06 July 2015

Monday Musings - The Aftermath Edition...
"Okay, Fort Wayne...BATTER UP!"
Welcome to the start of another ghettoesque week...well, for US anyway, and you'll pardon me if my post tends towards more "piss and vinegar" than you could imagine - (WARNING - you might want to cover your ears when reading...lol)
More on that anon, but first, our Hoosierland weather...
Supposed to be fair today, highs in the 80s, partly cloudy skies and no rain to speak of' .
Gonna going to feel a touch on the humid side, too.
So let's get that morning cup or glass of out favorite drink poured and parked close by as we set about seeing what's been on my angst-ridden mind of late...
*** First out of the maelstrom is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 6 - 
AND..it's "SNAP-eligible".
We beat them to the punch - had ours Saturday...so THERE.
(guess that means ALL my "neighbors" will be AWAY from home for a while...and the local KFC will NOT be the "best" place to grab lunch today...lol.)
A good way to keep the "rodent" population down.
I'm sorry...am I categorizing the ETHNICS in our area?..tough shit...that's the way they shake, people.
(I warned you I was feeling just a wee bit PO'ed today)
*** Next up, an early Sunday morning "party" turns nasty as NINE people are shot, with one in critical condition.
Here's the story link (so far):
When I saw the headline, I was thinking "Chicago...again?" 
(they had EIGHTY-TWO shooting over the weekend)
Nope...the other nine were capped right HERE in the SUMMIT CITY, folks.
McCulloch and Eliza streets.
This took place around 0111 hrs Sunday morning at the house located at 1415 Mc Culloch St (make sure the spelling is as I typed it here, otherwise Google Maps won't show it - the city can't even spell correctly, it seems).
This is "officially" noted as the EAST CENTRAL area of the city, but geographically, it is TECHNICALLY on the SOUTHEAST side (upper SE if that).
Police are doing the USUAL "we have no information" BS-line...far from the arrest made in Kosciusko County on the man who shot and killed his FATHER last week...THOSE police know how to provide INFORMATION, unlike the "gag orders" we seem to have rampant in Ft. Wayne and it's police department (blame the TOP BRASS, and not the officers).
And here's a story about an older neighbor that has both a ring of TRUTH and FAMILIARITY to it:
I will say one thing this police department is GOOD at...INVESTIGATION, because not a helluva lot of CRIME PREVENTION has been going on for over a year here (Thanks, Rusty and Garry...damn fine job you're NOT doing).
Moving on...
*** And now, to the wonderful world of social Darwinism, otherwise know as OUR NEIGHBORS and hoe they tend to "celebrate thje 4th of July".
Dumbassery at it's loudest.
The "pyrotechnic extravaganza" started around 2000 hrs and went on LONG after Midnight (when it was SUPPOSED to cease, according the news stories and city ordinances).
We had mortar rounds going off in literally "360 degree SENSURROUND"...you remember THAT at the movies, right?
And we certainly DID...for HOURS.
These f$cking morons were blowing off HUNDREDS of dollars of aerials and for the first time, we had a small picture fall OFF OUR DAMN WALL...!
Wifey commented "How can they afford all this shit?"
NOT exactly cheap
I said "Probably the EBT cards or at least the taxpaying public".
Our house SHOOK...no lie there, and the worst part, is that the Latino and black shitheads across the street were setting them off in the MIDDLE OF THE DAMN INTERSECTION.
One car was almost TAGGED by one of these when they went off (and up).
The acrid stench of spent CHINESE fireworks (used to celebrate the creation of AMERICA) filled the air...which you actually SEE, because the "fog of war" hung like a pall around the neck of our neighborhood for hours.
I'll wager that NONE of these f$cking assholes knew or cared about the HISTORY behind any fo this...to THEM, it was all about hoopin' and hollerin', trying to OUTDO the other as far as NOISE was concerned.
Plus, they were all too DAMN lazy to go see a REAL fireworks show (all of which were FREE, I might add). That's too damn pathetic.
But, I digress...
Dealing with DISPATCH is another matter...
I called the FWPD because you're SUPPOSED to set off such devices ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY, and the CITY owns the damn streets...as least I think they still do (the local gangs would argue that point, especially with law-enforcement).
Well, dispatch TRIED to tell me that "setting off fireworks was legal today", and I snapped right back saying "NOT in the middle of an intersection , tying up traffic and almost hitting vehicles!".
They "said" they would send a car...never saw one, and the fireworks continued, so I can only conclude that NO police cruiser came by to make the idiots take the shit on their OWN property.
So, we can say that the LAW that states you HAVE to set fireworks off on your OWN property is NOT ENFORCED...nor is the LAW about NOT setting them of AFTER MIDNIGHT...(two strikes against the FWPD, and counting).
Now, I said all that to say this...
RED dots = street fireworks
There is a PERFECT location at which EVERYONE around here, who ss breaking the laws, and annoying the hell outta everyone (as well as knocking pictures off walls) can go to set off such high-end fireworks.
The EMPTY lot at the old Scotts Grocery (the BLUE dot) location along Decatur Rd...it's VERY close to our neighborhoods (a "spit and a slide" as we used to say), and that vacant parking lot is HUGE...and lit well enough.
Everyone takes the kids and fireworks over there, they keep children t a safe distance and then ALL the idiots can set off ALL the damn fireworks until hell freezes over, without being a bother to normal, law-abiding citizens.
No property damage, no "middle of the street" bullshit to worry about, and NO traffic holdups. Hell, you could even have a FWPD car there to monitor the activities...a fun time for everyone.
But NOOOoooo, that would make TOO DAMN MUCH F$CKING SENSE, wouldn't it?
Personally, I think it shoudl be made MANDATORY, and anyone who sets this stuff off in a residential area like ours GOES TO JAIL and pays a HUGE FINE...period.
Or, the city could just BAN the damn aerials and bombs OUTRIGHT within the city limits (with the same citations imposed).
F$ck that damn tax money you're getting  from the fireworks sales...and screw all of you for allowing good neighborhoods to decline as a direct result of your ignorant mindset.
I could learn to like THIS...a lot.
If people are not going to act in anything CLOSE to a RESPONSIBLE manner, either change the dam laws, or let me go out and "take better care" of  the f$cking bastards...either way, we get SOME peace and quiet (and the children might get better parents through a foster agency.
Yeah, that's extreme, but it would be URBAN RENEWAL at it's finest.
*** Next up, aside from the MAJOR FAIL that I just have to hand out to the FWPD "capos" for their "diligence and persistence to ignorance", let's move on to Sunday morning...when the paper wa (again) NOT on the step at it';s appointed time.
And when it DID arrive (after 0700 hrs), it a tossed along the walkway, in a haphazard manner, rather than placed on the TOP STEP, where we have told the newspaper time an d again (and is noted on our account information).
The driver looked to be lost, as well, came over one street, pulled an illegal U-TURN, backing on to someone's lawn in the process, before finally arriving at our house, music playing LOUDLY from his newer Asian import...gotta love DEVOTION to one's JOB, right?
So, again, I sent a nastygram to the J-G, and then called on top of that...JUST to be a bigger burr under their saddle.
I've said here often, that over the past several years, the newspaper carrier service has been "spotty" at best, and that tels me they'cannot seem to find ANYONE with a sense of ETHICS when it comes to something AS EASY as delivering a damn paper in the morning.
Hey, I'm not responsible for how LATE the carrier stays up, or even how HUNGOVER he might be...that's HIS job, not mine.
*** And that brings me to the focus on this post...
There is this STONE COLD IGNORANCE that is alive and well in this city, particularly on the SE side, but initially emanates from that main building in the DOWNTOWN area, where all the suits spend OUR money.
In fact, I know I'm not the ONLY one that feels this way.
In Sunday's paper there was a letter to the editor, from someone ELSE that sees a problem.
(( Southeast city suffers from being ignored
In reference to “Retail vacancy rate on the rise in the city” (June 26), I have lived on the southeast side of Fort Wayne for 53 years. This is the worst it has ever been.
As if it isn’t sad enough we are not involved in any economic development of consequence, we are losing the few retail businesses we already have, based on the Zacher Co. report of January 2015. The southeast side vacancy rate for January 2015 is 34.4 percent, up from 2014.
As a tax-paying citizen living on the southeast side of Fort Wayne, I am very upset. The worst indignity known is to be ignored.
We citizens are willing to make improvements where there is a need to our quadrant. However, we need businesses, and we need the city to assist with information so we can compete with northeast, northwest and southwest.
We are not seeking charity. We just want a level playing field. My prayer is that the silence of the south side of Fort Wayne is not due to a lack of hope. It is a call for action.
I promise the citizens of the south side of Fort Wayne: We will be great again.
Heh...leave it tio someone named ROBERT (or BOB) to be able to point out that which teh city has been blinded to for ages...
Damn shame this Robert didn't go far enough in addressing the CRIME that is preventing the businesses from coming back here...guess that''s ALSO my job now...lol)
Guess we can add this to Mary Kay Matasky's letter about changing the fireworks ordinance to this pile...
Yes, we DO have some MAJOR problems on he SE side, and now, we clearly see those same problems are creeping into OTHER locations around the city...and to what end? SO we can have a great "downtown"? Doesn't seem an equitable exchange rate there.
But I CAN See why the city wants decent people CHASED AWAY from their homes down here...that's as plain as the noses on those city leaders' pudgy little primate faces.
Hell, chase the BAD GUYS away...NOT all the damn GOOD ones, you f$cking idiots.
Try some common SENSE for a damn change...you city hall bottom feeder-lovers might like it.
Basically what we find ourselves entrenched in NOW, is a city WAY too busy building a legacy for the Democrats and their downtown/riverfront agenda, and a police department that is WAY too busy investigating (after the fact) to commit to the matter of REAL policing.
Maybe THAT'S why all these laws on the books NEVER get enforced, such as the NOISE ordinance, or FIREWORKS ordinance (which I would love to see a city-wide ban on for citizens).
Sorry, but it's NOT enforced.
Down here, everyone;'s louder than hell, more disrespectful than the day is long, and given to bouts of violent behavior over the most trivial things.
THIS is what an entitlement society looks like, people...take a GOOD long stare at it.
*** Last back to the domicile...there are days where you WANT to hope for the better...and then watch the result of hope and prayers dashed to the ground.
Less in the heart, more on the chest?
I always say that living among the heathen and barbaric animals in this part of town does NOT instill in me ANY sense of "Hoosier Pride".
If anything, and being from the East coast as a "transplant", it demonstrates to me how MUCH the "quaintness" of the Midwest has been supplanted by the big-city amalgam of ethnic ghetto dwellers, replete with their own brand of violent behavior and criminal activity.
I don''t think that's what many other Indiana natives think about when they refer to their state or city.
But, it is, if nothing else...FACT.
When you allow such people to pervade the serenity YOU Hoosiers have worked so long and hard to achieve and maintain...well the results are telling for sure.
What YOU have hear now is what we USED to have twenty years ago in Philly.
But we DO tell the TRUTH...
It's gotten much worse back there over that time, and you can expect the same to occur right here in "River City".
People CAN (and will) behave themselves...IF they are held accountable for the bad behaviors they have been allowed to thrust upon everyone else.
It's not an easy task, but it IS an achievable one...if people are willing to work at it.
There are several futures that can be ours...let's work to make it the best choice of the lot.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Bring on the piss and vinegar! We can handle it!

First off, sorry to hear your 4th was noisy and full of untouchable jackasses. I guess we're lucky in that people don't really set off fireworks near either of us, so our night was pretty quiet. And I'm actually shocked that the police wouldn't do anything.

Fun fact: my parents' newspaper is almost always delivered to the neighbor THREE houses down. Each time they call and complain, and another driver has to come out in the afternoon and bring a new one. And yet... for all of that... the idiot in the morning still gives it to the neighbors. And hasn't yet been fired.

I wish I had the kind of job where I could make the exact same mistake every single day with absolutely no repercussions.

Momma Fargo said...

You may as well give it up around the 4th for rules. No one listens and there aren't enough cops to deal with all that. Happens everywhere. LOL. Loved your Independence Day post! Going off the grid and posting on the weekend?

I challenge you to have a day without shots fired in FW.

Bob G. said...


Yeah, we have ALL these open-air places that such fireworks CAN be set off, but the dumbasses CONTINUE to break the law and do in dense residential areas...whatta bunch of LOSERS.

Wow, your parents tale of newspaper woe beasts mine!
personally, being a paper "boy" (read carrier) has to be one of THE EASIEST jobs on the frigging planet.

And yet, those they hire can't even figure that out.
(scares me when I think of them trying to chew gum and walk down a street)...lol.

Oh, there IS such a job (sorta)...we call them WEATHER-FORECASTERS (well, they can get away being wrong HALF the time)...!
It's a start, right?

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Much appreciated, guys.

Stay safe (and classy) out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Gotta tell you...that FIRST number I called (police dispatch)...and didn't get an answer REALLY cheesed me the hell off.
That';s like being put on HOLD when calling the SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE, for cripes sake!

The city KNOWS this part of town and the problems, and says they devote the MAJORITY of resources down here...yet how come I never see them anymore?
Used to ...a lot more, and even roaming the alleys to check for hinky shit.
No more.

Yeah, I'll post on the weekend for a holiday...
"off the grid"...yeah, that's me...LOL.

A day WITHOUT shots fired???
Surely you jest...lol.
We've got a better chance of God coming to the Embassy Theater for a matinee "second coming"...HA!

Thanks much for taking some time and rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe & strong down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Your wife and I had a brief discussion on FB Sunday morning about the aftermath... as in the smoke passing as "haze".

I told her that I listened to News15's weather babe Saturday night listing a mysterious "haze over the area which was cutting everyone's visibility... EXCEPT Fort Wayne. Although, she DID say it had "nothing" to do with fireworks. I grumbled, "Whatever" and went to bed. There was no real close places (as in "right across the street") shooting, and yet, Scrappy and I came in from watching for a half-hour smelling like we rolled in cordite. I don't know which was the bigger lie- the one about the "nothing to do with fireworks" or the "no impairment" in Fort Wayne!

She speculated that the media and city government were holding hands with the fireworks manufacturers to make it a "no harm done" event. Except for the dumbass that fired one off his head and will wake up in the next life thinking it wasn't such a good idea after all.

It really was tame for hereabouts. By 10:30 most everything close enough to be slightly annoying was done. Although I will say that it started around here well in advance of 2000 hrs. More like about 1830 or so here.

Bob G. said...

You must have some very well-behaved people in your neck o' the woods...
We...are not as fortunate.
(and that's why WE are the "Fortress of Reason" around here...heh.)

Yeah, that "expended ordnance" smell tends to stick to you like glue! Doesn't bother me...spent enough time at gun ranges...kinda like it, but only when I;m shooting.

You could actually TASTE it after we came inside...
And the haze made you think there was a bloody FIRE at some place nearby...seriously.
(hence, the "fog of war" mention)

That one woman I mentioned last week was SPOT ON...the city HAS to be in cahoots w/ the fireworks merchants.

Sorry, but in densely-populated residential areas with some serious foliage canopies, these mortars and aerials NEED to be taken off the streets.
Too much chance of damage or injury.

I'm not a wet-blanket on this...just someone that likes to see PROPER pyrotechnics set off by PROS (and even they can hurt people...like out in Denver).

Hey, thanks much for stopping on by toady and commenting.

Stay safe (and cordite-free) up there, brother.