13 July 2015

Monday Musings...
And...we're back to another "fun-filled" week, such as it might be.
Thankfully, we had ONE day that was nice...
Sunday was one of those "blech" days (seemed so to me, anyway). Getting the paper late (again) didn't help that out one damn bit.
Our Hoosierland weather for today is beginning a little on the foggy side this morning (reminds me of Jersey), but eventually it will go away and leave us with partly to mostly cloudy skies, as more rain moves into the area later on.
Temps wlll wind up somewhere into the mid 80s and there WILL be humidity in abundance.
So, with that behind us, let's try our best to get this week off to a rousing start, as we get our morning drink poured, and take a look at all the "stuff" that's been going on...
*** First out of the steamer trunk is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 13 -
Nothing like a quartet of THESE guys OR gals (the Sweet Adelines comes to mind) to make you smile. Never heard anyone who disliked them yet.
Check out THIS fella (and his pals):
Now THAT'S entertainment!
Rather be a geek than a dumbass ANY day of ANY week.
On, man...could I run with THIS One...lol.
Kinda looks like the SOUTHEAST side of town these days...lol.
Thomas Fuller, an English historian and churchman once said that:
"A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell."
Welcome to MY world on the SE side of Ft. Wayne, folks...ROFL!
And after all these year, I've become "selective" in MY fries...none of this fancy-ass flavored crap. And yes, not ALL (plain) fries are alike...some ARE better than others.
They also DO NOT COME FROM FRANCE...and here's the proof:
*** Next up, I'd like to say we had a decent weekend around the "Fortress", but alas, twas not to be.
Saturday started off fine enough...even watched the TRF parade.
Our local "natives" weren't even that restless...until the sun went down.
(no, they're NOT nocturnal)
Even some friends stopped by...
Some morons at least ONE block over (on or past Hanna St) had music playing SO loud, you could copy down the lyrics (not that you'd want to)...
And it went on for a while (over an hour - sounded like a PA system) before I called it into the FWPD, and was put ON HOLD...AGAIN...WTF is up with this shit?
People in OUR area NEED to attend.
Well, after THREE hours, it was STILL playing, so I called in AGAIN, and told dispatch I called earlier and heard no cessation to the "music"...I guess the police finally did something about it...or the people just went to bed.
It's like I said...we have these PARTY HOUSES in the area, and the FWPD can't seem to (or won't) do anything to close them down...that's how people get SHOT, in case you haven't read the news lately...parties attacked by thugs with guns...shooting randomly. Makes good copy.
*** And speaking of GUNS, former mayor (and RINO-at-large) Pail Helmke is STILL at it...pushing for (you guessed it) more GUN LAWS.
Here's his latest BS-filled piece of rhetorical nonsense:
For the umpteenth time, we don't need any more STRICTER gun laws, regulations, or rules...just ENFORCE the ones you already on the damn books and close any (and all) loopholes when ti comes to MENTAL HEALTH issues...
We need stricter laws on POINTING FINGERS, too.
Perps STEAL guns (or buy black market items...which can be stolen as well), and you're NEVER going to stop people stealing, unless you take a page from the middle east nations, and start lopping off hands, right? "Hey Leftie...how 'ya doin'?"
Even THIS guy is tired of hearing you, Paul
Paul, just retire someplace FAR away...take up fishing, or better yet, go BUY A GUN and practice...TARGET SHOOTING.
You never know when you might NEED it.
*** Also, while we're talking about criminals and police, let's take a look at our FWPD chief's latest version of "soft-policing"...
We Always put you on HOLD...
Here's the story link:
So, the FWPD misconduct list becomes more "severe"; because we want a more "kinder, gentler" police force when it comes to confronting a disruptive crowd that never listens to you, shouts swear words in your face, when they're not spitting at you and refusing to comply to directives at active crime scenes (or maybe just on the streets).
Yeah, that's JUST what we need...whatever happened to the "HEADHUNTERS" aka "Internal Affairs?
THOSE are the ones tasked with bringing reprimands or charges against officers, and believe me, people trump UP a lot of shit if they don;t like the police straight away. They will lie and then swear to it.
I've never encountered a rude or disrespectful officer (well, once, but that's another story), anywhere, but MAYBE that's because I treated THEM with the respect and courtesy I expected?
Just a thought.
The softening of America's law-enforcement....gotta love it.
Meanwhile, the perps get treated better and better.
*** Next, the billionaire drug lord of the Sinaloa cartel has escaped from a maximum security jail in Mexico City...for the SECOND time.
Here's the story link:
And his escape tunnel was one pretty sophisticated MO-FO.
In fact, it was MUCH better than the one Steve McQueen and the boys used in the movie The Great Escape.
This doesn't look at all like Pismo Beach
El Chapo is on the loose yet again...gotta love Mexican prisons.
They can hold one of OUR Marines who made a f$cking WRONG TURN for seemingly EVER, but when it comes to am international drug kingpin...oops, sorry, he got out again.
Bunch of morons.
No other way to explain this.
*** Now, here's a story that's becoming a bit too familiar:
Hurry up...and wait (for 6 hours)
A suspect wanted for a domestic battery eluded police after a SIX HOUR standoff.
The woman and 2 children vacated the house, located on Cutter Cove, but the man was nowhere to be found...now THAT is amazing, and worthy of something PENN AND TELLER might pull off.
And isn't it called a STANDOFF when you HAVE someone that is on the OTHER end of this scenario?
Seems the EST (SWAT) has gotten a  few houses (recently) where the suspect was NOT THERE.
Maybe they should make entry SOONER, so these resources aren't wasted AS LONG...'ya think?
*** Last back to the stockade...Our world today has become a LOT more complex, and I'm not talking about the level of technology at our disposal...THAT is a whole other story, and worthy of more than a few posts (perhaps in the future).
And THAT'S on a GOOD day...
I'm talking about PEOPLE...everyone around us...the relationships with them, the interaction (both live and electronic), and the manner they conduct THEMSELVES has become more complicated.
I suppose one might say we and the technologies have become SO intertwined, and that would be a good call.
I do know that the "personal" interacting between people has been redefined because of such things.
The way we speak has certainly been compromised over the last several decades.
Look at the way the "PC-Police" come down on people and have made it their "mission" to cleanse our language of that which THEY consider"offensive', like THEY know better.
Another example...the way we dress in public is no longer something many take pride in...such as for job interviews, or just going to the store.
We see people that look like they rolled out of bed who are shopping, or getting some fast food.
Whatever happened to our personal dignity?
Did we toss it out with last week's trash?
We accept the unacceptable, while allowing others to tell us what they think IS unacceptable and permit them to delete it from our lives.
Isn't that some sort of perverse double-standard.
I think WE need to learn, or maybe RE-learn that which we used to know was right in the world, and in our lives, rather than acquiesce to "someone else" to which we ourselves should be taking care of in our lives.
We need to do MORE for ourselves once again, and a lot more frequently, because that's who we are...or used to be.
Take care, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Ha, "maximum security jail." Is it really maximum security if people can escape? Twice?

So many people don't take pride in their appearance anymore, and it's incredibly sad, especially because if you say anything about it that suddenly makes you the jerk. I want to look good, for myself and for my wife. And she does the same for herself and for me. Crazy thought, right?

Bob G. said...

It's ONLY maximum security when one of OUR people winds up there (like that marine).
I heard 18 workers at the jail have been arrested (took a few more to make THAT tunnel).

Nothing wrong with wanting to look good, even if it takes a tad longer...
People LOVE to "judge" others, and the EASIEST way is by THE WAY THEY APPEAR TO THOSE OTHERS.
I also believe that when you dress well AND appropriate for whatever venue you find yourself, you feel BETTER about yourself, and THAT shows through to everyone else.

Some just settle for "whatever", and yes, it's very sad.
Even the CHI-COMS dress better than some here, and that's "state-sponsored clothing"...lol.

Thanks much for taking the time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

From the bottom:

It would be interesting to have a date on the Orwell quote. He sure hit 2015 on the head.

FWPD- covering ourselves in glory of late.

El Chapo- wondering if that tunnel was part of original construction...

Never occur to Mexico to BUILD ON BEDROCK, eh?
Prolly a little hard to find any when you build on a former lake bottom covered in dead Aztecs.

Ever consider delivering an m-80 to the party?

Sweet Adelines... now there's music!

Slamdunk said...

Unpredictable paper delivery times drove my parents crazy when I was younger, and I have never traditionally subscribed to the rural paper here. They do allow short subscriptions online, and I will get that sometimes--it is ready when I want it then.

I was just laughing about french fries with the Mrs. the other day. The big fast food places are now so concerned that they are going to be sued, their fries have lost much of their taste as compared to when I was a munchkin and they did not care. We were laughing specifically about the "fries" now included in a Happy Meal which is like 5 french fries in a tiny wrapper. Lately, we have been ordering little boy a side order of small french fries to go along with the Happy Meal--I guess Ronald McDonald and the gain are winning as we spend an extra couple of bucks feeding kids at the Golden Arches.

The PC-police have invaded just about every aspect of modern culture. Blah....

Bob G. said...

--Well, the Orwell novel (1984) was first published in 1949...if that helps.

--Oh, is THAT what they call it? LOL.

--Nice to see he's NOT wasting his BILLIONS, hmm?

--AH, yes, the AZTECS - now THOSE were "fun times" south of the border.

--Actually I was thinking more like a GROSS of them...ALL AT ONCE!!!
What I wouldn't give for the FWPD of only 17 years ago, before they were forced to become "diplomats".

--See...you like them TOO. I thought so.

Thanks for dropping on by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.

Bob G. said...


I feel that paper delivery TODAY suffers from the simple LACK of WORK ETHICS...and that paints a very gloomy picture of the future with much of our working class. It all starts SOMEWHERE, right?

It's a shame that the major fast-food "hacks" are bowing to the absurd with these governmental agencies.
There's hardly (if ever) ANY push-back...they just cave in.
Small restaurants still do pretty well with fries, and you can always buy some frozen ones at the grocery and "experiment" for cheap.

Better to avoid all the "hype" - except to collect the Happy Meal/movie-related toys, and then SELL them for "BIG $$$" decades later...lol.
Easy way to get your money back!

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.