23 July 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Welcome to our SECOND day in a row of nice weather here in the Midwest.
(can we stand the strain?)
But, never fear - rain is headed back into the area within the next 24 hours.
I know I've come to expect anything good around here to evaporate...and I've decided it's because of the weather...LOL.
And speaking of which, our Hoosierland weather will be mostly FAIR today, with a high around 82 degrees, a mild breeze, a few clouds, and low humidity. Can't really argue with that, can we?
With that said, I've got my morning coffee nearby, so you get whatever you're having, and together we'll see what's been shaking elsewhere.
*** First out of the faucet is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Bad laws are the worst kind of tyranny."
This was spoken by someone I've only featured TWICE before - EDMUND BURKE (12 January 1729 - 9 July 1797), and he was an Anglo-English statesman (born in Dublin), an orator, author, political theorist, and philosopher.
Don'cha miss the days when people wore a lot more hats and they were of a much better "quality"?
And here is his WIKI in case you didn't want to check archival posts:
Now, Ed was mainly noted for his SUPPORT of the American Revolution...not that many in merry olde England felt the same way.
Interestingly enough, he OPPOSED the French Revolution.
And, he is also thought of as the philosophical founder of conservatism.
That's how the leftards are doing it, too.
I've noticed that Mark Levin quotes from Burke a lot...never noticed it until I started reading about him.
If you haven't read the WIKI on Burke, now's the time to do so. I think you'll find him not only a man of considerable substance, but also a man with a vast knowledge of the human condition and how it impacts on politics.
Seen plenty of this as well.
Always good to read about the observations of someone from the "outside" who can be OBJECTIVE when it came to the founding of our nation
Moving on...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 23 -
Yellow mustard - NOT brown.
(didn't we just have one of those?)
Oh, wait...it's HOT DOG MONTH...I got it.
Makes a good mix with ROOT BEER.
(I would not put that on a hot dog, however)
So many choices, so little time.
(I trust you already have YOURS parked alongside as you read this.)
*** Next up, what's a good way to get rid of all of us nasty seniors, disabled, and other people who DO depend on the money they paid into the government when they worked?
If you said "Find a way to dry up their Social Security disability funds, Bob" the you get a gold star.
And here's the proof:
Wow, the TRUST FUND for SSD is facing "cuts"???
How can you cut money that's been paid INTO the system?
Where the f$ck has the money been going?
Who took the "trust" out of this TRUST fund, anyway?
Perhaps it's those who have defrauded the system, because you CAN actually get MORE money than being on "welfare"?
Sure makes a case about proper OVERSIGHT, doesn't it?
Doesn't seem AS "secure" as we thought.
Like I said, this regime LOVES to distract us with one thing (like hate crimes, mass shootings, and even immigration), while THIS kind of crap goes on behind us...then we find out a bit too late to do anything but wonder WTH happened.
You HAVE to watch "both hands" of these people...they WILL (and want to) bring this nation DOWN.
Over 7 MIL medicare recipients will see a 50% INCREASE in outpatient coverage - yeah, they're robbing Peter to pay Paul
That dog' not gonna hunt, and only serves to show that Obamacare IS NOT working to SAVE people money - quite the reverse.
Of course, the Feds could ALWAYS  do the unthinkable (as they usually do) - SHIFT MONIES from the RETIREMENT fund...again, it's robbing Peter and paying Paul...only Paul has been screwed already.
Now THAT I believe.
Naturally, our Whiner-in-Chief SUPPORTS the idea...hell he should, he BROKE the damn system to begin with.
And this gig is supposed to have "NO adverse effect on the solvency of the overall Social Security program"...
Where have we heard THAT line of BS  before?
Well, if you tax the hell out of more people (and still have all the damn freebies that taxpayers are already paying for but cannot get) you'll HAVE the monetary reserves to shore up a system being played by too many of the WRONG people...makes perfect sense.
This WILL be worth keeping track of, because we're ALL involved in it one way or another...as our the children (more so for them).
*** Next up, , I was listening to Mark Levin last night and he spoke about something I've not heard of until yesterday.
It's called the DEGROWTH MOVEMENT.
It's ALL part of the show, folks.
They even have a WIKI:
And a website:
Now, you have to go into this with an open mind, and yet be able to see more of the puzzle pieces fitting into this "grand scheme" of what has been taking place in the United States of America.
Isn't that like Communism?
It's actually insidious, and quite an eye-opener, but it's all true.
(and not some conspiracy theory)
Don't take my word for it...read up on it for yourself.
*** Next up, one of those "feel good" stories about a neighborhood NOT that far from our "Fortress" - Lafayette Place
Here's the story link:
The borders of it are Pettit to McKinnie, and S. Lafayette to S. Calhoun...in many ways, it's the "refelction" our neighborhood would see in a "mirror".
It's a location I've driven through many times, and the architecture is wonderfully varied.
Every year, they have a concert at the GAZEBO along the wide medial "strip" that separates both sidea of the area.
Hell, I get to hear "music" every damn day from passing cars, trucks, and even a motorcycle...don't need a bloody gazebo.
What is not mentioned in the story is the fact that they have been having more police calls to the area.
And, I will grant you that many of the "original" owners of the houses no longer reside there, because they have moved away from the nearby crime (that would be OUR side of Lafayette).
Yes, crime does spread to surrounding areas, like ink on water, but who needs to hear that when we're having a concert there, hmm?
The neighborhood also has tennis courts, and a bustling summer program for youth.
Well, we have street basketball, littering contests, shouting contests, and barking dog contests (and that's aside from the gunfire and fireworks "contests".)
They NEVER mention THIS - our ALL-year-long extravaganza.
We have a LOT more "programs" where WE live - none of them wanted by NORMAL folks like Wifey and myself.
Like I said...it's a "feel good" story, and if they can keep crime under control, more power to 'em.
But I hope no one living there who THINKS they can...is holding their breath.
*** Last down the drain today...again, we see that situations do NOT cause themselves (aside from those random acts of nature).
People are always at the root of whatever takes place in this crazy world.
Some choose "WISELY"...
And it's either the WISDOM of the people...OR their stone IGNORANCE that determines the outcomes of whatever situation arises not only for themselves, but oft times, for many others.
Others choose NOT so much...
We see what happens when the Feds try to play "musical ledgers" with Social Security.
We see the lack of respect for our founding documents, and we see the lack of respect for authority damn near every day.
Usually the blame for such things is misplaced, and the media has a frenzy reporting it...because it's ":entertaining".
But, it's MORE than that...it's REALITY, and the sooner the majority of us decide to spend more time THERE, rather than in the pursuit of trivial events that serve to falsely lull us into a state of mental torpor and feigned contentment, we need to see BEYOND all of this tripe.
You cannot have it BOTH ways.
We need to see what is happening to our nation, because time waits for no one, and is quickly running out.
Our nation was founded on freedom and liberty, and not communism or any sort of authoritarianism.
It's time we all remembered that, and then choose to fight for it in whatever manner we have at our disposal.
All of us, together, can reclaim that which our parents (as well as those who came before them) left to us...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I had vanilla ice cream last night... Not sure if it would work on a hot dog. Maybe a cocktail frank...

I think anybody who worked thirty years or more should get free health care, period. The medical field makes more than enough to eat those costs. And by limiting paperwork to showing a proper ID, think about the administrative overhead that would go spiraling down the drain.

Degrowth. What a crock. All you have to do is look around to see that it's not overconsumption that is the problem, it's just a symptom. It is overpopulation that is the problem. All the things that used to naturally kept the population down have lost most of their teeth. Not a Malathusian by a long stretch, but we need to dig down past the symptoms of things to hit a solution.

Oh, yeah, my vacation got started early. Off for the rest of this week and the next!!!!!!

Bob G. said...

Cocktail franks???
(I like those with baked beans...and potato chips)

That's a good idea about health care, but who pays for the "free"?
You KNOW the medical peeps and companies aren't going to go the "freebie" route, although, following the Hippocratic oath - THEY COULD...or SHOULD.

I think people should pay into a PRIVATE fund and let that fund make more money by WISE investing (and not "playing the ponies" on Wall St).
The LESS gov't - the BETTER for all of us.

The DEGROWTH MOVEMENT really IS a MAJOR crock, but it's being "branded" as all that is "supposed to be good and better for us"...there's the trap.

Levin made a very compelling case as to their agenda.
Social engineering at it's Cloward & Piven best.

People have ALREADY bought into this BS about global warming, alternative power, sustainable energy, urban farming, and yes, even recycling.
(underlying it all is redistribution of wealth and rezoning neighborhoods, too...big surprise)
All appears to be too damn Orwellian.

I only recycle because I like seeing old things becoming NEW things - like soda bottles made into carpeting (yes, they DO that). Plus, who wants all those metals & plastics in landfills when they can make a few million cars ?

You nailed it with finding the TRUE definition of what a PROBLEM is, rather than toss all these "solutions" which cost LOTS of moolah and do relatively NOTHING to change the status quo.
I FIRMLY believe that!

Good for you on that vacation...about damn time!
(you get lost and find yourself down here..feel free to drop by...lol)

Thanks for dropping by here today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.

John DuMond said...

"Sure makes a case about proper OVERSIGHT, doesn't it?"

Yeah, but government only likes oversight when they're the ones doing the overseeing. When they're the ones being overseen, their not too happy about it.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I've always said I am privileged to have some fo THE smartest followers...and you certainly PROVED that today.
I could not agree more.
This whole "cherry-picking" gig they have going on has got to stop.
Either have oversight on EVERY aspect of every damn department, or have NONE (and let a private entity do it).

I LOVE to see some department head squirm when under questioning by Trey Goudy, Darrell Issa, or more recently, Ted Cruz,
And yes, the leftists HATE to have THEIR feet held to the fire.

Great point made, my friend.
Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe out there.