07 July 2015

Tuesday Tidbits...
Life IS better with coffee.
Well, I think I'm sufficiently recovered from all the "fun" of the 4th...and back to a calmer version of my irascible self.
I managed to "work off" some of the "pissedoffedness" yesterday by mowing the front lawn.
If nothing else, it made the palce smell a lot better - nothing like fresh-cut grass in the morning.
Our Hoosierland weather today will find us with a good possibility of rain showers and even a "storm" (I'm guessing that "God's Fireworks"?) and it might be heavy at times...okay, no mowing for this boy today. Save that for tomorrow. - take a day off.
Temps will be into the upper 70s and plenty of cloud cover to go with that incoming rain.
A good day to kick back, take things a bit slower, and get that morning beverage parked alongside.
You go get yours and together, we'll sneak a peek at some other items of note...
*** First out of the meadow is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 7 -
(not to be confused with NATIONAL chocolate day in October...)
They didn't say WHAT KIND of chocolate...must be a generalization thing...ANY kind if fine, which works for me well enough.
Hmm, seems we COULD kill two birds with ONE stone...if we have a mind to.
Strawberries - chocolate - sundaes - sounds like a REAL plan.
*** Next up, some crime briefs, as if you thought we wouldn't HAVE any...nope, we always do..
---Another dollar store holdup in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
This took place Sunday morning at the Dollar General located at 6101 N. Clinton St.
And, by the M.O., (to me), it's either the same two black assholes that robbed a dozen other stores, OR, it might be the work of a copycat, because only ONE armed bandit was on scene.
(maybe his partner was in a getaway car...or slept in?)
---And an armed robbery at the Sherman Blvd Speedway earl;y this morning.
Here's THAT story link:
---A Dairy Queen also got held up last week and we have a video of the perp..

This took place back on 29 June, and police finally released video of the perp.
He must LIKE wearing stripes...got another place he'd fit RIGHT in
--- Now, some "updates" on the shooting on Mc Culloch St that left NINE shot.
1) First, a story from the J-G about the "tenants":
Notice how the landlord is from AUBURN, and has FORTY properties in Fort Wayne. Wonder if he vets those he rents to well enough?
The tenant supposedly lived there for FIVE years, and no problems, but neighbors stated that recently, they noticed people moving OUT.
Many rentals like this "change" occupants regularly, and there is no way to keep accurate track of WHO is living there, or how many (like the "Boyfriend of the Month Club" subscribers)...no watchdog on duty there, and THAT alone causes problems.
2) Here's another related story about the area where the shootings took place.
Wow, one neighbor is admitting to being scared NOW...I can understand.
FWPD "spokesguy" Mike Joyner again overstates the obvious, like "the shootings were CARELESS" ('ya think?), or that Ozie Dates, age 94, who has lived in the house next door to where the shootings took place, spoke out about recent shootings, and how her window was hit around 6 months ago (a local church has finally stepped up and will fix it for her).
What about HER "quality-of-life", Mr Mayor?
I featured this woman in yesterday's post, and you can find the link there, if you want to re-read it.
Aside from a few individuals, most of them tend to be up in years,who WILL speak up, there are few (if any) people who will say damn near ANYTHING about all this shit that's been going down in the city, and that specifically occurs on the SE side, where this is the ONLY time such people, usually involved to some degree with all the criminal activity, who are the noisiest assholes in the entire Midwest are strangely QUIET
It's the only time they actually shut the f$ck up and say nothing...
Now, that's damn near epiphanic in nature, don'cha think?
Moving on...
*** Since it's a Tuesday, let's see ALL those shots fired and armed robbery calls that went out the the FWPD over the past week that media sources DON'T tell you about.
JUNE 29 -
15F083185 19:40:47 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 COLISEUM BLVD W
15F082922 11:28:15 53 ARMED ROB 200 PETTIT AVE E
15F083255 22:24:49 53 ARMED ROB 1800 COLISEUM BLVD N
JUNE 30 - 
15F083309 01:12:00 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 BUTLER ST E
15F083345 04:10:48 113 SHOTS FIRED 2700 INWOOD DR
15F083815 22:24:51 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 WINSTON DR & SCHAPER DR
15F083852 23:17:47 53 ARMED ROB 2400 CALHOUN ST S
15F083540 13:31:09 58 SHOOTING 700 BROADWAY
JULY 1 -
15F083900 01:56:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 VAN BUREN ST & WILT ST
15F083924 04:06:06 53 ARMED ROB 4600 ARLINGTON PARK BLVD W
15F084291 22:13:11 53 ARMED ROB 1200 LEWIS ST E
15F083892 00:50:32 58 SHOOTING 4000 BOWSER AVE & BAXTER ST
JULY 2 -
15F084355 00:18:37 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 FAIRFIELD AVE & PIERCE AVE
15F084404 02:34:01 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 STATE BLVD E & COLISEUM BLVD
15F084418 03:22:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 CALIFORNIA RD E
15F084419 03:23:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 1900 FOREST DOWNS DR
15F084832 22:06:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 WARSAW ST & CONGRESS AVE
15F084836 22:13:35 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 SPATZ AVE
15F084873 23:23:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 COLERICK ST & HOLTON AVE
15F084554 12:40:56 53 ARMED ROB 3300 ACADEMIC PL
15F084861 23:03:34 53 ARMED ROB 900 WASHINGTON BLVD E
15F084875 23:25:30 53 ARMED ROB 1400 WASHINGTON CENTER RD W
JULY 3 - 
15F084925 01:06:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 BARR ST S
15F085173 15:42:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 OAKLEY ST
15F085344 22:10:28 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 LILLIE ST
15F085380 22:58:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 4900 FAIRINGTON DR
15F084992 07:24:54 53 ARMED ROB 2300 CLINTON ST N
15F085337 21:59:13 53 ARMED ROB 10200 ILLINOIS RD
JULY 4 - 
15F085532 02:53:27 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 LILLIE ST
15F085792 18:27:52 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 SPATZ AVE
15F085960 23:42:36 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 HOME AVE
((NO armed robberies))
JULY 5 - 
15F086008 00:53:54 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 FAIRFAX AVE E & CASCADE DR
15F086038 01:42:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 JOHN ST
15F086068 02:23:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 HOBSON RD
15F086431 22:01:20 113 SHOTS FIRED 3400 PLAZA DR & OXFORD ST
15F086462 22:40:36 113 SHOTS FIRED 6600 FERNWOOD AVE
15F086145 08:26:36 53 ARMED ROB 6100 CLINTON ST N
15F086358 18:46:11 53 ARMED ROB 4800 HOLTON AVE
15F086032 01:25:04 58 SHOOTING 2200 RANDALLIA DR
FIREWORKS CALL - 6/29 - 7/05
JUNE 29 -
15F082778 00:20:33 44FW 800 MADISON ST
15F082792 01:09:21 44FW 700 JACKSON ST & MAIN ST W
15F083001 14:09:23 44FW 5500 MASON DR
15F083101 16:59:29 44FW 1000 MONROE ST S & JEFFERSON BLVD
15F083113 17:23:26 44FW 2800 BROKEN ARROW DR
15F083271 23:04:00 44FW 800 MAPLE GROVE AVE W
JUNE 30 -
15F083303 00:54:46 44FW 2200 JULIETTE AVE & HALE AVE
15F083602 15:21:03 44FW 1900 MAIN ST W
15F083778 21:04:33 44FW 1900 ARDMORE AVE
JULY 1 -
15F083904 02:34:45 44FW 5300 ST JOE CENTER RD
15F084216 19:24:49 44FW 2300 JULIETTE AVE
15F084286 22:05:41 44FW 6600 bluffton rd
15F084299 22:18:18 44FW 6500 BLUFFTON RD
15F084302 22:31:13 44FW 1900 RIEDMILLER AVE
15F084334 23:21:37 44FW 6800 WOODCREST DR
15F084349 23:33:29 44FW 2400 FAIRFIELD AVE
JULY 2 -
15F084377 00:56:37 44FW 2800 KOONS ST & ELZEY ST
15F084605 14:29:00 44FW 4200 ANTHONY BLVD S & MCKINNIE AVE
15F084665 15:45:25 44FW 3400 WALDEN RUN & CHANTILLY DR
15F084682 16:25:14 44FW 2700 BROKEN ARROW DR
15F084688 17:27:17 44FW 3300 SANDPOINT RD
15F084726 18:25:29 44FW 600 JEFFERSON BLVD E
15F084788 19:23:53 44FW 6500 BITTERSWEET DR
15F084782 20:07:38 44FW 6400 COVINGTON RD
15F084831 22:02:17 44FW 3100 PORTAGE BLVD
15F084833 22:07:40 44FW 1600 REED RD
15F084857 22:49:56 44FW 600 STATE BLVD W
15F084884 23:23:07 44FW 1100 TULIP TREE RD
15F084883 23:24:39 44FW 6600 AZALEA DR & BAYBERRY DR
15F084878 23:31:37 44FW 7500 DECATUR RD
15F084882 23:39:08 44FW 6100 RODENBECK DR & PELHAM DR
15F084897 23:50:43 44FW 1100 HIGH ST & FRANKLIN AVE
JULY 3 -
15F084898 00:02:12 44FW 7800 COLDWATER RD & RILEY DR
15F084907 00:27:52 44FW 1500 WINDSOR RD
15F084908 00:36:23 44FW 2300 VERSAILLES VILLAGE PL
15F084965 03:52:55 44FW 3200 ST JOE CENTER RD
15F084972 03:59:54 44FW 6900 PLUMTREE CT
15F085120 13:29:46 44FW 800 ANDERSON AVE
15F085137 14:34:21 44FW 2600 FAIRFIELD AVE & PONTIAC ST W
15F085343 22:10:57 44FW 1400 AVALON CT
15F085349 22:20:11 44FW 6200 ST JOE RD
15F085365 22:30:33 44FW 3900 BEAVERBROOK DR
15F085377 22:50:18 44FW 6500 ST JOE RD
15F085420 23:09:59 44FW 200 PASSIER CT
15F085402 23:20:43 44FW 2900 STARDALE DR
15F085409 23:22:10 44FW 1500 VENTURA LN
15F085404 23:23:23 44FW 4100 PATRICK LN
15F085412 23:26:01 44FW 1500 LAKE AVE & MORTON ST
15F085428 23:30:26 44FW 1800 GRAHAM DR
15F085421 23:33:44 44FW 5000 BROADMORE CT
15F085414 23:34:39 44FW 300 STATE BLVD W & WELLS ST
15F085424 23:45:43 44FW 2100 SHORT ST
15F085427 23:47:07 44FW 2800 PRAIRIE GROVE DR
15F085444 23:49:06 44FW 2100 ST JOSEPH BLVD
15F085433 23:50:27 44FW 5600 ALLENDALE DR
15F085436 23:50:34 44FW 7100 DENISE DR & KAREN CT
15F085435 23:50:46 44FW 200 WILLIAMS ST E
15F085434 23:53:44 44FW 1800 STATE BLVD W
JULY 4 -
15F085440 00:01:27 44FW 700 ARCHER AVE
15F085449 00:06:20 44FW 3600 AVONDALE DR
15F085459 00:19:12 44FW 1600 WELLS ST & HUFFMAN ST
15F085455 00:22:22 44FW 2500 DREXEL AVE & FRUEHAUF DR
15F085465 00:34:30 44FW 1600 WELLS ST
15F085486 01:02:50 44FW 4500 COLONIAL AVE S
15F085499 01:21:14 44FW 500 HUFFMAN ST
15F085497 01:24:15 44FW 6200 PRESTWICK RUN
15F085516 02:08:17 44FW 7200 BRADBURY AVE
15F085533 02:53:19 44FW 500 HUFFMAN ST & SHORT ST
15F085701 14:12:40 44FW 2700 STATE BLVD E & BEACON ST
15F085727 15:20:28 44FW 3500 MEDA PASS
15F085774 17:33:36 44FW 4800 HANNA ST S
15F085789 18:07:54 44FW 4700 DOENGES DR
15F085872 21:31:36 44FW 300 FIELD ST
15F085937 22:14:18 44FW 500 JEFFERSON BLVD E
15F085919 22:20:58 44FW 200 MABRY CV
15F085915 22:29:50 44FW 2900 KOONS ST
15F085932 22:36:44 44FW 4500 ALBERT DR
15F085936 23:09:50 44FW 2500 CLE ELUM DR
15F085954 23:21:28 44FW 4000 OLIVER ST
JULY 5 -
15F085974 00:16:32 44FW 2400 ISLAND CLUB DR
15F086002 00:44:57 44FW 2400 ISLAND CLUB DR
15F086006 00:48:15 44FW 600 THIRD ST
15F086003 00:48:40 44FW 1700 THIRD ST
15F086011 01:00:57 44FW 4300 HIGHWOOD DR
15F086037 01:22:00 44FW 7600 ST JOE CENTER RD
15F086132 06:58:35 44FW 2800 WHITE OAK AVE
15F086220 13:02:53 44FW 6200 REVERE PL
15F086290 15:38:01 44FW 6200 REVERE PL
15F086427 21:49:10 44FW 7300 MAYSVILLE RD
15F086442 22:04:48 44FW 7200 NORTHRIVER RD
15F086468 22:09:39 44FW 3500 REED ST
15F086451 22:10:53 44FW 2500 EADE AVE
15F086450 22:20:53 44FW 3500 SHOAFF PARK RIVER DR
15F086488 23:28:57 44FW 5800 ROTHMAN RD
15F086495 23:48:55 44FW 1100 ST JOSEPH BLVD
15F086498 23:55:04 44FW 5900 STELLHORN RD & OAKHURST DR
Now THAT is some serious shit going on...
*** Last back to the cornfield...if it were not for the people causing all this stuff...the number of police calls would be a LOT lower.
But, let's take it one step further...if it were not for people making all those BAD CHOICES, we'd have fewer calls.
Now, you can talk about gun control until you're blue in the face, and you're not going to change MY mind on that...we have laws NOW that are perfectly fine...but criminals don't follow the LAWS...do they?
Same with fireworks, although THOSE particular laws need to be revisited (before we, in Fort Wayne wind up with someone like that dumbass who was killed when a mortar went off in his face (when he looked in the tube)...not gonna have an open casket service THERE, are they?
It's "a work-in-progress" thing...
There always NEEDS to be laws, because man in basically lawless by nature.
We're all just animals, who would act upon instinct at the drop of a hat, but we have CHOSEN to educate ourselves, and thereby adhere to certain principles and values that set us all apart from the rest of the mammalian world.
And, we SHOULD!
And that's where our religious beliefs come into play...like those Ten Commandments.
For others, not as high on the evolutionary scale (but high on other addictive items), there is no choice for them, other than to choose where to get some money to get more poison to put into their bodies.
Make no mistake...there is plenty of guilt to go around when it comes to those who break our laws, and we start with the politicians who find ways to make us think we need MORE laws all the damn time, when in fact, all we really need is proper and strict enforcement OF the ones we already have.
There is a change coming...you can almost feel it around this nation, and I hope it is for the better.
We need to reclaim our country before the lawless make it their sole domain.
I always believe we can do better and become better.
We have before, and we need to once again.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Today I was proud of myself. This day had a beginning that SHOULD have sent me into a rage like yours yesterday... but in the Lord's hands, I kept it cool and let everyone else fall apart, lol! Now, I think I'll find me some chocolate...

Bob G. said...

As bad as the 4th was (for me in particular), late yesterday and today were way better, too.

Then again, maybe it was the numerous emails and phone calls to various city departments, "diming" on the local lazy-ass idiots that made the difference...(bwahahahahah)

John Denver once sang "Some days are diamonds, some days are stone"...

Today - (somewhere in between) a very nice sapphire.
Lord knows what tomorrow will bring.

Glad you made out okay!

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

this week went by way too fast for me, since my family and I have been at a beach in North Carolina, got up to 100 degrees today! swimming is my favorite! especially when I am on trips, I love reading your blogs to see what is going on in Fort Wayne! thanks for posting every day during the week!

Bob G. said...

I have ALWAYS found that vacations have TWO distinct aspect to them:

1) You NEVER have enough of them.
2) They're over WAY too soon.

It does get hot at the beach - all the sun REFLECTING off that sand (at last the water's nice)

I do my best to keep people "up to date" as what matters around Fort Wayne. I'm glad you like reading the posts.

Thanks you so much for taking time to stop by and comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.