes...one another.
THAT is what makes (and keeps) this nation great.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I read the Miami guy they interviewed said he felt the name "objectivizes" them. To an extent I get that... Why not give a non-objectivizing option that still does justice to their traditions? Like the "Little Turtles" or "Kekiongas" or, like Columbus, the "Blue Jackets"? I've said it before on my blog, I think that protesting a tribute to your peoples' bravery and strength is ludicrous... or to put it the way a FB friend did, "I've never seen a team called the Turds." There are alternatives that can do both... how about offering them, instead of just saying everything in the world is fricking racist?

This is what gets me about Satan.. You see his creativity in these liberal, one-size-fits-all set ups. All life bled gray of color... and yet idiots find a way to SUPPORT that. As to the activists, there are children among the native Americans woefully short on nutritious foods and education... how about you bleeding hearts work for them and leave worrying about team names until an appropriate to the situation time comes up? Oh, wait, I can answer that... addiction to the agenda. Not interested in building up, only in tearing down... that's why we should just give pats on the heads to looters in Ferguson and Baltimore for their hijinks, and get all upset over whether NASCAR sells Confederate flags, while real issues -like actually making things BETTER for everyone- get page 19 after the classifieds.

How do you conscientious liberals get swept up in this? What difference does it make if a kid has a "General Lee" car if he's playing with a child of another race? What difference does it make if a team is the "Redskins" if a white QB gets protected by a Mexican lineman while throwing a touchdown to a black receiver (Which happens a lot in the SAC)? How does it hurt you if a company's owner expresses his religious faith when you have so many other options out there if you object?

Don't you see (I know Bob does) that the liberal elite are telling you you must protest everything without fixing anything, and just like conservatives are getting distracted fighting "creche in the courthouse" and "Birth control insurance things", you all are getting distracted by "Save Planned Parenthood" and "Change the team mascot" and other such boondoggles and undeserving issues? If you want to fix something, how about you quit sweating the stupid stuff, find someone on the other side to lock arms with, and accomplish something of value?

Hmm, I might just go post this response on FB myself!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, you could always go with being more "specific" with a team name...something that rel;resents a TRIBE or the area.Maybe a mascot that LOOKS more like a MIAMI Indian might work.
That's the thing...we hear ALL these "criticisms" and NO alternative solutions...gets me PO'ed every time!

Pat Miller's show today should be interesting.

That is a GREAT way of putting it...bled gray of color. I like that.

I said something similar to Wifey today- concentrate on EDUCATION (and discipline), and let the team names ALONE.

Liberalism is indeed the means to "Protest everything without fixing anything".
(we need some printed t-shirts with that on it...lol.)

If they WOULD stop sweating the stupid (and minuscule) crap, we WOULD get a LOT more done, and to the betterment of a LOT more people. (whatta concept).
But, that's the way we USED to do things.

Hey, thanks much for taking time to drop by and comment.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your FB post, and do stay safe up there, brother.